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Naughty by Mark Chester


Majestic Mountain Romance

Zoe Matthews - 2015
    She doesn’t want to put them through losing another father. Then she meets Logan and his young sons who also lost a wife and mother. Will Sierra and Logan be able to put their pasts aside and form a new family? Colorado Secrets: Stephanie was actually glad for an excuse to move back to her family’s ranch. Then she discovered the reason why she was having so many health problems. Getting to know Bridger seemed too good to be true. Will Stephanie be able to accept Bridger’s love for her, despite scary health changes she will have to deal with the rest of her life? Colorado Destiny: Sadie has been dealing with anger ever since her daughter’s father abandoned them both. Then he turns up at her family ranch. He claims he wants to get to know his daughter and that he’s changed. Will Sadie be able to trust Hunter again and let him into both of their lives? Has he really changed like he insists he has, or will he leave them again? Colorado Dawn: Soon after Stella moves back to her family’s ranch, she receives news that her best friend in LA has died, and she left her young daughter for Stella to raise. Can Stella learn how to be a mother, as well as allow Cade into her life? Can she learn to forgive herself for her preconceived ideas about her mother’s death? Colorado Skies: Spencer and Emma met each other through an on-line dating service and have been writing each other through emails all summer long. Spencer invites Emma to his family ranch for a week so they can meet. Emma immediately falls in love with the Colorado mountains, and Spencer. But Spencer spends most of his time trying to solve the mystery of his father’s death. Will Spencer be able to move past what he discovers and make a commitment to Emma? Colorado Promises: All of Sheridan’s siblings have found love over the summer, but Sheridan is determined that he will always be alone. He doesn’t trust women ever since a previous girlfriend left him without warning. Then he gets a phone call. His girlfriend has died and she left him a gift; a son who is being cared for by his aunt, Megan. He quickly flies to Texas to meet his son. While there, he offers Megan a marriage of convenience. Will Sheridan and Megan learn to be parents to William? Can love be part of their marriage? Colorado Christmas: Come and visit with all the Collingsworth siblings as they celebrate their first Christmas together in years, along with their new families. You are also officially invited to the double wedding of Stella to Cade and Spencer to Emma!

Where There's a Will

June Francis - 2020
    Now, ten years later she is forced to flee her home and journey to Liverpool seeking a better future for herself. There she is taken in by distant relatives and eventually reunited with her paternal grandmother.As Milly tries to build a new life she is haunted by her father’s mysterious disappearance. Her new friends strive to help her find answers, but meanwhile Milly’s mother seeks to remarry on the assumption that her husband is dead. Milly is caught up in the fallout when her grandmother learns of this plan, and the need to find her father is greater than ever. If she doesn’t, her hard-won security risks being ruined once more…

Her Wartime Secret

Emma Hornby - 2021
    . .Janie and her husband James have a strong, loving marriage. A move from an inner-city slum to a peaceful new estate outside of Bolton should have been a fresh start for them and their three children. But when war is declared and James announces he has signed up, Janie fears it's the beginning of the end.Waving goodbye to their menfolk is a sacrifice that families are making all over the country and Janie does her best to make do, forging friendships in her new community.But when James comes home on leave a traumatised and desperate man, then goes AWOL, Janie's heart goes out to him. Determined to keep him safe, she plans to hide him in their new house. But how long can they keep the secret, and what threats lie ahead if they're found out?A page-turning new wartime saga about love, friendship and secrets, for fans of Katie Flynn and Rosie Goodwin.

The House on Seaview Road

Alison Walsh - 2016
    This promise, to look after her younger sister, is one she has always kept, even though Marie sometimes feels that the cosseted Grainne doesn't deserve it.But then the sudden appearance of intense, rebellious Con on Seaview Beach one afternoon changes everything.As her childhood comes to a sudden and shocking end, Marie must make some choices about her future.But will she find the courage to become the woman she was meant to be? The House on Seaview Road is a story about first love, growing up and about the enduring bonds of sisterhood.

Denial of Service (Will Roper Book 1)

Jack Slater - 2021

Meeting Steve Canyon . . . and Flying with the CIA in Laos

Karl L. Polifka - 2013
    This account has many illustrations of the grinding stress of intense combat in Laos, and the periodic clashes with the distant headquarters that had little knowledge of an extremely complex combat environment and was more focused on control rather than results.

Light From Other Windows

Chris Chalmers - 2015
    Unputdownable.” — Penny Hancock, author of Tideline How many secrets can a family hide? 19-year-old Josh Maitland is at the end of a gap-year trip round the world when the tsunami hits the Canary Islands. His family are devastated at the loss of someone they thought would outlive them all: mother Diana, advertising executive and shatterer of glass ceilings; older siblings Rachel and Jem, each contemplating a serious relationship after years of sidestepped commitment; and stepfather Colin, no stranger to loss, who finds himself frozen out by his wife's grief. It's only with the discovery of the private blog Josh was writing for his friends that the significance of his travels becomes clear. It reveals secrets he knew about everyone in the family — and one about himself that will change the way they think of him forever.

Pastures New (Northern Lives #3)

Margaret Thornton - 2017

That Woman

Helen Monks Takhar
    The suspense keeps you hooked right until the last page!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5***** There’s a new girl at work.Young, beautiful, confident, she’s everything you used to be. You’re flattered when she befriends you.So when your boss starts giving her your work, at first you think it’s a mistake.But then, one Sunday, the new girl turns up in your local pub. The next week, she starts dressing like you…Now she’s taking control of everything. Because she doesn’t just want your job – she wants your life…‘A truly creepy tale of jealousy and obsession.’ Woman & Home‘A hypnotic dance of gaslighting and revenge.’ People‘Guaranteed to start the mother of all office fights.’ I News*A previous version of this novel was published with the title Precious You.*___Your favourite authors can’t stop talking about That Woman:‘Dark, disturbing, compulsive. I was genuinely terrified reading this.’ Adele Parks‘An intergenerational clash between two women, played out to a shocking finale. Nail-biting.’ Harriet Tyce‘Creepy and unnerving… a breathtaking debut.’ Samantha Downing‘A deliciously dark, addictive and twisted page-turner.’ Alice Feeney‘What a debut! Twisty, explosive, and hugely compelling, with hints of Gone Girl.’ Will Dean‘Twisted, dark and shocking. Absolutely terrific.’ Jo Spain‘Will change the way you look at your colleagues forever.’ Phoebe Morgan‘Supremely twisted and completely riveting’ Katie Lowe

The Miner's Lass

Glenda Young - 2021
    Nothing and no one keeps us lot down.'A life of poverty in a cramped pit cottage is all that seventeen-year-old Ruby Dinsdale has known. Even with her father and younger brother working at the coal mine, money is tight. Her mother Mary is skilled at stretching what little they have, but the small contribution Ruby makes from her job at the local pub makes all the difference. So when Ruby is sacked, and Mary becomes pregnant again, the family's challenges are greater than ever.When charming miner Gordon begins to court Ruby it seems as though happiness is on the horizon, until she uncovers a deeper betrayal than she could ever have imagined.But although the Dinsdales are materially poor, they are rich in love, friendship and determination - all qualities that they will draw on to get them through whatever lies ahead.

Ever This Day

Helen Moorhouse - 2017
    She’ll steal your pen or touch your hair, when you’re sure there’s no one there. The nuns are meant to keep her safe, but she gets out of her own grave. So pull your covers over your head, Little Frances isn’t dead … On a bright spring day in London, Ria Driver sees a face she never thought she’d see again. Coincidence? Or her past coming back to haunt her? Suddenly, Ria is plunged back almost thirty years, to the time she spent as Supervisor at the Convent of Maria Goretti, a rural Irish boarding school. And although she has tried her best to forget, the memories come flooding back. Cold, darkness, isolation, loss … fear. Fear of the sadistic Mother Benedicta and her cruel punishments. And fear of the noises … the humming, the footsteps, the knocking …What was the cause of the sounds from the attic? And who was the child who should not have been there? As events unfold, Ria realises that she can leave the past behind no longer, that her story needs an ending. And to find it, she must go back to where she swore she’d never go again.

The Real Top Boys: The True Story of London's Deadliest Street Gangs

Wensley Clarkson - 2020

Workhouse Child

Maggie Hope - 2015
    A childhood spent in poverty, skivvying for other people, leaves her with no prospects, no family...Yet Lottie is bright and has ambitions for a better life. And when an opportunity arises at the local Chapel, Lottie seizes her chance. But will she ever be anything more than a workhouse child?

Blackpool's Angel

Maggie Mason - 2019
    She has a small but comfortable home, a loving, handsome husband, two beautiful little'uns - Babs and Beth - and she earns herself a little money weaving wicker baskets. Life is good. Until the day Tilly returns home to find a policeman standing on her doorstep. Her Arthur won't be coming home tonight - nor any night - having fallen to his death whilst working on Blackpool tower. Suddenly Tilly is her daughters' sole protector, and she's never felt more alone.With the threat of destitution nipping at their heels, Tilly struggles to make ends meet and keep a roof over her girls' heads. In a town run by men Tilly has to ask herself what she's willing to do to keep her family together and safe - and will it be enough? The perfect read for fans of Mary Wood, Kitty Neale, Val Wood and Nadine Dorries

A Mother's Sacrifice: The most moving and page-turning saga you'll read this year

Jennie Felton - 2020