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Undara by Annie Seaton


Never Tell

Selena Montgomery - 2004
    Erin Abbott wants nothing more than to live a quiet life. That means no danger, no intrigue-and absolutely no romance. But when Erin suspects a serial killer is roaming New Orleans, her investigation throws her straight into the arms of the only man who can help her.Journalist Gabriel Moss is hot to find his next huge story-and he knows Erin is on to something big. From the moment they meet, Gabriel senses that Erin is hiding something. One thing is certain: Erin's boxy suits and sensible shoes hide a delicate beauty waiting to emerge...and Gabriel is just the man to reveal the woman inside.As they join forces to find the killer, Gabriel slowly seduces Erin with his soft kisses. But Erin knows their love can never be. For she is hiding a terrible secret-and if Gabriel reveals the truth, Erin's life will be shattered forever...

The Red Carnelian

Phyllis A. Whitney - 1969
    Linell Wynn's ex-boyfriend turns up in a display window--dead. Everyone is a suspect, but Linell discovers some of her co-workers are not who they say they are!How does it feel to be in a big department store after customers have hurried home and the lights have been darkened so that eeriness reigns over the vast reaches of the floors? To Linell Wynn, who writes sign copy for Cunninghams', such a scene has always seemed perfectly natural until the day that murder walks the floors at dusk. The matter-of-factness of the police as they question people whom she knows, works with every day, does nothing to dispel the feeling that they are only temporarily holding back the powers of darkness. Evil has struck once--and evil is hovering, waiting to strike again. Steeling herself, giving herself courage against it, she is still unprepared when she stumbles upon death for the second time. Things which have familiar everyday significance suddenly assume a strange unnaturalness and terror surrounds her. Before that terror can be vanquished, Linell, herself, stands face to face with death.


Lisa Jackson - 2000
    Inspired by its breathtaking scenery, I wrote Love Letters, a trilogy about a town called Rimrock--whose secrets come to light when the patriarch of its wealthiest family is murdered. Now here it is, collected in one volume, with a new cover, and a new title, Revenge!Over the years, Jonah McKee acquired vast wealth, power, and an unsavory reputation. Though his fatal car crash is ruled accidental, his widow is convinced otherwise and begs her children to find the truth. Eldest son Max knew his late father could be manipulative, but a letter found among Jonah's possessions shows just how many lives were subject to his meddling. That list includes Max's brother, Jenner--rodeo rider and rebel--who is confronted by a confession that changes his life. But even while the siblings reel from new revelations, stubborn, beautiful Casey McKee is kidnapped by an enemy who hates the family enough to destroy them, one by one…If you've enjoyed my earlier novels like Unspoken, Running Scared, and Whispers, then I believe you're going to love reading Revenge!Lisa Jackson

Lying Beneath the Oaks

Kristin Wright - 2019
    Jobless and broke, she’s left with no other option but to go home with new husband Cooper Middleton to the Lowcountry of South Carolina to straighten out the mess they’ve made. It’s in Molly’s best interest to get an annulment sooner rather than later—before her hosts find out that she’s not the kind of guest anyone wants at their Thanksgiving dinner. The more Molly gets to know Cooper and his family, the more she wonders if she and Cooper might have a real chance together. She longs to tell him her secret even though she knows the truth might get her kicked straight out into the nearby swamp. While she wavers, Molly’s unusual life experiences allow her to spot the skeletons in the Middleton family closet: ones Cooper’s never suspected, ones that are hidden in plain sight. What Molly discovers will shake Cooper’s foundations—and could threaten both their lives.

Secrets of Hallstead House

Amy M. Reade - 2014
    Go away from Hallstead Island or you will be very sorry you stayed.”Macy Stoddard had hoped to ease the grief of losing her parents in a fiery car crash by accepting a job as a private nurse to the wealthy and widowed Alexandria Hallstead. But her first sight of Hallstead House is of a dark and forbidding home. She quickly finds its winding halls and shadowy rooms filled with secrets and suspicions. Alex seems happy to have Macy’s help, but others on the island, including Alex’s sinister servants and hostile relatives, are far less welcoming. Watching eyes, veiled threats…slowly, surely, the menacing spirit of Hallstead Island closes in around Macy. And she can only wonder if her story will become just one of the many secrets of Hallstead House…

Christmas Hostage

Jane Blythe - 2017
    Now it’s giving them a second chance.He walked away because he thought it was what she wanted. When FBI Agent Tom Drake arrives at the scene of a robbery, the last person he expects to see is his ex-wife. Seeing her again reminds him of everything he lost when they divorced, and the only way he's going to survive being around her again is to keep reminding himself this is just another job.She let him walk away because she thought it was what was best for him. Hannah Buffy is conflicted about seeing her ex-husband again, especially when he starts claiming he thinks the robbery at her store wasn’t random. Positive it is just another way for him to paint her as a victim, she ignores his warnings at her own peril.↝ Trigger warning - mature content, issues of sexual assault/abuse, violence ↜

Dangerous Behavior

Nancy Bush - 2017
    It's in the way they touch, talk, and kiss. They share the same interests. The same twisted passions. They do everything together. Even kill...ARE TOO GOODJulia St. James Ford has washed up on a beach near her home in Seaside, Oregon, with no memory of how she got there or how her husband, Joe, died. The police rule the case an accident. But Joe's brother, Sam--Jules' rescuer and her first love--suspects otherwise. While Sam tries to piece the facts together, Jules fears someone is watching, determined to find out how much she knows.TO BE TRUEBehind closed doors, behind Jules' neighbors' smiles, are terrifying secrets. A string of sordid thrill kills...and one survivor who never should have got away. And as she and Sam close in on the events of one tragic night, and the truth comes flooding back, remembering a killer's face may be the last thing Jules ever does...Praise for Nancy Bush's You Can't Escape "One thrilling read." --RT Book Reviews


Janet Dailey - 1990
    A blow to the head at carnival has left her with amnesia. Luckily for Remy, her family finds her and brings her home to New Orleans.Or is it so lucky? Remy’s family is friendly and warm, but that warmth might have ulterior motives. Their Louisiana shipping line may be corrupt, and the CEO and Remy’s ex-lover Cole Buchanan has something he’s keeping from her. As Remy learns more about a possible insurance scam involving one of her family’s ships, her allegiances start to break down. With MASQUERADE, bestselling author Janet Dailey paints a rich portrait of New Orleans that moves from mystery to romance and back again. Whom can Remy trust? Will she lose her chance at love? Will she lose her life?"

Pretty Corpse (Lauren Starkley, #1)

Linda Berry - 2019
    The startling revelation hits the news and sends a shockwave through the city. A serial rapist with a “death” fetish is at large in San Francisco. The attack is intensely personal to Lauren. Not only did she find the victim, but the girl is a close friend of her daughter, Courtney. Lauren feels compelled to do some off-duty investigation. The perpetrator is keenly intelligent and methodical, and essentially, invisible. But Lauren has uncanny skills for detection, and routinely finds evidence missed by the detectives. She earns official trouble for her effort, but the warnings from her superiors don’t keep her from tugging at elusive clues. As she gets closer to the predator, he takes notice. Taunting Lauren, he demonstrates that he can get close to her, and to Courtney, without a trace. Lauren has put her daughter right in his crosshairs, and put herself on a collision course. Stressed and sleep-deprived, she is determined to find him and bring him down. But can she succeed before her daughter becomes his next victim?

Lady in Black

Christina Dodd - 1993
    At the age of ninety-two, the head of Donovan Corporation deserved a household staff. What shocked Reid was the fact that his grandfather's majordomo was a sexy blond bombshell with big blue eyes and curves in all the right places. Considering the recent kidnapping threats his grandfather had received, Reid didn't think the lady butler was a good idea.A graduate of Ivor Spencer's London School for Butler Administrators, Margaret Guarneri wasn't ruffled by Reid Donovan's critical assessment. In the past year, she'd developed a rapport with the elderly Mr. Donovan, who was amused and delighted by the antics of her daughter Amy And apart from their personal attachment, Margaret was the perfect butler, from her firm demeanor to her black silk tuxedo.The situation had been ideal until Reid Donovan came along. One glimpse of his sherry brown eyes sent waves of heat shimmering through Margaret's cool facade. His tender touch reminded her how it felt to be a woman in love, a woman with needs and passions. But falling in love with the boss's grandson was strictly forbid-den, and Margaret was well schooled in protocol. She had to put duty before the lure of desire.

Last Gasp

Carla Cassidy - 2009
    Then Seth Walker arrives in town, a lawyer determined to exonerate Hank, to unearth the secrets that should have been revealed long ago. He also offers Allison the one thing missing from her life—the ability to trust a man. But as fate finds them in each other’s arms, a psychotic killer— either the original or a copycat—makes himself known...

Kissing Trouble

Airicka Phoenix - 2014
    Three kids, one month, what could possibly go wrong? Except maybe the unexpected arrival of the one man she’d never been able to quite get over. Even if he had broken her heart once already.Mason Brody was just looking for a weekend with the boys. Getting nearly clobbered by a baseball wasn’t as shocking as the sight of Julie again. After the way things had ended between them the last time, he never expected to see her again.But there was so much more than just their past between them. There was a dark force lurking in the shadows, waiting for the chance to appease its hunger for death and it will stop at nothing until it’s fed. Now, they just have to survive the night long enough to see the future.Can Mason and Julie keep the evil at bay long enough to escape?Or will the monster add their lives to its list?

The Desert Waits

J. Carson Black - 1996
    Thoroughly entertaining."---Carol Davis Luce, author of NIGHT STALKERA woman answers a terrified cry for help...A husband betrays his wife one last time...The owner of an isolated hotel harbors a dangerous obsession...A man succumbs to a fatal attraction...They are four strangers whose lives converge on a lonely stretch of Arizona desert...four strangers brought together by the brutal murder of a beautiful woman. Each of them has a secret. And all of them have a reason to be afraid.Now, someone else is going to die. For in the desert, under the merciless sun, there is no place to hide.* * * * *Praise for J. Carson Black's DARK HORSE (writing as Margaret Falk)"Should put Margaret Falk in the Winner's Circle."---Tony Hillerman"A terrific tale of murder and mayhem set on the quarter horse racing circuit in the American Southwest…Watch out, Dick Francis."---J. A. Jance

Deep Down

Karen Harper - 2009
    There she learned to appreciate the tiny Appalachian town--and ginseng's healing powers. Now a PhD, she's made her home in Lexington, even though that meant leaving Deep Down and her beloved mother--and Sheriff Drew Webb, the man she secretly loved.When Jessie is notified that her mother never returned from her last walk in the woods, she comes home to Deep Down--and to Drew. As Jessie and Drew race to find her mother, several suspects emerge: an agent for those who market the herb for its life-giving properties; Mariah's disgruntled suitor; and an old Cherokee desperate to protect the sacred tribal herb.In the mist of legend and fear, only two things make sense to Jessie. At any cost, she is desperate to find her mother. And she can't help falling desperately in love with Drew all over again.

Beneath Bone Lake

Colleen Thompson - 2009
    She's been warned to steer clear of this neighbor, the sexy bad boy with a criminal past. But with her four-year-old daughter missing, her home incinerated and her own life threatened by a tattooed gunman, where else can she turn? Drowning in the flood of emotion unleashed by their mind-blowing encounters, Ruby is horrified to learn an unidentified body has been dredged up, the local sheriff is somehow involved, and Sam hasn't told her all he knows. Has she put her trust in the wrong man and jeopardized her very survival by uncovering the secrets... BENEATH BONE LAKE