My Brother's Best Friend

Simone Rivers - 2020
    Her dark skin. Her intelligent eyes.I want her more than I've ever wanted anything in my life.I thought I was over this obsession, but now I'm back in town.One look, and I can't remember why I stayed away for so long...Oh yeah, that's right. She's my best friend's little sister.

Scar's Obsession (Dangerously Curvy, #4)

M'Renee Allen - 2021
    But not being with her isn’t an option for him.All Scar’s ever known is pain, hatred, regret, and sadness. Over the years, he’s been able to use those emotions to fuel him and keep him motivated. Lately, those emotions have become too much to bear. His thoughts have become chaotic. More so, than usual. His actions are baffling to those closest to him. He’s starting to spiral out of control.Scar feels lost, until he meets her. Problem is, she’s just as lost as he is. Her life and her thoughts are just as chaotic as his. Some say they should stay away from each other. But staying away from her is impossible. All he’s ever known is pain, hatred, regret and sadness. But now, he can add obsession to that list. He’s obsessed with her. And he’ll destroy anyone who tries to keep him away from her.Even those closest to him.

Her Drama, Her Ecstasy 2

T.M. Pigatt - 2018
    Wonderful businesses, great best friend, a woman that he loves with all his heart and mind blowing sex. Everything seem to be going great until jealous people and the danger from the past resurface. Kenya had the love that that she had been dreaming of. She has a surprise to give to him, but will she be able to tell him? Or will her sister’s actions cause her future to slip through her fingers? Will Robert and Kenya make it through the storm together? Or will the drama rip them apart?

The Gentle Dragon and The Wild Vampire (BWWM): Part 1 (The Keepers Series)

T.C. Marie - 2020

White Boys Packing Too (#2)

Soulja Choc - 2019
     Steven works overtime to prove to Imani that she is the only one for him and he whisks her off to Vegas. Meanwhile, Imani discovers that someone close to her has eyes for Steven. Just when Raina thought everything was smooth sailing for her and Jason, his ex-wife partnered with his mother and dropped a bomb on the happy couple. Will this break Raina and Jason apart or will it only solidify the love they share for each other. In this sequel of White Boys Packing Too, the couples are tested to see if what they have is the real deal when there are others out to tear them apart.

Billionaire Bad Boy for Christmas

Shay Violet - 2021
    In fact, I barely have time to sleep.And I definitely don't want anything to do with a bad boy who does nothing but play and sleep.He's the prodigal son of some bigshot billionaire.I've got no time for his bullsh*t.He wants me to make time.Hahaha... no.I don't care how hot he is.I'm here to relax, and what he's offering goes way beyond R&R.This man is trouble.My body senses it every time he's close.Every time he touches me.Every time his sinful eyes look down at me.Well, I'm a type-A woman.Maybe it just takes a little more for me to let go.Maybe this bad boy can give me everything I need...As long as we don't fall in love.

Hood Luvin' From A White Boy 4

Sha Jones - 2019
     With each of them facing their own obstacles, the tension between them begins to rise, making them question the strength of their love. With all of the drama going on in their tumultuous relationship, will they make it to the altar, or will they call it quits? Find out in the last installment of Hood Luvin’ From a White Boy.

Obey Your Viking: A Curvy Girl Vampire Romance

Lara Reyes - 2020

Tough Cookies

Shyla Colt - 2021
    Desperate for redemption and eager to get revenge, she enlists the help of home baker Anders Rivera.Leaving his family advertising agency to run his Youtube channel full time, Cookie King, Anders has a lot to prove. With his views plummeting and his money beginning to dwindle, he’s looking for a way to turn things around. He never expected the answer to come in the form of the sexy Cookie Woman who’d caught her kitchen on fire on News Year’s Eve.Matilda wants nothing to do with a life lived in the public eye after a nasty divorce from a small-town darling. Can he convince her what they have is worth fighting for?

Arresting Temptation: Book One: Loving My Fiancé’s Sister

Rose Marie - 2020

Divorced Single Mom

Hattie Black - 2016
    She’s just divorced her cheating husband, and her college sweetheart is the one that got away. But she has no time for a love life, being a single mom and struggling to save the family business. Gabe Crawford might be flying high as a wealthy playboy but he’s never forgotten Mallory, his college sweetheart. When he finds her again, the attraction is instant. Sparks fly, but Mallory isn’t impressed by his billions. When his lavish lifestyle threatens to derail all his plans, can Gabe capture her jaded heart and convince her to play his wicked game?

Ride For Free

Hadley Raydeen - 2018
    I don’t much care for this biker life, but I grew up around it all my life. I don’t have much choice in the matter; It surrounds me, like it or not. My Pops, Freeland “Free” Trent and Moms Stella are Presidents of the League of Guardians and the Lady Guardians in Arlington Virginia. They do amazing things in the community, including council the abused and homeless at the shelter where I work. But, their one vice is the rival 1% biker gang The Hellhounds, they can’t seem to shake that feud. Now, the president of ‘The Dogs’ is out after a ten-year stint in prison and the Guardians are the ones he’s coming for because they put him there. I begged my dad to leave well enough alone. After receiving the worst news of my life, my world is falling apart around me. I have no choice but to dust off my riding skills and climb back on the one thing that has been a part of my world, but I've been avoiding, like it or not. My bike. I will avenge this wrong by myself if I have to, but my best friend Zachary may have something to say about that. I’m Zach Foster. I’m the Tail Gunner for the League of Guardians in Arlington Virginia. If any member in the ride should have mechanical difficulties or crashes for any reason, the Tail Gunner assists in making the repairs. I learned everything I know about bikes from my mentor Free Trent. He’s like a second father to me. His daughter, Kyanne, is a handful and beyond stubborn. It’s her way or no way, and sometimes she won’t listen to reason. But, I will protect her at all costs because that is what I promised her dad I would do. Plus, I love her. She’ll forever have my heart. I just haven’t told her yet. When tragedy befalls her family, I’m here to help pick up the pieces and give her a shoulder to lean on, cry on or maybe help her warm her sheets. I’ll help provide that comfort anyway I can; whatever Ky wants Ky can have. Through all of this perhaps I’ll get her back on the bike collecting dust in the garage again. I just have to make sure she doesn’t run off and try to do anything stupid on her own to get back at The Hellhounds.

Mate Run: Pia

Zena Wynn - 2021
    Race, ethnicity, and nationality no longer matter. Pia Montgomery is one of the noninfected. She's dedicated the last twenty-plus years of her life to being a surgical nurse. It's time for a new chapter.She goes to the Match Mate Agency seeking a husband among the infected. Unlike others, she's not afraid of their animalistic tendencies. In fact, she admires them.However, Mate Match is no ordinary dating agency, and the infected do things differently. They hunt for their mates. Ready. Set. Go! It's time for the Mate Run.

A Chance At Loving You: A Forbidden Romance

Christine Gray - 2020
    From Zahn to Phil, Dani's dad, all seem to think my old, whorish ass can settle down. Me, I know I'm a piece of shit. I know Dani can do better. Yeah, she's been in love with me and confessed it on the eighteenth birthday. Yet, I vowed to never go there. Years later, I still refuse to give into the my mounting attraction. At least, that's what I told myself. When the hell did Dani become such a force of nature? Fuck it all. I'm about to raise a few eyebrows and cause tongues to wag, because I'm going to make this woman mine. It's funny how one night, has changed everything to the point that I'm breaking my neck to convince Dani to give this love a chance." - AUSTIN**THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL*** NO CLIFFHANGERS***

A Slice of Honeybear Pie

Jacqueline Sweet - 2015
    Bad men are after her and they won't stop coming until she's silenced for good. It's hard to escape though when you roll your car off a mountain road and get tangled up with the local police. Trapped in jail with her enemies closing in, Mina is all but done for. Matt Morrisey expected the call would be just another drunk who needed a lawyer he couldn't afford, but when the big shifter laid eyes on his client and her sweet curves, he knew his life was about to change. Mina was his fated mate, he could feel it in his blood. How could he convince the terrified woman that they were destined for each other, that he could protect her, without scaring her off? As fate pulls the two of them closer, and the dangerous men close in on Mina, Matt has to prove he's got what it takes to defend the woman he loves from the mysterious forces pursuing her. A Slice of Honeybear Pie is a standalone story set in the cozy yet mysterious town of Bearfield.