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Romantic Refinements by Anita Mae Draper


Nine Tails 5: Void Shift

J.L. Weil - 2019
    Karina and Devyn are on the run. No destination in mind. Sleeping in random hotels. And running from a band of faes sent to kill her. Sounds like a good time...if you were insane. There was nothing glamorous about Karina’s current situation, except for Devyn St. Cyr. The Shaman born to protect her, but Karina can’t seem to stop thinking about his lips, his eyes, his hands, and how he makes her feel. The last thing she should be doing is falling in love. Karina struggles to control her powers. The stronger she gets, the harder it becomes for her. She always knew there would come a time when she would have to travel to the Second Moon, but it might be sooner than she is prepared for.


Vaishnav Shravan - 2018
    She's homeschooled by her guru, Sahasra, who induces the idea of empathy and charity to Kaveri. Kaveri discovers her destiny. Hindered by her mother's emotions, she has no other choice but to wait for her time to come. Will she cross her hindrance and make her dreams come true?

Christmas Angel

Lindsay McKenna - 2018
    The two grew up together on her parents’ Montana ranch. No matter how many miles separated them, their bond never died, even though he broke her heart years ago. So when Kyle returns home, he’s determined to let Christmas work its magic and kindle long-awaited love.

Darcy's Secret Garden: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Jane Grix - 2018
    Darcy has disastrous consequences.   In this Pride and Prejudice Variation, circumstances prevent Darcy from meeting Elizabeth at Pemberley.  Because of this, he doesn't save Lydia, and the Bennets' social status plummets.  Eight years later, a humbled Elizabeth returns to Pemberley to find that Mr. Darcy has lost his sight.  He doesn't recognize her, which gives her a second chance to win his love. Darcy's Secret Garden is a Pride and Prejudice Variation novella based on Jane Austen's most romantic couple.

Hail! Hail!

Harry Turtledove - 2018
     Fresh from Duck Soup (1933), Julius, Leonard, Arthur and Herbert Marx - or as the world knows them, Groucho, Chico, Harpo and Zeppo - are transported by a freak electrical storm to Nacogdoches, Texas in the year 1826. Landing in the midst of the Fredonian Rebellion (the first attempt by settlers in Texas to secede from Mexico) and into the company of the only other Jewish person in town, they are in deep dreck. Falling in with Stephen F. Austin and inadvertently filling his head with knowledge of what is to come, our heroes risk tampering with the future of Texas, and perhaps the entire U.S.A., in their quest to return to their own time. Will they find their way back? Or will they be doomed to live out their lives without indoor plumbing?

The Mystery of Schroon Lake Inn: the Chronicle of a Lady Detective (Chronicles of a Lady Detective Book 2)

K.B. Owen - 2017
    Rumors of ghosts are bad enough, but when expensive jewelry disappears, the owner's livelihood is at stake. A woman's touch is needed. Pen's boss, William Pinkerton, thinks he has given her the perfect cover. She is to play the part of an eccentric spirit medium, eager to experience the purported ghostly manifestations. Unfortunately, her cover will not remain intact for long, and there are those behind the scenes who are desperate to keep the secrets of Schroon Lake Inn from coming to light. Will Pen's discoveries prove fatal? She would have to be truly clairvoyant to know....

The Pearl of Immortality

Nishi Singh
    A world where The Sands of Time comes to life, a unique and compelling epic fantasy. Xerxes discovers an ancient golden lamp in a shop of magical artifacts and his simple life is immediately altered, propelling him into a brand-new world inhabited by powerful alien races. On this strange and distant planet, a world so unlike Earth, Xerxes soon discovers his new identity, one that names him Dragonheart. Presented with an ancient dragon of more than five thousand years old, a dragon with indescribable magical abilities, he is compelled to accept his destiny as Dragon Rider. A destiny that drives him into the heart of threats shadowed over by the evil Naga race. Can Xerxes shoulder the responsibilities of a true Dragonheart? When the significance of the lamp comes to the fore, it becomes evident that the survival of the planet lies entirely in his hands. Reviews '...a strong first book in what will surely be an impressive series...a superb foundation for many more...' Self-Publishing Review 'Though dense with world building, this dragon rider tale remains refreshingly optimistic' Kirkus Reviews ' excellent story that promises even more action in the next volume' Readers' Favorite About the Author Nishi Chandermun is the author of the fantasy epic, The Pearl of Immortality, Book 1 of The Sands of Time series. She lives in Durban, South Africa, and enjoys holidaying in the breathtaking and impressive city of Cape Town. She loves writing and bringing to life the workings of her avid imagination. When not occupied with swords and dragons and the magic of the Light and Dark, she enjoys coffee dates and dining out with the family.

Tip of the Dagger

Kate Avery Ellison - 2017
    But sometimes, even the most loyal have second thoughts. Author's note: This is a novella set between the events of A GIFT OF POISON (Book #1 of the Kingmakers' War series) and A BED OF BLADES (Book #2 of the Kingmakers' War series).

A Slow Train To Budapest

Ann Abelson - 2013
    Along the way, however, Miriam boards the wrong train . . . Ann Abelson's novella begins a family saga based on actual events.

Adventures of Poorna

Mayur Kalbag - 2020
    It is about his vibrant journeys that are interspersed with intensely intriguing, inspiring and enchanting experiences, escapades and almost heart-stopping explorations, some of which transpire even beyond planet earth, and all this with an amazing culmination towards probably a new beginning! A truly scintillating story with illuminating imaginations where Poorna explores lakes, mountains, sages, weird and wonderful creatures as well as aliens through his inter planetary travels. The book constitutes an indelible dosage of tantric spirituality and cosmic energy, intrinsically inspiring you, the reader in getting glued to the fluently flowing story. As you keep moving through the chapters, trust me, you would rather it not end.

The Battle of Panchavati and Other Stories from Indian Scriptures

Divya Narain Upadhyaya - 2019
    These are the stories most of us have grown up with. The book is an attempt to revisit these timeless stories in a new rendition to make them more acceptable and interesting to the modern reader. This collection of seven timeless classics is an ideal companion of the traveller, the vacationer or even the casual reader. About Author : Divya Narain Upadhyaya is a medical doctor and a Plastic Surgeon by profession. He works in the Department of Plastic Surgery, at King Georges' Medical University, Lucknow, as an Associate Professor. His fields of interest in medicine are cleft and craniofacial surgery and treating brachial plexus injuries. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has trained extensively in craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery from the United States and Switzerland. He is an International Fellow of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeon and also an AO-CMF Fellow. His primary literary interests lie in Indian scriptures, religion and Indian history. He has a blog on where he writes about a variety of topics. This is his first book.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Brown (The Harold Brown Series, #2)

Mishana Khot - 2015
    He’s never had any friends or family to celebrate with him. There’s never been anyone to share his Christmas dinner. He’s never had anyone, except Thomas Cat, for whom he could buy presents. Nonetheless, December has always been his favourite month. But this year, things are going to be different. This year, Harold and Faith Springer-Brown celebrate their first Christmas together as man and wife. And it’s just started snowing in Limberlost, so it looks like it’s going to be a perfect white Christmas. But there’s trouble brewing in the Springer-Brown household.

The Amish Bishop

Samantha Bayarr - 2018
    The Bishop is hiding a horrible secret that could expose his sins if he defends his son's sinful acts. For Eva, getting shunned for their sins could be the answer to her prayers.Lily can't forget what she saw; the community thinks she's making things up. When she suffers a breakdown after witnessing her mother's death from what is being called a freak accident, the Bishop says he has no choice but to shun her and her father, claiming it's for the good of the community, but what Lily knows could cause her to become the murderer's next target.

A Woman Scorned

John Locke - 2020
    Virtually broke, they turn to embarrassing home invasions and petty hits to rebuild their nest egg. In addition to each other, Callie and Creed have dreams. Creed’s is to retire and live in a scenic lake house. Callie’s is to romance a local hot mom. The same hot mom who happens to be the target of a creepy, dangerous stalker named Walter Develin.

Brahma Rakshas: The Monster Within

Sandiip N. Paatil - 2021
    At 11, he looks big and strong for his age. His kind mother, Geeta is a rural Indian archetype: the overworked, stressed-out, barely-keeping-it- together single mother. His father is in prison for multiple robbery cases. The villagers are cold and overbearing, and his schooldays are made hellish by bullies. If this wasn’t enough, he has nightmares and uncanny callings from the age-old monstrous Peepal tree that lays on his way to school. The legend is a monster called Brahma Rakshas, living under this tree, for years unknown to people, lures kids with the black devil fruits and then makes them wrestle until one dies.And, one stormy night, the legend comes true when Brahma Rakshas meets Sarja. Set in a fictional village of Deogiri; a small haven of human civilization, away from the din of city life, this story is an adventure ride filled with riddles and monster wrestling.