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The King of Good Intentions by John Andrew Fredrick


The Watershed Years

Russell Rowland - 2007
    "The Watershed Years" takes place immediately after World War II following the lives of the Arbuckles, a ranching family on the vast plains of eastern Montana.

Eye Against Eye

Forrest Gander - 2005
    The three long poems in Eye Against Eye convey the wrought particulars of intimate human relations, perceptions of the landscape, and the historical moment, tense with political exigencies. Mayan ruins invoke the collapsing Twin Towers, love between parents and child blister with tension, and a bicycle thief shatters the narcotic illusion of a private accord. Also contained is Late Summer Entry, a series of poetic commentaries on Sally Mann's landscape photographs. Eye Against Eye, Forrest Gander's third book with New Directions, cries out an ethical concern for the ways we see each other and the world, the potential to share a vision that acknowledges our commonality. As always with Gander's poetry, suspensions and repetitions drive toward a complex emotional experience, evoking the multifaceted, multi-vocal surge of our present.

The Newman Resident

Charles Swift - 2014
    Dr. Newman is at the leading edge of creating the perfect educational environment for children, and all he requires is a hefty tuition—and your child at the age of six months.Christopher Carson is one of the “Newman Residents” who live at the Newman Home year-round. His parents, Richard and Carol, both Manhattan attorneys, may disagree about the specifics, but each wants what’s best for their son. For Richard, this means bringing Christopher, now six years old, home for one last summer vacation before the visits become brief and infrequent.Carol agrees with the staff: Christopher should stay at the school. And Christopher is confused, not sure where his real home is anymore. But Richard would like for their house to be Christopher’s home, at least for one summer.As Richard and Christopher spend more time together they become closer. Not long into Christopher’s visit, Richard begins to suspect that the Newman Home’s methods for developing their children into future leaders are too experimental, if not outright dangerous. His suspicions are confirmed when a secretive support group of Newman parents reaches out to him about their frightening experiences with the school.Richard’s investigations into the Newman Home quickly spiral out of control; he has underestimated the extent of the school’s power and connections—and Dr. Newman’s incessant drive to achieve a new level of success for the students. But what Dr. Newman underestimates may be even more powerful: one father’s determination to fight for his son against the odds.What follows in The Newman Resident is a whirlwind battle between a devoted father and an education system more terrifyingly powerful than he ever could have imagined. It’s a battle that forces him to confront how some will cross any line in order to create the “perfect” child.

The Easter House

David Rhodes - 2009
    Ansel Easter was a favored minister until he rescued a grotesque creature from a carnival sideshow. His sons, C and Sam, suffer in the shadow of their outcast father until his violent death. C and Sam leave the home their father built for a new beginning, and find fortune building a lucrative business called the Associates — but when a rash of deaths has the townspeople looking at C and Sam as suspects, they find their father's legacy reaches further than they expect. Taut, dark, and engrossing, The Easter House holds up as a brilliant work of fiction some 30 years after its initial publication.


Nancy Thayer - 1980
     Zelda Campbell was just a college student when she met and fell in love with her professor; they married before she graduated. Zelda's love for Charlie was wonderfully passionate--though it came with extras: his daughters Caroline and Cathy. And so begins Zelda's dramatic roller-coaster ride in step-parenting (aka "stepping"), marked by joyous highs and tear-stained lows. As Zelda struggles in her new role, the young girls are constant reminders of Charlie's past life. Further, Charlie's shrill ex-wife is a demanding presence Zelda cannot ignore. Fast-forward thirteen years, and Zelda and Charlie now have two children of their own. A Fulbright scholarship sends the family to Finland, where Charlie lives out his academic dream and Zelda must once again put her own aspirations on hold. But then an attractive man from her past enters the picture, offering the enticing prospect of an entirely different life. Given the opportunity to choose the road not taken, Zelda must evaluate her life and at last decide where her heart truly lies. Includes a captivating preview of Nancy Thayer's upcoming novel "Nantucket Sisters"! Praise for the novels of Nancy Thayer "The queen of beach books.""--The Star-Ledger"" " "Thayer has a deep and masterly understanding of love and friendship, of where the two complement and where they collide."--Elin Hilderbrand "Thayer's gift for reaching the emotional core of her characters [is] captivating."--"Houston Chronicle"" " "One of my favorite writers."--Susan Wiggs "Thayer portrays beautifully the small moments, inside stories and shared histories that build families."--"The Miami Herald" "Thayer's sense of place is powerful, and her words are hung together the way my grandmother used to tat lace."--Dorothea Benton Frank

Decebal Triumphant

Peter Jaksa - 2020
    The Roman Empire expanded its conquered territories north to the Danubius (Danube) River. One kingdom is still a serious threat – the third most powerful military power in Europe and the richest nation in the region. That nation is Dacia, led by its young and brilliant military leader King Decebal.Decebal Triumphant is the story of the early days (85 – 99 A.D.) of the Roman – Dacian wars. It is told from the point of view of King Decebal and the Dacian people fighting for their freedom and survival, and also examines the intrigues of Emperor Domitian, a rising military star named Trajan, and the Roman nobility fighting for power. Going beyond historical myths and Hollywood stereotypes, this novel tells the rich story of an epic clash of cultures and of brutal military conflicts that shaped the future of two nations.

A Good Family

Erik Fassnacht - 2015
    Henry is the once-magical father, whose fear of aging and endangered career lead him to the nightclubs of Chicago's Viagra Triangle. His wife Julie struggles to reclaim her life with a bottle of Zoloft and dreams of her youthful independence. Charlie, the golden-boy son, leaves the lucrative job his father arranged to serve in Afghanistan--and returns angry, damaged and uncertain of his place in the world. And Barkley, the bumbling youngest, is an aspiring writer of geeky science fiction stories now interviewing for his first job at a forbidding Catholic high school. When Henry's health abruptly declines, he tries to return to the home and the life he had dominated. But his family, once totally dependent on his love, physical strength, and income, no longer needs him. As Julie, Charlie, and Barkley begin to find their ways forward, Henry tries desperately to bring them back together. In the end, each one will arrive at a new understanding of what family can--and cannot--be. Unusually assured and perceptive, combining narrative drive with humor, insight, and powerful family dynamics, A Good Family is a memorable debut by former high school teacher Erik Fassnacht.

Losing My Sister, A Memoir

Judy Goldman - 2012
    "They become home to us, tell us who we are, who we want to be. Over the years, they take on more and more embellishments and adornments until they eclipse the actual memory. They become our past just as a snapshot will, at first, enhance a memory, then replace it."As she remembers it now, Goldman's was an idyllic childhood, charmed even, filled with parental love and sisterly confidences. Growing up in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Judy and her older sister, Brenda, did everything together. Though it was clear from an early age that their personalities were very different (Judy was the "sweet" one, Brenda, the "strong" one), they continued to be fairly inseparable into adulthood.But the love between sisters is complex. Though Judy and Brenda remained close, Goldman recalls struggling to break free of her prescribed role as the agreeable little sister and to assert herself even as she built her own life and started a family.The sisters' relationship became further strained by the illnesses and deaths of their parents, and later, by the discovery that each had tumors in their breasts Judy's benign, Brenda's malignant. The two sisters came back together shortly before the possibility of permanent loss became very real. In her uniquely lyrical and poignant style, Goldman deftly navigates past events and present emotions, drawing readers in as she explores the joys and sorrows of family, friendship, and sisterhood.

About Us

Jon Rance - 2017
    It's about love. It's about us. From the bestselling author of Sunday Dinners and Dan And Nat Got Married, comes a bittersweet comedy about a marriage, about how it begins, how it falls apart, and the choices we're forced to make. Perfect for fans of David Nicholls, Jojo Moyes, and Mike Gayle. Rosie Willis isn’t happy. Her once perfect marriage to husband, Pete, is falling apart, her mother is dying, and her three children are starting to feel like strangers. At forty she feels like she’s stuck, but then she meets handsome widower, Mark Hornby, at the school gates and he makes her feel alive again. As she drifts further from Pete, she gets closer to Mark, but approaching Christmas she realises she needs to try to save her marriage and keep her family together. Despite her feelings, she can’t have an affair. Unfortunately, Pete has news of his own that throws everything into doubt. Rosie must choose a new life. There’s Pete, Mark, or going it alone. It isn’t easy when you’re forty, when you have three kids, when you feel past it, when your mother is dying, but life isn’t meant to be easy. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING 'I cried, I cringed, I laughed and finished the book with a huge smile on my face! Jon Rance = brilliant!' - Amazon reviewer, Dan And Nat Got Married 'Jon Rance has a delicious lightness of touch as he writes and delivers each comedic episode with great aplomb.' - Amazon reviewer, Dan And Nat Got Married 'Dan and Nat Got Married was everything I wanted in a book, seriously. It made me laugh, it made me cringe, I loved Dan, I loved Nat, I loved Adam and Ellie, the dialogue and London setting was amazing.' - Amazon reviewer, Dan And Nat Got Married 'Gripped from the start, full of emotion, laughter, sadness and love! If you want a book that makes you feel happy and smiling then this is the book for you.' - Amazon reviewer, Sunday Dinners ‘Jon Rance makes me laugh.’ - Matt Dunn, Author ‘A satisfyingly British sense of humour. Recommended.’ - Nick Spalding, Author ‘Funny and poignant - the perfect combination.’ - Michele Gorman, Author ‘Funny, romantic and real.’ - Star Magazine, This Thirtysomething Life ‘An endearing, heartwarming and realistic novel and would definitely come under the category of ‘will make you laugh and cry at the same time'.' - Bookaholic Confessions, This Thirtysomething Life ‘A very candid, honest, hilarious read.’ - Chicklit Central, This Thirtysomething Life ‘Fabulously funny diary-esque rom-com about a bloke who’s scared of growing up. It’s a debut novel with balls, literally.’ - The Bookboy, This Thirtysomething Life 'This is a touching, humorous, adorable read. I defy you not to read it all in one go, it's fantastic.' - Bookaholic Holly, This Thirtysomething Life 'There aren't too many books that can claim to have a laugh on every page, but this classic comedy from Jon Rance is truly funny.' - Heather Hill, Author, This Thirtysomething Life

We All Sleep in the Same Room

Paul Rome - 2013
    Framed by four months in the fall of 2005, a simmering family and office story slowly unravels into something, more unusual, surreal, and ambiguous. We All sleep In The Same Room blends the traditional intimacy and immediacy of private-eye noir-style with the humorous, obsessive, digressive, observations of modern realism. Below a surface that is both touching and disturbing, optimistic, and cynical, is a sustained meditation on family and work, responsibility, and abandon--and the transformative and destructive impact of beauty and death on an otherwise moral life.

An Uncertain Legacy: A compelling historical page-turner set in France and England at a time of witch-hunting. (The House Book)

Susan Greenwood - 2020
    It is here she receives protection, the sort of education not taught in convents and, just as important, the freedom to practise her skill with herbal remedies without fear.But it isn't only her unusual knowledge of plants and the workings of the body which might land her in danger. In times of stress, she is capable of extraordinary feats which she cannot always control and which she struggles to keep secret. And then there's the recurring vision of a house somewhere - calling to her and soothing her when life becomes too difficult.Blessed with good looks, education and an aristocratic air, it's not long before Elisabeth is pursued and swept up into high society where she quickly learns that women who wish to be independent need to be clever, for there are few choices open to them in a patriarchal society where the law is very much against them.Older, wiser and richer, there is still unfinished business for Elisabeth. She doesn't know her mother's English family or who her father is - and she doesn't know why she's able to see and do things others can't. She sets out to find answers, travelling to Brittany and across to England where London is gripped by plague and fire.But is she prepared for the answers? That’s the question…

FARTHER: A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father

Chaitanya Desale - 2021
    Fortunate’?Or will you keep blaming your insecurities & failures and choose to be a fiasco?"A sweet couple, Manbir & Nivia, were living with their toddler, Ruhi. They stayed farther from their respective families, cursed by both their parents for having an inter-caste marriage. Manbir was a robotics engineer and while working hard on his dream project to make India’s first AI robot, he failed in his family responsibilities, which was followed by his wife, Nivia’s demise. And when all options were lost, Manbir had to struggle to look after his daughter Ruhi, while continuing to work on his company projects.Will he ever be able to be a great father for his motherless child? Will he ever be able to make India’s first AI robot? And how will he find a way to look after his child during his office hours? To know more, read ‘FARTHER - A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father.’

This Angel on My Chest

Leslie Pietrzyk - 2015
    Ranging from traditional stories to lists, a quiz, a YouTube link, and even a lecture about creative writing, the stories grasp to put into words the ways in which we all cope with unspeakable loss. Based on the author’s own experience of losing her husband at age thirty-seven, this book explores the resulting grief, fury, and bewilderment, mirroring the obsessive nature of grieving. The stories examine the universal issues we face at a time of loss,  as well as the specific concerns of a young widow: support groups, in-laws, insurance money, dating, and remarriage. This Angel on My Chest ultimately asks, how is it possible to move forward with life while “till death do you part” rings in your ears—and, how is it possible not to?

Litany of woes

Deepti Sharma - 2020
    Nida is no different.Coming from a broken marriage, she dreams to spend her life in the arms of her lover. Reality, however, has other plans for her. As she goes through different phases in her life, she encounters various heart-wrenching experiences along the way; all in her journey to be a rebellious author. Turning to comfort in everyone she meets, trying to cope up with the betrayals of her most trusted friends, Nida understands what it means to be independent when it’s her against the world.From the late-night escapades with her boyfriend in the chills of Simla, to attending her mother’s marriage, to write about all the outrageous books, to adopting an orphan child; join Nida in Litany of Woes as she searches for love in all forms and to the realization that it is indeed just a word after all.

The Vicar of Christ

Walter F. Murphy - 1979
    His overly exciting life is described by three men who 'knew him well.' The first narrator is a Marine, telling of their time together in Korea. A constitutional scholar and Supreme Court Justice appalled at the new Chief Justice, narrates the second phase. The third is a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church; fat, kind but distracted. The Marine cares for him the most, the Supreme Court Justice condescends and despises him, and the Cardinal is much more interested in food than his subject. But Declan Walsh was a man who earned the Medal of Honor while ordering the death of his best friend, ruled pragmatically and energetically on the Court but lost his wife to death and neglect, and became a miraculous healer, assasinated for challenging the powers that rule the secular world.