inadaze22 - 2008
    And while that disturbed Draco to no end, what really disgusted him most of all was the harrowing fact that someone or something had broken Hermione Granger’s spirit beyond recognition.

A Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy

Countess Of Abe - 2008
    So, when his ex-wife plans to take his son away, Draco asks the most unlikely person for help. Hermione must decide whether changing her entire life is worth helping the man she hates unconditionally.Words: 137,051


Krista D. Ball - 2012
    They only knew her as their champion against Magic, and not the daughter of a Goddess. She'd expected a long, rewarding life protecting those under her care. But that was before her twin sister returned from exile, addicted to brutal Magic and human sacrifice, twisted inside, and abusing ancient prophecies to overthrow their mother and destroy everything Bethany holds sacred.The world will burn in flames and innocents will die, unless Bethany can stop it. Unless she can take the life of her own sister.

Infinite Us

Eden Butler - 2020
    He’s too busy taking over the world to make time for relationships—that is, until his new neighbor Willow O’Bryant barges into his life, and now Nash can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t the first time she’s interrupted his world.Then, the dreams start. And in the dreams—memories.Memories of a girl named Sookie who couldn’t count on love or friendship, never mind forever. Memories of a library and a boy called Isaac and secrets made in private that destroyed his world.The memories seem real, but who do they belong to?When Nash and Willow discover the truth, life as they know it unravels.The bridge between this life and the next is shored up by blood and bone and memory. Sometimes, that bridge leads to the place we’ve always wanted to be.


Ann Swan - 2019
    So when I came into mine, my grandmother helped me hide it so I wouldn't be swept away by the ISC, our magical government. The price of discovery was steep; becoming an ISC drone and being paired with their choice of mates for my coven. So I hid in plain sight working days at Maggie's Pet Wash and night piecing together the mythical Words of Power. The only thought that keeps me going is figuring out a way to beat the ISC and hopefully fall in love with a coven of my own... maybe even raise a few little witchlings. So when my familiar, a pug named Mrs Pig, screws up my one shot at obtaining the Words of Power, I figure everything is ruined. That is until Pierce, Sam, and their own talking dogs walk into my life. Now that I have them, can I give them up? Even to save magic? The ISC is coming for me. What they don't know is: I'M COMING FOR THEM, TOO.

The Masters of Time 1-3

Brenda Joyce - 2009
    But not even these fierce, sexy heroes can stop themselves from succumbing to their own desires...and the power of love.Discover the dark sensuality, action, and passion of New York Times bestselling author Brenda Joyce's paranormal romances with the first three books in the Master of Time series. Bundle includes Dark Seduction, Dark Rival and Dark Embrace, plus bonus character profiles!

Stella and Sol: The Complete Series

Kimberly Loth - 2017
    Once there, I have to find a way to convince their princess to marry me. If I fail…the baby will die.And then…. Death will come upon us all.  Download it now! Other books by Kimberly Loth Stella and Sol (Young Adult Fantasy) God of the SunPrince of the MoonKing of the StarsQueen of the DawnStella and Sol Box Set The Thorn Chronicles (Young Adult Paranormal) Midnight AngelDestroyer AngelFallen AngelGuardian AngelThe Thorn Chronicles Boxed Set The Dragon Kings (Young Adult Paranormal) ObsidianAspenValentineSkyeThe KingsThe Dragon Kings Boxed Set Omega Mu Alpha Brothers (Sweet Romance Series) Snowfall and SecretsPyramids and PromisesFolly and ForeverMonkeys and MayhemOmega Mu Alpha Brothers Boxed Set Books 1-4Roadtrips and RomanceChristmas and Commitment Sons of the Sand (Young Adult Paranormal) The Smoking LampThe Blazing GlassThe Glowing SandsThe Exploding SkySons of the Sand Box Set Young Adult Contemporary BittersweetSomething About Forever

The Academy of Peculiars Box Set

Isadora Brown - 2019
    A peculiar one.By the time she gets to the Academy for Peculiars, she’s already killed a man. From there, she learns that the superhuman strength she was born with and abandoned because of means she's a peculiar – a human with abnormal DNA - yet that same strength alienates her from her peculiar peers because of its rarity.As she settles into her new home, she makes friends with her dorm mates, stresses out about catching up with schoolwork, and starts dating one of the most popular guys at the academy. Normalcy is what Sophie wants more than anything, but she can’t change the fact that she’s different, even among peculiars. She starts falling for her infuriating trainer, a rugged shifter named Will, despite the fact that it's forbidden.When she finds out there's only one other man with her physical strength, she yearns to learn more about him - yet he's someone everyone refuses to discuss. She starts to realize that being a peculiar means more than just being strong, and that just she shares her ability with her mysterious counterpart, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a threat.Finder, Book 2Those that aren't lost can't be found.After the whole ordeal at the underground Catalina nightclub, Sophie is ready to forget about everything and enjoy the holidays with Will in Washington. As the weather cools down, things between them heat up. But Sophie is still with Jason, and she can't easily forget that. On top of that, Sophie receives a letter from her parents wanting to meet and asking for her forgiveness. When Jane Cabot, her best friend, is mortally wounded by an unknown assailant, Sophie must question everyone and everything around her in order to bring her best friend to justice. Things don't add up, however, and despite Jane being attacked, Sophie is the true target. When she gets taken by a familiar face, pieces of a puzzle start to fall into place, and she's not sure she wants to be found.Keeper, Book 3Danger lurks in the most familiar places.When General Arbuckle reveals the peculiar existence to the world, the Academy of Peculiars is forced to close as a way to protect the faculty and students. Sophie Harper is more focused on the fact that her best friend, Jane, may actually be alive than Arbuckle and the United States military. Daryl's older and mental brother, Marvin, is quick to promise Jane's safe return after brokering a deal with Daryl and Ethan, the academy's dean. But something doesn't sit well with Sophie about Marvin, and if Jane wasn't involved, she's certain Daryl wouldn't have trusted his brother. On top of that, a familiar body winds up slaughtered at the academy gates. Now it's up to Sophie to figure out who could have done it and why, while dodging flying bullets and suspicious ex-boyfriends. Will wants nothing more to protect her; Sophie wants nothing more than find her friend - and herself.In the epic conclusion to the Academy of Peculiars Trilogy, Sophie will learn that just because someone is ambitious does not mean they're evil, those that she trusts the most have the power to betray her with relative ease, and the best relationship she can ever hope to have is the one with herself.Fans of Xmen and Harry Potter are obsessed with this series!

The Avatars: Beginnings

Lisa Blackwood - 2012
    He soon learns she has been captured by their oldest enemy—the Lady of Battles. And that ancient rival has forced his soulmate to be reborn as a vulnerable child. To save her, Gregory will risk everything even if he must pay the ultimate price for his loyalty.

Empress of Storms

Nicola M. Cameron - 2015
    A young queen and mage, unexpectedly married to the man she's loved since childhood. Two countries, divided by geography and united by a political marriage, are poised on the brink of a golden age. But will vicious magic and unexpected betrayal tear both the royal couple and their kingdoms apart?When King Matthias of Ypres has to fulfill a treaty and provide a royal consort for young Queen Danaë of Hellas, the only royal available for marriage is ... him. Can he risk letting a blue-haired witch queen into his heart?From political necessity, Queen Danaë finds herself marrying the man she secretly loves. Now she must win the heart of a king, prove herself as a mage, and defeat the enemies that threaten them both.

Rising Fire

Terri Brisbin - 2015
    Handsome, fearless, and commanding, William de Brus has been summoned by the king to investigate a nobleman rumored to have powers linked to the fabled fire goddess. When he chances upon Brienne, his desire for her is immediate. But as his mystical quest unfolds, William realizes that she is at the center of it — for Brienne possesses the very power he has been sent to vanquish.... As their attraction deepens, William attempts to free Brienne from the dark force beginning to control her — even when his duty demands that he treat her as an enemy. With emotions flaring, fire rising, and evil threatening at every turn, can the two lovers survive the coming battle and save all of humanity?

Everlife Trilogy Complete Collection: An Anthology

Gena Showalter - 2018
    Maas on FirstlifeReturn to the realms with the Everlife Trilogy Complete Collection from the author of the New York Times bestselling The White Rabbit Chronicles, Gena Showalter! FIRSTLIFETenley “Ten” Lockwood is an average seventeen-year-old girl…who has spent the past thirteen months locked inside the Prynne Asylum. The reason? Not her obsession with numbers, but her refusal to let her parents choose where she’ll live—after she dies. There is an eternal truth most of the world has come to accept: Firstlife is merely a dress rehearsal, and real life begins after death. LIFEBLOODBecause Ten possesses a rare supernatural ability to absorb and share light, the Powers That Be have the highest expectations for her future—and the enemy wants her neutralized. Fighting to save her Secondlife, she must learn about her realm from the ground up while launching her first mission: convincing a select group of humans to join her side before they die. No pressure, right?.EVERLIFEWhen nothing goes as planned and betrayal leads to the edge of utter defeat, Ten and Killian will have to rebuild trust from the ashes of their hearts. Victory seems impossible, the odds stacked against them. In the end, how far will they be willing to go for the sake of their realms and the Everlife? Titles originally published in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Montana Mail Order Brides

Charity Phillips - 2016
    Haunted by memories of those she cared so dearly for, she soon longs to escape Providence in the hope that doing so will allow her to heal and feel whole once again. While browsing through the Providence Daily Post, she happens upon a series of ads placed by men from Montana who seek brides to join them on the new Frontier. All of the ads quickly begin to sound the same when suddenly, one stands out. Though skeptical, she decides to muster the courage to respond to a man named Mr. Adam Black who seeks an intelligent woman, not just a pleasant woman to keep his home tidy. Upon her arrival, Madeline meets the dashing Mr. Black and is quickly swept off her feet when he gives her a tour of his lavish home and all that lies within. Her hopes are quickly dashed, however, when he reveals to her that in truth, he’s only really looking to settle down to please his father, hoping to continue living his bachelor’s lifestyle. Although Madeline agrees to go along with Mr. Black’s peculiar arrangement, she can’t help but feel the palpable chemistry between them. Will Madeline settle for a picture perfect, yet hollow marriage arrangement, or does Mr. Black share the same feelings, turning her daydreams into a real life fairy tale? Book 2: Montana Mail Order Bride Clara: In 1890, New York City is no place for a woman alone, and that is exactly what young Clara has become. As she struggles to cope with the death of her only living relative, she is also faced with her own set of predicaments. Now, as she attempts to find work in the newspaper, she finds the advertisement of William Dean. William is a rugged man, used to the desolate life of the Frontier, and he’s made a place for himself in Montana--but his success means nothing without the tender warmth of a wife. When Clara notices his ad seeking a marriageable prospect, she responds and their worlds collide. Book 3: Montana Mail Order Bride Emma: When Emma marries her sweet husband James, she thinks she will finally get her happily ever after. But after eight happy years of marriage, Emma is forced to let her dear James fall prey to deathly clutches of a horrible illness. All she has left now is her dearest twelve year old daughter, Margaret. Both take jobs as seamstresses in a factory downtown, but their meager wages just aren’t enough for the two to get by. Emma is forced to admit that she needs the help of another husband, so when a matrimonial ad appears in the paper from a Frontier man, Emma takes a risk and heads to Montana with Margaret and Frederick, a long-time dear friend of her late husband’s who insists on accompanying the ladies as their chaperone. Book 4: Montana Mail Order Bride Julia: When a boy whom Julia has been charged to take care of dies, Julia is left searching for her next path in life. Her choices are limited, as she is not a wealthy woman nor is she married, and she fears that she must take the charity of her only living relative.

Vampire Girl: Christmas Cognac (Vampire Librarian Book 2)

Karpov Kinrade - 2018
    The expectations are high, the disappointments inevitable, and family is… well, tricky, even at the best of times. This December, I'm going home for Christmas. It's the one time a year I actually get to see my family, and usually it's fine. This time? Well, let's just say navigating the normal crazy will be extra special with a vampire husband that none of my family got to see me marry, a fresh blood craving of my very own, and a more than slight aversion to the sun. Add to that an ex-boyfriend of mine is in town and causing trouble, and my best friend's husband has a big secret, and you have a cocktail for trouble not even my husband's very expensive cognac can ease the strain of.  Tis the season. Hopefully, we'll make it to the New Year alive. Well… as alive as we vampires get. THE VAMPIRE GIRL SERIES Book 1: Vampire Girl (USA Today bestseller, April 2016) Book 2: Midnight Star (USA Today bestseller, May 2016) Book 3: Silver Flame Book 4: Moonlight Prince (USA Today Bestseller, February 2017) Book 5: First Hunter Book 6: Unseen Lord Of Dreams and Dragons (a standalone novel in the VG universe) Novellas in the Vampire Girl Universe: Copper Snare Vampire Librarian: Crimson Cocktail Christmas Cognac

Pride and Prejudice

Beth Johnson - 1813
    He falls in love with Jane, the oldest Bennet girl. Everything goes well—for a while. Then the handsome bachelor’s proud best friend, Mr. Darcy, ruins everything.Elizabeth Bennet has never hated anyone as much as she hates Mr. Darcy. How could she ever forgive the man who has ruined her sister’s happiness? She knows everything she needs to know about him. He is proud, hateful, conceited, and horrid—and he wants to marry her.Elizabeth and Darcy’s memorable, witty battle of hearts and minds has made Pride and Prejudice a readers’ favorite for almost two hundred years.Readability Note: This Townsend Library Classic has been carefully edited for clarity and readability.Source: