Salvation: Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Joshua Jared Scott - 2014
    When the change struck, a quarter of the world’s population simultaneously, and without warning, perished. Seven minutes later the corpses reanimated and promptly began to attack the living. At zero hour well over one billion zombies walked the Earth. A day later, more than half the world’s population had turned. Escaping the city, Jacob Thornton and a group of survivors began work on a settlement deep in the wilderness where they hoped to rebuild their shattered lives. Isolated and far from the chaos, it seemed they were indeed safe, that is, until the raiders appeared. Forced to flee, Jacob led his people north to the Black Hills. They built fortifications, gathered supplies, and waited for the inevitable. It did not come. Time passed. Homes were constructed, crops planted, and contact made with others around the globe. So few remained, but efforts were underway to rid the world of zombies. There was a very real chance civilization would bloom once more. Then the enemy returned, determined to complete the genocide they began two years earlier.


R.R. Haywood - 2014
    A chance to set things right. Mike Humber, an ex-detective sacked for beating a child molester is offered an opportunity to make amends for the failures of his past but once that path is chosen it leads to an event that changes everything he has ever known.From the mind of the best-selling author RR Haywood comes a violent gut-wrenching tale of revenge.RECRUITED was first published in RR Haywood's The Book of Shorts Volume One to great critical acclaim

The Pulse of Allah

James Knight - 2012
    In this book the end comes through the use of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon over the United States and Europe by a Muslim coalition. It follows the lives of its characters through the pulse and its aftermath - their struggle for survival through the chaos - and the eventual triumph of the US against the coalition in spite of huge population losses at home.

Ramblin Man

Angery American - 2015
    David Campbell got through the virus by staying drunk, hidden away from most everyone. On his way to visit his sister in Kansas City he finds himself stranded in Montezuma Iowa. He wasn't there when his mother died as a result of the virus, he's not going to let his sister down, the only family he has now. It's a long journey to Kansas City and David has to battle his inner demons all the way, temptation and fate will continue to intervene. When it seems the God's are testing man's limits, some men will rise to the challenge and some will fail. David's on the bubble.

Kids at War

E.A. Lake - 2014
    Times have worsened as the remaining fuel and valuable resources – fresh food and water – are long gone. Chances of recovery have all but disappeared; chances of survival seem grim. In a plan so backward, so unlikely to have any success, the militia of the Milwaukee area take a young nun, five teens, and a set of five “special packages” into the barren farmland of south-central Wisconsin. There, with little more than themselves for support, they are to live, to grow, and perhaps even prosper. Or maybe the militia has just removed a problem they chose not to deal with. With the help of new – yet strange – friends, their journey begins. But trouble finds them, even against their greatest hopes and fervent prayers. Worse, the militia has purchased help from a drunken recluse who may prove to be their greatest trouble of all. The second book of our greatest war, our battle for survival, begins: WWIV – Kids at War.

Rules Of Engagement: A John Chase Short Story

Dirk Patton - 2014
    He is part of the US Army's Delta Force. In Crucifixion: Voodoo Plague Book Two he mentions a flashback to running through a Central American jungle with Spetsnaz in pursuit. This is that story. Note that this is a short story and does not need to be read in any particular sequence with the Voodoo Plague series. All events are prior to the attacks and events that occur in the series and this will not spoil that timeline.

A Long Lonely Road, part two, Timberline

T.J. Reeder - 2012
    It’s a tale of the drive to get home come hell or high water.I’m writing it about the way I myself would get home after an event. I can only hope I would do as well in real life.I have the will , drive and know how but maybe the ol body is low on fuel. Time will tell.

Her Thickness Was His Weakness

Nichole DeCari - 2016
    His cocky and arrogant attitude can be felt a mile away. As soon as his 6'4" chiseled chocolate frame steps into a room, it demands acknowledgment. When he smiles and shows off his pearly thirty-twos, every woman’s panties wet from pure desire. Monty is single, tall, dark and handsome, and he holds his own as CEO in the boardroom. In the streets, he is known as the boss in the snapback, but in the bedroom, he is nothing but a freak. When Monty’s first bid forces him to give up his one true love, he swears he will never risk his heart or love again. Now, he goes through life making his bedroom game as ruthless as his CEO game. Monty's good friend, Tee, is all woman; thick in all the right places, with brain and income to match, as she embraces her career managing a domestic shelter for her best friend. On the outside, she has it all together, but at night behind closed doors is when her demons take over. She wants what all women want - the perfect man- but she will not tolerate any man that doesn’t measure up to HER standards. When Monty is injured in a near death experience, as his friend, Tee makes a decision to give up her life to nurse him back to health. Three months of twenty-four/seven togetherness is rocked when they blur the lines of friendship. As Monty tries to keep his status quo as a ladies' man, he is thrown into the midst of Tee's "love me or leave me" drama. Then Monty’s world is rocked in more ways than one when a secret from his past threatens to destroy him personally and financially. What happens when Tee and Monty, these two likeminded, love hardened hearts, collide? Can Monty let go of his past hurt and let Tee help him in more ways than just the bedroom?

Falling For The Plug

Keena - 2016
    Without help from her daughters dad she picks up a fast and easy job which turns out to be stripping at Hot Lips Night Club. Luckily while working at the club she meets a smooth, good looking, stand up guy by the name of Midnight. Midnight is a businessman and all he wants is a real woman by his side through it all. He admires An'yah and is willing to give her the good life she's been looking for and wanting, but by then An'yah only wanted to focus on what was important in her life. An'yah figured it was absolutely nothing wrong with having Midnight as a friend, especially if he was willing to break her off and help her when she needed it the most. But after a while she couldn't hide the feelings she had for him. He made it very hard to not want him as a soulmate, but after finding out that he's the plug, she questions if a relationship with him is a risk she was willing to take.

The Click: How I Lost 90 Pounds & Finally Found Fitness ... After 60

Sharon Odom - 2018
    The last time I'd weighed that much was 1997, when I was pregnant with triplets! The previous year had been a tough one. My beloved Mother died on January 15, 2015. Still reeling from my recent divorce and raising 3 teenagers, I sank into a deep depression. Already over 200 pounds, I gained even more weight that year. On the one year anniversary of Mom's death, as we gathered around her grave, something clicked. I knew it was time. I had to lose the weight for good. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I knew better than to follow any diet or deprive myself. I had to find a way of eating that I could sustain ... for life. This is my story, how I was able to lose 90 pounds and achieve a normal weight … at age 61. I did it by following a few simple rules, while enjoying all my favorite foods and walking daily at my treadmill desk. I wrote this memoir for several reasons. To provide inspiration, motivation and hope for people in their 50s, 60s and beyond who struggle with obesity. To encourage others to create their own customized eating and exercise plan – a sustainable lifestyle. And finally, to hold myself accountable for keeping the weight off. You CAN lose weight and keep it off, at any age. If I can do it, anyone can. - Sharon Odom

Eagle and Wyvern

R.W. Peake - 2020
    King Alfred has been forced to flee from his winter court in Cippinhamm by Guthrum, self-styled King of the Danelaw and East Anglia, part of the great invasion force by the horde that will become known as the Vikings. Driven into the swamps of Somersetshire, Alfred spends a miserable winter at Athelney before finally feeling that the time is right to call the fyrd, the Saxon call to arms summoning the men of Westseaxe to rally to their King to drive the Danish invaders from their lands. Answering that call is young Titus of Cissanbyrig, a youth with an unusual name to go along with his unusual size and strength. Despite only being fourteen and that his village is under the control of Wulfhere, Ealdorman of Wiltshire who has sided with Guthrum, Titus decides to leave the only home he’s ever known, joining the call issued by the Lord of Wilton more than a dozen miles away, one of the nobles of Wiltshire who has remained faithful to the King. What drives Titus from his home is the enmity of his father, who blames him for Titus’ mother’s death in childbirth because of his size, but while he will never know it, the truth is more complex. Ultimately what sends young Titus on his first steps towards his destiny is his deep-seated, insistent belief that he’s not meant for a life behind the plow but for the sword, a conviction that has been passed to him across almost a millennium of time and distance, to a dusty Roman province in Spain, passed down by the man who was the first of his line, Titus Pomponius Pullus, Centurion of Rome. The Titus Chronicles-Eagle and Wyvern is the first of a new series by the author of the international bestselling Marching With Caesar series.

The Gift

Mona Ingram - 2011
    As a single mother, she owns and runs a houseboat rental company in Sicamous, British Columbia.Quentin Callahan, a friend of Julie's brother, lives in Vancouver and has become a successful business consultant. Many years ago, on her graduation night, he rescued Julie when her date had too much to drink and now he's back. The attraction between Julie and Quentin is immediate, but his visit to his hometown is prompted by more than a longing to get away from the stress of business. His largest client has unsuccessfully tried to buy Julie's property. The ruthless company indicates to Quentin that if he does not talk her into selling, they ll drive her out of business. The ultimatum is an overwhelming burden on Quentin.Can the growing affection between Julie and Quentin survive the pressures of a harsh outside world?

The Golden Shot: British Detective Jonathan Roper Investigates

Michael Leese - 2020
    Beamed from the Dark Web, it boasts millions of anonymous “fans” getting their kicks from real-time murders.The people behind the depraved show are running rings around Interpol as they cut a swathe through Europe. Now they've pitched up in London and launched a fresh killing spree.It’s almost as though they are setting a challenge. Catch us if you can.Scotland Yard Commissioner, Julie Mayweather wastes no time in sending for her top team. With the maverick autistic detective, Jonathan Roper, and his boss, Detective Chief Inspector Brian Hooley, on the case, you can expect a roller coaster of a ride.It is this “special relationship” that makes the Roper series stand out. It provides unexpected warmth and genuine humour at even the darkest moments.The Golden Shot is a dark, page-turning thriller that grabs you by the throat from the beginning... but don’t be surprised to find yourself laughing out loud.

Go Tell It!

Debby Efurd - 2015
    Fairy tales, fables, stories from her youth … they swept Debby away to another world. As one story ended, Debby would beg for more.When she was older, Debby fell in love with Bible stories and was eager to hear stories in Sunday School about Joseph or David or Moses. Then one day she heard the Greatest Story Ever Told and met and fell in love with the Main Character – Jesus Christ. That made all the difference.Somewhere along Debby’s life journey, though, Debby forgot who was in charge. That’s when life turned upside down. Decades later, after many trials and triumphs, she turned control back to the One who provides hope and transformation. Yes, stories can inspire, motivate, spur you to action … like an arrow right at your heart. Go Tell It! provides compelling stories of hope and transformation of lives who have each made a “180” by finding and sharing their voices. Whether your personal story revolves around one moment, one ministry, or a multitude of life events, the key is to point to the One who makes your transformation possible. All it takes is a willing heart and the courage to be honest … one story at a time.

Resumed Innocent

Rene Fomby - 2017
     But as dawn breaks over tiny Blair County, a guilty verdict is the least of her concerns. The Texas justice system has taken dead aim at getting her off the case - even if it means taking dead aim at  the back of her head.And Samantha Tulley is in way over her head. Starting a career as a small town criminal attorney would be tough enough, but as a widowed mother with no income and very little in the bank, Sam never seems to catch a break. From court appointed clients who rarely show up for court to pro bono clients with seemingly unwinnable cases, every day is a new struggle to figure out the subtle intricacies and intrigues of the criminal justice system. And then suddenly the system turns against her, and Sam and her daughter are left running for their lives.Torn from the author's own case files, Resumed Innocent offers a revealing and sometimes frightening inside look at just how our fractured justice system works to punish the innocent and reward the wicked. And for the poor there simply is no justice at all.