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On the Evidence by Dana Stabenow


A Perry Mason Casebook: The Gilded Lily / The Daring Decoy / The Fiery Fingers / The Lucky Loser

Erle Stanley Gardner - 1993
    The case of the sulky girl -- The case of the careless kitten -- The case of the fiery fingers.

The Guilty Ones

Ross Macdonald - 1952
    Reginald Harlan, M.A. Of course Archer generally didn't like people whose names started with a single syllable. Harlan hired Lew to find his sister. A respectable school mistress that has run off with a bohemian artist type. But he finds more than what he expected when he has a corpse literally dumped on him!

Regia Occulta

Dan Abnett - 2013
    Aided by local officials and using arcane methods of detection, Eisenhorn must decipher the secret of the Regia Occulta and stop the bestial killer before it strikes again.The prose edition of one of the stories in the Thorn And Talon audio drama.

The Assistant Murderer

Dashiell Hammett - 1926
    A classic mystery from Dashiell Hammett.

The Kidnapped Prime Minister And Other Stories

Agatha Christie - 1999
    "It is the brain, the little grey cells," he says, "on which one must rely. The senses mislead. One must seek the truth within -- no without." The Adventure of 'The Western Star' The Kidnapped Prime Minister The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan The Million Dollar Bond Robbery The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

The Last of the Belles

F. Scott Fitzgerald - 1929

Gun-Shy Bride

B.J. Daniels - 2010
    The grave held answers to questions that had long haunted her, and nothing would stop her from getting them...not even the return of Luke Crawford. Luke wasn't about to be pushed out of McCall's life again. Not when she needed him the most. The blue-eyed boy was now a devastating cowboy who knew what he wanted--and that was to keep McCall safe. Not an easy thing to do when her investigation stirred up a hornet's nest of trouble. But nothing would stop him from taking this Winchester as his bride!

Blood In, Blood Out

Brenda Novak - 2018
    Rex McReady joined the Crew to survive in prison, but he also killed two of his onetime brothers to save Laurel, the woman he loves. Now in the witness protection program, he is trying to sort things out in his tempestuous on-again, off-again relationship with Laurel. He loves her, she loves him, but the breakups and makeups go on and on. After one of their all-too-frequent fights, Laurel is tracked down by Mose, a Crew enforcer. Rex comes by to try to patch things up with Laurel and, with eyes only for her, Rex allows Mose to get the drop on him, too. Is death the only way out of the Crew for Rex and Laurel?

A Walk in the Dark

Arthur C. Clarke - 1950

A Poison That Leaves No Trace: With Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle (Bepuzzled Classics)

Sue Grafton
    Read the short story, assemble the 1,000-piece puzzle, and discover the hidden clues. Then solve the mystery by putting together the pieces in the story and in the puzzle. Slick, book-like packaging and high quality artwork make these puzzles a standout. Beware: the 1,000-piece puzzle is different from the cover!

Briar Patch Boogie

Joe R. Lansdale - 2016
     A rustic get-away turns into a life or death dash through an East Texas cypress swamp. They encounter a victim of camo clad hunters that classify sport in a whole different way. A head start is as fair as it gets as Hap and Leonard are thrown in the woods and must run for their lives. Their wise-cracks may be sharper than the hunter's arrows, but not as deadly.

Issue in Doubt

David Sherman - 2013
    Seventeen of them had not developed interstellar travel. Those were destroyed by the species that did reach the stars. That space-faring eighteenth decimated the human colony on the Semi-Autonomous World Troy. A Marine Force Recon platoon sent to investigate is wiped out almost to the last man. In reaction, the North American Union assembles the largest army seen since the major wars of the 20th Century. A Marine Corps Combat Force is sent to "kick in the door," backed up by a four-division Army corps to take the planet back. The initial landing is unopposed. It isn't until the fleet carrying the Army corps is approaching Troy that the enemy strikes, with devastating effect.

Men Of Greywater Station

George R.R. Martin - 1976

Promises of London

Hugh Howey - 2014
    It can be read in ten minutes. Please don't purchase this expecting a novel for your dollar.This story was written in a small cafe on the corner of Bleeker and Grove in New York City on Tuesday, May 27th. The idea came to me yesterday while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. I saw the locks on several of the small cables on the bridge. I remembered my time in both London and Paris, taking pictures of all the love locks on bridges there. And I thought about all the couples those locks represent. I wondered how many are still together.Maybe this story isn't worth your dollar. If I could price a work on Amazon for less, I would. It is what it is. I hope this will be the first of many short pieces that I write and publish in a single day while recording what I'm thinking and where I am when I write them. For those who take the plunge, I hope you get your money's worth. Thank you for all of your support.-Hugh

The Jigsaw Man

Larry Niven - 1967
    as long as the accident is truly accidental. Hugo Award Nominee