Misty Hill Reckoning

R.B. Tetro - 2016
    When that peace is threatened by a corrupt sheriff, and the ruthless drug dealers he’s protecting, they’ll have to stand together with their friends and some unlikely allies if they hope to survive. Jake Dillon has come to Misty Hill looking for answers about his missing brother; who’s been working undercover for the DEA. He finds the Sanders standing alone against the people connected to his brother’s disappearance. He also finds the family that he’s always wanted, and the love he’s never had. The odds are stacked against them surviving, but Laura and her family won’t back down, and Jake won’t back off, until he finds his brother and his new friends are safe. In the Great Smoky Mountains, people have their own brand of justice. It’s been passed down from generation to generation. It’s called a reckoning, and it’s coming to Misty Hill.

Eagle Eye Security: Complete 5-Part Series

Camilla Blake - 2019
    They soon discover her house has been tossed, and everything with her company is not as it seems. With both of them on the run, Joshua enlists help from friends, who quickly end up in the cross hairs of a powerful private military group. Can Joshua put aside his quest for revenge long enough to save the beautiful financial wizard? Or will her own choices lead to results that are more than they can handle? Book Two What starts out as a light security job for Kincaid turns explosive as a young bartender named Mindy becomes the target of both a car bomb and a personalized, at home booby trap. But when an attorney from Mindy’s hometown is found murdered in his hotel room while on a trip to meet her, both security agent and barkeeper are quickly put under the microscope by local law enforcement. Forced to flee from the city, they must travel to the one place Mindy can confront her past and the troubles plaguing them both: the home she abandoned as she tried to put her past behind her. Book Three A routine bodyguard detail for a Japanese businessman goes south when Ben ends up at a local underground gambling hall as part of an evening of entertainment. Things get even worse when rivals to the local crime syndicate show up to cause problems, and both he and the hostess Elizabeth are forced to work together to rescue as many revelers and gamblers. Now, Ben is being tapped by a local fixer to find the gambling hall’s head of security, and if he refuses Elizabeth and her younger sister will be the ones held responsible. Ben will have to swallow his pride and work with the attractive woman if he wants to make it out alive. But can he do it, even as a third criminal organization appears seemingly from nowhere and begins to hunt the same man? Book Four He just wanted to deliver a letter from her dead brother. He didn’t want to end up protecting the gorgeous political campaign manager from a crazy stalker ex-boyfriend, or be responsible for trying to extract her former roommate from a communal religious cult. But, as the local Mayoral election heats up, Thomas and Rachel will find out there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to all the moving pieces in the local electoral game. Especially since the cult leader has a shady, murderous past, and is busy trying to secede from the city. Thomas will have to find a way to bring in the cult’s founder while also mustering the courage he needs to tell Rachel that he’s the one really responsible for her brother’s death. Book Five The owner and boss of Eagle Eye has had some of the worst jobs imaginable. At least, he thought so. Now, Mark Riley is forced to deal with hired killers and drug cartel hitmen as he tries to spark a war and save Paige Henry, the daughter of a Washington bureaucrat who can end Eagle Eye with nothing more than a stroke of her pen. The target of his rescue attempt, a covert CIA agent, is less than satisfied with the outcome. The only way she’ll let him return her home to “the company” is if he first helps her bring down the cartel that first kidnapped her. The only problem is that it’s the same cartel that invaded his own adopted city. Can Mark temper Paige’s desperate need for revenge? Or will she drag him down with her as he’s forced to confront Eagle Eye’s own involvement in the cartel’s rise to criminal power?

Garden Girls: Box Set II

Hope Callaghan - 2016
    After a good night's rest, she decides to catch up with her close friends, aka, The Garden Girls at their favorite hangout, Dot's Restaurant. There's just one small problem. As Gloria pulls into the small town of Belhaven, she finds Dot's place swarming with cops and the restaurant itself taped off with crime scene tape. Someone at the restaurant has been poisoned after eating Dot's famous Chicken 'n Dumplings! Dot and her husband Ray, are devastated and now must try to clear their name. When they ask Gloria to help, she jumps right into detective-mode and is hot on the trail of another killer. The list of suspects widens as Gloria uncovers a pile of motives - some from residents in their own little town. Desperate to clear her good friends' names, she discovers the killer may be a little too close for comfort. BOOK 5: Eye Spy "Garden Girl" Gloria Rutherford is having a bad day. A really bad day. Just when she thinks it couldn't possibly get any worse, it does. The sleepy little town of Belhaven has just been invaded by a swarm of federal authorities sent to investigate the local post office and it's postmaster, who just so happens to be one of Gloria's best friends, Ruth. When Ruth is put on temporary leave pending the outcome of the investigation, she asks Gloria if she can come and stay with her until the crisis is over. Gloria doesn't have the heart to turn her down. With Ruth underfoot and the uncertainty of not knowing how long the "official investigation" might take, Gloria has never been more motivated to solve a mystery! Knowing she'll need every trick up her sleeve, plus a little help from her friends and from the other Garden Girls, she'll do whatever it takes to help her friend and save her own sanity! Can she get Ruth back to work and her cozy life back to normal - or will Gloria have a new, permanent houseguest? BOOK 6: Magnolia Mansion Mysteries There's no place like home! But what if "home" happens to be the town's mysterious, rundown, mansion? At least that's what young Andrea Malone keeps asking herself ever since she bought the vacant, dilapidated house months ago. Determined to put down roots in the cozy little town of Belhaven, she gets busy managing the much-needed renovations in order to revive the old house and restore it to the grandiose mansion it once was. With the renovations nearly complete, the mysterious house begins to reveal secrets from its troubled past. On the same day that her quirky parents arrive in town for a visit, Andrea makes a shocking discovery that has her questioning if she should spend another night in the house. She calls on her friend and amateur sleuth, Gloria Rutherford, to help her get to the bottom of the mysteries that surround the mansion. The more clues Gloria uncovers, the deeper the mysteries get.

Jack of All Trades

Derek Smith - 2015
    The two months work will pay his debts, and give him space to sort out his personal demons. Except, the couple are at war, both having affairs, their marriage beyond salvage. The husband fires Jack, she takes him back on – and suddenly he is too involved with their scheming. Complicated further when he falls for her secretary. And when there’s a murder, using his tools as the weapon, Jack is prime suspect.

Sycamore Bluff

Jude Hardin - 2013
    Given a set of rules and the promise of a generous compensation package at the end, can several hundred people govern themselves and live in relative harmony for six years? The experiment, designed to mimic future colonization on a distant planet, appears to be a huge success. Until something goes terribly wrong… Two undercover operatives from an ultra-clandestine government agency called The Circle are sent to investigate. When Diana Dawkins and Nicholas Colt discover the shocking truth, it’s clear the experiment must be stopped. What isn’t clear is if they’ll make it out alive.

The Nickie Savage Series Boxed Set

R.T. Wolfe - 2017
    But the closer they get to the King Pin, the closer she and Duncan become with each other.Now Nickie must choose: break her own rules and risk her heart, or forge ahead...alone.INCLUDES:Savage EchoesSavage DeceptionSavage RendezvousSavage DisclosureTHE NICKIE SAVAGE SERIES, in orderSavage EchoesSavage DeceptionSavage RendezvousSavage DisclosureSavage BetrayalSavage AllianceTHE BLACK CREEK SERIES, in orderBlack Creek BurningFlying in ShadowsDark Vengeance

Beat Slay Love

Thalia Filbert - 2015
    Everything you'd want when you bite into a dish: suspense, spice, and a new take on an old classic." - Bestselling author, Charlaine Harris•Like your barbeque and your sex extra spicy? Your murders saucy and done to a turn? Plunge into the fascinating and competitive world of food media culture, in this wry, witty crime story where cutting edge takes on a new meaning when celebrity chefs across America start dying.Debut author Thalia Filbert’s dark, comic send-up of serial killers, food mysteries, chick lit, and the iconic Eat Pray Love finds the sweet spot between appetizers and dessert in this rollicking trip from sea to shining sea. From color-themed dinners to Maine lobster pots, from barbeque to huckleberries, this mystery is stuffed to the gills with knives, mayhem, and laughs.Wronged by those who steal her recipes, ridicule her weight, and denigrate her talents, one chef has turned in her apron to plow new territory-- her overpowering hunger for revenge. Hooked on how tasty payback can be, soon she is bumping off famous chefs with spectacular culinary flair.Food blogger Jason Bainbridge is looking for his big break and begins to see a pattern in the killings. He forms an uneasy alliance with cool, hard-charging FBI agent Kimberly Douglas as the search heats up to catch the sexy, chef-obsessed killer. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Thalia Filbert’s lust for food, travel, and a good story is legendary. Now she’s combined it all in one scrumptious package. Her debut novel, Beat Slay Love, highlights her love of the underdog, American regional food – and that special dish best served cold: delicious revenge. She attended culinary school at a posh Napa Valley academy and did the obligatory stint in European bistro kitchens. From a Midwestern town where she learned to make delicacies like possum au vin, she escaped in the nick of time, leaving a hungry man at the altar, and never looked back. Or, it's a pseudonym for five mystery authors with over 75 novels under their belts.

Raspberry Revenge (A Mission Inn-possible Cozy Mystery, #4)

Rosie A. Point - 2020
    Life at the Gossip Inn is anything but simple, what with her grandmother’s Kitten Foster Care Center, the ever-annoying Jessie Belle-Blue always trying to throw a spanner in the works, and now… a ghost haunting the inn?Not that Charlie believes in that type of thing. She’s positive the nightly hauntings have a sinister cause—namely her ex-husband and rogue spy, come to find her and punish her for outing him. Before Charlie can properly investigate the mystery haunting, however, a local entrepreneur drops dead right after claiming to have seen the ghost.Charlie and Gamma are sure that the killer must be their common enemy… but can they solve the murder before he strikes again?

Unholy: The Unholys MC

Ellen Harper - 2016
    But you can’t outrun the devil when he’s on a motorcycle. Charlotte I was born into the club life. My dad, the leader of the Unholys, always kept me safe. He had morals, a code of ethics. But when he committed suicide, all that went with him. I wanted to escape the bloodshed, to start fresh. Johnny was the only reason I hadn’t left yet. After all, how could I leave without the man who made me moan until my throat hurt? He said this was the last deal. As soon as it was done, we’d take off together. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this world, it’s this: There’s always one more twist in the road. Johnny Charlotte is my girl. She’s got the face of an angel and a body like sin. I fought for her the first time we met, And I’d fight the whole world if it meant keeping her safe. When her daddy died, I took up his mantle. I should’ve known better than to bargain with the devil. But this was my ticket out. One more deal, and I’d hit the road with my old lady, leaving this violent life be-hind. But I didn’t count on being betrayed. When my best friend stabs me in the back and leads Charlotte into my enemy’s hands, There’s only one thing left to do: Wade into hell and get her back. After all, not even Satan can take what’s MINE. This book is a standalone novel, NO CHEATING OR CLIFFHANGERS. Contains an HEA ending.

Hidden: Part One

Linda Berry - 2019
    His parents are estranged, his rodeo legend father is an invalid, and the family ranch is nearing bankruptcy. The county is in an uproar. Thieves have been striking neighboring ranches, stealing champion horses, and disappearing into the desert like ghosts. While recovering, Sully attempts to make peace with his abusive father. The dark secrets that destroyed his parent’s marriage slowly come to light. Though furious, Sully is forced to live and work with his father for the survival of the ranch. Sully’s only refuge is the mother of a young marine recently killed in action. Despite their age difference, he begins to connect with her in a way he never thought possible. When Sully’s close friend is killed by the horse thieves, he and his Paiute companion decide to track the renegades themselves. What awaits in the high desert will sorely test their courage and survival skills—skills neither of them thought they’d ever use on American soil.

The Trials of Max Q

Derek Ciccone - 2011
    But when his world came crashing down, Jack left the big city and his family's powerful firm, to seek solace in a small village of Cooperstown, New York. There, he re-discovered his love of the law.But the peaceful village is shattered when a body is found on the estate of the county's most famous resident, and American hero, Drew Anderson. A man considered to be so perfect that he is nicknamed Max Q after the benchmark for systems perfection during a space launch.. And it isn't just anybody who is found dead—the victim is widely considered to be one of the world's most infamous women.When Anderson is arrested for the murder, Jack ends up with the case that everyone wants to “go away,” and some are willing to go to the deadly lengths to make sure it does. Against all odds, Jack and his partner, Jessica Shepherdson, must risk their reputations, their careers, and eventually their lives, in an explosive race for the truth.


Ciana Stone - 2017
     That was the title of the magazine article on Logan Legacy. He has it all, or so it seem from the outside looking in. But looks are all too often deceiving. Yes, his family has wealth and power, but you know the old saying. “You can’t buy love.” Logan knows that all too well. He and marriage just don’t seem compatible and he’s reached the point where he’d given up. He’ll learn to be content with his life as it is. Then the letter comes. The one with no postmark or return address, the one with his full name handwritten on the front and noting else. Logan James Legacy Only one person has ever called him that and he hasn’t seen her in ten years. Not since she night they made love and he woke to find her gone, not to be found despite his best efforts. Now there is a note from her bearing a cryptic message. “A Judas wolf walks among you.” Sabine Memories of their night ten years ago and darker memories of a time when they were children flood back in and Logan knows he won’t rest until he finds her. Secrets Surround Them Logan does not realize that finding Sabine will uncover truths about more than her mysterious disappearance ten years ago. Truths long kept secret about his family will be brought to light along along with the reality that we are not alone on this planet. A mysterious race of beings shares this world with us. Logan’s world is turned upside down, with only one constant for him to cling to. His unquenchable longing for Sabine. His unflagging determination to find and reclaim her will have them walking a path that could bind them together, or may tear them apart and leave them longing for what they cannot have.

Just Dreams

L.J. Taylor - 2014
    in a high-profile suit against a powerful government defense contractor. But when Charles’ hidden agenda threatens to expose the government’s dirty little secrets, what started out as the case of a lifetime could cost Kathy her heart, her career and even her life. Charles doesn’t just want to win the lawsuit. He wants to destroy the company responsible for his wife’s death. His enemies, however, will stop at nothing to make the case go away – and that includes blackmail, kidnapping, and murder. As the body count rises and the stakes get higher, Charles and Kathy will have to decide just how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the win. To get justice, they’ll have to put it all out on the line - including each other - and it still might not be enough.

Wicked Solutions

Havan Fellows - 2013
    He'll solve their problems, but he'll do it his way. That's the only way Wick Templeton plays the game. His years on the force and connections to all types of specialists put him in a league of his own. That's how he intends to keep it.An ex-boyfriend in need puts Wick on a path that crosses that of Ned Harris, a stranger who proves to be a worthy adversary.Wick's simple agenda gets a little more complicated. Item one: Clear his ex's name. Item two: unmask the enigma that is Ned Harris.It's a good agenda. Too bad Wick can't seem to stick to it.

Red Picket Fences

Daphne McLean - 2019
    As a stay-at-home mom, the only danger she comes across is in the true-crime novels she devours at night.But when a house fire results in the death of her two neighbors, Jennifer discovers that things are not always what they seem.By poking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, she puts herself up against a local police chief eager to close the case, a husband desperate to keep her safe, and a killer who wants her out of the way.This cozy mystery begs the question, “How well do you know your neighbors?”Get your copy today!Book One: Red Picket FencesBook Two: Body in the BegoniasBook Three: Death at a Dinner PartyBook Four: Death on Rugosa Bay