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Madly Addicted by Colet Abedi



Marcella Swann - 2018
    . .  except for that one time. I knew I shouldn't but he was so hot. Steamy. Passionate. It was incredible. I left him a note the next morning but he never called.Next thing I know, I’m pregnant. Me and my little girl have made it through but it’s been hell.Now he’s back but he doesn’t know the half of it—doesn’t know about his daughter . . . our daughter.His hotness made me do a stupid thing five years go, but not this time.If he thinks he can freakin’ waltz back into my life . . . My little girl absolutely loves the guy though and, well, he’s got a billion dollars coming to him. F***! Bobby I had her for one night.It was hot. It was right. It was incredible. I’ve never really shaken her from my thoughts. It's still the best night of my life and, trust me, I've had plenty of Netflix and chill action since.But she was gone by the morning. Fine. I can play that game, too. So I bolted--got the heck outta dodge. Now I got a billion bucks coming my way.One catch, though: I've got to get my shit together and clean up my act.Or else my uncle’s money goes elsewhere—to my shitty cousin.But f*** the money, no one’s gonna mess with my woman—and my daughter.Their mine. I’ll do what I have to protect them. To make things right.So bring it on. This is gonna be fun.

The Right Mistake

A.M. Guilliams - 2018
    A job I loved-Check.An apartment I adored-Double Check.Friends who tried to get me to take a walk on the wild side-Triple Check. When my best friend announced her destination bachelorette party, I knew I was in trouble. I could handle just about anything she threw my way.But Vegas.I knew there was no way I could handle the city that never slept. And boy was I right. One night of planned fun turned into the night that would upend the perfectly structured life I’d built. What could possibly go wrong when you mix gambling, shots of whiskey, and a giving your engaged friend an example of how a wedding should go?Everything. What happened in Vegas didn’t stay there. He came home right along with me.

Honeymoon Angel

Suzanne Halliday - 2017
    Needing closure nearly a decade after their clandestine affair crashed and burned, Angie returns home and sets off a chain of reactions that shakes up Family Justice when the truth finally comes out. Fast-forward one year to a comically packaged happily ever after that’s queued up and raring to go now that they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan.What better way to start off their new life as a married couple than with a baby-making, naked honeymoon on a lush, private, tropical isle? Parker and Angelina Together at last and up to the hot and steamy antics you’ve come to expect from them!

Text Me A Kiss

J.P. Comeau - 2018
     Kady I was a prima ballerina I had no time for a boyfriend But one day, just for kicks, I created a profile on a dating app. At first, it was just for fun. Then something happened I never dreamed of, I fell in love with my father’s nemesis. Graham I had everything, money, power and good looks. Women melted in my arms like honey… sometimes two at a time. But one day, I woke up and decided I needed a change, and created a profile on a dating app. I wanted to meet someone who would appreciate me for who I was. That’s when I found the love of my life, beautiful Kady. Then I discovered I’d made a terrible mistake… Or was it? Text Me A Kiss is a STEAMY romance with a guaranteed HEA, and met for an adult audience only.

Love on the Horizon

A.M. Madden - 2016
    Madden, comes a strangers-to-lovers, boss/employee, stand-alone romance.Graduating from college is supposed to be a promise for excitement and limitless possibilities. But for unemployed Rebecca Stanton, the highlight of her day is sitting in her parents' home with a pint of Chunky Monkey while watching The Bachelor. Desperate for change and inspired by a late night commercial, she stumbles onto a job opportunity with a new cruise line, packs her bags, and sets sail toward her new destiny. Life is full of an endless supply of exciting possibilities for Marco Puglia. The tall, dark, handsome, Italian Cruise Director with Sunset Cruise Lines is practically a celebrity in the cruising industry. When Marco adds Rebecca to his staff, he soon discovers it is both the best and worst decision he's ever made. The beautiful siren has captured his attention and ensnared his heart. An intense attraction like theirs doesn't follow the rules, even one that forbids a boss/employee relationship. Will their blatant mutiny force their newly found love aground, or will Rebecca and Marco find love on their horizon? Contains adult content.

Ripple Effect

Kristin Mayer - 2014
    Relationships stay within the walls of the club. Outside of that, people are merely acquaintances. After having his heart broken, he’s not interested in the happily ever afters and white picket fences. Adam’s interests lie in his club and giving pleasure to women.Ainsley Pearson wants to be free. She needs an escape from her life. Her best friend suggests Club Envy. From the moment Ainsley sets foot in the club, Adam decides he wants to be the exclusive one to bring her pleasure.He wants her.He needs her.He has to have her.Will this unforeseen ripple in Adam’s and Ainsley’s lives be too much to overcome? Or will the one thing they never thought they deserved have an everlasting effect?The Effect Series Reading OrderBook 1 - Ripple EffectBook 2 - Domino EffectOther Books by Kristin MayerTrust Series (All Available)Book 1 - Trust MeBook 2 - Love MeBook 3 - Promise MeTwisted Fate SeriesWhite Lies Black TruthStand AlonesInnocenceBaneFinding Forever (Co-Written with Kelly Elliott)

Body Talk

Ashlee Price - 2017
    She’s un-touched and my assistant. I’m Dagger Braun though. I’m used to getting what I want. Even if it means risking it all to make her mine. Who would have thought an ex-SEAL like me would open a yoga studio? Before I can offer classes, I need a talented instructor who can follow my lead. No attachments. Just someone who is professional. That was until Whitney walked into my studio... She was smart, funny and gorgeous – a combination that will tempt any man. The throbbing in my pants proves I'm no exception to that temptation. Those innocent eyes and plump lips could be my undoing. Each time I see her, all I want is for her to submit to me…mind, body, and soul. You know what, maybe she's the one? The one I don't want to share and ever let go of. But a dangerous, unsettled score from my past could ruin our only chance at real love. Despite all odds, I am determined to make her mine! ***Body Talk is a full length, stand-alone romance with a guaranteed HEA. No cheating and no cliffhangers.***

The CEO's Redemption

Stella Marie Alden - 2018
    You can't own a billion-dollar company and be anything less. There's just one thing I regret. I'm turning into the person I hated most growing up but even he had the decency to walk out.Me, not so much.Unwilling to lose everything that matters, I plan a vacation on a tropical island. What better place to reconnect with my wife and baby girl?I never would've guessed trouble brews in paradise. Am I man enough to save my family? Myself?Beware: Not for the faint of heart! There's hot passion, action, and adventure before our couple reaches their well-deserved HEA. Didn't read books one and two? No worries! Both included in this anthology!

Compulsion: A Myth of Omega Standalone

Zoey Ellis - 2020
    This story is set in Zoey Ellis’ Myth of Omega world but is a standalone story with a HEA. For fans of possessive Alpha anti-heroes, feisty Omega heroines, and fiery romances. This story includes romance of a dark nature.For more stories in this world, start with CRAVE TO CONQUER.

Color Me Yours

Jen Talty - 2020
    Or maybe her best friend to her boyfriend. It didn’t matter. All she had left was her job, and she’d be damned if she was going to lose that too. So when her boss asks her for a favor, she’s not about to say no. Except, she didn’t know the favor included pretending to be his girlfriend in front of his parents. Hawk Jefferson was tired of his parents constantly trying to marry him off to their rich friends’ daughters. He was nearly forty years old, and he was more than happy to spend the rest of his life as a bachelor. The last thing he wanted was a wife and a bunch of babies. In order to keep them off his back, he told them he’d been dating his assistant for the last six months. So, when they decided to take a last-minute trip to spend the weekend with him and his girlfriend, Hawk had to take drastic measures. Except, he never anticipated he’d fall in love, much less want to settle down and give his parents the grandchild they’ve always wanted. Only, getting Kennedy on board with that plan seems to be harder than anticipated.

Up Close and Personal

Magda Alexander - 2015
    To her surprise she’s hired, even though she barely meets the qualifications for the job. Following her heart, she throws herself into her work vowing to do the very best she can. But she soon finds out her definition of best is not what her boss has in mind. A Damaged, Jaded Billionaire Having lost most of his vision to a car accident, Sterling MacKay demands perfection from everyone employed by him. When his latest hire, a recent college graduate, doesn’t understand what he needs, he’s forced to teach her the demands of the job. But soon he’s not satisfied to have her only as his personal assistant. He wants her in his bed, under him, doing all those things he likes to do. But first he has to convince her she’d like them too.

His Takeover

Piper Sullivan - 2018
    Relax and enjoy!

SEAL Baby Daddy (The Baby Daddy - Book #2)

Claire Adams - 2018
    I didn’t know he was back from Kuwait. When I came home from my position as an overseas correspondent, I’d expected I’d never see him again. And that was the way I’d wanted things to be. After all, I couldn’t let him know about my daughter. Our daughter. I couldn’t help my feelings for him, though. I’d always been drawn to him. But he had never wanted children. I had to respect that. But he wasn’t the same man I’d met in Kuwait, and I wasn’t the same woman either. I knew sooner or later he would find out my secret and sh*t would hit the fan.

Wrangling His Best Friend’s Sister

Leslie North - 2019
    He owes his best friend a favor. Neither expected to end up in bed together… Reluctantly returning to her hometown, single mom Ava Pearson just wants a job to get her back on her feet and escape again. But when she asked her brother for help, the last place she thought she’d end up was in the office of his jaw-droppingly-hot best friend. Branson Beckett needs help, but if comes in the form of firecracker Ava, he’ll have to pass—he doesn't need that kind of distraction, especially now. He’s the owner of a ranch on the brink of expansion and is looking for a few good ranch hands to help him out. However, he wasn’t thinking of his best friend’s little sister when it came to hard labor. No, he’d thought of her in other hard situations, but they usually involved his great big bed. Dreams that had no place in reality. But her brother calls in a favour and he can’t not help a single mom out—his own mom raised him better than that. Plus Branson does need her help interviewing his ranch hands. It’s a win-win. He’ll fix his personnel problem, and she’ll get the cash she needs to move back out. Definitely no romance. Yet as personnel issues lead to personal pleasure between them, Ava’s big city dreams begin to drift away, replaced by visions of a family in the country with a hunky cowboy. Branson loves having Ava and her son on the ranch, but can he finally see her as the woman of his dreams, instead of off-limits? This novel contains sexual content and profanity.

Famously Wed

Roxy Reid - 2019
    Famously Wed is a stand-alone novel with no cheating, no cliff hangers and of course a delightful happily ever after.