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Draco Family Duet by Emma Nichols


The Soul Summoner Series: Books 1 & 2

Elicia Hyder - 2016
    One of them would die for her; the other would kill to keep her safe.**Find out why The Soul Summoner series has been a #1 bestseller in Paranormal Suspense and has been downloaded over 100,000 times, earning hundreds of 5-Star ratings. Enjoy the first two books in the series in one convenient bundle at 50% off the cover price!**THE SOUL SUMMONER (Book 1)Blessed or cursed with a connection to the souls of others, Sloan Jordan can see the best in people...and the worst. With nothing more than a glance at a photograph, she can judge the living from the dead and the good souls from the evil ones. For twenty-seven years, she's kept her ability a secret, but eleven young women have been murdered in the mountains of North Carolina, and Sloan may be the only hope of finding their killer.She has just agreed to help Detective Nathan McNamara with the case, when a stranger--who is as alluring as he is terrifying--shows up at her doorstep with a dark past and another puzzling mystery: she can't see his soul at all.Now Sloan is on the hunt for a deadly psychopath with two irresistible men. One of them would die for her, and the other would kill to keep her safe.THE SIREN (Book 2)All the missing victims of North Carolina's deadliest serial killer have been found, all except Rachel Smith. When the FBI produces a photo proving Rachel is alive and well in Texas, one case is closed but another one is opened. Either this is a case of mistaken identity or there are more people than just Sloan Jordan and Warren Parish who seem to walk the earth without a soul.Along with Detective Nathan McNamara, Sloan and Warren travel south to find Rachel and solve the biggest mystery of all: determining who--or what--they really are.

A Celtic Legacy

Shannon Mayer - 2013
    . . And doomed to face the unimaginable.An everyday vacation quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions. Two sisters must struggle to find the strength within themselves to survive as well as to save one another. When the world of Fae emerges on a rocky shore far from the Emerald Isle, all hell breaks loose. Two factions vie for the sister's loyalties, one light, the other dark. Neither honest.A series of events are set into motion that will not only test the bonds of sisterly love, but will defy belief and reality. Then you have found yourself deep in . . . "Dark Waters".Dark IsleA new threat emerges as Chaos, an ancient deity, challenges not only the safety of the sisters, but the safety of the world. A decision must be made: do they save the ones they love, or savethe world from total destruction? The lines between allies and enemies blur as the danger rises, leaving no one without suspicion.As the worlds of the Fae and human collide the future has never looked so grim. Or so damn impossible. Dark FaeAll points of the sister's lives have brought them to this moment, and this horrible realization. Chaos, an ancient and deadly deity, is free in the world. And the only way to stop her, is for the two sisters to face one another on the battle field, as enemies. One of them must die if Chaos is to be stopped, but can either of them sacrifice the other, even for the safety of the world? Blood will be spilt, loyalties divided, and hearts broken in this epic conclusion to the "CelticLegacy" series.

Rock Wolf Investigations: A Paranormal Romance Boxset

Dee Bridgnorth - 2019
    But when someone starts picking the pockets of the tourists in the theater, Olivia Houghton has to call in an expert. When Duke Dunbar first gets the assignment to catch a theater pickpocket, he figures it’s a slam dunk. But they can’t catch this thief the old fashioned way. There’s something funny going on in the old Moonrise and Duke and Olivia realize that the answer isn’t going to make them laugh. PART II Kari Jo Mounds is the hottest young up and coming country singer on the Branson music scene. When she starts receiving threatening notes from an admirer, her manager Adam Cathcart calls Rock Wolf Investigations for help. Ellie Pierce has no patience for the woes of angsty young singers, but she sure knows her way around a security detail. Adam and Ellie must untangle the twisted trail of broken hearts Kari Jo has left behind before someone breaks her instead of her cheating country heart. PART III The Branson Landing is full of stores for shopping, restaurants for eating, and even a light and water show down by the edge of Lake Taneycomo. When the Landing suddenly becomes full of skateboarders pestering the tourists, Laurie Talcott calls Rock Wolf Investigations for reinforcements. Younger Adair figures this is going to be just another job dealing with bored teenagers. Then Laurie and Younger start to dig for clues. The story they uncover proves the bored teenagers are really a distraction for something else. Now it’s time to act fast before Laurie winds up taking the blame. PART IV Mindy has had it raising her younger brother. He’s a problem child for sure. Then he comes home one night from his shift at the go cart track high as a kite and with a wild excuse to boot. The local police won’t listen and then Mindy meets Ash. She isn’t so sure if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, but he’s willing to help and that’s all that matters. Mindy and Ash will have their hands full sorting dirty cops from clean ones as they try to shut down the drug ring ruining everyone’s Branson vacation. PART V Kylie Overton knows that there is something odd about her neighbor Titus Holbrook. Lately though, odd just doesn’t cover it. Titus has been acting paranoid. Coming and going at all hours of the day and night and making excuses. Kylie thought she had a totally hot, but really weird neighbor. She didn’t realize she was getting sucked into a world of blackmail where reporters go crazy and werewolves are real. To make matters worse, Titus Holbrook is her only ally in this strange alternate reality.

Curves for the Dragon

Annabelle Winters - 2019
    . . When curvy investigative reporter Asheline Brown scores an “interview” (not a date—nope, it is not a date) with Adam Drake, a brooding bad boy who dropped out of her high school decades ago, joined the Air Force, and then poof, disappeared into the wild blue yonder, she has no idea what that fated meeting is going to spark.She has no idea what Adam Drake is.She has even less of a clue of what she is!All she knows is that they’ve got to figure it out together.After all, that’s what fate means, right?If you’ve never read an Annabelle Winters novel, here’s what you should expect: Drama, madness, and over-the-top steam. Twists and turns, surprises and gotchas, and of course a happy ending. Welcome to the Curves for Shifters world. These are shifters like you’ve never seen, I promise.

Theirs To Protect

Erika Reed - 2016
    Who knew that having one drink at the local bar would change her life forever? She never intended in falling for the two sexy bear shifters, Maddox and Ryker who swore to protect her from her violent ex. For years Maddox and Ryker Eller had given up hope of ever finding their mate, but the minute they saw Callie, they knew she was meant to be theirs. The two brothers will stop at nothing to keep her safe and protect the woman who they love.

The Wolf's New Year Bride

Deanna Chase - 2018
    But now he’s back on her island, ready to marry another. She knows, she’s seen the vision. Only not everything is as it seems, and by the end of the night, if everything goes as planned, it just might be Frankie at the altar.

Taming Alaska

Katherine Rhodes - 2019
    One Summer. Everything changes. We wanted to celebrate the end of college. The end of all the hard work, the beginning of our new lives. Brandy had the perfect place: Alaska. Jess There were problems with the house, the wildlife, the land. The only thing that wasn't a problem was the neighbor: Garrett Pauler. We hired him to fix the house, and he did way more than that. There was something in the woods though. Something that didn't want us there, something that would go to any lengths to get rid of us. But it shared the woods with something-- someone determined to keep us safe. Garrett The old Yeil place was a disaster, but I wasn't above the challenge. The challenge lay in the gorgeous woman who was waiting for me there. Jess Smythe. My mate. As human as they came, she was everything I dreamed and wanted in my life. I just didn't expect to show her my wolf before I convince her we were meant to be. But there was something in the woods that would go to any lengths to get rid of the women, and of me and my pack. And it would force me to make decisions that would change the course of my mate's life... **Content Warning: This books contains adult language and situations. It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**

Vampire Princess

Cameron Drake - 2017
    Someday I will reclaim my father's throne. Until then, I’m stuck in freaking high school. No one knows I survived the attack on my royal family all those years ago. I owe my life to my guardians, two ancient Vampires who would give their lives to protect me.  I might have unspeakable powers of night, but right now? I need to pass AP calc, make a couple of friends, and try not to drink the sweet, young blood of my classmates. Being in hiding means pretending I’m a nice, normal, human teenage girl, and that’s the hardest part. I couldn’t be less interested in football games and prom dates. Enter Dylan. Dylan’s got gorgeous blue eyes, the body of an underwear model, and a laugh that turns my insides to mushy goo. He makes me want to be normal, to stick around this town for longer than a few months. The craziest part? Dylan means that staying hidden is the last thing I want to do. He makes me want to go to prom. Prom! So here I am, teenage Vampire Princess and cheerleader, pompoms and all. Trying not to drink my boyfriend like a juice box. Young love is complicated, amirate?

Fallen University: Complete Series

Callie Rose - 2020
    Until it happened to me.One day, I was a regular college student, working a boring job and studying for finals—and the next, I was transformed into some strange creature of the night.Now I’ve got powers I don’t understand, I can change my appearance with a thought, and I’m having all kinds of odd… cravings.If I thought all this bullshit was gonna get me out of going to college though, I’ve got another think coming. Nope, I still need an education. Except the classes at Fallen University are on things like “Curses and Hexcraft” and “Magical Combat”.It’s not all bad. There are these four hot as hell guys I keep bumping into—Kingston, Jayce, Xero, and Kai. I’m not sure if I should trust them; they’ve each got secrets of their own, and they’re definitely dangerous.But that craving I’ve been having?It’s pulling me right toward them.Yup, things are about to get real interesting at FU.The Fallen University series is a fast-burn reverse harem paranormal romance. It contains cursing, magic, and lots of steam.BOOKS IN THIS SET:Fallen University: Year OneFallen University: Year TwoFallen University: Year Three

Dragon's First Shift

Serena Meadows - 2019
    Dazzled by the fancy cars and pretty girls. Tailored suits and slick haircuts. Almost all of them they fail to see the lie. Smell the stinking truth right under their up-turned noses. I’ll soon turn twenty-five, but my life has been one big, dangerous deception. I was born into a destiny I never chose, and a war I never asked for. But the biggest secret of all is running through my veins, hidden deep within my bones. A slumbering beast, that’s only now beginning to awaken. And right when it feels like my sanity is starting to slip, she appears. Fiery, seductive, and holding an envelope that’s about to smash my life to pieces. I never wanted a love story. But the last thing I expected was a tragedy. Warning: Adults Only

Sexy Greek God Kidnappers

Austin Kalin - 2017
    Everything’s coming up Sam right? WRONG. When I found Brett cheating on me, things went from great, to bad, to horrible. Of course my bestie Kyrn ran over for a night of binging on ice cream and chick flicks. That was the plan at least...know what wasn’t in the plan? Being kidnapped by a group of guys that look like they were sculpted by the hands of God. Even less expected was when one of my captor’s growled “Mine” at me...and yes, I did say growl. Xavier: The moment I laid eyes on Sam I knew she was my mate and I would do whatever it took to have her. When your soul is linked to another, rules go out the window, and nothing or no one can keep you apart. I’ve followed her scent to her front door and there’s no turning back now - she will be mine. When Sam approaches me from the darkness I hear my pack gasp as they say in unison “She’s human.” But guess what? I don’t care. This book is so amazing. I absolutely loved it. It was easy to understand and read. I love the author's theme throughout the book about girl power. The characters are refreshing and relatable. It's a very captivating and fun book, and I cannot wait for more! - Elly This story will have you glued to the pages right from the beginning! You have two spunky young women and a group of sexy as sin young wolf shifters! With an exciting storyline how can you not love it! - Roxie

Titania Academy Book One: Faerie Misborn

Samaire Wynne - 2019
    Wonderful. -------------- Freezing cold winters, constant hunger: This was the life of a homeless orphan. This was my life. Then I got the letter. I've been on the streets since I was born. It got very rough after my aunt got sick and died. But I made do. The streets of New York city can very unforgiving, especially when times get desperate. Like in winter. At least I never had to worry about the cold. But then I got hurt. Things were looking very bad. Then Chance showed up with the letter. The letter that said I was misborn of the fae. A bastard, but the magic still counted. The letter that said I'd been accepted into Titania Academy. When the magic blood of the fae runs through your veins, they will find you, no matter what. ~ ~ ~ So I get to the school. The Faerie Academy Chance said was soooo great. And before I even step one toe on the ground, these girls are doing double takes and giggling behind their backs at me and I just want to plant my fist in their faces. Then I get upstairs to my dorm room and find some Barbie doll is bullying a girl. Then she mouths off at me, giving me attitude. Well, that was it. I couldn't hold back. I punched her. Yeah, I did it. Called into the headmistress's office on the first day. Wonderful.

His Rejection

Chazminne Harrison - 2019
    Her Prince Charming, her Knight in Shining Armor, her Protector... He'd take her way from all of the horrible people in her pack; but the last thing she expected when she woke up on 16th birthday was for the guy who ruined her life to be her beloved mate.... Maxon Ellis couldn't have been anymore excited to find out that the girl he has had a crush on his whole life is his mate; Nova Lucas. Even though he's happy several problems keep them from their happily ever after. The problems? 1: Some of his pack still believed that she killed her father, or at the very least, had something to do with his death. The death of the late Beta was still a mystery waiting to be solved. 2: Nova was different. She isn't like the normal girls he dated. Can Maxon have the girl of his dreams and keep his pack and image intact? Highly doubtful... When Nova and Maxon touch their worlds stopped and changed, can they fix their mess before it stays that way forever? Find out..


Sophia Sharp - 2011
    That time has come, and one girl stands in the middle of it all...Laura has been reunited with Logan, and together they must face the elders. But this time, they have the angels on their side. It is a precious advantage, but only if used properly...She has learned of the prophecy of her fate, and learned of her destiny. But while others are certain, she is less sure. And as she moves forward, she learns that absolutely nothing can ever be guaranteed.Graced is the first part of the final book in the Dream Realms Trilogy, and the sequel to both Shattered and Destined. It is approximately the same length as Destined.

My Fairy Lady

L.A. Lee - 2013
    He’s seen it all in Sin City over the years. Or so he thought. Then one night his world is flipped upside down when he meets the mysterious Karli Lane at the scene of a horrific murder.Karli is the most frustrating, sexy, and intriguing woman he’s ever known. She’s hiding something big and he’s determined to unmask her secret while protecting her from the vampire who’s looking to make her his next meal. He finds himself calling upon his professional and magical skills in attempt to solve the case, beat the vampire, and get the girl.This novella is a companion story in the Karli Lane series told from a never-before-seen point of view. It is meant to be read after enjoying the first two full length novels in the series: Pixie Dust & Vampires, Warlocks, and Exes ~ Oh My!