For Now, Forever

Trin Denise - 2012
    After a full weekend of celebrating her birthday, she goes to work thinking it will be just another typical workday. That thought comes to a crashing halt when she flips the “Closed” sign to “Open” and finds an elderly mustachioed man standing at the door.Gordon LeVitt, Attorney at Law drops a bombshell that will flip Cassie’s life upside down. The man that she believed to be her father for the last thirty-three years is not really her father, and her recently deceased biological father Collin Masterson has named her as an heir in his Last Will and Testament. The catch: Her presence is required at the reading.Cassie heads to Masterson, West Virginia and has a blow-out that sends her car careening off the side of the road. With her heart racing in her chest, she is relieved when the most gorgeous creature she’s ever seen stops to help and then Cassie does something she has never done in her life—make mad passionate love with a complete stranger named Eelyn M. Carmichael who has agreed to drop Cassie off for her appointment.After Mr. LeVitt’s introductions, Cassie gets an even bigger shock when Eelyn comes strolling into the room and takes a seat next to Lenora, her father’s widow. Feeling sick to her stomach and thinking her world is crashing down, Cassie does the only thing she can—she runs with no intention of looking back. The one thing Cassie forgets is that things are seldom what they seem and Eelyn M. Carmichael has already made up her mind that Cassie Reynolds is not going to be the one who got away because some things that happen in the now, can and do last forever.


Elle Spencer - 2018
    When it comes to men, Sam won’t make time for anything more than a one-night stand. No commitments, no connections. Everything changes the morning she wakes up next to a woman for the first time, except Sam can’t actually remember what happened. But the undeniably gorgeous Mia Rossi isn’t going to let her ignore the passion they shared. For Sam, the night she can’t remember turns out to be impossible to forget.In Forget Her Never, Abby Dunn knows there has to be a catch. There always is. But when a sexy stranger offers a night of fun, she throws caution to the wind. Kendall Squires is a fascinating woman who knows just what to say to get what she wants. That should have been Abby's clue that Kendall would know what not to say, as well, and she shouldn't have been surprised when she learns Kendall is married. Abby knows she has to put that night behind her, but can she ever really forget a woman like Kendall Squires?

Younger Than Yesterday

Harper Bliss - 2012
    Desire for a younger woman no less.This story shows the point of view of the character Rose from Summer Heat.

At Her Service

Heidi Lowe - 2018
    Her living expenses, however, are another thing entirely. With only two months to go before the course starts, she needs to earn money, and lots of it, fast. So when she sees an ad seeking an escort for a group of bored, rich housewives, it's an offer she simply can't refuse. The job is the easy part. Keeping her emotions out of it might be a little trickier. At Her Service is the first book in the Service Girl Chronicles.


Sandy Lowe - 2017
    That, and the fact she’s hopelessly in love with her best friend Leah. When Leah needs help extricating herself from an awkward one-night stand, Ashley runs to the rescue. An innocent touch turns electric, and Ashley has to come clean about her charade or risk losing the woman she loves.Words: 14,600

Life Pushes You Along

Emma Sterner-Radley - 2017
    Bored, but safe.Frequent customer, Rebecca Clare, makes Zoe's days a little brighter. But the beautiful, and impressive businesswoman in her forties seems unobtainable.Zoe's brother and her best friend are convinced that she is stuck in a rut. When they decide to meddle in Zoe's life, they manage to bring Zoe and Rebecca together. It soon becomes obvious that Rebecca is bored with her own uneventful life as well.Unfortunately, their meetings seem to remain all business. As they find the bravery and resolve to allow life to push them along, the question soon becomes - will it push them together or apart?Categories: Novella, Romance


Cassidy Storm - 2018
     You’re blindfolded, gagged, tied to a chair, arms bound tightly behind you. Completely naked – and completely helpless. You have no idea how you got here. Or where “here” is. This is just a dream, you decide. Unable to see, you listen instead. What you hear around you is both intriguing and frightening. Other women being punished – and pleasured. All too soon, your own ordeal begins as three women take turns subjecting you to excruciating torment – and orgasmic bliss. It must be a dream. Or is it?

The Blush Factor

Gun Brooke - 2014
    Revered by stockholders, feared in boardrooms and by employees all over the Eastern Seaboard, her life changes when she decides to restore an inherited makeup company to its former glory. While doing research, Eleanor discovers the YouTube makeup gurus and the most successful channel, “The Blush Factor,” becomes her guilty pleasure. She finds the much-younger woman in the videos mesmerizing and profoundly attractive in a way she had never felt about a woman before.Addison Garry loves makeup. A YouTube celebrity, her video tutorials and reviews attract hordes of viewers. When Eleanor wants Addison to do consulting for her company, Addison needs the money and knows she can’t refuse the infamous businesswoman. Working with Eleanor, Addison finds it hard to act strictly professional as she both fears her and dreams of winning her heart. Eleanor in turn realizes that her attraction to Addison is not a mere midlife crisis at all, but looks very much like love.


Eliza Lentzski - 2017
     In her junior year of college, Hunter Dyson has some big decisions to make about her future. She wants to be a nurse, that much she knows, but everyone from her parents to her academic advisor is nagging her about what kind of nursing she wants to pursue. But before she can worry about those details, she's got to survive Professor Graft's writing seminar. And her legs.

Finding Haley

Margaux Fox - 2021
    It is hot and steamy in nature (you have been warned!)Haley Anderson has run away to Spain following the breakdown of her marriage. She wants to start again, to find something, to find herself perhaps.She doesn't expect to be swept off her feet and into the bed of a beautiful older woman.What secrets is this woman hiding? And will Haley be able to find herself in the arms of someone else?

Being Hers

Anna Stone - 2018
    By day, she studies at law school, and by night, she serves drinks at an exclusive club to afford her tuition. But the hard-working Melanie will never admit her true desire: to escape from her fast-paced, high-pressure life, if only for a moment. When Melanie meets Vanessa, a glamorous executive and a regular at the club, she is drawn to the enigmatic black-haired woman. Vanessa is relentless in pursuing what she wants—and what she wants is Melanie. Soon, Melanie finds herself caught up in Vanessa’s sensual games of submission, power and control. Melanie insists that her affair with Vanessa remains purely physical. But as her limits are tested, so is the line between lust and love. When ghosts from the past reappear, both women must face their deepest fears. Can Melanie surrender her everything to Vanessa, or will old wounds prove too great?

The Client

Meghan O'Brien - 2017
     *** This short story of approximately 14,900 words contains depictions of graphic, consensual sex and features dirty talk, light role-play, and lots of feelings. ***

Off Screen

J.A. Armstrong - 2015
    But, Emma spends most of her nights alone wondering how her life became so secluded. Surrounded by people constantly, she remains lonely. Skeptical of people’s true motives, and guarded in her personal attachments; it seems the one thing Emma craves most in life is destined to allude her; love. Addison Blake is a charming and witty aspiring writer. She sees life as an endless adventure full of possibility and prides herself on taking chances. When Addison accidentally collides with Emma; sparks immediately ignite. Friendship and companionship are rivaled by an attraction that neither woman has ever experienced. But, Addison seems reluctant to pursue a romantic relationship with the popular television star, challenging Emma to finally demolish all of her self-imposed walls. Off Screen is the story of two women’s discovery of love and passion and the courage to embrace both.

The Beard

Anne Eton - 2013
    Nothing could be further from the truth; she’s never even kissed a girl. Kelly’s hired. However, a suspicious co-worker keeps inquiring about her girlfriend. To keep her lies straight, Kelly bases her fictional partner on Anna, an aggressive, gorgeous lesbian friend of a friend. But when the firm’s annual Christmas party looms, Kelly’s forced to produce her mysterious girlfriend. The real Anna agrees to be Kelly’s “beard”—her fake date. But at the party, alcohol flows... and Anna’s all over Kelly. Kelly pretends to her office mates that her “girlfriend’s” advances are perfectly normal—even as she feels her resistance to the beautiful woman melting away.The Beard is a comedy with sexy scenes and some explicit passages.

Beyond the Skyline

Lise Gold - 2017
    She has no interest in dating and has never been in love. When she meets her new colleague Mel on a business trip to Hong Kong, her whole world is turned upside down by the beautiful and independent woman who couldn't be more different from her. It's hard to hide in a city that never dims its lights. But love is never easy when everything you know changes...