Battletech: Blood of Kerensky Trilogy

Michael A. Stackpole - 2010
    For the past three hundred years, since the Star League collapse and the rise of the Five Successor States, these mortal enemies have fought over space, land and politics. But a new threat looms just outside the Inner Sphere. The descendants of an old Star League general, the Clans bred to be the best military force humanity has ever seen have come to take what they believe is rightfully BattleTech: Blood Legacy - Blood of Kerensky Trilogy Book 2 of 3 Blood Legacy continues the saga of the Clan invasion begun in 3030. Jaime Wolf has brought all the key leaders of the Inner Sphere together to put to rest old blood feuds and power struggles. But old hatreds and suspicions die hard. Still, the very survival of the Successor States hinges on battling warriors equipped with BattleMechs far superior to their own and another threat lurking in their very midst ComStar, the sect controlling interstellar communication which is determined to rule all of the Inner Sphere by any means at its disposal... BattleTech: Lost Destiny - Blood of Kerensky Trilogy Book 3 of 3 And so continues the saga of the Clan invasion and the explosive struggle within the Inner Sphere. With secrete aid from ComStar the Terran-based sect that serves as the keeper of the Inner Spheres technological secrets the Clans BattleMech warriors have been incredibly successful in their campaign of invasion. But ComStar has its own reasons for giving aid to the enemy, and if its strategy proves successful, the Inner Sphere worlds will finally be reunited under ComStars rule.

Battletech Technical Readout: 3060

Herbert A. Beas IIBryan Nystul - 1997
    But the Clan forces they face also have new BattleMechs, as well as vehicles constructed with the Clans' vastly superior technology, and some other surprises. Technical Readout: 3060 contains illustrations and complete game statistics for the latest Inner Sphere and Clan BattleMechs, tanks, hovercraft, VTOLS, and more.

Classic Battletech: Total Warfare

Randall N. Bills - 2006
    As star empires clash, these epic wars are won and lost by BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall humanoid metal titans bristling with lasers, autocannons and dozens of other lethal weapons; enough firepower to level entire city blocks. Your elite force of MechWarriors drives these juggernauts into battle, proudly holding your faction s flag high, intent on expanding the power and glory of your realm. At their beck and call are the support units of armored vehicles, power armored infantry, aerospace fighters and more, wielded by a MechWarrior's skillful command to aid him in ultimate victory. Will they become legends, or forgotten casualties? Only your skill and luck will determine their fate! October of 2006 sees the unveiling of a whole new look and presentation for Classic BattleTech. The basic rules and concepts of the game have not changed: thirty-foot tall metal titans of doom piloted by feudal MechWarrior knights firing lightning bolts, coherent lasers and autocannons in an orgy of destruction across a futuristic landscape of thousands of worlds. These concepts have made Classic BattleTech/MechWarrior one of the most successful science fiction lines ever created, spawning millions of sold MechWarrior PC games, almost a hundred full-length novels, more than ten million sold MechWarrior: Dark Age Collectable Miniatures Game figures, comic books, toys, a cartoon, virtual reality centers, over five-thousand fan-based websites and more. Yet it all began with the original board game, which still conveys all the best the universe has to offer, presented in a whole new way with the publication of the first in a new series of core rulebooks, Total Warfare. TOTAL WARFARE The product of more than twenty years of gaming experience, Total Warfare presents the rules of the Classic BattleTech game system as never before. For the first time, all the rules for various units that have a direct impact

Battletech: Technical Readout 3050. Revised Edition.

Andrew Keith - 1994
    It supplanted the original Technical Readout: 3050 (even keeping the same product number), dropping the Unseen designs and replacing them with newer (at the time) high technology weapons and equipment, which were available (at this title's printing) via some of the rulebooks. Thirty-one combat assets were included in this revised edition, most being Level 2 versions of the 'Mechs and combat vehicles introduced in Technical Readout: 2750.In-character, it purports to be a 3058 revision of the original 3052 document.Each 'Mech includes detailed technical illustrations, background information, and game rules.

Devil Calls the Tune

Chris Maddox - 2020
    When his father was called to duty and his mother made an invalid by a plague, Niko learned to survive by his wits. He stole what he needed to stay alive and fought to keep what he stole. Until he got arrested. On the eve of his majority birthday, Niko got laid off from his job and found out the son of the local crime lord had been selling his mom drugs and forcing her to “entertain” his friends. Facing jail time—and almost certain death—for beating the crime lord’s son nearly to death, Niko is forced to join the military to get off world. The terms of his enlistment are such that he can’t quit, so he hopes to fly under the radar and serve his time in a do-nothing job. That’s his plan, anyway. But plans have a way of getting disrupted, and when the Devil is calling the tune, sometimes all you can do is sing along.

New World Disorder: Mech Command Book 1

George S. Mahaffey Jr. - 2018
     Seal Team 6 … Delta Force … Paw Patrol. They’re all gone now, vaporized during an alien invasion that has only recently ended. What’s left behind is a small group of survivors led by a former scavenger named Danny Deus, who’ve been selected to compete for a spot as operators in the Mech Command, a global mechanized fighting force dedicated to defending the Earth, kicking the crap out of wannabe alien invaders, and looping back through time every now and again. What most would consider a lifetime’s worth of work—battling extraterrestrial bad guys and saving the universe—Danny and the operators call a busy Tuesday. If you enjoy over-the-top sci-fi action, cool mechs, and smartass characters, saddle up with the Mech Command and enjoy a series that’s been described as READY PLAYER ONE meets PACIFIC RIM.

I Am Mech

Jonathan Yanez - 2020
    Instead, they get Jack.This ace mech pilot contends with legendary prophecies, ancient powers, and fickle companions as he sets out on an epic task to save his planet from a baddie hellbent on destruction.Has his positive self-talk got him in too deep or will he actually pull through to do some good this time?I Am Mech is a nonstop, rollercoaster ride of an adventure full of snarky humor and more than a few spit-out-your-drink moments.

Battlecorps Anthology, Volume 1: The Corps

Loren L. Coleman - 2008
    1) is a print anthology of 17 short stories previously published via BattleCorps, and an 18th, previously unpublished story (Destiny's Challenge) that continues the story of one of the others.It also includes a Foreword by the editor, Loren L. Coleman, how BattleCorps came into being; an "About the authors" section at the end; and a collection of BattleMech illustrations in the back. StoriesA Race to the End (Loren L. Coleman)Damage Control (Ilsa J. Bick)Eight Nine Three (Steven Mohan Jr.)Isolation's Weight (Randall N. Bills)Destiny's Call (Loren L. Coleman)Poison (Jason M. Hardy)The Immortal Warrior at the Battle of Vorhaven (Kevin Killiany)Ghost of Christmas Present (Michael A. Stackpole)Zeroing In (Robert Thurston)For Want of a Nail (Dan C. Duval)Art of the Deal (Loren L. Coleman)McKenna Station (Kevin Killiany)Echoes in the Void (Randall N. Bills)The Longest Road (Blaine Lee Pardoe)The Back Road (Louisa M. Swann)Commerce Is All (Steven Mohan, Jr.)En Passant (Phaedra M. Weldon)Destiny's Challenge (Loren L. Coleman)


Isaac Hooke - 2019
    A trapped platoon. The one man who will stop at nothing to lead his unit to safety. Rade Galaal and his team of special operators are deployed to a colony under attack by a strange new alien race. Their mission: find the extraterrestrial base and destroy it. The operation should be easy, given that his men pilot Brigand mechs: massive, 25-foot-tall war machines armed to the teeth with electrolasers, rockets, incendiary throwers, and more. But it's not easy. Rade and his team soon find themselves in over their heads. Surrounded by an entire world of enraged aliens, they must rely on their wits, their training, and their mechs to survive. Because their only way out is each other.

Mech Corps

Jake Bible - 2017
     Now united and desperate to put down new roots, humanity sets off across the galaxy. But, the galaxy isn't as hospitable as people would like. Humanity needs a miracle to survive against the first alien race they encounter. Good thing they have that miracle in the form of a team of 30-foot human-piloted battle robots known as the Mech Corps!

The Legend of the Jade Phoenix Trilogy

Robert Thurston - 2003
     Aidan Pryde is a MechWarrior in training with Clan Jade Falcon who learns that there's more to war than honor and glory...

Ending Day by Day

Shouji Gatou - 2011
    But things go from bad to worse when they are suddenly attacked by a cadre of Arm Slaves.

Dead Mech Walking

Xavier P. Hunter - 2017
    One human heart. Sgt. Reggie King wakes up from a battlefield injury to find himself physically intact. But the hospital staff insist he’s not fit to return to duty. As part of his psychological recovery, they introduce him to a game. Armored Souls is a tank game on steroids. Giant, walking mechs called juggernauts engage in interplanetary wars as noble houses and mercenary factions wage endless battles for supremacy. For the pilots of these juggernauts, the rewards are glory, cash, and XP. As a tanker in real life, Reggie has a leg up on tactics and leadership, but he’s got a lot to learn in the game world. Saddled with trigger-happy commanding officers, slacker teammates, and bafflingly incompetent NPC underlings, Reggie will have to struggle to make headway. Meanwhile, a sinister player decides to make Reggie’s life hell after their two factions clash. Reggie is forced to find a solution to his griefer problems while battling the real life demons that chased him into the game in the first place. …and they won’t let him quit.

The Last Builder

Simeon Graves - 2017
    We've spread to other galaxies and continue to thrive as a vast civilization. But calamity looms on the horizon. Little do our people know that a long-gestating killer, called The Keresian Virus, will soon decimate 99.99% of our population.  One of the few people aware of the government cover-up is Cutler Copeland. Not only is he immune to the virus, he's also a scout who's spent his life finding inhospitable planets with just the right attributes to facilitate terraforming into living ecosystems. But now, with his ex-wife dead, Cutler must return to Earth to fetch his teenage daughter, Kit, and somehow remain undetected by the government conspirators hellbent on stealing the secrets that will soon come into Cutler's possession.Will he succeed in reconnecting with his daughter, and get away just before the slaughter, or will his enemies track him down and use him for their own nefarious plans?P.S. Visit to get a free copy of the never-to-be-published prequel to The Last Builder. ​


David Ryker - 2019
    The best of the best. And now he's gone Rogue... His entire life, all James 'Red' Maddox has known is war. He was born on a dust rock called Genesis-526, conscripted into the Federation military with thousands of other recruits, and somehow stumbled into the Mech Corps. It was a moment that changed his life. Mech Corps pilots are the best of the best. They sit in the cockpit of iron beasts that tower into the sky, fighting alongside men and women who have been bred for their task since birth. Perfect reaction times. An almost inhuman level of concentration. The courage to throw themselves into the fight day after day, year after year, knowing that their mechs are sent into the crucible of the fight, into the heart of danger—and expected not just to survive, but to win... But Red is getting real tired of putting down rebellions on colony planets he's never heard of. Of pulverizing alien planets before he ever even learns their name. Of losing friends, lovers, and brothers in the service of an empire that doesn't care whether he lives or dies. Every man has his breaking point. And Red just found his...