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Fangs and Fur by M.A. Church


Thin Line Between

Lynn Hagen - 2019
    He's excited to start his new job, and even more thrilled that he gets to live there for free. But his enthusiasm is short-lived. When he steps into the stuffy old hotel, Owen soon finds out that the gorgeous owners aren't the friendly type. To make matters worse, he's told that the hotel is haunted. Caleb knows time is running out. The hotel is hemorrhaging money, and if he and his brothers can't figure out who is sabotaging Honey Haven, the doors will close for good. With enough problems on his hands, Owen walks through the front doors, and Caleb is taken aback by his good looks and sweet nature. He's attracted to Owen, but Caleb doesn't mix business with pleasure and keeps Owen at arm's length. Until one passionate kiss, Owen in danger and a saboteur on the loose forces Caleb to admit what Owen has come to mean to him. [Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

The Omega's Unicorn

Lorelei M. Hart - 2018
    One smexy unicorn. One invisible house. A whole lot of magical, yummy goodness. A Broken Bear Adrian comes to Three Rivers hoping to fix his inner bear. Instead, he finds a mentor and a calling. But then tragedy strikes, and now Adrian fears he’s on borrowed time in the home he’s grown to love. A Smexy Unicorn Justin’s in Three Rivers to take care of family business and finds himself immediately drawn to the bear currently squatting in his great-aunt's invisible cottage. He realizes instantly that Adrian is his omega, but Adrian does not trust easily. Magical Goodness Adrian and Justin are only beginning to learn to fit into each other’s worlds, when a magical storm blows in and they realize Justin isn’t the only new person in Three Rivers. They soon realize the others out there need protecting, including one adorable, yet terrifyingly powerful little girl. The Omega’s Unicorn is a stand-alone, sweet with knotty heat, MM Mpreg romance with a bear who likes to hide, a millionaire unicorn, and a couple of witches who soon become a part of their growing family.

Branch of the Amazon

Joyee Flynn - 2012
    They become the Guardians of the Forests. In her wisdom, she provided ways for the cursed to have happy, loving lives. Even though their fates are tied with the land.On the outskirts of the Amazon River, Branch leads his camp. A good man who has his hands full leading his people and keeping them safe while raising two sons, his patience is tested by his lust for the person everyone seems to want, Seed… Who is the same age as his oldest son.When Branch comes to Seed’s rescue, he finally has what he desires most in his arms. But will he be able to let him go again?If that isn’t enough, the cartels are moving into their territory and destroying everything in their path, along with kidnapping other Guardian children.

Omega Experiment

Orion Blaze - 2014
    He’s eager to be paired with his Alpha, and together help ensure humanity’s future. He can’t believe his luck when he’s mated to David Croxen, a soldier whose bravery helps keep everyone in Haven Colony safe from the madness that reigns Outside. His heartbreak comes from a misunderstanding. But David has a private reason for volunteering to serve as an Alpha, a reason that threatens to tear their small family apart. As Jon’s world is turned upside down by his Alpha’s secret, David realizes just how important Jon is to him. Can this proud Alpha earn forgiveness before Jon decides to abandon Haven for good? ***This stand-alone 30,000 word science fiction mpreg romance includes steamy romance, male pregnancy, and a happily-ever-after ending.***

Love Slaves of the Alphas: Volume 1

Shannon West - 2012
     Most Wanted (Book One) Hot porn star Ryan Henderson is desperate. On the run for a murder he didn’t commit, he tries to hide out by selling himself at an auction for love slaves. When a handsome Lycan wolf-shifter, Blayde Balenescu buys him, Ryan thinks his prayers have been answered—only to find out he’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire! Blayde is an intergalactic bounty hunter who’s only after the money Ryan will bring in. When Ryan gets off the transport bringing him to Blayde, however, he’s startled at Blayde’s violent reaction once he touches him. Dominant Blayde has recognized Ryan as his mate, and now Blayde has to figure out not only how he can possibly convince the young man to stay with him, and allow him to teach him proper behavior, but also how he’ll manage to keep Ryan alive long enough to save him from his powerful enemies. The Alpha's Concubine (Book Two) When Nikolai Balenescu and his brother stop by a small, out of the way planet called Jayron to deliver some goods, they have no idea what’s in store for them. Nikolai is immediately attacked by a fierce, gorgeous little prince named Jagger, who takes the Lycan shifter away in chains. Nikolai allows himself to be disarmed because he instantly recognizes the prince as his mate, and he’s willing to play along until he can figure out why his ship was attacked and how he’s now going to save his prince from his fearsome Lycan family who will be coming for him, intent on revenge. Meanwhile, Prince Jagger decides he’ll take the gorgeous Lycan as his love slave and puts him in chains. At first Nikolai is angry, but soon decides that being a love slave to his beautiful mate is an idea he’s only too happy to go along with. Konnor and His Omega Mate  (Book Three) Ethan is having a really bad day. First he’s required by Lycan law to appear before a judging panel consisting of big, important alphas who intimidate him and make him so nervous he’s afraid he won’t be able to perform at all. He’s desperate to prove himself a worthy gamma, so he can get an apprenticeship, and start his new life. When he walks into the room he finds Konnor Balenscu, a handsome, important Lycan alpha, who also happens to be his mate. Ethan is incredibly drawn to him and is amazed to learn that Konnor returns his interest. There’s only one hitch—Konnor finds him to be a lowly omega, deemed mentally defective by the proud Lycans, and doomed to live his life as a love slave, sold to the highest bidder. He only has one option left. He has to run.

Shane's Promise

Stephani Hecht - 2016
    He never would have imagined that he’d end up with a mate, let alone a daughter. But he’s committed to his family and will do anything for them.Trevor's biggest dream has always been to have an official wedding ceremony. Sure, he knows the other shifters will think it's silly, a ritual only for humans, but he can't stop himself from wanting a true fairy tale moment. Yet Trevor knows that Shane doesn’t want anything to do with the human world, especially since mankind has taken to hunting and killing shifters.Shane wants to see Trevor happy. In fact, he made a promise to always keep his mate smiling. Will Shane be able to live up to his word? Or will Trevor's dream be shattered?

A Purrfect Match

Alex Ashmore - 2015
    But when Mark, an alpha werewolf with an infectious handsome grin and the oddest affection for grumpy cats, enters his life, things turn a little topsy-turvy for Terry. Mark’s ready to show Terry that there’s more to life than a safe job and a boring existence. Will Terry be able to open his heart to the alpha werewolf? A Purrfect Match is a love story featuring gay werewolves and an alpha-omega pairing, and hot, steamy action! Warning for mentions of male pregnancy.

Forever's End

Jana Downs - 2014
    Unluckily for him, the closer he gets to the deadly world of the royals, the more Ander struggles to keep his lust a secret.The Blood King, Rowan Klaus, has ruled as the vampire king for centuries. He has loved and lost and sworn to never love again, a conviction that doesn’t come easy when he sees Ander. Determined to keep the shifter at arm's length, he never expects the Royal Gala to end with Ander in his bed.Not everyone is pleased that a Silver Blood and the vampire king are engaged in a passionate tryst. Their growing affections lead them down a dangerous path where enemies circle closer and the burden of the crown becomes ever heavier. Happily ever after may come at a steeper price than either man is willing to pay to reach Forever’s End.

My Alpha's Secret

Rosa Swann - 2017
    He told me that two Alphas cannot be together, he told me that our mating wasn’t real. Yesterday, my sister called me and told me that Logan passed away, leaving behind an Omega and a child. Today, I’m at Logan’s funeral. Why am I offering to look after his little family? Sterling Logan and I had everything we wanted: a house, a beautiful daughter and lots of big dreams. Then he was ripped away from us in a car crash. His family is too busy to help me out after the funeral, so one of Logan’s old friends steps in. Only, in all the commotion, I didn’t keep an eye on the calendar, and my heat starts at the most inconvenient of times. And why is Logan’s friend reacting to my heat? Only true mates are supposed to react to a mated Omega... This is the first episode of Second Chance Mates, which takes place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Omega: Fated To His Alpha Prince 1

Aiden Bates - 2015
    But Francis is not content with a business arrangement and the chance of friendship and nothing more. To his shock, he finds that his Alpha feels the same. His new husband sets about wooing him in the quiet retreat of the country estate where they have traveled for their honeymoon, and Francis is surprised by how quickly the tenuous bond of an arranged marriage becomes something more while doing things passionately, rough and unprotected! *Disclaimer*: This book contains adult, sexually explicit content with an intense sex scene, male breeding and knotting and dominant alpha with his delicate rare omega. This should not be viewed for anyone under the age of 18

Ge-Mi: Part One

Mell Eight - 2017
    Hated because of their differences, these Ge-Mis live on the fringes of society where they scrounge and scrape to get by.Nevada is half Ge-Mi and hides that fact behind baggy clothes and by keeping distance between himself and everyone around him. One day, his peaceful life is shattered by an explosion and the arrival of a pack of wolves to sniff out the culprit.Wolves have excellent noses and as Alpha, Taylor can sniff out every one of Nevada’s secrets—and the harder Nevada tries to resist, the more difficult staying away from Taylor becomes.


Kiki Burrelli - 2019
    Led by a higher calling, he was taught the path to eternal glory was paved with obedience. His will is not important, not when compared to the will of his future master. But his faith is tested when Loshka is given to a brutal alien master who enjoys Loshka’s screams of pain more than his pleasure. As Loshka resigns himself to a short life with the cruel monster, he is kidnapped by a group of warriors. Malik and his warrior family are searching the forsaken lands for a missing boy when they find Loshka. Malik never expected his mate would be an alien man who is as soft as he is vulnerable. He doesn’t have the hard scales or sharp claws that Malik and his kind use to survive daily in the harsh desert landscape. Loshka is not just afraid, but completely unaware of what it means to belong to another, not as an object, but as a mate. It takes every ounce of Malik’s patience to convince Loshka that he deserves more than the life handed to him. But just as Loshka learns that with love, a future and a family are not impossible, his past returns to drag him back into a life of forced servitude. The fated mates have already been through so much, can they survive one more threat to their bond? Malik is the first book in The Kif Warriors, an alien mpreg series. This is the first co-write between Crista and Kiki. They’ve joined forces to bring you all the humor, magic, steam and action that you enjoy!

Me, Myself and I

Natasha Duncan-Drake - 2012
    At least he thought he did, but then he has an accident and he wakes up surrounded by the world of the films. Now he has to figure out if he's hallucinating, if somehow the movies are real and he's been transplanted to another world or if he is actually Devon, a supervillain having a psychotic break. Whatever the answer: it's frighteningly crazy."Me, Myself and I" is a sci-fi/fantasy novelette (~15.5Kwds), with a heavy side of male/male romance.This is the first story in the Dark Reflections Series. Book 2 will be out in the near future.Please see for full details.

The Alpha's Temptation

Sugar Jones - 2015
    His alpha is as straight as they come and if he catches even a whiff of Gabe’s desire, Gabe will be kicked out of the pack. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Gabe to hide his desire and when his life is threatened, he finds both safety and a delicious dark pleasure in his alpha’s arms. Publisher's Note: “The Alpha’s Temptation” is a M/M romance novella of 14,000 words. It’s deliciously dirty and if that’s your thing - welcome to the club, we meet every other Thursday…bring cookies. However, please do not purchase this book if none of these elements light your underpants on fire (or at the very least make them smolder).

Breeding Stations

Chris T. Kat - 2015
    Berit sets his mind on being part of a mission to Ligador to make sure the planet is habitable for humans. He’s ecstatic when his team is assigned to the task force. A delegation of Nadisc, a humanoid alien race, accompanies them, and passion ignites between Berit and their commanding officer, Tom. But Berit is determined that Tom is just another notch on his bedpost, as he doesn’t do relationships.The excursion to Ligador goes wrong from the beginning, when they discover Ligador has been established as a breeding station by their worst enemy: the Tash’Ba. Dinosaur-like creatures become the team’s worst nightmare, and staying alive is going to take everything they’ve got… and then some.