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Color of Dreams by K.G. Stutts


The Detective Deans Mystery Collection

James D. Mortain - 2019
     Written by an ex-CID detective, these books are so realistic; you'll feel like one of the team. THREE CHILLING MURDER MYSTERIES ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO UNLEASH THIS BOX… BOOK 1: STORM LOG-0505 This detective's best lead could be a voice from beyond the grave... Bath, England. Detective Andrew Deans always embraces his work. As he struggles to be present for his wife's challenging fertility treatments, the case of a missing college student hits a dead end. Under pressure from his job and his marriage, Deans' inquiry takes a turn when he receives impossible-to-deny evidence from a psychic...Despite his lack of belief in the paranormal, following the ghostly thread escalates his missing persons case into a murder investigation. Unable to focus on his responsibilities at home, Deans works with the medium to build evidence from a new source: the voice of the victim herself...To put the killer behind bars, just how much will Deans have to sacrifice in the name of justice? BOOK 2: DEAD BY DESIGN Can a detective solve a case that’s taken over his mind… and cost him everything? A young couple in their prime is found dead in the marital bed. As they lie naked, staring at each other with eyes wide open – filled with fear, his colleagues assume a double suicide, but Detective Andrew Deans senses darker forces are at work.Deans is facing an awakening – a spiritual birth, but he is stuck in a living nightmare. Those around him are watching … judging … expecting him to break.As he waits to hear the news he dreads most, Deans receives an unmarked DVD and the true meaning of horror is revealed.Playing by the rules is getting him nowhere. Now, it’s time to do things his way. But death and tragedy haven’t finished with him … yet. BOOK 3: THE BONE HILL A killer at large. A gift obscured by tragedy. One last chance for justice… As Detective Andrew Deans pieces together the fragments of his shattered life, the North Devon tide washes up another decapitated corpse. Consumed by torment and rage, it is clear that Deans still hunts a methodical and cold-blooded killer…Determined to end the horror and avenge his own devastating loss, Deans exposes an ancient cult with a thirst for blood and a lust for human sacrifice. As he peels back the layers to the core of the deadly secret society, there can be only one guarantee – unless he acts quickly, more people will die.Deans is staring down a terrifying evil, the like of which he’s never confronted. Time is against him, but the biggest question remains… who will be next? FREE BONUS MATERIAL: Click the link to The Real Story behind the Detective Deans Mysteries in the back of this book, and also find a link to the short story prequel – The Night Shift.

A VERY MODEL MURDER: An Inspector Rudolph Riley Mystery

Jack G. Hills - 2017
    But to add further angst to the growing list of gruesome killings is his boss’ decision to re-open the cold case involving the disappearance of a school boy in what has become an annual test of endurance… The Ten Tors Race. Unsure why a twenty year old case has suddenly come to the top of his in tray, his suspicions are aroused further when the murder victims all appear to have been school friends of the missing boy. Adamant that coincidences don’t exist in police work Riley sets about trying to find the link between Sam Haldane’s disappearance and the recent killings, other than the obvious connection of friendship. Added to his troubles, is the presence in the area of a fugitive, who has his own ideas about revenge and justice and an unscrupulous developer, who wants to buy the land surrounding his farm and turn it into a theme park, with scant regard for the history or the people who were thrown off their land prior to D Day. With the disappearance of the schoolboy and the final showdown all set around the infamous Fox Tor Mire, which was allegedly the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s Grimpen Mire in the Hound of the Baskervilles, the murderer is finally revealed but not without one final twist of the plot. But in all the blackness and soul searching there is one ray of brightness for Riley, and its one that will bring him a little closer to his brother and shows a different side to the curmudgeonly detective.

Detective Jason Strong Mysteries

John C. Dalglish - 2015
     WHAT AMAZON CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: "Each time I have been sorry when I finished the book."- phc "The collection of Det. Jason Strong are well worth reading; you will not be disappointed."-RevBobH "Love this series."-DebraF. "These stories are fast moving and clean; no extraneous material. Just what you need to keep your interest. Then you don't want to put the book down until you find the solution."-MarieAJ

The Lee Callaway Series: Books 1-3

Thomas Fincham - 2019
    She had been stabbed multiple times. Her father, Paul, has blood stains on his shirt and his fingerprints are all over the murder weapon. Paul has no memory of what happened.Kyla’s mother, Sharon, was not at home when the murder occurred. She was having an affair with her yoga instructor. Private Investigator Lee Callawaywas also at the Gardener residence on the night of the murder. He had been following Sharon at the behest of his client, Paul.When all evidence points to Paul as the murderer, Callaway takes on the case to prove his innocence. As he searches for answers, he uncovers a web of lies, secrets, and deceit.  THE GONE SISTER How do you find someone who doesn’t exist? Isaiah Whitcomb is found dead in a parked car. Isaiah is a promising athlete and he also happens to be Detective Greg Holt’s nephew. It’s personal for Holt and he will stop at nothing to find who is behind his nephew’s murder.Private Investigator Lee Callaway is having a terrible day when Elle Pearson, a blind woman, appears at his door. Elle wants him to find her missing sister. The only problem is no one has seen or heard of her sister.How is Isaiah’s death linked to Elle’s missing sister? And who is the mysterious stranger looking to avenge a betrayal from years before?As Callaway gets closer to the truth he is faced with the biggest shock of his life. THE FALLING GIRL Would you kill to save someone you love? Dillon Scott is a beloved actor who is found dead in his home. Detective Dana Fisher is called in to investigate Scott’s death and what she discovers may change everything she knew about him.Private Investigator Lee Callaway is on the brink of closing his PI business when he gets a case that looks deceivingly simple, but is anything but.  When Callaway’s mentor and hero, Jimmy Keith, arrives in Milton, Callaway is beyond ecstatic.However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when Jimmy is charged of a gruesome crime, leaving Callaway to re-evaluate everything he thought he knew about the man. How can Callaway save Jimmy when all evidence points to him as the killer?

Already Gone (A Detective McDaniel Thriller Book 4)

Axel Blackwell - 2021
    It's a tense arrangement not helped by Jayda’s drug use and her new boyfriend’s frequent visits. One Friday night, an argument turns physical and the tensions boil over into bloodshed.The following morning, a neighbor finds the front door ajar, the house trashed, and a puddle of blood soaking into the bedroom carpet. Detective Darren McDaniel and his partner, Brent Vanderwyk, quickly determine it’s a case of domestic violence turned deadly. But both Levi and Jayda are missing – as is the little girl.As the detectives plunge into the hunt for a suspect, a body and a missing toddler, the case becomes increasingly bizarre. The couple have ties to money laundering, drug trafficking, organized crime, and even darker secrets. As much as Levi and Jayda hated each other, plenty of other people had reason to want either or both of them dead.With their suspect list steadily growing, and the missing toddler’s time slipping away, McDaniel and Vanderwyk race against the clock, piecing the puzzle together, hoping to save little Cami before her time runs out.

Ashes to Ashes

Cory Toth - 2013
    Then, after a business misfortune and a stormy relationship, he lost everything but his sanity and his love for his baby daughter. He is now struggling to make it through each day, emotionally and financially, when disaster strikes and the floodgates of Hell are opened. Danger lurks in the background, tearing at the fabric of his fragile existence. Someone has been watching him. Someone is following his every move, waiting in the shadows, terrorizing him with unknown motives. He begins to suspect everyone in his life, including himself. He must fight to learn what is happening before it is too late for him...and his family.

Promises, Promises

Keiron Cosgrave - 2018
     A dark and chilling story of a family torn apart by abuse, greed and betrayal. Boarding school pupils, Kate and Rose, plot revenge and ambush their abuser and brutally mutilate him. Now an adult, Kate’s family is tearing itself apart. Her wealthy father, James, reveals a disturbing secret that has cursed his marriage to their mother, Mary, for decades. After a string of sordid affairs, James and Mary agree to divorce. James has changed his will, bequeathing all of his wealth to Kate’s elder sister, Samantha. When James is found dead at the family’s Spanish villa, doubt hangs over the circumstances of his death. Is it simply an open and shut case for the Police, or something far more sinister? Then, as other family members disappear or are found murdered, DI Alan Wardell, faces a race against time to solve the crimes and catch the mysterious serial killer before the whole family is wiped out. A dark psychological thriller that will keep you guessing till the end...

The Aftermath: A Nate Reigns Novel

Iris Bolling - 2021
    For the brass, the number of closed cases is a triumph, however, it does not solve the murder of the friend and mentor of Nathan ‘Nate’ Reigns, a detective in the Major Crimes Division.A one-time top criminal defense attorney, Nate uses his insight from his previous occupation to close his cases. No case leaves his desk marked closed until he has filled every hole a defense attorney will use to free their client. Nate vows justice for his friend. That path leads to an organization with plans that will have far-reaching impacts on the justice departments across the country. A suspense thriller with a twist that leaves you gasping to breathe…The innocent and the guilty have to deal with the Aftermath.

Splinter the Bone (DI Haskell & Quinn #3)

Bilinda P. Sheehan - 2020
    He knows you’re alone… and he wants to be with you.A new elite team is formed in the North Yorkshire police force to tackle the most heinous crimes.When a young girl is found washed up at the base of the cliffs in Whitby, the police suspect human trafficking.Coming off the high of catching a vicious murderer, Drew and Harriet are called on to investigate a series of seemingly unconnected, and random, crimes.One of which Harriet fears bears all the hallmarks of a fledgling serial killer.With Drew fighting the lasting effects of the Star Killer, and Harriet trying to help him reintegrate, this may turn out to be their most challenging case yet.


Estelle Ryan - 2022
    That is until she opens her front door to find the corrupt woman who publicly outed Bree as transgender—the same woman now begging for Bree’s help.Petra Keller is a despicable person, uncaring whose reputation she tramples on her way to the top of the corporate ladder. Or is she? Could she be telling the truth that she’s changed? The more Bree looks into Petra’s shocking claims, the more she uncovers facts leading her to a chilling connection between highly respected companies, their owners and an unthinkable crime.Her investigation becomes even more muddied by cryptic emails, her overprotective brother convincing his enigmatic friend to keep an eye on her and a bombing that lands her in hospital. Instead of being intimidated, Bree’s resolve is strengthened. These powerful men can’t continue to get away with profiting from actions that already resulted in the loss of countless innocent lives—actions that would cost more lives unless Bree gets to the truth. And exposes it.Samaritan is the first book in The Duchess Report trilogy, continuing with Sentinel and concluding with Maecenas.

Good Cop Bad Cop (Maggie Delaney Police Thriller Book 2)

Linsey Lanier - 2020
     Tonight she’s been sent out to investigate a tragic domestic homicide. But it's much worse than that. And when she realizes who the likely killer is, she can’t believe what the evidence is telling her. Maybe she shouldn’t. She knows this man. Or thought she did. Now she has to prove him innocent of crimes he didn’t commit. But is he innocent or a sadistic serial killer? And will she be the next victim? THE MIRANDA'S RIGHTS MYSTERY SERIES Someone Else's Daughter Delicious Torment Forever Mine Fire Dancer Thin Ice THE MIRANDA AND PARKER MYSTERY SERIES All Eyes on Me Heart Wounds Clowns and Cowboys The Watcher Zero Dark Chocolate Trial by Fire Smoke Screen The Boy Snakebit Mind Bender Roses from My Killer The Stolen Girl Vanishing Act Predator Retribution Most Likely to Die (more to come) MAGGIE DELANEY POLICE THRILLER SERIES Chicago Cop Good Cop Bad Cop

The Kurt Vetter Trilogy (The Reluctant Hero)

William Esmont - 2014
    With Amanda's help, he uncovers a rogue CIA plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in Moscow. Meanwhile, the assassins who killed his brother launch an all-out hunt to silence him and anyone else who may thwart their plans.In a frantic sprint across Europe, Kurt and Amanda must stay one step ahead of the killers while racing against the clock to prevent the bomb from incinerating millions of innocent people.Book Two: PressedBruised and battered from a recent mission, ex-CIA analyst Kurt Vetter is pressed into service once again when hackers launch a devastating cyber-attack on the United States Strategic Early Warning System, nearly triggering a nuclear confrontation.When Kurt and his partner Amanda Carter investigate the security lapse, they discover that elements of a Russian sleeper cell have compromised the integrity of the National Military Command Center. To further complicate matters, Kurt and Amanda also learn that a Chechen arms dealer with a stolen nuclear warhead is about to start selling suitcase nukes to the highest bidder.With membership in the nuclear club poised to explode and the United States effectively blinded to the threat, Kurt and Amanda are the last line of defense before the world descends into anarchy.Book Three: Blood in the StreetsA routine trip to China turns disastrous for intelligence agent Kurt Vetter when a deadly series of attacks on civilian targets plunges the country into anarchy. Trapped in a disintegrating nation, Kurt and his team take to the war-torn streets of Beijing to locate a Chinese double agent who may know the truth behind the source of the violence.As the politicians in Washington struggle with how to respond to the imminent collapse of the United States' largest trading partner, the responsibility falls on Kurt to prevent the destruction of the modern global economy.When the conflict begins to spread beyond China's borders, Kurt and his team learn the threat is larger and more insidious than anyone could have imagined. If they don't act fast, the entire region, and perhaps the entire world may be draw into a conflict unlike any seen before.

The Cabin: A Riveting Kidnapping Mystery

Robert J. Walker - 2021
    A thirty-year-old cold case. A kidnapper with nothing to lose.When a middle-aged man returns to a small town claiming to be a teenager abducted by a cult thirty years prior, a former detective steps out of retirement to uncover the truth. But picking at old wounds tends to make them bleed.

Embracing Destiny

Vivian Rose Lee - 2015
    Life for Randa in the Brewster household was hard because of an uppity aunt and a pair of cousins who considered the young girl beneath their standing. They labeled her the shame of the elite black Brewster family, a dark mark on the good Brewster name, and made her life miserable because of it. Unwanted and unloved in a house filled with strangers, things looked bleak for Randa, but her circumstances took a sudden and dramatic change when her grandfather was made aware of her plight. Vowing to her that things would be different from here on out, her grandfather took a shy, introverted little girl under his wing and over time molded her into a strong, intelligent young woman. After the death of her beloved grandfather, the now wealthy Randa, thanks to a deathbed blessing, moved to Tullahassee, Oklahoma with the desire to locate the mother she was taken away from, but what she found instead was a life she never imagined she would ever have.

Butler's Justice (Monroe T. Lovett Legal Thriller Series Book 1)

Perry Perrett
    There’s only one problem; no one seems to know who Monroe Lovett is, and to make matters worse, he hasn’t had a single client. His sole hope is that just one person will hire him.That hope is answered when in walks Ashley Butler. Monroe is so glad to see her, happy to have a someone in need of his service that he jumps at the opportunity to represent her. Little does he realize, Ashley’s case will pit him against forces wanting his client convicted. Her case will open the closest to the Butler family’s secrets.Ashley Butler’s problems started when adultery and accusations led to a single rash act that ended in murder. In a matter of seconds, an argument climaxed with Julie, Marcus Butler Jr.'s mistress, dead.The Lane County Sheriff’s Department receives a tip of hearing what sounded like gunshots coming from inside the Butler home. Minutes later, deputies arrived to find Julie's body lying on the bedroom floor. The ill-tempered Detective Carson investigates the crime scene and upon leaving gets a tip that Ashley is the killer. The detective attains an arrest warrant and puts out an all-points bulletin for the arrest of Ashley Butler.Ashley hears from a friend that deputies are looking for her. Knowing her husband’s family, she seeks the help of the only person she believes she can trust, Lane County's newest defense attorney, Monroe T. Lovett. Knowing that her husband’s father, Marcus Sr., holds power over most of Lane County, she's not even sure Monroe can help her. But he's her only hope.Speaking with Monroe in his office, Ashley explains that she is about to be arrested for murdering her husband's girlfriend. After she tells him of her predicament, and with only a few details, Monroe, in desperate need of a client, agrees to take her case. Soon, he learns Ashley isn't just any client, and he will have to fight to save her life.To make matters worse, Monroe will face Lane County’s District Attorney Robert Breaux. Breaux. Monroe will discover that Robert Breaux is a self-serving, egotistical district attorney, who is interested in one thing—winning. Justice is not Breaux's goal. Convictions translate into votes and those votes to lead to him gaining more political clout.Monroe soon finds himself in over his head. A godsend in the person of Herman (Herm) Edwards, a retired New Orleans detective and a native of Peregrine offers to help Monroe. Monroe is skeptical, knowing that Edwards is from the area. In need of help, Monroe, with the urging of his wife, Debbie, decides to hire Herm. But he still unsure of Herm’s allegiances. Trust issues arise between them as suspicions of a possible corrupt sheriff's department is trying to impede Ashley’s case.As Monroe’s case begins to unravel, Monroe is forced to seek a different approach to prove Ashley's innocence. This new tactic lands him right in the middle of the Butler family secret, a secret that even Ashley does not know about. No one in Lane County knows the truth the Butlers have been hiding for years, and Monroe is ready to rip the door off the closet. To stop him, Marcus Butler Sr., the family patriarch, will do whatever he must to keep the closet locked.To stop Monroe, Marcus Butler Sr. forms some new alliances to ensure his secrets stay buried. His new ties include a man named Félix Roche, a man who has many aliases and a sinister reputation with more than one agenda.Only the truth can free Ashley, but finding the truth will mean revealing her past, a past she would just as soon forget. However, Monroe encourages her, convincing her this is the only avenue to freedom. Monroe’s plan? Go after the patriarch, Marcus Butler Sr., and expose the man and the Butler family secrets. It is the only way Butler's justice will prevail.