Read in Order: C. J. Box: Joe Pickett in Order

Titan Read - 2016
    You will spoil the story and your own enjoyment if you read a series in the wrong order and you will miss the development of an author’s writing if you read their books in a helter-skelter fashion. With our original reading list you get the perfect tool to enjoy C. J. Box’s books the way they where meant to be enjoyed. You can also use the reading list as checklist. Simply use the inbuilt highlight feature to highlight all the books that you have already read. Inside this book you will find a link that will allow you to download three classics for FREE along with three free audiobooks. Enjoy! Note To Readers This is a bibliography. The author and publisher of this book do not guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of the content within this book and are not liable for damages arising from the use of this book. The bibliography portion of this book can be found in publicly available sources and only includes elements, such as titles and dates of publication, which are not subject to copyright protection. The bibliography is unofficial and not approved, authorized, licensed, or endorsed by any author, publisher, or organization mentioned within it.

Prayer: 365 Days of Prayer for Christian that Bring Calm & Peace (Christian Prayer Book 1)

Oliver Powell - 2016
    A prayer a day filled with positive messages and your day will be phenomenal!With this magnificent collection of 365 powerful prayers, Oliver Powell helps you complete the three steps of the creative process: Ask, Believe and Receive. You ask your Lord everyday through a positive emotional prayer, and during the whole day, your mind dwells in the belief that your prayer would be accepted. And finally you receive what you have asked for as you make it your habit to be in constant touch with your God for just less than five minutes (in case you a super-busy person). As the Bible says, “…whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” Amen!Each day includes an original prayer, straight from the author’s heart with a clear and lucid language made easy for the soul to grasp and for the heart to vibrate with your tongue as it utters the prayer. SCROLL to the top of the page and select the BUY button for instant download Download your copy today!

Watching The Road: Praying Your Prodigal Home

Karen Wheaton - 2018
    Watching from her porch with eyes of faith and a heart of hope, Karen cried out to God for Lindsey's return. In miraculous ways, God daily reaffirmed the promises He gave personally to Karen that Lindsey would be restored to her marriage and family. Watching the Road will stir your faith, strengthen your resolve, and provide strategic tactics for your journey. Experience the struggle and thrill of one woman's determination to not give up but tenaciously trust God to fulfill His promises. As you'll see, He kept every single one.

Modi Stole My Mask: The Truth About India's Covid Crisis

Amit Bagaria - 2021
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be losing his popularity due to a huge second wave of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.The COVID-19 pandemic infected more than 17.58 crore people (over 2.2% of the world’s population) and killed more than 36.53 lakh people in 18 months.In India, it infected more than 2.86 crore people (over 1.87% of population) and killed more than 3.32 lakh people in 15 months.Is the SARS-CoV-2 virus or Coronavirus a Chinese bioweapon purposely unleashed upon the world?How bad are India’s total cases and deaths when compared with other large countries?Which states are the most and the least affected; which managed the pandemic well and which didn’t?How bad is India’s second wave, and was it planned in advance? If yes, by whom and why?Were the Kumbh Mela and the state elections responsible for the second wave?How did co-vultures profit from it?Why did India face a shortage of vaccines, hospital beds, Oxygen, and COVID-19 treatment drugs?Did Prime Minister Modi divert money for constructing the new Central Vista instead of fighting COVID-19?Was money from the PM CARES Fund not spent for COVID-19 relief efforts?What kind of dirty politics was played during the second wave?Was the media irresponsible and biased?Who all helped India to cope with the crisis?When will all Indians get fully vaccinated?

Till Death Do Us Part: The true story of misguided love, marriage, death and deception.

Siobhan Gaffney - 2005
    Little did they know that underneath his cool exterior lay a twisted desire to kill.Behind the facade of normality lay a psychopathic mind struggling to control its homicidal urges. Having seduced and married his sweetheart Mary Gough, Whelan immediately began planning her brutal murder.While his young wife dreamed of a love-filled marriage, Whelan searched the internet for information on serial killers and the methods they used to strangle their victims.Compelling and disturbing, this book reveals how Whelan murdered his wife to claim a hefty life insurance policy, and how he faked his own suicide when he became the prime suspect for the murder.Till Death Do Us Part offers a fascinating insight into the true motivation behind one of Irelands most notorious murders, and is a horrifying story of love, lust, revenge and murder - all the more shocking because every word is true.

Bobby Approved: Your Ultimate Shopping Guide At The Grocery Store

Bobby Parrish - 2019
    The shopping guide is designed to help you identity the best products on the store shelves and allow you to access this guide easily, as you shop. Ultimately, this guide will make you a better shopper and it will help get you in and out of the store with ease. Disclaimer: The opinions in this book are my own. I am not a licensed dietician or food scientist.

Catholic Prayers: Compiled from Traditional Sources

Thomas A. Nelson - 1998
    Part II contains over 25 especially powerful prayers: to Our lady, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Jude, St. Philomena, St. Anthony, etc. Part III contains miscellaneous favorite prayers: e.g., Morning Offering, Prayers to Our Lady, to St. Joseph for Purity, to overcome a bad habit, for grace, the Te Deum, Consecration to the Holy Ghost, etc. And Part IV contains various other "favorite prayers," such as for a happy death, the choice of a state of life, for priests, Fatima Prayers, for safe delivery of a baby, for the dying, for the dead, for the Poor Souls, etc. For a small package, this little Prayerbook is dynamite, and should be carried by all!

How to Pray and Decree

Bill Johnson - 2019
    “Many of the breakthroughs in Scripture would not have happened if the people hadn’t declared what God told them to declare.” In this excerpt from God Is Good by Bill Johnson, prayer and declarations are defined as profound, fundamental elements of the Christian walk toward knowing how good God really is.

Queens of Medieval Romance: A Medieval Romance Bundle

Kathryn Le Veque - 2019
    Purchase the set or read free in Kindle Unlimited! Welcome to Medieval England, in all its glory, where the bravest of women learn the meaning of love and and fight for what they believe in. Historical Romance has never been so empowered or sexy in five of Le Veque's most popular novels - great adventure, great love, and most of all, great happily ever afters. Discover the magic of these Queens of Medieval Romance, as only Kathryn Le Veque can create! The collection contains: Queen of Lost Stars - A woman, beaten by life and circumstance, discovers her strength and her worth in this powerful romance. Serpent - A daughter of William de Wolfe trains as a knight, and thinks like a warrior, but when she falls in love, she risks her life in battle to save her husband. Lady of the Moon - A lady outlaw, greatly feared, meets her match in a reluctant groom. To The Lady Born - One of Le Veque's most popular novels. A lady attempts suicide after a brutal attack only to fall in love with her savior. Kingdom by the Sea - based on the Poe poem by the same name, a lady warrior faces off against at Viking raider in a battle of wits. Dreams do come true! Get this limited edition collection before its gone!

As if it were yesterday: An old fat man remembers his youth as a Marine in Vietnam

Lee Suydam - 2017
    I try to tell what it was like for me and my brother Marines without fanfare or bravado and give the reader a vivid description of my 13 months.

Before Amen Study Guide: The Power of a Simple Prayer

Max Lucado - 2014
    . . some. We pray to stay sober, centered, or solvent. When the lump is deemed malignant. When the money runs out. When the marriage is falling apart. But wouldn’t we like to pray . . . more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?In this four-session video-based study (DVD/digital video sold separately), bestselling author Max Lucado reveals his struggles with prayer and how he discovered that it is not a privilege for the pious or the art of a chosen few but a simple tool everyone has been given to have a conversation with God. He shows you how to let go of uncertainties about prayer, trust that God hears you, and embrace a prayer life that brings peace and rest.Join Max Lucado on a journey to the very heart of biblical prayer and the power unleashed with five simple sentences: “Father, you are good. I need help. They need help. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, amen.” This study guide includes leader helps, discussion questions, conversation starters, and between-session activities to enhance your understanding and application of Max’s teaching.Sessions include:Father, You Are GoodI Need HelpThey Need HelpThank YouDesigned for use with Before Amen Video Study 9780529123428 (sold separately).

True Miracles: Stories That Will Increase Your Faith

Adam Houge - 2014
    Need An Inspiration For Your Faith Today?   In this book you'll find true and inspiring miracles that will increase your faith. Miracle Stories Included In This Book:   God saves a woman from her cheating husband A man survives a sinking ship for three days at the bottom of the sea God reveals Himself to an Atheist through divine intervention An elderly man is highlighted in national news after raising from the dead God uses a four year old girl to save her father from a drive by shooting  Each of these real life accounts and many more are documented in True Miracles!

Original Spin: Misadventures in Cricket

Vic Marks - 2019
    Apart from Richards, 'all of us were eighteen years old, though Botham seemed to have lived a bit longer - or at least more vigorously - than the rest.'In this irresistible memoir of a life lived in cricket, Vic Marks returns to the heady days when Richards and Botham were young men yet to unleash their talents on the world stage while he and Roebuck looked on in awe. After the high-octane dramas of Somerset, playing for England was almost an anti-climax for Marks, who became an unlikely all-rounder in the mercurial side of the 1980s. Moving from the dressing room to the press box, with trenchant observations about the modern game along the way, Original Spin is a charmingly wry, shrewdly observed account of a golden age in cricket.

Welcome to Islam: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Muslims

Mustafa Umar - 2012
    'Welcome to Islam' is a step-by-step guide to help people who have just accepted Islam. It teaches them the absolute basics of Islam that they should learn within their first month of being a Muslim. This work is not another introductory book on Islam but rather a step-by-step instruction manual that allows you to start practicing what you learn immediately. It also contains valuable advice on some common challenges that new Muslims often face.

Wake Up to Hope: Devotional

Joel Osteen - 2016
    When you wake up in the morning, it's easy to lie in bed thinking negative thoughts. You don't realize it, but that's setting the tone for a lousy day.In this devotional, Joel and Victoria Osteen offer an inspiring tool to help you set your mind for a positive, happy, faith-filled day. You will read Scripture, reflect on a daily reading, pray a special prayer, and meditate on a thought for the day -- all with a goal to starting the day off grateful, thinking about God's goodness, expecting His favor, and setting the tone for a blessed, productive day. Just a few minutes each morning can make a big difference. When you wake up to hope, you'll not only have a better attitude but you'll see more of God's blessings and favor.