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The Princess and the Laird by C.A. Szarek


Kilt Trip: Part 1

L.L. Muir - 2014
    If you're not a fan of this format and don't like to be tortured, spare yourself. Turn back now. Scotland, 1704 It’s all about that kilt… Acting on a dare, three English brides-to-be sneak into Scotland for a scavenger hunt, their last adventure before marriage. Mallory wants a piece of pirate's treasure, and Vivianne yearns for a love letter from a poet. But Bridget has more on her mind than the game. She knows life with her evil, blackmailing fiancée will be hellish, so she’s determined to make him suffer too—by stealing a Highlander’s kilt and leaving him to wonder how she acquired it. The Scots charged with finding and protecting them along the way are entirely wrong--and perfect--for the job. Rory, for instance, is a kilt-clad Highlander, but he’d rather die alone in a cave rather than get within ten feet of another Englishwoman. Unfortunately for him, the duty to pay his grandfather’s debt will get him—and his two friends—much, much closer to the lasses than that. Come along for the ride.

Chase the Lightning

Madeline Baker - 2001
    It was a spirit horse, Trey had been told, one that would always carry him away from danger. And if ever he'd needed such an animal, now was the time. With a bullet in his back and posse in his trail, he wouldn't last long unless the words of his Apache grandfather came true.FROM THE LAWAmanda couldn't believe her eyes when the beautiful white stallion appeared in her yard with a wounded man on its back. Dark and ruggedly handsome, the stranger fascinated her. He had about him an aura of danger and desire that excited her as her law-abiding fiance never could. But something didn't add up. Trey seemed bewildered by the amenities of modern life; he wanted nothing to do with the police; and he had a stack of 1863 bank notes in his saddlebags. Then one soul-stirring kiss made it all clear --- Trey might have held up a bank and stolen through time, but when he took her love it would be no robbery, but a gift of the heart.

Highlander's Voyage

Blanche Dabney - 2018
    A medieval highlander who lost everything dear to him. Why has fate brought these two broken souls together? Carol Harper didn't want to travel through time. She only wanted to see if the ancient ring she found would fit on her finger. A single touch and she's back in the Middle Ages, held against her will by an enormous highlander and his army. Angus MacClean is raiding with his fellow warriors when a strange woman appears out of nowhere. His clan believe witchcraft brought her into their midst but Angus has no fear of sorcery. Only one thing frightens him, the way his beautiful captive makes him feel. To successfully evade the wicked English lord who hunts them both, they must put aside their burning desire. Fail and they risk capture by the cruellest of villains, a man who wants Angus dead and Carol all to himself. Highlander's Voyage is a standalone time travel romance. If you like rugged Highland warriors, a mysterious medieval world, and a feisty modern heroine, you're sure to love this scintillating story.

Matchmaker Abduction

Donna McDonald - 2017
     The big blue planet that most call  Earth desperately needs matchmakers. There is only one small—okay, BIG—problem. No one wants the alien dating service job… No one. The original matchmakers are dead, and much worse, their DNA is no longer viable for cloning. Solution? Go back in time to some of Earth’s other—thankfully slower spinning—versions, and retrieve the alternates of the one couple in any universe who seems able to do the job. Far easier said than done though, especially when the alternates are anything but a loving couple, and both are none too pleased to be thrown into the future.  What does oil and water create? Salad dressing or a real mess of aliens, humans, and matchmaking fun!

Highland Yearning

Dawn Ireland - 2016
    Bloody hell, what had possessed his twin brother to propose to one of the she-devils? And what is Caden to do with the Sutherland beauty who appears, as if by magic, in his library? The defiant intruder is the enemy, but she is unlike any woman he’s ever known, and her tantalizing curves and wide green eyes could tempt a monk. He must devise a way to stop the wedding. But can he stop the desire that makes him long to make Ariel Sutherland his own? Ariel’s life had never gone the way she’d hoped, but ending up in eighteenth century Scotland was a stretch, even for her. If not for her dog, Scruffy, she might have thought she’d walked into a romantic daydream. Especially since the object of her desire appears to be entirely too virile. But can she find her way back to her time, before her too-handsome Highlander makes her believe that love can conquer in any century?

The Highland Bound Trilogy Boxed Set

Eliza Knight - 2014
     Behind the Plaid--Book One He dominated her mind. She possessed his soul. Emma Gordon escapes from a troubling marriage in which she’s completely lost sight of who she is. Desperate for independence, she leaves her husband while on a trip in the Scottish Highlands. Only thing is, she ends up hurled back in time to the 16th Century Castle Gealach and headlong into the arms of the handsome, intimidating Laird Logan Grant. Thrust into a world filled with treachery, danger and intensity she must summon the courage to find her way. Bared to the Laird--Book Two Secret obsession makes for the sweetest of sins. Overwhelmed by her new life in another era with the Laird of Gealach, and the feelings that threaten to consume her, Emma determines she must return to her own time and a semblance of sanity. Having heard of a magical circle of stones atop the ridge overlooking Loch Ness, she manages to escape from the castle and the desire and intensity of Logan that’s held her captive. When Logan realizes Emma is missing, he is enraged and terrified. He seeks to find her and when he does, he will punish her exquisitely for leaving him, and for inexplicably exposing his scorching fascination and adoration. Dark Side of the Laird--Book three Bound by passion. Freed by love. When the damaged and tormented Emma first meets the equally broken Logan, they embark on a torrid, emotionally provocative affair that irrevocably changed their lives. Emma has sacrificed her entire being and just when she thinks Logan is willing to do the same, he holds back. Reluctant for their love to be a thing of shadows, Emma issues an ultimatum: commit or say goodbye. But Logan's appeal to the king to grant his wish to marry is denied and instead, Logan is seized and sent to the dungeon with no hope for escape. While in Hell, Logan’s dark past haunts him, threatening to consume him. He must fight to remain the man he’s become with Emma by his side and relinquish the control he’s held onto for a lifetime. Top Pick – Night Owl Reviews: “Wickedly sinful, arousingly erotic, and delightfully delicious Logan is the stuff that naughty Highlander dreams are made of.” Lit 4 Ladies: "An illicit love affair is always fun and dangerous, especially set in 16th century Scotland."

Across a Moonswept Moor

Julie Moffett - 2001
    Then a midnight visit to Celtic holy ground slid her into the seventeenth-century—and into the arms of the most gorgeous male she had ever seen. But after one clash with the stubborn man, Fiona longed only for her twentieth-century comforts.Instead she found herself pressed against Ian Maclaren, galloping across moonswept moors to escape death. The hot-blooded barbarian ordered her about as if she were a soldier. But his kisses left no doubt he thought of her as a woman, and soon she knew she would trade a thousand bubble baths for one of his sensual massages and give up chocolate to melt in one of his passionate embraces. For although she had traveled across three centuries into the past, it had taken only a moment for her heart to recognize she had met her match.

Called by a Viking series Box Set: Five steamy Time Travel Romances

Mariah Stone - 2020
    It features modern, time-traveling women and the sexy, ancient warriors who love them. The Fortress of Time: Can a discrimination lawyer and the battle-clad Viking of her dreams overcome a millennium-wide cultural gap in time to stop enemies from pillaging their happily ever after?The Jewel of Time: She’s stealing from the past. He’s guarding his future. Trapped together in the eye of a storm, will the thief and her fierce warrior realize the only thing of true value they stand to lose is their stubborn hearts? The Marriage of Time: A woman determined to protect her unborn child finds herself whisked into the arms—and marriage bed—of a Norseman with an agenda of his own. When a deadly outbreak strikes and their secrets are revealed, will their love be enough to keep them alive?The Surf of Time:  A grieving Viking and a broken-hearted yoga teacher discover a timeless connection. With hidden dangers closing in, can they overcome their painful pasts to take a shot at love?The Tree of Time: Can a contemporary business woman afford to stay in the past with the passionate Viking who has given her the only thing she’s ever truly wanted? Or is the risk to her safety—and heart—simply too great?Bonus epilogue for the series unavailable anywhere else. “Enjoy the time machine you will be warped into. Alpha men and intelligent women. Love, war, issues across time, old cultures and new…this has something for everyone.”  - an Amazon reviewer. Buy The Complete Called by a Viking series box set to discover a passion that spans history today!

To Bewitch a Beast

    She is plain and barely passes the category of pretty. And she is secretly in love with him. He is the Lord of Devonshire...Benedict Everard is the eldest of all Everard children. He is a beast and he secretly believes the governess is a bore.A past...Hers is dark, his is never talked about. An unstoppable love that cannot be will test a fun and quirky family living in the affluent and wicked town of Wickhurst.

Storm at Keizer Manor

Ramcy Diek - 2017
    While Forrest goes to college, quick witted Annet works at Keizer Manor, the museum where the oils from 19th century master painter Alexander Keizer are exhibited.After the celebration of the Manor’s 200-th anniversary, they quarrel and take a stroll through the dunes to make up. When dark clouds roll in, the beautiful sunny weather turns into a thunderstorm so violent that they get separated.The next morning, Forrest finds himself alone. So does Annet.Regaining consciousness in a monastery, Annet is convinced the nuns are playing a prank on her. It can't be the 1800's! She's a pregnant Twenty-first Century woman and doesn't belong there. But how will she get back to her own time?


Heather McCollum - 2010
    Her telepathic powers reveal the darkness and true intentions behind every false smile. When her adopted brother is accused of murder, the only man who can help her is the one person she cannot read. Can she trust him with the life of her brother? Can she trust him with her heart?Keenan Maclean is the younger brother to the new chief of the Macleans. A dark prophecy shadows him. One brother will live wed to a witch and one will die. Keenan is raised to defend his clan and die.Serena and Keenan hunt a loyalist murderer before the Battle of Culloden and fall in love despite the prophecy’s warning that she heralds his death. This is a new release of a previously published edition.

The Unpredictable Bride

Barbara Cartland - 1964
    One day Lucinda was an obscure, dowdy country girl; the next, she was the diamond-decked mistress of a vast London town house and wife to a young lord, legendary for his wealth, daring escapades, and magnetic attraction for women. Would the world wonder why he chose her? Would they guess he was using this young girl to cover his affair with the glittering, sophisticated Lady Devereux? Lucinda hadn't time to care. She was too busy becoming the overnight darling of London society--too busy earning the notice and respect of the man she was irresistibly, hopelessly, growing to love.

A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Part One

Diana Gabaldon - 2005
    Now, A Breath of Snow and Ashes continues the extraordinary story of 18th-century Scotsman Jamie Fraser and his 20th-century wife, Claire.The year is 1772, and on the eve of the American Revolution, the long fuse of rebellion has already been lit. Men lie dead in the streets of Boston, and in the backwoods of North Carolina, isolated cabins burn in the forest.With chaos brewing, the governor calls upon Jamie Fraser to unite the backcountry and safeguard the colony for King and Crown. But from his wife Jamie knows that three years hence the shot heard round the world will be fired, and the result will be independence -- with those loyal to the King either dead or in exile. And there is also the matter of a tiny clipping from The Wilmington Gazette, dated 1776, which reports Jamie s death, along with his kin. For once, he hopes, his time-traveling family may be wrong about the future.

Bride for a Time

Audrey Adair - 2017
    She decides to follow her heart to Scotland, the home of her ancestors. Her parents have passed, and she feels called to the place of her roots. Her first morning there, while out walking in the woods of her ancestral family home, she falls and awakens in the 16th Century, in the arms of Alec McDermont. A craving to find peace… Alec is soon to be Laird of the McDermonts. He is to be married to the wretched daughter of a warring clan leader in a pretence of creating peace, but he senses something treacherous. He'll do anything to keep the marriage from happening, and when he finds Jaime in the woods, he senses a way out. A love to fight against all odds… Jaime doesn't believe she's in the 16th century. Alec doesn't believe she's time traveled. But their feelings for each other pull them closer together as everything else is tearing them apart. Can they hold onto one another in the face of all that opposes them? No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

Children of Apollo

Adam Alexander Haviaras - 2012
    Having achieved a measure of success in the Emperor’s Legions in North Africa, Lucius is recalled to Rome where he finds himself surrounded by enemies, cast into the deadly arena of Roman politics. Amid growing fears of treachery, Lucius meets a young Athenian woman who fills his darkening world with new-found hope. Their love grows, as does their belief that the Gods have planned their meeting but when an ancient oracle of Apollo utters a terrifying prophecy regarding his future, Lucius’ world is once more thrown into chaos. Ultimately, he must choose sides in a war that threatens to destroy his family, his faith and all that he has worked for.