Trish Williford - 2021
    Just weeks before our wedding, the ideal life I knew took an unexpected turn when my fiancé’s mistress came forward with her pregnancy. Being newly single at thirty-one, the last thing I had envisioned for myself was to return to my hometown of Sunnyville. Until now, I have successfully avoided this town for the last eight years, thanks to Tank Easton. Broody, sexy, lying, beautiful, selfish jerk. Who just happens to be my brother’s best friend. Knowing there is no way to avoid Tank, I plan to put our one-night stand behind us and start anew. Be cordial. Possibly become friends eventually, for my brother’s sake. Life is too short to hold grudges. Forgive and forget, right? Harder said than done. Trish Williford’s Repair is a steamy, sweet, second chance, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World project.

Rock Me To The Top (Gracefall: Vicious Love Tour Book One)

Victoria Zak - 2021
    Now one of the hottest metal bands on the charts, things are looking up, until a tragic accident threatens to rip the band apart. Can the guys recapture the beat that rocketed them to the top, or will they crash and burn?He believed the lie.Uber-sexy drummer, Joe Grace, has it all, except the one woman he wants to share it with, his best friend, Melody. When he hires Mel to manage his band’s tour, hot summer nights flame into a new passion neither can deny, but their fire ignites the darkness hiding behind long-buried secrets and lies. Lies that could lose him the woman he loves unless he bares his soul and lays it all on the line.She fell for the fantasy.Melody Sterling is no stranger to rock and roll. As the daughter of a legendary rocker, she had a front row seat to the destruction that lifestyle did to her parents’ relationship. Dating a rock star after that disaster? Out of the question! Until her best friend becomes one. Down on her luck—and apparently out of her mind—she joins Joe on their Gracefall summer tour, and soon finds herself falling fast for the fantasy of his crazy world. Now she must decide if her own dreams are worth fighting for, even if believing in herself again means losing the man she loves.

The Box: A Greek Myth Paranormal Romance (Her Three Immortals Book 4)

Hazel Storm - 2021

True Bastard (Dark Sparrow #4)

India Kells - 2020
    His one goal is to bring his father down and despite his brothers’ desires, Liam wants him to face justice for all the wrongs he’s committed. Faced with the insurmountable task of going through his father’s financials, he’s thrown a lifeline when a mutual friend sends novice nun Sister Catriona Walsh to help.Catriona is a wizard with numbers and Liam could definitely use her expertise. There’s only one problem—he’s deeply attracted to the angelic nun. Her beauty, compassion, and intelligence are an almost irresistible combination.Confronted by his own scars, and his resolve to do the honorable thing, Liam is forced to reconsider everything he thought was right and acknowledge that maybe Catriona is the one that holds the answers.A bastard in the truest sense of the word, he’s covered in sin, but for his angel of mercy, he’s ready to go through the fires of hell to keep her safe, and make her his forever.

Forbidden Mate

C.R. Robertson - 2021
    Now, as an outside danger tests the tentative alliance between the species, their only chance of survival is together.As every step forward takes them deeper into a web of lies and deceit that spans centuries, the secrets hiding around every corner threaten to destroy everything they ever believed. Time is running out, and the only hope left is to unravel the mystery behind lycan and vampire genetics.Evolution defined them, but it also created a monster that could annihilate them all. As Levi and Tasha’s love defies every law their species lived by, it still may not be strong enough to save them from the Hellspawn.

Red's Peril Part 2: The Prez's Old Lady (Satan's Devils MC Vegas #2)

Manda Mellett - 2021
    If I could have a do-over, I’d never have walked away. But I did. It was done, and my actions couldn’t be taken back. I was only twenty, and I believed I had time to find my special one. Then life threw me a curve ball that altered all my plans. The result being I could never forget the man I’d met so briefly on the road. The question of what would have happened if I stayed with him is constantly on my mind. What would my life have been like if I’d been braver? What if I hadn’t walked away?Would I have ended up a weary thirty-five-year-old croupier in a Vegas casino with no man by my side? When fortune offers me a second chance, it comes with strings attached. The man I’m attracted to is the prez of the Satan’s Devils MC, whereas I’m a law-abiding citizen who’s never broken a single rule in my life. Is there any way we could make a future together? Or should I run and never look back?

A Merry Texan Christmas (Prentice Brothers of Sweet Ridge, #3)

Nicole Flockton - 2020
    While he loved his competitive and elite lifestyle in New York, he craved a quiet life with friends and family more. As Christmas approaches, Trey is excited to decorate his newest venture and participate in the town’s holiday traditions. He never expected to find himself battling Sweet Ridge’s very own Miss Christmas. Game on.The only thing librarian Maggie Watson loves more than books is Christmas. She’s even earned the nickname of Miss Christmas because she decorates shop windows and spreads Christmas cheer around town. But this year she’s got some competition. No way is she going to let the cocky Trey Prentice take away her Christmas crown, even though he makes her heart flutter.When their verbal sparring turns to flirting, Maggie finds there’s more to life than books and Christmas. But will her past insecurities steal her newfound happiness?

A Hundred Wishes (Band of Sisters)

Marianne Rice - 2022
    She has found a sense of inner peace through her sewing, crafting, and teaching children online. Jobs that keep her at a distance from everyone but her sisters.Arson inspector Bryce Cambridge has never been shot down so quickly or so curtly as he is by the woman with gorgeous brown eyes selling quilts. Luck is on his side when he runs into her at a bowling alley the next day. He’s intrigued and turned on by her smart mouth. The chemistry is explosive between them, and even though she tries to resist, the spark between them is too hot to ignore.Those blue-grey eyes and charming smile have Gina lowering the wall she’s built around her heart. But as their relationship grows more serious, Bryce wants to see all Gina is hiding. The puckered, scarred skin and the shrapnel buried in her flesh are just the surface layers of the wounds Gina tries to keep hidden. But her deepest, darkest secret may be too repulsive even for someone as strong as Bryce.Because his fears are her reality.

Twisted Secrets

Amy McKinley - 2021
    Throw in a family history of bad relationships, the likelihood of the past repeating itself seems inevitable—especially after her ex turns stalker. She’s a magnet for disaster. But when a man walks into the Coffee Hut and asks her on a date, she isn’t prepared for the flare of desire. The pull of attraction is impossible to deny, and she gives love a second chance.Navy SEAL Xander Hale lands in a Hawaii military hospital after a mission gone wrong. If that wasn’t bad enough, his girlfriend breaks up with him. Plagued by his current single status and suspicions over the mission’s bad intel, doubts fester about the direction of his life. Until he stops for coffee and encounters a barista that steals his breath and shifts his priorities from a presumed military career path to civilian. When danger closes in after a suspicious home invasion, Xander whisks Riley to the safety of his family’s island. On secluded shores, he’s determined to keep her safe. But dark memories are triggered by her past and followed by a hidden threat that neither anticipated.*The Deadly Isles Special Ops series is a Romantic Suspense filled with intriguing twists and meant to be read in order. All the strings left untied come together in the epic conclusion.

Journeys Through TimeSpace

James Talisman - 2021
    Immense obstacles confront both sides as they work to obtain these powerful artifacts.Not only must our young Earth heroes learn new knowledge and skills associated with ancient wisdom traditions, but they must travel to both Earth’s past and future to find the treasures needed to defend their world against a powerful enemy.Explore how these three friends obtain the ability to time-travel and experience the adventures they encounter on their journeys through time. Follow them as they encounter life and death situations from various places in Earth’s past and future. The legendary continent of Atlantis plays an important role as well.Secret Earth organizations are also players in this thrilling adventure. These ancient groups have been adversaries for hundreds of years. Their long-term battle becomes intense as Earth’s fate draws closer.As the clock ticks, can Earth’s defenders succeed, or will the powerful reptilian humanoid leader and his followers achieve their plan for reality across the MultiVerse of time and space?

Wolf Hunted (Rejected Moons Book 1)

J.L. Wilder - 2022

The Hunted

S.B. Alexander - 2022
    The hunter against the hunted.I kill bloodsuckers for a living. The job should be simple—capture the target and collect the money. But when I draw my enemy out in the open, I’m blindsided by his mesmerizing green eyes and snarky wit. Sam Mason is the type of vampire my mom warned me about—the kind who will seduce you with his easy smile and arrogant charm. Yet, I know better.The Vampire Navy SEAL oozes mayhem and sex appeal. Sam’s deadly swagger puts me on edge and sets my nerves on fire. If I mess with him, he’ll annihilate me in a second. That thrills and terrifies me at the same time. A million red flags are telling me to run. But my sisters lives are in jeopardy, and the only way to save them is to grovel for Sam’s help.Is it possible to push the flames to the back burner and trust an enemy who can take anything he wants? The Hunted is an enemies-to-lovers, paranormal, military romance and the first book in the new Vampire Navy SEAL spin-off series. Layla and Sam’s story is a slow burn romance with a feisty heroine, snarky banter, action, suspense, off-the-charts steamy times, and ends on a cliffhanger.

Eat Me

Amber Dark - 2020
    I’ve eaten gallons of ice cream, cried a lot, and haven’t even had sex since.And now, I’m out at a nightclub, and a super sexy guy is seducing me. Whoa!Who is this dirty-talking guy who’s making me break my self-imposed rules? Mayim, that’s who.And tonight, I’m no longer the book nerd who stays home on the weekend. I’m going to indulge in my secret desires…with a stranger.***This book contains smoking hot sex scenes, plenty of swearing, and a whole lot of titillating pleasure. All sex is consensual, and you must be aged 18+ to read it.

Dark God’s Avatar (The Children Of The Gods #59)

I.T. Lucas - 2022

Run to the Sea

K.G. Fletcher - 2019
    The very last thing he expects is the inheritance of his famous grandfather’s beach cottage on the sandy shores of Florida where he spent his childhood summers. Emeline Fischer is an aspiring artist trying to make ends meet, working an assortment of odd jobs while painting her dreams on canvas in hopes of landing her own gallery show someday. When she is Thomas’s waitress during her shift at the local beach diner, she immediately recognizes her sensitive childhood friend who promised long ago to protect her from her unstable home life when they were teens. The two friends take a journey into their past through a box of photos left behind at Cap Cottage and rediscover their mutual passion for art - and each other. Thomas doesn’t plan to fall in love with Emmy - but maybe he’s always been in love with her. Can he forgive himself for his past mistakes and start over in the only place that ever felt like home? Or will his guilt and the demands of his cutthroat, big-city career prevent him from following his heart and reuniting with the only woman he ever truly loved?