Mythical Monsters: The Scariest Creatures from Legends, Books, and Movies

Chris McNab - 2006
    The book is illustrated throughout with stunning full-color artwork. Includes maps and information boxes describing the background to the myth that created the monster.

Gods and Goddesses in Greek Mythology

Michelle M. Houle - 2001
    -- These books explore myths of different cultures and expand the reader's mind with fascinating stories and useful historic background.-- Every chapter is enhanced with a question and answer section and expert commentary by noted scholars.

Best-Loved Poems

Neil Philip - 2000
    The poems span the entire range of verse from high drama to stuff-and-nonsense and are presented in nine sections: Poems of Childhood and Youth; Poems of Love and Marriage; Poems of Life; Poems of Loss and Comfort; Poems of War and Peace; Poems to Read Aloud; Poems to Read Quietly; Poems of Animals and Nature and Poems of Magic and Mystery.The anthology includes works by William Blake, Dylan Thomas, Seamus Heaney, Robert Burns, T S Eliot, Rudyard Kipling, W B Yeats and many, many more. The poems have all been chosen and arranged by Neil Philip and the volume is illustrated throughout with watercolour borders and decorative motifs by Isabelle Brent, glowing with her trademark gold leaf.

Disney's Hercules

Lisa Ann Marsoli - 1997
    They have written their names inside each front cover and pored over the colorful pictures. Parents have shared Golden Moments with their children, Thanks to the happy hours spent with the books many children have developed a life long love of reading. Over two billion LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS have reached the hands of children. We salute the talented authors and artists who create the books

Goddesses: A World of Myth and Magic

Burleigh Muten - 2008
    Offers descriptions, facts, and anecdotes about the well-known female figures of Greek and Roman mythology, as well as many other tradition.

Usborne Illustrated Guide to Greek Myths and Legends

Cheryl Evans - 1986
    Identifies the gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters of Greek mythology, recounts the most famous stories, and briefly describes Greek history and culture.

I Want to Do It Myself!

Tony Ross - 2010
    Everyone offers to help, but she doesnt want any help. I want to do it myself! she insists. So she sets off all on her own to find the perfect camp site. When she finds the right spot, she discovers shes forgotten a few important things. Maybe she needs a little help after all

I Spy Super Challenger: A Book of Picture Riddles

Jean Marzollo - 1997
    You've never seen I Spy like this!

Top Ten Greek Legends

Terry Deary - 1998
    Readers also get a glimpse of everyday life in Ancient Greece.

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin, Volume 1

Katherine Noll - 2008
    Readers will get tips on how to play games on the site, how to adopt a puffle, decorate their igloo, and much more!

Mini Myths: Brush Your Hair, Medusa!

Joan Holub - 2015
    Her hair rebellion elicits frozen expressions of shock from her family, but nothing will convince Medusa to brush. Only her hairdresser approaches Medusa with bravery and a blade, successfully solving the problem . . . with a short haircut! All are pleased with this drastic yet adorable solution.* Leslie Patricelli’s depictions of this physical comedy bring a lively visual narrative to Joan Holub’s expertly focused text.* Includes a short summary of the original Medusa myth at the end.

Young Zeus

G. Brian Karas - 2010
    Brian Karas comes a witty tale about navigating family and finding one's voice-based on Greek mythology!This is the story of how young Zeus, with a little help from six monsters, five Greek gods, an enchanted she-goat, and his mother, became god of gods, master of lightning and thunder, and ruler over all. in doing so, he learned a lot about family. Who knew that having relatives could be so complicated, even for a god?

Tales of Troy and Greece

Andrew Lang - 1906
    Paris, Helen of Troy, Achilles, Hector, Ulysses, the Amazons and the Wooden Horse all figure in this magical introduction to one of the greatest legends ever told.Also included in this book are the adventures of Theseus and his dramatic battle with the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne, and the quest of Jason for the Golden Fleece with the help of the Princess Medea.

Greek Mythology: A Concise Guide

Robert Carlson - 2016
    The myths have a way of entwining one with another, and it is difficult to present a coherent story line without feeling one has omitted the best part of the story. Inside you will read about... ✓ What Is A Myth? ✓ The Sources Of Greek Mythology ✓ The Creation Of The Universe And The Gods ✓ What Of Man? What Of Woman? ✓ The Greek Pantheon ✓ The Trojan War ✓ The Influence Of Greek Drama ✓ Two Greek Mortal Heroes In Mythological Tales This guide succeeds in presenting an overall sketch of the creation of the world and the battles that follow, resulting in Zeus taking his place as the supreme god and ruling the earth from Mount Olympus. It covers the creation of man, it seems, as a bit of an afterthought for the amusement of the Olympians and some of the most famous stories that have come down to us via the writings of the great dramatists of the Classical Age. There are concise biographies of the twelve gods that make up the Olympians as well as of the heroes of the Trojan War.

Greek Myths For Young Children

Heather Amery - 1999
    This collection of the best-known stories are retold in a magical and sensitive way.'