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Monsoons of Death by Gerald Vance


Dead Ringer

Lester del Rey - 2010
    Dead Ringer appeared in the November 1956 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction.There was nothing, especially on Earth, which could set him free--the truth least of all!

The Runaway Skyscraper

Murray Leinster - 1853
    He wanted to talk about Wells's "Time Machine" but he knew that'd be no use -- these folks didn't read that sort of thing. "If the earth had settled down, we'd have been lower. If it had settled to one side, we'd have been moved one way or another, but as it's settled back in the Fourth Dimension, we're going back in time." "Then --""We're in a runaway skyscraper, bound for some time back before the discovery of America!

Tombstone Jack and the Wyoming Raiders

Dan Winchester - 2018
    The ground is littered with the dead, but he finds one survivor, a woman named Bridget Decker. Jack gets her to a doctor in Cheyenne. He discovers the Wyoming Raiders, a band of outlaws, are the ones who attacked the wagon, and they want to make sure there are no witnesses. And now the Raiders know about Jack, too.Who will survive the deadly showdown?This is the third novelette in the Tombstone Jack series. It's 15,300 words of traditional western action designed to be read in one sitting. Enjoy! Don't miss the other Tombstone Jack adventures: Tombstone Jack Tombstone Jack and the Redwing Saloon

Echo Effect

R.D. Armstrong - 2017
    super soldier is surfacing. They call it the E.C.H.O., an unparalleled hunter constructed from reverse engineered alien materials. Thousands of miles away from home, resourceful U.S. Army Ranger Michael Keller is caught in the gears of greed, thrust into the corporate fueled Star Rust conflict of 2074. Despite his wits, he never comes home from war, leaving his fiancée, Vala, behind. Enter the world of debilitating technological diseases, alien salvage mercenaries, and ruthless corporate tycoons in a fight to discover the truth.

What's He Doing in There?

Fritz Leiber - 1957
    It was the Professor's Wife, always a perceptive hostess, came to her husband's rescue by saying, "Top of the stairs, end of the hall, last door."Oddly enough, it was the start of a puzzling and all but unspeakable misadventure. As it were.

All Roads Lead to Rome (The Praetorian Series Book 4)

Edward Crichton - 2014
     After the unfortunate events that took place in Britain, Jacob Hunter is no longer certain of many things, but this ill-fated truth is one he understands implicitly. Having spent months battling his addiction to the all-powerful blue orb, a device capable of traveling through time but equally adept at breaking a man’s mind, Jacob has finally succumbed to it. Once aided by loyal companions and the woman he loves, Jacob has abandoned everyone he has ever trusted, his mind warped by the orb’s influence. However, recently given new clues concerning the orb’s potential, Jacob departs for Rome, where he now knows a second orb lay hidden, waiting to be reunited with the orb he already possesses. Accompanied only by Rome’s manipulative empress, Agrippina the Younger, the pair journey to Rome where they hope to discover the secret to the orb’s power, but a destructive truth lies behind what they seek, one he may not be fully prepared to combat… But Jacob is not the only one about to embark on a daring quest. Having been abandoned and left without direction in the hinterlands of ancient Britain, Jacob’s sister, Diana, must find it in herself to rally Jacob’s jilted friends and corral an enraged Helena, the woman he loves, who carries her own mysterious secret after her life was miraculously saved at the brink of death. Unprepared for the responsibility suddenly thrust on her by Jacob's disappearance, Diana understands that she and her friends must find him before it's too late. Clouded and perverted though his mind may be, she knows her brother all too well. Jacob, tormented and driven beyond rationality, is prepared to sacrifice everything to find the lost orb. Including his life...

Stealing Spaceships: For Fun and Profit

Logan Jacobs - 2019
    A ladies’ man, a rogue, a rebel, a gambler, a drinker, and a fighter. His ship is reputed to be the fastest vessel in the galaxy, and it traversed the Strait of Jiltar in record time. He is a living legend. And I am going to rob him blind. Because that’s what I do: I steal spaceships for fun and profit.


Jason Letts - 2016
    It wasn't an alien spacefleet firing from above. It was a bomb planted in the center of the planet before humanity even existed. In an instant, the human population dropped from 11 billion to 1,066. I'm Loris Roderick, set to take command of the Magellan space station. I didn't know I was to become the de facto leader of our species when its survival hung by a thread. We should run, hide in some corner of the galaxy to eke out what existence we can. But I'd rather we get our revenge. Earthless is the first book in the Survivors series and is 60,000 words long. Sightless: The Survivors Series #2 is now available for Pre-Order!

... and they are us

Patrick McClafferty - 2014
    Voracious and relentlessly, the Creednax consume everything in their path, including people, planets and themselves if necessary. Only the Rose of the Dawn has the smallest chance of stopping them — if the abducted captain and shanghaied crew can figure out how to run the alien ship in time. Unfortunately, time is the one thing they don’t have.

Earth Bound

Michael Anderle - 2021
    Psychopaths who might, or might not, be human.Intergalactic lawman Terry Victor is betrayed by fellow officers and sent to a backwater planet on the interstellar arm of the universe.In short, he was sent to the planet called Earth.Fed up, he quits in a fit of disgust and seeks a peaceful retirement among the humans.Unfortunately, trouble has a way of finding Terry Victor.Keep his head down and away from Earth’s authorities, or help a woman about to be attacked by a gang?Can Terry Victor resist the siren call that could ruin his future on this planet?Is he willing to give up his forced retirement to take on Earth’s troubles?Finally, what happens when a string of deaths points to something even he fears?Will Terry Victor survive? If he survives, will the authorities realize there is an alien living among them?

The Last Assignment: A Ghost Story

Benedict Ashforth - 2015
     A photographer reluctantly agrees to take images of an abandoned manor house on the Dorset cliff tops only to find the building is not completely empty. . .

The Styx

Jonathon King - 2009
    Sitting atop it all was the Royal Poinciana Hotel, built on the shores of Palm Beach by real estate tycoon Henry Flagler. Nearby was the Styx, an African American community that housed many of the Royal Poinciana's 1,200 workers. Shortly after the hotel's completion, the Styx would be mysteriously burned to the ground in a tragedy clouded for generations by rumor and myth-until now.Riveting and suspenseful, The Styx is a historical novel that brings to life the frenzy of Reconstruction-era Florida, the racial tensions simmering beneath the surface, and the events that changed one community forever."King's writing is gritty, vivid, and suspenseful." -Harlan CobenJonathon King is an Edgar Award-winning mystery novelist and the creator of the bestselling Max Freeman crime series. Born in Lansing, Michigan, in the 1950s, King worked as a crime reporter in Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale for twenty-four years before becoming a full-time novelist. Along with the six books of the Max Freeman series, King has also authored the thriller Eye of Vengeance (2007) and the historical novel The Styx (2009). He lives in south Florida.

The Methuselah Treatment

T.C. Powell - 2015
    Not everyone can. Who decides? Desperate to save his daughter from a mysterious sickness, Daniel applies for the Methuselah Treatment. If she gets it, his daughter won’t just recover, she’ll live forever. But the drug is tightly controlled, and only the special, the talented, and the truly deserving ever receive it. There is nothing special about Daniel’s destitute ten- year-old girl—or is there?

15 Short Stories

Isaac Asimov - 2016
    The stories originally appeared in magazines between 1940 and 1960. The book includes the following stories:Ring Around the Sun, Future Fiction, March 1940Darwinian Pool Room, Galaxy Science Fiction, October 1950Day of The Hunters, Future combined with Science Fiction Stories, November 1950Misbegotten Missionary, Galaxy Science Fiction, November 1950Everest, Universe Science Fiction, December 1953The Fun They Had, Boys' and Girls' Page, December 1951Youth, Space Science Fiction, May 1952Living Space, The Original Science Fiction Stories, May 1956Someday, Infinity Science Fiction August 1956The Jokester, Infinity Science Fiction, December 1956Lets Get Together, Infinity Science Fiction, February 1957Tale of The Pioneer (poem),Future Science Fiction, Summer 1957Oh That Lost Sense of Wonder (poem),The Original Science Fiction Stories, January 1958Silly Asses, Future Science Fiction, February 1958The Covenant, (with Poul Anderson, Robert Sheckley, Murray Leinster, and Robert Bloch), Fantastic Science Fiction Stories, July 1960Technical mistakes mentioned in a comment below is fixed.

The Allan Quatermain Series: 15 Books and Stories in One Volume (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)

H. Rider Haggard - 2009
    Rider Haggard's Quatermain series, including 'King Solomon's Mines' and 'Allan Quatermain.' Includes an active table of contents for easy navigation.Contents:King Solomon's MinesAllan QuatermainAllan's WifeMaiwa's RevengeMarieChild of StormAllan the Holy FlowerFinishedThe Ivory ChildThe Ancient AllanAllan and the Ice-GodsMagepa the BuckA Tale of Three LionsHunter Quatermain's StoryLong OddsHenry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) was an English writer of adventure novels set predominantly in Africa, and a founder of the Lost World literary genre. Haggard is most famous as the author of the novels KING SOLOMON'S MINES and its sequel ALLAN QUATERMAIN, and SHE and its sequel AYESHA, swashbuckling adventure novels set in the context of late 19th century Africa. Hugely popular KING SOLOMON'S MINES is one of the best-selling adventure books of all time.This unexpurgated edition contains the complete text, with minor errors and omissions corrected.