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Once Upon A Dream by Hope Irving


Christmas Bears

Harmony Raines - 2017
    Literally. Pepper has one job. It’s a pity she can’t remember what it is! Waking up in a strange cabin, well everything is strange when you’ve lost your memory, she learns to trust Bas, even if he is a lawyer! Things get stranger when she learns what she was wearing when Bas found her. Something is amok! Join Bas and Pepper, as they put the pieces back together in this fun-filled, holiday romp. Warning, includes two flying reindeer, a sleigh, a sexy bear shifter, Krampus and maybe a Christmas Elf or two. Unsuitable for those who do not believe in Christmas Magic! You have been warned! Claused Bear shifter Kain, who also happens to be a lawyer, has just met his mate. There’s just one problem, she’s crazy. Like, two sandwiches short of a picnic crazy. Why? Because his mate, a wonderfully curvy woman, named Marraine Le Fey, thinks someone has stolen her magic wand. That’s right. Her. Magic. Wand. And why does she have a magic wand? Because she’s a fairy godmother of course! None of this alters the fact that she’s his bonded mate, so he’s going to get Marra out of jail, and find her some help. Only she doesn’t want psychiatric help, that would be too easy. Instead, Marra wants Kain to assist her in her role, as a wandless fairy godmother. For Marraine Le Fey has a Cinderella, who needs her help. If you want to know who gets to go to the ball—Well, it’s not really a ball, more of a business presentation. This is the twenty-first century, after all— Come join the fun, in Claused. Because once you make a fairy godmother a promise, there’s no getting out of it. Wrapped Asher has taken on numerous roles while working undercover, but this might be his most difficult yet, because it involves family. Not his family, he never knew his own mom, and spent his early years in foster homes—until he ran away, knowing he was different, and afraid of how bad that different was. One man saved him, one man took him in and taught him what it was to be a shifter. One man, Carlisle, who accepted him, even though he is a wolf, and Asher is a bear. Now, Carlisle, the man who became his adoptive father, wants him to help figure out what happened to Jeremiah, the alpha of his old pack in Timber Rest, who is lying in a coma. But Carlisle hasn’t been back there for years, and things change. Will they be welcomed, or run out of town? Especially when the pack find out that Asher is a bear shifter. Kelli has been asked by her aunt to help figure out what happened to her uncle, the pack leader, Jeremiah. She travels to the pack home of Timber Rest immediately, no one can ignore the call, even if she was supposed to be lying on a hot beach somewhere with her girlfriends. When Asher and Kelli meet, their attraction is intense, and their true mate bond can’t be ignored. But they have work to do, and together the aim to work out what happened to Jeremiah, and how to get him out of his mysterious coma. However, neither of them are prepared for what is revealed in a cave, high up in the Mistletoe Mountains. A leprechaun, and a fairy, no less. This is Wrapped, after all, you didn’t expect normal, did you?

Alpha's Second Chance

Meg Ripley - 2018
    He was the Head Ranger of the beautiful Everglades National Park, Alpha of a loyal bear clan and alone. Since saying goodbye to Addie years ago, he’s never found love again--and he doesn’t want to. Determined to focus on his career and clan, his plan was working fine. Until she wanders into his park and back into his life. Addie has just graduated college and is heading off to the park to celebrate by camping with friends. When she runs into her first love, all feelings of heartbreak resurface. She does her best to move on and enjoy her girls’ vacation, but struggles when she realizes she’s not over Owen after all. Addie hopes to rekindle things with Owen, and deep down, Owen wants the same, but his secret has forced him to shut her out from his heart. How could things ever change between them if the truth stays hidden? With new forces coming against them both, will they be able to rely on each other and give their love a second chance, or are things really over for good? Alpha's Second Chance is a standalone 30,000 word novella with steamy shifter scenes written for readers age 18 and over.

Runes Boxed Set (Runes #1-3)

Ednah Walters - 2015
     Runes-book1: Raine does not believe in magic or the supernatural, until her new neighbor, Torin, uses weird markings to heal her. Now she is on a mission to find out what he is and what he knows about her missing father. Immortals-book 2: Raine and Torin are meant to be together, but destiny deities have erased Torin's memories and he can't remember her. Too bad they didn't take into account his feelings for Raine or hers for him. The fight for the right to love each other has just begun. Grimnirs-book 3: Released from a psych ward, Raine's best friend, Cora, doesn’t want to see souls anymore or the reapers collecting them, until Echo storms into her life. He is one reaper she cannot resist. Will Raine finally tell Cora the truth about her new friends?

Taken by Moonlight

Bonnie Vanak - 2018
    They never told her they want to claim her forever. Psychic Peyton struggles each day to cope with the drudgery of work and routine, except for the nights when she moonlights as a mood bouncer at an upscale gentlemen’s club for shifters. Denied a promotion that will give her the bonus she desperately needs to pay off a debt, she sells her virginity at auction. She finds herself in the arms of the winner - ruthless, powerful alpha wolf Dante Carrington, who shares his prize with his sexy beta wolves - bad boy biker Gabriel and sensitive poet Alexander. They want more than to ravish Peyton’s virgin body for one night. They want to claim her body, heart and soul. When loan sharks threaten Peyton, Dante whisks her away in his limo to his pack’s private ranch to keep her safe. Dante, Alex and Gabriel are determined to protect Peyton and seduce her until she submits to them … and her own desires. They will take her hard and take her gentle, coaxing her to the heights of a pleasure she has never known. But Peyton is human and knows the rugged world of shifters can be dangerous. Torn between the erotic world she’s plunged into and the familiar, safe surroundings of the human lifestyle, she must choose between listening to her head or following her heart. Because everyone knows when you play with wolves you risk getting hurt… forever.

In Darkness Transformed

Alexis Morgan - 2018
    But when he notices his wounds healing before his eyes, it seems like his survival may have come from more than luck.Safara knows what Eli does not—Eli is a paladin, a mortal enemy of someone like Safara, someone from Kalithia.Still, after Eli saves Safara’s life, and Safara introduces Eli to a whole new world, they just can’t seem to treat each other as enemies.


Juliann Whicker - 2011
    There was nothing left to live for, nothing to feel besides the aching cold that never stopped. Her parent's marriage was in shambles, and her brother, the only one who understood, the only one who knew how to make the cold go away, was gone forever. The only thing Dariana knew with absolute certainty was that nothing could possibly be right again. Enter Lewis Axel Nialls. Luckily for her, impossible is right up his alley. He can save her from the forces that wish to destroy her. Of course who's going to save him, from her?

The Dark-Hunters, Books 19-21

Sherrilyn Kenyon - 2013
    But when she is captured by the fiercest warrior there, she must win Seth over, or see her life and that of Solin’s end. Time Untime For thousands of years, Ren has fought the same evil that once possessed him. Now, he must ignore Dark-Hunter law and kill Kateri, or the deadliest of evils will reemerge and destroy everyone.

Creatus Series Boxed Set

Carmen DeSousa - 2014
    Unwittingly, one creatus will endanger them all ...As with most of his family, Derrick Ashton knows his future and what position he's destined to fill within his unique society. Everything changes, however, when he breaks one of his family's strictest laws and falls in love -- with a human.In his quest to protect the woman he can never have, a twist of faith propels him into a new role that will cause dissension among his family and endanger the anonymity that they've spent thousands of years protecting.Now, he will risk everything to save the girl from humans and his own kind. The one thing he can't save her from, however ... is herself.The Creatus series is not your normal paranormal story ... it's a realistic romantic mystery based on the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe.

Threats and Surprises

A.K. Michaels - 2017
    He’s positive he can keep Chastity and his children from harm surrounded by his Wolves. But is he right? Or will the threat prove too great even for the mighty Cameron Sinclair? Will he lose something so precious that it will tear his very soul apart? Clayr faces her own demons when one of the children under her care is threatened. Forcing a side to her that nobody knew existed to come to the fore and bare its teeth to protect the scarred and broken girl, shocking those that know her. With a ghost from the past returning and sending her Wolf crazy, Clayr has too much to contend with, sending her into a spiral of emotions she can barely contain. Will the Highland Wolves survive all that is thrown at them…or buckle beneath the violence and insanity? *Please note this book contains adult themes, and some intense scenes, and is not intended for children. It could be upsetting to those of a sensitive nature.*

Seductive Solutions

Brandy L. Rivers - 2015
    They'll do everything in their power to bring the nymph back.

Savage Shifters: Shifters of SoHo Series Box Set

J.S. Striker - 2019
     Meet the Shifters of SoHo … Where do you hide when nowhere is safe? When you’re hunted for your abilities, running is your only choice. Prowling panthers and hapless humans, fairies and wolves that shouldn’t mix … Kingdoms are in danger, princesses need saving. Do you make a deal with the devil? If you love adventure, danger, intrigue, and happily ever afters, grab the Shifters of SoHo series box set today! Fallen is brand new!!! *Readers may find it useful for the box set to be organized this way in order as it was previously published: Rugged Part 1: Jack Part 2: Kasper Part 3: Xian Chosen Part 4: Dean Part 5: Oscar Part 6: Rigby Desired Part 7: Salazar Part 8: Crimson Mated Part 9: Valerio Part 10: Ezekiel Part 11: Malin Part 12: Quillon Fallen *New* Part 13 - 15: Khalil

Motherducking Magic

Michelle Fox - 2020
    Motherducking Magic is a full length novel. Just so no one is confused about the reviews that are still incorrectly attributed to this title on Goodreads.)I'm the worst. Seriously. Ask anyone and they'll tell you, "Sylvie Orion is the world's worst witch." But being a supernatural bounty hunter requires more smarts than magic. So put that on your wand and suck it, beyotches. When my latest client—a kleptomaniac werewolf—disappears, I'm on the hunt to drag him to justice. It should be a simple track ‘em and cuff ‘em operation, but this is me we're talking about. Next thing I know, I have a vampire sidekick, am left for dead in a ditch, and piss off half of Shifter Nation. It's not fun, but it's all survivable right up until I'm accused of being in cahoots with my skip trace to steal Witchdom's most wanted magical relic.Everyone thinks I have it. And the bad guys are on me like a bad acne hex. If they get this relic? Hell will look like paradise.Forget the werewolf, I've got to find that relic and clear my name, or die trying. Stephanie Plum meets Twilight in this full length urban fantasy novel!

Immortal Destiny

Amy Armstrong - 2016
    Soon, I’m being hunted and with my life in danger, I need help from the one source I never thought I would turn to—a vampire.I might have to trust Tomas with my life, but can I trust him with my heart?

Keeping the Wolf

E.A. Price - 2017
     Wolf shifter, Harold Buchanan knew he would have an arranged mating since the day of his first shift. He always expected to mate a spoiled pack princess who would be no more interested in spending time with him than he would with her. But when he first catches a glimpse of the beautiful she-wolf with an abundance of freckles and wild red hair, he quickly realizes his mating may not be as straightforward as he expected. For Christine Morrow, the arranged mating came as a complete surprise. She had a happy life with a good job, handsome boyfriend and was surrounded by a family and pack that loved her. But in the blink of an eye, she finds herself in a strange city and mated to a male she doesn’t know anything about. With a mating born of a business deal between two packs, and interfering parents and exes, can they learn to love and keep each other for the rest of their lives? Caution! This story contains swearing (though not a lot), scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction, and angsty relationship stuff intended for mature readers. Sign up for my newsletter here:


Larissa Ladd - 2014
    But she didn’t know of her grandmother’s plans for an arranged marriage. The rationale? Marriage will protect Aira from those who want her dead or under their control. She’s even got two candidates lined up - Dylan and Aiden, two brothers who have “volunteered” to protect Aira as she comes into her full transformation. There’s no doubt the brothers are jump alive gorgeous, but how much danger, really, could she be in - unless she counted the handsome brothers and the danger they present to her heart and hormones? Whirlwind, An Elemental Series Part 1 is the inaugural book of an exciting new series filled with magic, mayhem and mad crazy love!