This Delicious Life

Lekshmi Gopinathan - 2021
    A story that makes you hungry and feeds your soul. From Jaffna Crab Curry to Mor Kuzhambu, Spinach Casseroles and Tiramisu, nestled in the tiny fishing village of Iraalpatinam, comes a delicious and heartwarming tale of food, life and love. Meet the valiant lady sarpanch, the food blogger in search of peace, the able District Collector, a nomadic football coach and the beautiful fisher folks of this quaint village all bound together by their love for food. A yummy story of friendship, love and spices.

The Rainbow Through The Rain

Elvi Rhodes - 1993
    Old Jacob had started the family antique business when he was nine years old, going round the big houses and buying small items of bric-a-brac for pennies. Now Brogden's was famous for its beautiful furniture and pictures. But the most beautiful - and valuable - thing in Jacob's life was his granddaughter, Lois - for Lois reminded him of the daughter he had lost so tragically many years ago. When Lois fell in love with John Farrar, the whole family were dismayed, for between Jacob and the Farrars was a deep and abiding feud that could never be mended. Lois, conscious of the storm clouds of war gathering over her future, was determined that nothing and no-one should come between her and her beloved John. But as war broke out, as families were torn apart, Lois found her life changing irrevocably.

The Christmas Gift (Return To Wyoming Book 1)

Vivian Sinclair - 2017
    His ranch is his life and the approaching Christmas doesn’t mean much to him. He’s not exactly a Grinch, but who has time for decorating and celebrating when there is work to be done? Discovering a young woman lost on the country road that leads to his ranch, he has to take her home as a blizzard is coming. Violet Kendall was looking for the sister she has never known she had, and her tiny car was ill equipped to face a real Wyoming snowstorm. Is Connor going to appreciate the real Christmas gift he got this year? And are the secrets Violet is hiding going to place in danger these people that she has come to love? Will the stern Wyoming rancher and the delicate girl from Atlanta find a way to happiness in this season when miracles are possible?

GOLDEN ONE: An Omega Files Adventure (Book 3) (Omega Files Adventures)

Rick Chesler - 2020

U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - You Get Five Years: Tales of the Old West Book 90

Paul L. Thompson - 2020

Brewer's Posse: A Western Frontier Adventure

Robert Peecher - 2019
    But watch your back, because not everyone is riding for justice. Get it now!

Raid of the Wolves: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure (Ormstunga Saga Book 2)

Donovan Cook - 2021

Kiss of the Texas Maverick

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

It’s Pamela Rigby Actually

C.J. Morrow - 2020

Trap the Devil: Thriller: Free 9-Chapter Preview (A Dewey Andreas Novel Book 7)

Ben Coes - 2017

West of the Dead Line: Tales of an Indian Territory Lawman

Phil Truman - 2017
    It ran straight south from Caldwell, Kansas to Fort Reno, I.T., then down through the Cheyenne and Comanche and Kiowa lands, crossing the Red River into Bowie, Texas. It was a line on the map, a demarcation. West of it no law existed, only outlaws. On trails out there, outlaws put notes on trees and posts to let lawmen know they'd be killed if they continued their pursuits west of the Dead Line.In the storied times of the American West, in what was called Indian Territory, no place came close to matching the dangers and mortality U.S.marshals faced doing their jobs. Those who survived became titans in the legends of the West, particularly one man called Bass Reeves. These stories are fiction; the encounters this lawman faced, and The Dead Line, were not.

Seedtime and Harvest

Mary E. Pearce - 1984
    But a terrible accident and a surprise inheritance put pressure on the happy couple's relationship. "Sheer country magic." James Herriott The advent of the Second World War brings changes to the farm, with one depature and a new arrival. Charlie's good intentions to help a young boy, and the Truscotts' struggling neighbour, drive him and his wife further apart. And Linn's worries about her beloved son, Robert, are difficult to bear. A moving and often heart-rending account of life on a country farm in 1940s war-torn England. The fifth and final book in the Apple Tree Saga.

The Last Two Aces in Las Vegas

Donna Foley Mabry - 2006
    His father died when he was eleven, leaving Alberto, his mother, and his baby sister Sophia, on their own. As man of the house, Alberto vowed that he would do whatever it took to care for his family, even if it included murder.Decades later, he finds that he is running out of time and he still has three people on his list, two of them to care for, one of them to kill.Beautiful, talented, and bold, casino Entertainment Director Alexandra Merritt grew up in a middle class home where there were sharp distinctions between right and wrong. When she discovers that someone she loves may be a murderer, she finds that real life comes in all shades of gray. Should she tell her suspicions to handsome homicide cop Sam Howard or should she be loyal to someone who may be planning another murder--maybe her own?

The Bloody Legionnaires: An action-packed military thriller

Geoffrey Davison - 2020

Bear Claw: Crow Killer Series - Book 4

Alfred Dennis - 2019
    Plenty of action, adventure, and romance follow Jedidiah Bracket, known as Crow Killer, as he traverses the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Four years had passed since the Arapaho Chief rescued Jed from North Platte River where a sudden flash flood dumped him bloody and broken on its muddy banks. Jed’s birthmark of a lance on his back plus the old medicine man’s words foretold that he would become a great warrior. With guidance from the Arapaho warrior, Walking Horse, he had become a mighty Lance Bearer of the Arapaho Nation and a legend among the tribes. Jed only wanted peace, but he still had many trails to ride and many battles to undertake. His friends, Walking Horse and Red Hawk, would always be by his side in battle, but were they enough to combat the crazed Blackfoot called Bear Claw?