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Christian Freedom: Christ Sets Us Free by William E. Fischer


Welcome to Islam: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Muslims

Mustafa Umar - 2012
    'Welcome to Islam' is a step-by-step guide to help people who have just accepted Islam. It teaches them the absolute basics of Islam that they should learn within their first month of being a Muslim. This work is not another introductory book on Islam but rather a step-by-step instruction manual that allows you to start practicing what you learn immediately. It also contains valuable advice on some common challenges that new Muslims often face.

An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker; Volume 4: July 30, 1998 to July 28, 1999: Weekly Knowledge from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - 1999
    This book is a compilation of the fourth year of Weekly Knowledge from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual teacher and founder of the Art of Living Foundation. The Weekly Knowledge is sent around the world with precious words of wisdom for practical daily living.

Apocalypse 2027: Antichrist Unmasked: Scriptural Case for the Global Antichrist

Peter Jensen - 2018
     Blood moons that brought nothing. Shemitah years that have long passed. 10 horns that seem neither to be 10 countries of the failing European Union nor 10 Islamic nations. Yet 1900 years after John, the code of the Antichrist is finally clear and as failed ideologies of the recent past entice the younger generation through great deception, Nimrod is rising once again. The symbols of Daniel's and John's visions are no longer a mystery but hide in plain sight today. History you can verify for yourself right now will convince you of the global Antichrist to come, before the Second Coming. There is nothing new under the sun (Eccl 1:9). This book decodes simply the vision of John on the Number of the Beast, reliving the first lie in the garden of Eden. And it does not end at Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or Nero Caesar or "nrwn qsr" You will see : Extraordinary proofs of God's omniscience in predicting the future movements of the human race, from the beginning of the world A dark agenda that is no longer a conspiracy theory, but is out in the open, operating in the halls of government worldwide Is America Mystery Babylon ? or as this book shows - has America stood time and again in the gap for Humanity against the real Beast for exactly over a 100 years now ? How World War 3 will be the global entry ramp for the Antichrist but wars are not the end (Matt 24:6) The rise of Homo Deus as prophesied (2 Thessalonians 2:4) Four horns or ten ? - Maps of the Middle East and the most likely regions of the Ten horns from a meeting that preceded even the European Union The coming enforcement of a trans-national "planetary regime" to enforce totalitarian population control measures and control of all renewable and non-renewable resources on earth, even OPENLY demanded by some politicians today. The goal of this future regime to fundamentally and irreversibly change human nature through government action A connection between two events that occurred more than two decades ago EXACTLY one year apart the first a political earthquake and the second, one that started small but today has irrevocably changed humanity. How FAKE news will be the ONLY news just before the return of Christ How the Antichrist will finally make peace between Israel and the Arabs and WHY this will have to happen, inevitably! New meaning in the prophecies of Isaiah and how Psalm 83 aligns perfectly with his prophecies of the changes surrounding the end times Why Mystery Babylon and the Headquarters of the Beast are the same TWO cities in the future as in the 1st century from prophecies of Jeremiah and John You will also see how the Apocalypse or "uncovering" will unfold through a new yet doomed-to-fail system of global government and two new technologies not fully here today

Coles to Jerusalem: A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Reverend Richard Coles (Kindle Single)

Kevin Jackson - 2015
    Richard Coles, led a pilgrimage to all the major historic sites of the Holy Land: from Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee in the North, via Jericho and the Jordan River, to Bethlehem and, finally, Jerusalem. All of the pilgrims in his care were practising Christians, except one: the writer Kevin Jackson, a diffident and sympathetic atheist intrigued by the chance to take part in this modern-day version of an ancient act of piety, and to learn some more about his old friend, the media clergyman.Coles to Jerusalem is Kevin Jackson’s light-hearted diary of that pilgrimage, and a close-up portrait of Richard Coles both as priest and as man. As the journey proceeds, Coles reminisces at length about his past life as a rock star and radical gay agitator, his new life as a spiritual leader and a popular broadcaster on BBC radio and television, and the strange, unpredictable path that led him from self-destructive debauchery to faith and vocation.With a lively supporting cast of fellow pilgrims, Coles to Jerusalem ranges among the magnificence of ancient monuments and the banalities of the guided tour, the grim political background of contemporary Israel and the comedy of a group of idiosyncratic English folk abroad, the intensity of worship and the lightness of banter. It will be irresistible to all admirers of Richard Coles, who has contributed a foreword; and a revelation to those who have never encountered his wisdom and warmth.

The Truth Rundown: Stories of violence, intimidation and control in the world of Scientology

The Tampa Bay Times - 2015
    Rathbun told Times reporters the story of his years in Scientology and what led to his leaving. That resulted in interviews with scores of other people in the Scientology world, including former staffers, disaffected parishioners and current church members.Thus began the Times' ongoing series, "Inside Scientology," which launched with an installment called "The Truth Rundown," published in June of 2009. That initial work — the focus of this book — shed unprecedented light on the internal workings of a secretive church that generates interest around the world.

Christianity Disproved: The conclusive proof that Christianity is false.

Sig Sawyer - 2016
    Christianity does all this but who has ever looked to see if it is true? This is a fundamental question and no one has yet set out to prove or disprove Christianity. Until now. From inconsistencies, absurdities, errors, contradictions and adult make-believe this books shows how the bible is false and thus that Christianity cannot possibly be true. This book examines claims in the bible against fact, and it asks deep questions of how the bible mandates that we should live. If you have ever wondered how you could know that the earth is older than 6000 years, or that Noah's flood could not possibly happen, or that the biblical creation story and ten commandments have critical flaws then this book is for you. If you are a Christian and you have questions about your faith then this book is for you. It will set your mind at ease that you will not face judgement day and it will help free your mind from the shackles of indoctrination. If you debate with Christian friends then this is your kryptonite for Christians. If you are a woman or from a lifestyle minority then this book is for you too. Especially for you. Voices of reason, logic and compassion are ever more important in today's complex political landscape. Read this book and understand why humanity should call time on Christianity and why we will all be the better for it.

Adam-Ondi-Ahman and the Last Days

Randall Bird - 2011
    Don't be left in the dark! This book takes a close look at this sacred site and sheds light on its name, geography, history, and future. Be prepared to meet Christ again on this sacred site.

Black Sheep: My Journey from Evangelical Christianity to Atheism

Cassie Fox - 2019
     Raised in the confines of evangelical Christianity from a young age, Cassie Fox served and sought the God she loved with all of her heart. A true believer, she attended Bible college and became an ordained minister, fervently preaching the Gospel to others with passion. After years of living a life dedicated to her faith in God, she learned information that cast her religious beliefs in a different light. In this raw, transparent, and sometimes heartbreaking autobiography, Cassie Fox shares her gripping journey as she battled and agonized over the implications of her newfound understanding until she ultimately found peace and healing in the least expected of places. Walk through this incredible, life changing story of triumph, and discover the message of optimism and hope she found at the end. Buy Black Sheep: My Journey from Evangelical Christianity to Atheism today!

Daily Guideposts 2017: A Spirit-Lifting Devotional

Guideposts - 2016
    Each day readers will enjoy a Scripture verse, a true first-person story told in an informal, conversational style, which shares the ways God speaks to us in the ordinary events of life, and a brief prayer to help focus the reader to apply the day’s message. For those who wish for more scriptural depth, “Digging Deeper” provides additional Bible references that relate to the day’s reading. Enjoy favorite writers like Debbie Macomber, Edward Grinnan, Elizabeth Sherrill, Patricia Lorenz, Julia Attaway, Karen Barber, Sabra Ciancanelli, Marion Bond West, Brian Doyle, and Rick Hamlin, plus two new contributors. In just five minutes a day, Daily Guideposts helps readers find the spiritual richness in their own lives and welcomes them into a remarkable family of over one million people brought together by a desire to grow spiritually every day of the year.

Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly - Reviewed

Anthony Granger - 2014
    along with a glossary of the important characters and terms used in the original book. Just in case that’s not enough for you, I’ve also included a list of possible study questions (book club discussion topics) and quotes from the book that I found interesting.Wrapping it all up is a discussion of the critical reviews for Killing Jesus as well as my overall opinion of the book. Plus much more!Whether you’re reading this for a book club, school report, or just want to get a quick preview before diving into the full length book, you can use this book review and study guide to get the most out of your experience reading Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly.I hope you enjoy this review summary book...~ Anthony Granger ~

God, Trump, and the 2020 Election: Why He Must Win and What's at Stake for Christians if He Loses

Stephen E. Strang - 2020
    Evangelicals who recognized this backed him more than any other presidential candidate in history. Heading into 2020, the stakes in his reelection are even higher. This election, nine months after this book releases, is a new fight for the soul of America. Stephen E. Strang makes the case that God wants America to be great because God has raised up America—beginning with our Founding Fathers—to be a beacon of light and hope for the world. We’ve been the nation with religious liberty that has supported those who have spread the gospel around the world.In this book Strang looks at the election, Trump, and America from a spiritual perspective and helps Christians (and others) see God’s hand at work. This book is as much about God and His purposes as about Donald Trump. But it is also an articulate, impassioned apologetic about why all Christians must support this imperfect president, because he has God’s blessing and because the destiny of America is riding on his reelection. This book also explores why he might lose, if his base is overconfident and doesn’t vote or if his opponents are dishonest enough to steal the election.God, Trump, and the 2020 Election is an inside look at how the political climate is affected by  spiritual warfare—an important subject for Bible-believing Christians. The satanic schemes are so brazen on key issues that the book was written to explain what’s at stake. Strang believes that the intersection of faith and politics needs to be part of the national discussion about the division in our country.Other Books By Stephen E. Strang:God and Donald Trump (2017) ISBN-13: 978-1629994864Trump Aftershock (2018)ISBN-13: 978-1629995557

Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword

Andrew Wommack - 2011
    Teachings include sections from some of his most popular titles: Better Way To Pray, God Wants You Well, The War is Over, Believer's Authority, Spirit Soul & Body, You've Already Got It, The True Nature of God, The Holy Spirit, True Christianity, Hardness of Heart, The Effects of Praise, Grace: The Power of the Gospel, Harnessing Your Emotions, Staying Full of God, and more. The power to live a holy life does not come from your works, but only through His grace. Discover rest in knowing that Jesus wants you to live in peace, not condemnation. Andrew Wommack, seen nationwide on his television broadcast, The Gospel Truth, brings a remarkable revelation of God's grace for readers today!

How To Use The Power Of Prayer

Joseph Murphy - 2012
    Through the study and application of mental laws, you can find the way to health, harmony, peace, and prosperity; scientific prayer is the practice of the Presence of God.

Fast Like Daniel: 21 Days That Will Change Your Life

Scott Williams - 2017
    This devotional is your definitive guide to… • Unpacking the Daniel Fast • A Closer Connection with God • The Four Keys to Powerful Prayer • How Fasting and Prayer Produces Breakthrough The book you’re holding walks you through Pastor Scott Williams’ own discovery of the Daniel Fast and the amazing life change, breakthrough, and success that followed. Since then, he’s done it on an annual basis for over a decade and has taught others to do the same. The results have been staggering! All 21 days come power packed daily dose of... • Scripture • Devotionals • Journal Ideas • Prayers • Fasting Tips Start a journey toward more intimacy with God as you learn to Fast Like Daniel.

Power of Letting Go: Break free from the past and future and learn to let God take control.

J. Martin - 2015
    It can feel like we are pulling a cart behind us with all are troubles and worries, it slows us down, we can become tired, depressed, even jealous, as life seems so easy for others. All we need to do is LET GO of the cart and we will feel lighter and free, but often we have held onto it so long that it has become part of us. Many of the people we know are also carrying carts, so it can seem normal. We talk about how heavy are cart is with anyone that will listen, at no point do we realize that we can set down that heavy cart that is keeping us from Gods love. We need to learn to Let go. In this book I will share with you stories of people that struggled with letting go and what happened when they did. God is only in the present moment, he is not in the past or future. The moment that we let go of the past God will turn the page to the next chapter of our life, which will be much better than the last. It will take courage and faith, but I invite you to take this journey with me. By the end of the book God will shine a light into your life that will illuminate you to… THE POWER OF LETTING GO.