The Man on the Train

Clara Benson - 2018
     This is a short story of fourteen thousand words—just right for an afternoon curled up on the sofa!

Winter Heart

Margaret Frazer - 2011
    One man has been kidnapped. Another has been murdered.In the bleakest depths of winter, Frevisse finds her soul chilled with the heavy burdens of duty and responsibility. Even the warmth of charity is in short supply as the villagers of Prior Byfield turn against each in bloody feuds of greed and rage, weaving knots of treachery which even the clever Frevisse may find hard to unwind.Award-winning author Margaret Frazer gathers shadows around the hearth to tell a tale of frigid winter and icy passion. Join Frevisse in her fervent prayers for a true peace of mind and body as she pits all her forceful will against the most cunning of evils. Fear for the lives which may be destroyed in unlocking the secrets of the winter heart...A story from Margaret Frazer's Tales.PRAISE FOR THE SISTER FREVISSE SERIES"This is a perfect mystery: It's flawless." - Drood Review of Mystery"Frazer's grasp of the society and tangled politics in England in the mid-1400s is masterful." - Firsts, the Book Collector's Magazine"Keeps readers turning the pages." - Marina Oliver, Historical Novels Review"Frazer's quiet yet intense medieval mysteries are so vividly and gracefully written you just float back in time..." - BookNews from The Poisoned Pen"Whether good or evil, her characters are vibrant and compelling. While we might like to believe that the prejudices of that era have passed into history, we are reminded that we are not so very different after all." - Lorraine Gelly, Romantic Times Book ClubA Romantic Times Top Pick.Twice nominated for the Minnesota Book Award.Twice nominated for the Edgar Award.

After Shock

C.J. Lyons - 2014
    Rapists, serial killers, pedophiles—she’s faced them all down with her signature grit and determination.But today is different. Because the man who has taken her prisoner has promised Lucy three things: that before this day is over, she will be dead; that someone in her family will also die; and that he always wins.Trapped inside her worst nightmare, Lucy faces a ruthless killer as he plays Russian roulette with the lives of those she loves. Wounded and unarmed, how can Lucy defeat a psychopath who doesn’t play by any rules?After Shock is a heart-pounding, lightning-paced thrill ride that will leave readers breathless as they root for the ultimate superheroine next door.

Ghost Roll

Julia Keller - 2015
    Featuring an exclusive extract from her new full-length novel Last Ragged Breath.For Bell Elkins no day is ever the same.But on this day, for the third day running, Bell has woken up from the same dream. A dream about a boy needing her help, reaching out to her. Bell, always unable to help.Already unsettled, she becomes embroiled, in her role as prosecuting attorney for Raythune County, in an investigation into a couple running a local day-care centre, and Bell suspects that her day is only going to get worse. A suspicion that is compounded when she's forced to confront a friend's treachery and a ghost from her past.No day is ever the same, but will Bell be forever changed by this one?

The Dead Hand of History

Sally Spencer - 2009
    Yet, with the discovery of a severed hand, time is the one thing she does not have. When her colleagues prove untrustworthy, the urge to call Woodend for help becomes almost irresistible . . .

Any Taint of Vice

Dana Stabenow - 2012
    A short story.

Slay Bells and Satchels

Dorothy Howell - 2011
    Haley, a crazed fashionista obsessed with designer handbags, could find herself "bagged" if she doesn't untangle this mystery quicker than Saint Nick can slide down a chimney.

Dark Paradise

Catherine Lee - 2017
    Amid growing pressure from the mainland to solve the high-profile case, Cooper struggles with the island’s lack of resources and the decision from up high that the show must go on. With the million dollar winner-takes-all prize still up for grabs, the show’s five remaining contestants all seemingly have something to hide. Did one of them commit murder? Was a crew member involved? Or does the island have secrets of its own? Dark Paradise is a fast-paced novella, a bonus story in Catherine Lee’s page-turning Dark Series. Join Cooper and Quinn as they take a break from the city and find out that island paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Dead Flowers

Nicola Monaghan - 2020
    She used to be one of them. Hardened by ten years on the murder squad, DNA analyst Doctor Sian Love has seen it all. So when she finds human remains in the basement of her new home, she knows the drill.Except this time it’s different. This time, it’s personal... A page-turning cold case investigation, Dead Flowers is an intriguing, multi-layered story perfect for fans of Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories and British crime dramas like Line of Duty and Unforgotten. Shortlisted for the UEA Crime Fiction Award 2019 --------------------Praise for Nicola Monaghan's previous works'A gripping, mile-a-minute British debut. Enthralling' - Kirkus Reviews'Monaghan's convincing characters swing unpredictably between terrifying and tender, and the often violent encounters usually have a bleakly funny edge' - Independent

A Perfect Murder

Jeffrey Archer - 1991
    Each story is different and each ends with a surprising twist.

A Good Death

Elizabeth Ironside - 2000
    . . Ironside's landscapes are rich, if decimated, and her characters extraordinarily intriguing--"Birmingham Post" (UK).

Charles Fort and the Beast of Loch Ness (Charles Fort Historical Mysteries #2)

T.E. Scott - 2016
    Together they must investigate a strange murder at Boleskine House on the banks of Loch Ness. But what dark creature lurks at the heart of the Loch? And what do the murders have to do with Boleskine’s most infamous resident, Aleister Crowley? Second in the Charles Fort Historical Mysteries series by TE Scott, for fans of Golden Age style detectives and historical mysteries.

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Web Weaver

Sam Siciliano - 2012
    Donald Wheelwight engages Sherlock Holmes to find out what really happened that fateful evening. With the help of his cousin Dr. Henry Vernier and his wife Michelle, Holmes endeavors to save Wheelwright and his beautiful wife Violet from the devastating curse.  As the threats to the captivating Violet mount, Holmes is drawn in deeper and deeper, finding himself entangled in a vast dark web involving prostitution, perversion, theft, and blackmail. A brand new, never before published addition to the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series.

Footloose: Tony Hill and Carol Jordan vs. Roy Grace

Val McDermid - 2018
    Together, they make it their sole mission to catch a foot fetishist criminal.For more exciting short story pairings, don't miss all eleven short stories in Match Up!

A Candle for the Bag Lady

Lawrence Block - 2012
    The first novel, The Sins of the Fathers, appeared in 1975, and A Drop of the Hard Stuff - the 17th and most recent - was published in 2011. Over the years Scudder has also been featured in 11 short works of fiction; A Candle for the Bag Lady, which first appeared in AHMM in 1977, is the second of them.Out the Window and A Candle for the Bag Lady kept Scudder alive for me after Dell failed to sell the first three books effectively. There seemed little point in trying to interest another publisher in a series that had already proved unsuccessful, but I couldn't abandon Scudder, and wrote the two novelettes for magazine publication. Then I wrote the fourth novel, A Stab in the Dark, and Don Fine published it at Arbor House, and Scudder was back in business.If you catch me in a weak moment, you might persuade me to sing the title song...A Candle for the Bag Lady was briefly retitled Like a Lamb to Slaughter in order to serve as the title story of a collection; it's original was subsequently restored. It is included in The Night and the Music, my collection of all 11 Matthew Scudder short stories, available for Kindle or as a handsome trade paperback.