Fire & Rescue Shifters: First Mission

Zoe Chant - 2021
    It’ll take a whole crew of powerful shifters to handle this emergency…A sweet, funny, and heartwarming shifter short story - perfect for brightening up your coffee break!First Mission is a standalone prequel to Zoe Chant’s hugely popular Fire & Rescue Shifters series. It does not contain any spoilers for the series, and can be enjoyed without having read any of the other Fire & Rescue Shifters books.

Pyro's Wedding Day

Starla Night - 2018
    YOU REALLY MUST READ THAT BOOK FIRST!!! Has bad boy dragon Pyro really reformed? Or will his craziness turn Amy’s sweet wedding dreams into an out-of-control, groomzilla nightmare?

Dragon's Curvy Dilemma

Mychal Daniels - 2017
    He just wants to get away from it all to spend time with his young son over the summer. Its time he showed the boy how to deal with being a dragonling.Daryl Livingston is squatting in his guest house. The young woman makes his dragon come alive. The last thing he expected was to find his true mate living in his guest house. Only problem… it’s going to take everything in Asher’s power to convince her of that.Will a new love teach an old dragon exciting tricks? Asher Princeton… • She’s a brilliant, know-it-all, trespasser squatting in my summer Lair’s guest house• I’m supposed to turn her into the police but this dragon’s got secrets, dark ones• Normally I’d toss out an intruder without a backward glance or question, but she’s different• The dragon in me and my five-year-old son have other plans• Funny thing…She thinks I’m letting her off scot-free• Her arrogant innocence challenges me in the best way• I might be a single dad focused on raising my son, but she’s ignited a fire long doused• It’s in her eyes and those curves that bewitch, seduce, and tempt my resolve like no other• Instead of releasing her, I’m going to make her moan with pleasure• That’s it—she’s mine• Only problem—her name. She’s the one woman I need to stay far away from• Our relationship is damned from the beginning• She can never find out what happened to her father• Daryl is off limits Daryl Livingston… • He’s gorgeous and infuriating• But his kid… makes my heart melt• It was stupid getting caught living in his guest house like this, but I’ll appeal to his sense of duty• I’m willing to do a lot of things to be able to stay—I have no place to go• But, if he thinks I’m going to be his maid or nanny, he’s got another thing coming. I’ll take jail over that• Weird thing… he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before• It’s in those eyes of his, like pools from the depth of his soul they enchant and entice me to want to touch him• That’s it—I can’t stay• Instead of behaving like a grateful house guest, all I want is to offer up my virginity to him like some damned lovesick school girl• Only problem—I’m on a mission to regain the respect my father deserved and find out what happened to him• I can’t get sidetracked. Not when I’m so close, no matter how much Asher makes me pant

Dragon Song

Tara West - 2015
    In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his sins. One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation. Little does he know, his love for her could be his final undoing.Fiona Firesblood, dragon-shifter and noble queen, will stop at nothing to protect her child, even if it means she must sever the bond with her mate, Duncan MacQuoid, the one man she loves above all others, and the one man whose past could destroy them all.Safina Firesblood, daughter of a cursed union between dragon and dragonslayer, has grown into a young woman, a powerful dragon princess in her own right. She’s given one chance at true love; will she risk the dragon queen’s wrath or resign herself to an eternity of sorrow?

Obsession: Part 2

Chloe Cole - 2015
    If she agrees, her life can go back to normal—back to a time when monsters were nothing more than the stuff of nightmares. But walking away also means leaving Etienne behind… Bad boy Etienne Beauchamp has never been in a real relationship before, but he knows one thing for sure. If you care about someone, you do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means letting them go. Too bad his inner dragon doesn’t agree and will stop at nothing to keep Taya for his own.

The Dragon's Throne

Lucy Fear - 2017
     My name is Anna Greely and I am a human girl living in a dystopian world controlled by the WereDragons. A world where humanity has been destroyed by technology and the dragons have all the power. Now, Prince Eli has become the latest dragon to take the throne as king and he has already made his first request. Me. I have no idea what a handsome dragon king would want with a shy orphan girl but when a dragon makes a demand you have no choice. You have to submit to him and do whatever he says... (Note: This book is only suitable for adults.)

Awakening Dragon

Isa Hunt - 2018
    Three hot Alphas fighting to take her. An enemy who is out for blood. Kelly is pretty sure that she’s the most regular girl in the world. Until she almost gets killed three times on the same day. And is rescued by three insanely hot men. Her rescuers let her in on a little secret: shifters exist. Oh, and by the way, she’s a shifter too. Not just any shifter, though. She’s the last of a bloodline that goes back thousands of years. She’s the dragon queen, destined to unite all shifters. As though that’s not enough to take in, Kelly is supposed to take three alpha shifters as her mates. It’s the only way to activate her powers. Not that mating with three hot guys is the worst thing in the world. The problem is that there might not be enough time. Kelly and her mates have a gang of bikers on their heels. And they are out for blood. Kelly’s blood… This story has a HEA, so no cliff-hangers. It is the first in a series of reverse harem romance books with ongoing storylines. A new story will be released every month. At the end of the series, the stories will be bundled in a box set. This steamy story is for 18+ readers only.

Mated by the Dragon Boss

Meg Ripley - 2015
    It’s totally unlike her, but she can’t resist his charm, his looks, or the heat of his body when they touch. A part of her hopes that a business trip to Los Angeles might turn their relationship into something more than strictly professional—but high in the Hollywood Hills, she’s introduced to a world that she could never even dream of. Mads Durkheim has been alive and alone for a very, very long time. One of the last of the dragons, he believes he will never find the woman meant for him—until voluptuous April walks into his office. He can’t put his finger on exactly why, but she soothes the fire raging inside of him. He wants nothing more than to keep her close and safe, but mortals are never safe when they meddle in the affairs of dragons. When April is caught in the crossfire of dirty business and ancient feuds, will their bond be enough to save her?

Dragon Fever: Limited Edition Holiday Romance Boxset

Serena Meadows - 2020
    Now, I’m a shadow. Exiled from my clan of dragon-shifters, I drift among the humans without purpose or belonging. My inner dragon snaps and snarls as it struggles to adapt, but like me, it has no choice—this is our life now.The only human either of us can tolerate is Natalie, owner of the Buck’s Head Lodge. Her quiet strength and distracting beauty remind me of the fierce women I grew up with. But they were my trusted friends, lovers, and equals. As a human, Natalie can never know who I truly am.Trouble is brewing, but I can’t afford to get involved. I’m a shadow, not a hero—even if my secrecy ends up costing Natalie her life.Hiding in exile, I’m forced to conceal my supernatural powers from the humans at all costs. When my inner-dragon roars in frustration, the only thing that calms the beast is the soft laughter of the local innkeeper, Natalie. I trust the girl more than I should, but I can never risk revealing my true, monstrous, identity. Until evil comes knocking, and I’m forced to choose between a sacred oath, or an innocent young woman’s life.This boxset includes the following books:Book 1: Secrets of My Dragon ProtectorBook 2: Trusting My Dragon HeroBook 3: Revenge of My Dragon SaviorBook 4: Saved By My Dragon GuardianBook 5: Rescued By My Dragon ChampionWarning: Adults Only

Banished Dragons: The Complete Shifter Collection

Leela Ash - 2018
     Finally get the COMPLETE SERIES including a new series EPILOGUE! In the first story we meet Max and his other dragon shifter kin as they are newly arrived on Earth. They are tasked with the challenge of assimilate and finding their mates if there is any hope of them clearing their names. But can Max navigate the mysterious art of “dating” when he is used to just taking what he wants? Andrea’s world is more or less the definition of chaos. Between a sick mother, and stressful teaching job with a pain-in-the a$$ boss, she is barely holding it together. A love life is furthest from her mind… All that is about the change the moment she meets this ultra hot alpha with an otherworldly charm… Come along and join the adventure as Max and his 5 fellow dragons navigate the strange customs of Earth, all the while protecting their mates from a mysterious enemy as they seek to establish a home for themselves and their kind… This Collection includes: Captive to the Dragon Destined for the Dragon Protected by the Dragon Reborn for the Dragon Drawn to the Dragon Fated for her Mate *A Dragon’s Home (New 40 page series epilogue!) There is also a brief preview of Daddy Shifter’s Virgin…the first in my (Leela’s) Stonybrooke Shifters series… These stories contain No Cheating, No Cliffhangers and of course all have HEAs and will be enjoyed by fans of T.S. Joyce, Harmony Raines, Terry Bolryder and Zoe Chant ; ).

Totally Dragons: A 8 Book Paranormal Romance Box Set

Serena Rose - 2016
    Every book included is a complete novel with no cliffhangers and every book is a former bestseller. If you love dragon romances you are totally gonna love this! ;-) The 8 TOTALLY Amazon Paranormal Dragon Romances included in this limited edition collection for you are... (Warning: All these books contain scenes of a sexual nature and should only be read by adults.) Book 1: The Dragon's Throne – Serena Rose Dragon Princess Alena is due to take her place on the throne. Only problem is that she is in love with a man who could never possibly be the King. And she is pregnant by him too... Book 2: Spawned By The Dragon – Amira Rain (NYT Bestselling Author!) Alyssa Clarke found herself pregnant after a one night stand with a stranger. Not her best of ideas but several years later she is leading a happy life raising her beautiful child by herself. Little did she know, the child's father was a dragon shifter and he would soon be returning to her life in dramatic fashion... Book 3: The Dragon Of Her Dreams – Lilly Pink Zoe Drake had been enjoying some very naughty dreams which involved a handsome dragon shifter. However, when she found herself pregnant despite not having had sex for a year she had to realize that maybe these were not dreams at all.... Book 4: The Dragon's Want Her – Angela Foxxe Dragon princes Jared and Dustin instantly became infatuated with the beautiful Lynda the moment she set foot on their island. The Dragons want her but only one could have her. That was unless she agreed that she could be theirs to share. And the two dragons were willing to do absolutely ANYTHING it took to convince her... Book 5: The Dragon's Love Child – Jade White (Box Set Exclusive!!) Amber was heart broken after her boyfriend left her. She needed a rebound night of fun and she needed it fast. Little did she know, the man she chose to have her rebound sex with was a dragon shifter and this was going to be anything but a rebound affair... Book 6: Dragon UnSEALed – JJ Jones When FBI Agent Aubrey Connor was assigned the task of tracking down a dragon shifter she expected it to be routine. She didn't expect that the dragon would use his powers to seduce her and get her on his team instead... Book 7: The Seed Of The Dragon – Serena Rose (Former #1 Bestseller!) Up and coming model Rachel went to a party full of industry executives hoping to change her life. And her life did change not but not in the way she expected. It was at this party that she met the gorgeous golden-eyed Shawn who swept her off her feet and into his bed.... Book 8: The City Of Dragons – Bonnie Burrows (Over 60 Five Star Reviews!!) The big city is constantly under threat from rogue shifters and it is dragon brothers Gavin and Dylan's responsibility to protect it. However, when they both save city girl Sarah from an attack they both realize that there is something extra special about her. And they both want to find out what it is....

Dragon: Robbie

J.S. Striker - 2016
     Sophia Gray had only a few rules in life: keep a low profile at all times and always watch your back. As a powerful witch she has many useful spells, ones that are highly sought after by the vampire clan, forming an alliance that kept her somewhat protected. Life was cruising by peacefully until a mysterious shifter got his life accidentally tied up with hers. Now her once-peaceful existence was in danger, with vampires out to get her, no one to turn to – and a shifter who was too sexy for his own good. As head of one of the most powerful shifter clans in the world, all Robbie Sebastian wanted was to live a quiet life. Unfortunately war seemed to be looming as the shaky truce between the vampire clan falls apart. Robbie finds himself resisting an intense primal attraction for a woman who he shouldn’t want – and he was going to fight it, no matter how irresistible she was… A fantastic HEA read with NO CLIFFHANGER and the first of The Clan Legacy Series. Twists and turns that will keep you wanting MORE! Enjoy a few bonus stories for a limited time. Mature Content.

An Alpha's Captive: A Brandt Wolf Pack

Amarie Avant - 2018
    Gerard left home, years ago, after relinquishing his title as Alpha due to personal demons. He’s looking into the spike of deaths and deceit in his small town but in the center of it all is the dangerous and alluring Teegan Dean. He’ll do anything to keep her safe. Teegan guards dark secrets and doesn’t believe she’s worthy of Gerard’s protection. While one wolf wants to save her another ruthless Alpha, Kano Hok’ee, has laid claim to her. For centuries these two clans have been enemies; the Brandt’s - known for their unscrupulous manipulation and the Hok’ees - notorious for murder, lies and deception. Now a power struggle has finally erupted. As past secrets come to haunt the town of Silverton, the Heads of each clan must meet in order to cease this impending war. Teegan is the key to one pack's destruction, as she is, strength to the other.

Summer Love Shifter Style

Harmony RainesBecca Fanning - 2016
    Take a walk on the wild side with hunky alpha heroes who will stop at nothing to win over their fated mates. All stories start off a series from USA Today and National Bestselling authors. Bad Boy Fire Bear - Bella Love-Wins Nevada firefighter bear shifter, Jax Carson never believed settling down was in the cards for him. That was right up until his bear caught sight of the new waitress, Joleen Emery, and roared with a lust to claim her. FURever: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance - Kate Kent Are you ready to have your toes curled? One curvy, sexy woman plus two hunky Alpha wolf shifters = scorching, hot menage romance! Shifted Undercover - C.E. Black Secret agendas, and hidden plans, begin to unravel after chaos erupts on a plane. Nikki isn’t willing to lose the love she’s found in Adam over a flight plan gone wrong, and Adam is determined to risk it all for the love of his woman; revealing the beast that resides within. The Werewolf’s Bride - Michele Bardsley To honor her town’s 150-year-old pact with the werewolves, Arabelle Winton dutifully marries Shadow Pack alpha Greyson Burke. Their marriage of convenience might well turn into true love. But only if the pack's most dangerous enemy doesn’t destroy them first. Chief Bear - Scarlett Grove On Fate Mountain, Levi Blackthorn is alpha of the search-and-rescue crew the Rescue Bears. Juliet Hernandez is a sassy, sweet woman who’s been unlucky in love. Can Juliet let go of her past and trust the wild heart of her shifter mate? Redeem the Wolf - Harmony Raines Kurt has made mistakes, big mistakes, and he paid the price, but one woman saved him, coaxing him back from the brink. Then she left, before he could thank her, all he has to hold onto, is the memory of her face, a face he paints over and over again. Now she needs his help, can Kurt save her, and somehow redeem his wolf? Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Melissa) - Ariana Hawkes When Melissa Ericson has a panic attack as her best friend is giving birth, sexy shifter Doctor Harley is on hand to calm her down. But there's something about him that keeps tugging at her mind, and suddenly she's drawn back into a place she never wanted to think about again. The past is so confusing and painful, but will the smoking-hot werewolf prove to be her destroyer or her savior? Brindle - V. Vaughn Becoming a werewolf the night of senior prom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When Katie realizes what’s she done she runs. But mating season has arrived, and Brindle is the only one that can satisfy the needs of her fever, and her heart. Dietrich (Bear Dating Agency I) - Becca Fanning A family of single Bear Shifter men, a secluded state park and a matronly grandmother who is sick of not having any grandchildren. Come along for the lip-biting, hair-pulling, sweaty-riding Bear Dating Agency series!

The Alpha Dragon's Secret

Brittany White - 2019
    But he ended up destroying my life instead. I was laser-focused on becoming the best surfer. It’s why I lived in Kahului. Then four dragon shifters appeared out of nowhere. And turned my world upside down. I couldn’t stop thinking about one of them. Daegal Kingsford He was a prince. Destined to save the world. He claimed to be my soul mate and I let him take control of me. Little did I know that he’d get me pregnant. And then disappear. I had to keep our baby a secret from him. But I’m worried that once the king of dragons returns, He’ll want his family back. And he will not take no for an answer. Note: Adults Only. No cheating!