Three Shocking Tales of Terror

R.L. Stine - 1997
    One body. Three stories. One book. He's the three-headed monster of your nightmares Meet Lefty, Slim, and Righty: the spokesmonster who'll get you scared There's something for every horror taste in this triple-treat of stories including "Ghost Granny", "Spin the Wheel of Horror", and "Teenage Sponge Boys From Outer Space".

Ghosts! Ghostly Tales from Folklore

Alvin Schwartz - 1991
    . . These spooky -- and funny -- tales about singing ghosts, toast-eating ghosts, and ghosts no one even guesses are sure to send shivers up and down your spine.Why not retell them to your friends and see if you can make their spines tingle, too?

Killer Camera

Anthony Horowitz - 2002
    But is it too good to be true? Strange things start happening, and as Matt finds out more about the camera's previous owners, his world begins to fall apart. This is a graphic novel adaptation of Anthony Horowitz's short story.

Haunted Teachers

Allan Zullo - 1996
    Has anyone ever told you about the teacher who was haunted by a ghostly visitor? Have you heard about the kids whose lives were saved by a mysterious young teacher's aide?Reader beware--these chilling true tales may cause you to forget to do your homework!

Bruce Coville's Book of Ghosts: Tales to Haunt You

Bruce Coville - 1994
    In stories that range all the way from the humrous to the frightening, Bruce Coville and other authors show that ghosts can touch our souls in ways both terrifying and wondrous!

Thirteen Unpredictable Tales

Paul Jennings - 1996
    Subjects range from the longest kiss ever, to a boy who becomes transparent, and all the stories are unpredictable!


Victor Kelleher - 1991
    And their young son, Sam, for all his brilliance, gives every sign of being a normal little boy. Then, quite suddenly, exactly a year after the death of the middle child, Laura, Sam starts to act peculiarly. His strange behaviour, treated at first as a 'he'll get over it' syndrome, soon takes a demonic twist which can no longer be ignored, or indeed explained. For it seems that Sam is somehow possessed by a terrifying and evil presence he calls Del-Del, and Del-Del's influence is malign to a frightening degree. Sam tries to wrestle with Del-Del in his own way, and sometimes there are periods of normality which suggest that Del-Del has finally been defeated. But Del-Del is cunning, and knows exactly how and when to strike again. Under the intolerable stress of Sam's increasingly dangerous and anarchic behaviour, the fabric of the family begins to come apart and only Sam's sister Beth has the tenacity to go on probing for the cause, to piece together every clue which could destroy Del-Del forever. Inevitably a confrontation must come, and the climax to this tense psychological thriller leads to a conclusion of quite brilliant unpredictability and excitement.Del-Del, with its thoroughly contemporary setting and characters, is a novel so startling and original that it will no doubt win for Victor Kelleher readers of any age who respond to story-telling which grips like a vice.


Susan CooperMal Peet - 2011
    Some will make you scream, some will make you shiver, but all will haunt you gently long after you've put the book down.

The Blank Book

Lemony Snicket - 2004
    Looks are deceiving. Just as Lemony Snicket has spent years researching the distressing lives of the Baudelaire orphans, now you too can record your own unfortunate events. The blank pages of this fraudulent book are perfect for writing down any secretive and upsetting research of your own, including the names of suspicious teachers; secret codes you have devised; details of sinister conversations you have overheard; maps of places that are important to you, and other crucial and woeful information. With cover art by Brett Helquist, a beautifully designed interior, a page of black-and-white stickers, and quotations from A Series of Unfortunate Events, this journal is the perfect way for fans of Lemony Snicket to begin documenting their own alarming lives. Ages 9-11


Darren Shan - 2013
    But when he gets hungry and eats the cake meant for the spirits, things take a turn that no one could have expected. Now Hagurosan must face the consequences of his actions. Terrific adventure from a master of fantasy. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic readers of 8+

The Ghost in the Swing

Janet Patton Smith - 1973
    A girl who goes to stay with her aunt in the country discovers a ghost that lives on the property.

The Ghost Files 3.5

Apryl Baker - 2015
    She survived three weeks of being kidnapped and tortured, and it has left her emotionally and physically scarred. Across the street from her house, strange things are happening…Mysterious noises haunt the residents, faucets turn on by themselves, and footsteps can be heard running up and down the stairs. It all centers around Noah, a two year old child. Babysitters have run screaming from the house. Caleb Malone has been dumped into a teeming hornet’s nest…He’s always been the good son, done everything asked of him, and even gave up graduate school to join the family business of hunting supernatural villains. He’s convinced himself he’s happy, that his duty to his gift should come before anything else. Until he meets Mary Cross. She gives him hope that things can be different, that he can be different. Together, the two of them must solve the mystery of the two shadows stalking the child and save him from whatever has attached itself to him. Time is running out and to save Noah, forcing Mary to face her own demons. But in doing so…has she put a target on her back?

Campfire Ghost Stories: Volume I

Jo-Anne Christensen - 2002
    - the spirit of a young girl killed in a car accident returns to the lonely stretch of road that claimed her life- six glowing orbs of light-the ghostly remains of doomed travellers-warning a group of campers to leave their wilderness campsite or face certain death- a young girl who grows up with a ghostly double finally discovers the secret behind her extraordinary doppleganger- and much more...

Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs

R.C. Welch - 1991
    Turn a camping trip or slumber party into an adventure in fright, or for the extra-fearless, read Scary Stories alone!

Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare 2

Joe Oliveto - 2017
    Inspired by kids classics like Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Scary Story Reader, and The Scariest Stories You've Ever Heard, Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare is a creepy collection of urban legends and frightening tales from folklore. Each story is accompanied by its own illustration. Stories include... On the Hunt - When a hunter goes missing, it seems his spirit is out for vengeance from beyond the grave. Light - A young boy follows a mysterious light through the woods, even as it leads him deeper and deeper into the forest. In the Snow - A terrifying clue left behind in the snow proves a young girl's imaginary nighttime visitor might not be imaginary at all... These stories, and many more, make Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare 2 the perfect gift for anyone who loves creepy tales from folklore. Be sure to check out other entries in the series too!