The Sam Prichard Series - Books 9-12

David Archer - 2017
    Recognized by one of the top talents in Nashville, it seemed the band might be on its way to a real recording career.But then Candy McAlester, their bass player, was arrested and charged with the murder of her ex-husband, her own son being the star witness against her. In desperation, the band turned to Sam to find the proof that she was innocent, and he returned to PI work to try to clear her name. Only then could he admit to himself that he'd been missing it, that he'd been craving it and the thrills and excitement that it brought along.The case took some surprising turns, and when the dust finally settled, Sam had learned one thing above everything else: being an investigator wasn't just something he had done, it was something that was part of him. No matter how things turned out on this case, Sam knew it wouldn't be his last.Or would it?

Dungeon of Chance: Double or Nothing

Jonathan Brooks - 2021

The Max Freeman Mysteries Volume One: The Blue Edge of Midnight, A Visible Darkness, and Shadow Men

Jonathon King - 2017
    From a writer who “adds new dimensions of depth and substance to the modern crime novel,” this thrilling and critically acclaimed series follows a tormented ex-cop from Philadelphia to South Florida on a quest to earn redemption for his dark past (Michael Connelly).  The Blue Edge of Midnight: After a shootout during a convenience store holdup led to the accidental death of a twelve-year-old, Max Freeman left the Philadelphia police department behind for a life in exile in the Florida Everglades. Since then, he’s lived in seclusion, haunted by guilt, with the humid night and the nocturnal predators of the swamp as his only company. But everything changes when he discovers a young girl’s body floating in the muddy waters and becomes the prime suspect for her murder. To prove his innocence, Freeman must find the real killer—and confront his own tortured soul—before it’s too late.  A Visible Darkness: When five elderly women are murdered in Fort Lauderdale, Max Freeman is determined to get to the bottom of it. His friend, lawyer Billy Manchester, believes the crimes are tied to a conspiracy to collect on the women’s life insurance policies. But when Freeman uncovers a shocking betrayal, he soon realizes the gruesome plot reaches further than anyone thought possible. Now, it’s a race against the clock to hunt down the psychopath behind the murders—before the killer sets his sights on Freeman himself.  Shadow Men: In the 1920s, three of Mark Mayes’s ancestors left to help build the first road through the Everglades, backbreaking labor from which they never returned. Now, decades later, Mayes has discovered letters that point to murder as the cause of their disappearance, and he hires Max Freeman to investigate. But as Freeman follows the trail of evidence, he incurs the wrath of the corporation that built the road—and realizes the case may not be as cold as everyone assumed.

Gods & Heroes: 7 Fantasy Novels

Daniel Arenson - 2015
    If you've ever longed to dare epic deeds of your own, then these stories are for you!It's a LIMITED EDITION bundle that won't be around long. Each book can stand alone, although many are part of a larger world also waiting to be explored.This epic read of about 2000 pages with over 200 5-star reviews for the individual books includes:* REQUIEM’S SONG (Dawn of Dragons: Book 1) - Daniel Arenson* SLEEPERS (The Swarm Trilogy: Book 1) - Megg Jensen* MISTRESS OF MASKS (Catalysts of Chaos: Book 1) - C. Greenwood* HERITAGE (The Gairden Chronicles: Book 1) – David L. Craddock* UNGUILDED (Mage Guild: Book 1) – Jane Glatt* THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD (The Half-Orcs: Book 1) - David Dalglish* THE COST OF BETRAYAL (The Half-Orcs: Book 2) - David Dalglish

The Train Part 1: Escape From Hell's Kitchen

Keith Schafer - 2013
    Over the years it was visited by a diverse hodge-podge of notables, including Davey Crockett and Charles Dickens, all who left aghast at the horrible living conditions, the poverty and the decadence of the people they found there. At their zenith, these vulgar, diseased and murderous streets housed 30,000 homeless children of all ages--the street urchins--who played, scavenged for food, fought the elements and each other, and tried to avoid the perpetual violence that routinely threatened their survival. Death was their constant competitor, and death often won. They were the discarded refuse of the great 19th century immigrant migrations to America, and they were an undesirable nuisance to the good citizens of New York. This is the story of two such children, Anna Murphy and Ben McDonald, abandoned to the streets and thrown together in a desperate attempt to achieve the impossible: to escape from Hell’s Kitchen in search of new beginnings in far and distant lands.

The Detective Lottie Parker Series: Books 1-3

Patricia Gibney - 2019
     The first three thrillers from million copy bestseller Patricia Gibney, introducing you to maverick Detective Lottie Parker. The Missing Ones: The hole they dug was not deep. A white flour bag encased the little body. Three small faces watched from the window, eyes black with terror. The child in the middle spoke without turning his head. ‘I wonder which one of us will be next?’ When a woman’s body is discovered in a cathedral and hours later a young man is found hanging from a tree outside his home, Detective Lottie Parker is called in to lead the investigation. The trail leads Lottie to St Angela’s, a former children’s home, with a dark connection to her own family history. Suddenly the case just got personal. As Lottie begins to link the current victims to unsolved murders decades old, two teenage boys go missing. She must close in on the killer before they strike again, but in doing so is she putting her own children in terrifying danger? Lottie is about to come face to face with a twisted soul who has a very warped idea of justice. The Stolen Girls: The young woman standing on Lottie’s step was a stranger. She was clutching the hand of a young boy. ‘Help me,’ she said to Lottie. ‘Please help me.’ One Monday morning, the body of a young pregnant woman is found. The same day, a mother and her son visit the house of Detective Lottie Parker, begging for help to find a lost friend. Could this be the same girl? When two more girls are found dead, Lottie is forced to put the demons of her own past aside to catch a very clever killer before they claim another victim … The Lost Child: ‘Let me out! Please…’ My tiny fists pound the door, but my voice reverberates off the stone walls and hangs in the air as if suspended by spider’s webs. No one comes... Years later, a woman is found face-down in a pool of blood. Detective Lottie Parker is called to the remote farmhouse in the bleak Irish countryside. A black rain jacket makes Lottie think she knows the killer’s identity, but then she finds a disturbing clue: is the murder linked to an old case at St Declan’s asylum? A case investigated by her own father, just before he took his life. When another victim is left for dead, and a young girl goes missing, Lottie knows she has to act fast. Can she uncover the truth before another life is taken? This gripping series will have you up in the small hours turning the pages. Fans of Karin Slaughter, Rachel Caine and Rachel Abbott will love the Detective Lottie Parker Series. Read what everyone is saying about the Detective Lottie Parker books: ‘OMG it is a cracking book!! … Patricia Gibney is my favourite author at the moment and my best find of the year – this book was fantastic, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ Donna's Book Blog, 5 stars ‘WOW.

23 Book Mega Boxset Complete Series

Katie Wyatt - 2019
    Included in is amazing set are our number-one best sellers by Katie Wyatt and Kat Carson This box set brings together 23 book 5 complete series favorites by our popular authors and brings them to you at an incredible bargain price.Included books are: 1.Orphans of Albany Series Book 1 An Uncertain BeginningBook 2 The Way to His HeartBook 3 A Delicate TouchBook 4 HomespunBook 5 A Musical InterludeBook 6 Song of The HeartBook 7 Twice as NiceBook 8 Sweet EpiphanyBook 9 A Startling Turn of Event 2.Emma Jackson's Western Frontier Love Complete Series Book 1 SacrificeBook 2 ChosenBook 3 DivergenceBook 4 Truth3.Oregon Trail Complete SeriesBook 1 The Reluctant BrideBook 2 The Step ChildrenBook 3 Torn HeartBook 4 The Road Home4.Love of A Child SeriesBook 1 Hope in LoveBook 2 Love Never FailsBook 3 Love is KindBook 4 Love is Patient5.Nuns and Cowboys SeriesBook 1 Sister MaryBook 2 Sister MaryBook 3 Sister Mary Read all the books by bestselling author,Katie Wyatt! Mega Box Set Series (11 Box Set Series)By Katie Wyatt -51 Inspirational Sweet Western Romances Box Set (Mega Box Set Series Book 11-31 Sweet Inspirational Romances Mail Order Bride & Christmas Box Set:-24 Books Western Women Tales of Love Box Set : Historical Western Mail Order Bride and Contemporary Western Romance-50 Boxset Inspirational Historical Western Romances, Mail Order Bride (Mega Box Set Series Book 8)-28 Books Mega Box Set 3 Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series Book 7)-24 Book Mega Box Set: Mail Order Bride Love Series (Mega Box Set Series 6)-25 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series)- 27 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series 4)-25 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series: (Mega Box Set Series 3)-26 Book Pioneer Wilderness Romance Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series 2)- Historical Tales of Western Brides 27 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series (Mega Box Set Series 1) Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order B ride historical Western box set romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

Eve Lloyd's A Deadline Cozy Mystery - Books 6 to 10

Sonia Parin - 2020

Lies, Deceit & Rara Skirts

Sheree Holder - 2019
    However, all that changes when they meet and marry men from completely different backgrounds, forcing them to choose where their loyalties lie. Shelley marries Chris Charlton, an educated pretty boy who’s still tied to his mother’s apron strings. Blissfully contented Shelley believes she has it all, but when Chris’s head is turned by the forbidden fruits of his colleague, Mandy, her perfect life come crashing down around her. On the other side of town, the once outgoing and confident Tina, is now a shadow of her former self, leading a miserable existence as the downtrodden wife to chauvinistic brute, Darren Doyle. Now moving in different circles, neither women are aware of the others plight. When Shelley and Tina’s paths finally cross again, will the women realise the importance of their once steadfast friendship, or do they cling in desperation to their failing marriages?

Bend with the Wind

Peter Rimmer - 2015
    Despite war and struggle it has always maintained a male heir; when the direct line disappeared a cousin from India had taken over. The Hall had gone into decline but the new male heir, Sir Thomas Beaumont, was determined to return the Hall to its former grandeur and to leave a good inheritance for his young sons.The story begins in peacetime England in 1933, in the idyllic setting of a sumptuous family garden party. Pleasantries are exchanged but times are changing and the lure of the outside world is pulling the sons into different directions: the army, the Colonial Service and big business.We are taken on a journey through Europe and the Far East, as the Second World War draws nearer and the world changes around the family. Peter Rimmer paints a poignant picture in this epic tale which weaves a rich pattern of family life, interspersed with love, intrigue, hatred and desire.'Bend with the Wind' is Peter Rimmer's fourth novel. He is the author of 'Cry of the Fish Eagle', 'Vultures in the Wind' and 'Echoes from the Past'.

The Long Goodbye (Graham's Resolution #7)

A.R. Shaw - 2021

No Fairytale

Ben Galley - 2019
    In their place, an iron-fisted empire has arisen, one that has finally brought order to the war-torn lands. An empire that has outlawed magick for anyone but itself.At last, it seems that peace has come to Emaneska. Or, that is what the emperor would have Emaneska believe. On the fringes of the Arkan Empire, a different story is being written. Those who show magick talent must join the empire, live as an outlaw, or hang for their crimes.The Last War is still being fought, homestead by homestead, and a young peasant girl is about to be thrust into the violent world that exists beneath the lies of empire.Welcome back to Emaneska.

The Bitter Ashes Series: Books 1-3

Sara C. Roethle - 2017
    She’s their executioner. Kidnapped in the middle of the night, and thrust into a world straight out of Norse Myth, Madeline only knew three things: First, her kidnappers were something other than human. Second, she could no longer run away from the deadly gifts that had plagued her entire life, because these people wanted to use them. Third, she was falling in love with a man she definitely shouldn’t be falling in love with. A normal person would run screaming into the night, but Madeline isn’t normal, and there’s something about dark, alluring Alaric that’s making her question everything she’s ever known.

Sabel Security Series: Books 1-3 (Sabel Security Boxset)

Seeley James - 2015
    The pair takes on corrupt politicians, rogue corporations, financiers and bankers in three novels ripped from tomorrow’s headlines. Join over 100,000 readers riveted by nearly 1,000 pages of murder, betrayal, rogues, and traitors. From the origin story of THE GENEVA DECISION, the horrors of corrupt politicians in BRING IT, to the madness unveiled in ELEMENT 42, you’ll love the irresistible characters, the chilling evil masterminds, and gripping situations. As one VineVoice reviewer said, “I could not put this book down.” Jacob Stearne was a killing machine for the Army until he started listening to Mercury, winged messenger of the Roman gods. Now he works for Sabel Security. This irresistible hero is definitely lethal—but is he divinely guided, completely insane, or the next rampage killer? Ever since Pia Sabel witnessed her parents’ murders, she’s been looking for ways to eliminate the corrupt and murderous. When her adopted father hands her the keys to a security company staffed with battle-scarred veterans, she discovers her calling as a chilling avenging angel. Be sure to look for Death and Dark Money, Sabel Security #4, and Death and the Damned, Sabel Security #5 to complete your collection! Book #1 - THE GENEVA DECISION: When criminals assassinate her first customer, retired soccer star and new CEO Pia Sabel must turn around her sinking security firm and hunt down oil pirates. Chapter 5: She plunged into shocking cold water. Something tugged at her torso, pulling her down. The current of the Rhone flowed out of Lake Léman and into a narrow penstock, or inlet tube, that once fed the power plant’s turbines. She was in that current, slipping into that penstock. She had to swim out immediately or get sucked into a kilometer-long tube. Clawing at the water, she struggled upward, sinking as much as she rose. Book #2 - BRING IT: When Pia Sabel is abducted after trying to bust a ring of deviant criminals, it’s up to veteran agent Jacob Stearne to navigate the dark web of deceit and lies to save her from her torturous captors. Chapter 3: She kicked hard and fast. Her foot moved between his knees so quickly he had no time for defense. The sole of her running shoe connected with the leg of his chair. The chair skittered backward until one of the legs found a crack in the sidewalk, caught it, and flipped end over end with a series of loud clanks. In the same instant, she grabbed his tie. His butt was behind him, halfway to the now-missing chair. His backbone was forty-five degrees from standing. Book #3 - ELEMENT 42: When a drug company tests a deadly disease only their patented drug can cure, overconfident heiress Pia Sabel and unstable veteran Jacob Stearne are all that stands between right and deadly wrong. Chapter 1: The voice in my head returned when I stopped taking my meds. My caseworker said the voice was part of my condition—PTSD-induced schizophrenia—but I call him Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, and a damn good friend.

The American / The Assassin / The Invisible / The Exile

Andrew Britton - 2011
    Former U.S. soldier Jason March, one of the world's deadliest assassins and Ryan's former protégé, is now working with a powerful terror network whose goal is nothing less than the total annihilation of the United States. Ryan puts together the pieces of a terrifying puzzle. With the fate of the country resting on his shoulders, he finds himself caught in a desperate game of cat-and-mouse with the most cunning opponent he's ever faced, a man who won't be denied the ultimate act of evil and who is all the more deadly for being one of our own. "Well-written and exciting. . .perfect escape reading!" --Tampa Tribune "Absorbing. . .extraordinarily hard to put down." --Charlotte Observer "A gripping saga ripped out of the latest headlines." --News & Record (Greensboro, NC) "Like Tom Clancy, [Britton] has produced a thriller that makes current terrorist threats all too real. . .Highly recommended." --Library Journal (starred review) More Phenomenal Praise For The American "Britton has delivered a level of storytelling excellence most writers spend a lifetime trying to achieve. . .a sizzling page-turner!" --Brad Thor "A riveting and compelling debut. . .the surprise of the month and maybe the year." New York Times Bestseller Andrew Britton delivers a taut, electrifying read in his new novel The Assassin. Maverick CIA agent Ryan Kealey must fight against his own agency while the clock is ticking on a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil. . . More than a year has passed since Ryan Kealey prevented the assassination of multiple world leaders in the nation's capital. While his work is brilliant, he's considered damaged goods. Now he's about to become a key player in a plot of unimaginable scale. For something big is about to go down in New York City. When a top Iranian source reveals that Iran is planning to bomb the United Nations, U.S. Intelligence begins counter-measures. Only Kealey sees it as a smokescreen for another, far more involved plot. But getting anyone to believe him isn't going to be easy. With only his ally, London's newest assistant chief, Naomi Kharmai, by his side, Ryan will have to operate outside the lines in order to prevent a terrible attack in a city on lockdown. A weapon of catastrophic power has been stolen from war-torn Iraq and has made its way to the U.S. The man who has it is Kealey's nemesis, William Vanderveen, an international criminal mastermind who has no objective other than pure terror and who will stop at nothing to achieve it. Making matters worse, Vanderveen's being helped by someone on the inside with high-ranking security clearance. Even the halls of the CIA are no longer safe from possible espionage and treason. Now, as Kealey and Kharmai race to put the pieces together, they will confront a ghost from the past and be forced to question the people they trust most in a desperate investigation where only this is for certain--time is running out. Like The American, The Assassin is a supercharged, fiercely intelligent, action-packed international thriller, where no one can be trusted--and the shocks are felt until the very last page. With searing narrative twists, The Invisible plunges us headlong into today's shadowy, fever-pitched battle between terrorism and intelligence, as a covert counterterrorism operative risks everything, including the woman he loves, to save the life of one person. . . For more than a decade, Ryan Kealey has been a key player in the war on terror. First, as a captain in the U.S. Army's third Special Forces Group, then as a contract operative with the CIA. His actions have saved thousands of lives, including that of the U.S. President. Now once again, Kealey receives the call of duty--only this time, the odds for success are slim to none. . . Tensions between Pakistan and India are at an all-time high. To complicate matters, twelve American climbers have disappeared in the snow-capped peaks of Pakistan's Hindu Kush range. The President is demanding answers, but neither government is supplying them. As the conflict escalates, Brynn Fitzgerald departs Washington D.C. on her first official trip as acting secretary of state. Her goal is to serve as an intermediary between the leaders of both nations as well as to ensure all efforts are being made in the search for the missing American climbers. But when Fitzgerald's motorcade is ambushed on the outskirts of Islamabad, her back-up team arrives to discover a disastrous scene: dozens are dead, including seven diplomatic security agents, and the secretary of state has vanished without a trace. In the wake of the unprecedented attack, Kealey's operation goes into high gear. Once again, he is joined by Naomi Kharmai, the British-born analyst who has taken on a daring new role with the Agency. But Kharmai is becoming as unpredictable as the man they're going after, and as they work their way toward the target, it becomes clear to Kealey that anyone is fair game--and no one can be trusted. Thundering to a stark and chilling climax, The Invisible raises the stakes on every page. Like Andrew Britton's The Assassin, it is a super-charged, fiercely intelligent international thriller filled with shocking betrayal and, ultimately, revenge. The shocks are felt until the very last page. Born in England, Andrew Britton moved with his family to the United States when he was seven, settling in Michigan, then North Carolina. After serving in the Army as a combat engineer, Andrew entered the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he is pursuing a double major in economics and psychology. For the President of the United States, the daily horror of life in West Darfur's killing fields just hit heartbreakingly close to home. His niece, Lily, has been targeted and savagely murdered by a corps of fearsome government-backed militiamen. With the situation too explosive for diplomatic or military solutions, yet with the President and the public thirsting for revenge, America is out of options. Except one: Ryan Kealey, ex-Special Forces, former CIA, and unrivaled counterterrorism expert.Kealey has been central to the war on terror for over a decade. But after the Agency hung him out to dry-and let his lover die-he turned his back. Until now. For the government has revealed its trump card, the one thing Kealey will risk everything for. Soon, from the lawless streets of Sudan to the highest levels of the American government, Kealey unearths secrets and betrayals that shock even his war-tempered sensibilities-and ignite a conflagration with unknowable global consequences. "In this age of terrorism, [Britton's] plots seem to jump straight out of the headlines...he may well give Tom Clancy a run for the money." -St. Louis Post-Dispatch on The Invisible "The Assassin is the 'best' of Tom Clancy, Michael Connelly, and Robert Ludlum all rolled into a single book." "Brilliantly well-written with plotting sharper than a fence full of razor wire, a sizzling page-turner." -Brad Thor, New York Times bestselling author on The American