The Cowboy's Runaway Bride (The Wyoming Matchmaker Series Book 3)

Kristi Rose - 2018
    Ellie Greene wants a quiet life with Grams on the Wyoming farm, and quiet could happen if someone would stop sabotaging them. Each week something more dangerous happens and Ellie doesn't know how much more she can stand. Forced to seek help, Ellie would prefer anyone else other than the tall, dark, sexy-as-sin cowboy with the knight-in-shining-armor complex she gets stuck with. While the chemistry between them flares brighter than fireworks, Ellie knows they want different things from life. She wants an easy-going farm boy, and nothing about Shane is easy. Besides, soon he’ll be moving on. He’s not meant to be a civilian… Shane Hannigan doesn’t know how to be anything but a Marine sniper. Honestly, he’s not sure he’s good at anything else. Since the IED explosion took his leg—and most likely his career—he’s not sure where he belongs. As a man whose job is to protect others, coming across the blonde-curly haired beauty with a flat tire is a nice distraction, that is until he finds out the flat was no accident. Someone is out to get Ellie, and even though she’s the most stubbornly competent woman he’s ever met—and damn if that’s not a sexy trait—he knows she's in danger and he’s going to help her, despite her obstinate objections. Can they work together to find who is determined to destroy Ellie before it’s too late? Or will Ellie lose her heart and her farm?

The Duke's Marriage Arrangement

Jane Grey - 2016
    Upon a trip to his family’s ancestral property in Cumberland, he meets Agnes Tolland, a lovely but modest young woman. Earthy and unaware of her beauty, she is certain she will live out her days without knowing the love or physical intimacy of a man. Her reluctance at his wooing ignites his interest, and what starts as a strict arrangement blossoms into a true romance.. But when a mysterious stranger walks into the portrait of their fragile relationship and attempts to blackmail the Duke with scandalous information, the Duke must make the decision to face the consequences or lose the sweet, captivating woman he is growing to love..

Call The Midwife!: Your Backstage Pass to the Era and the Making of the PBS TV Series

Jessica Long - 2014
     Full of drama, sadness, grief, joy and gritty story lines, this series takes a close look at what life was like in the post-war, East End of London. Poverty, squalid living conditions and hard times all jostle for space, but the overriding feeling is one of strong women, facing their hardships head on. Find out more about this intriguing time, in our look behind the scenes, and also discover how the East End had been shaped over the centuries.

Fire Dancer: Ben Pecos Mysteries, Book 4

Susan Slater - 2018
    But Connie harbors a deep secret she has never told anyone. Ben and Julie are hardly settled when people begin dying, and they find themselves swept into the midst of another mystery. The twists and turns in this complex plot will keep readers guessing to the very end! Praise for Susan Slater and the Ben Pecos series: “Solid, suspenseful narrative and colorful glimpses of Native American life ... strongly recommend.” —Library Journal “A series to watch.” —Booklist “… Ben Pecos—raised far from New Mexico’s Tewa Pueblo—could become as lasting a fictional presence as Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee.” – Chicago Tribune “… a gripping, interesting tale.” –5 stars, online review

Mother Country

Libby Purves - 2002
    A heroin addict living in a sordid London squat, she was already close to death when her American lover took charge, carrying off the baby Alexander to give him an affluent future and a loving home in the Midwest. But now Alex is 27 and afflicted by his lost roots and a romantic vision of England. When a business trip provides the chance to go and trace his unknown relatives, he discovers that while some British people are, indeed, very hard to get along with, others turn out to be more closely akin to him than he ever could have imagined.

Why don't you just leave him?: A true story of living through Domestic Violence.

Stacey Jameson - 2019
    Coercive control drove her to the depths of despair. Stacey Jameson had a lack of self-esteem derived from her early childhood. Growing up and dealing with her parents’ divorce, she felt nothing more than an inconvenience to her depressive mother. With severe feelings of inadequacy, she was desperate to be loved and feel that she belonged. When she was a teenager, she met Leon, and fell in love. She had never felt so happy. They had one common denominator; they were both brought up in volatile homes. This was the foundation for a turbulent and destructive relationship. Stacey was welcomed with open arms into the bosom of Leon’s twisted family; naive and impressionable, she finally felt secure and loved. Stacey’s childhood had made her timid and compliant. Leon’s childhood had made him controlling and narcissistic. Gradually Stacey found herself in an unhappy relationship where her partner thrived on being abusive, yet she still loved him. She was coercively controlled into doing things that just were not part of her character. She was so manipulated; she believed she did not deserve any better. So often people look on with judgement at others who are in an abusive relationship and say, “Why don’t they just leave?”. Stacey’s story, just one of millions, describes her journey and why it’s just not so simple to do for people who find themselves caught up in a destructive relationship that they just cannot escape from.

A House Full Of Men

Parinda Joshi - 2021
    The first trip involved the last rites of her grandmother. The second involved a wedding, thankfully, but she returned home to her mother's funeral. She has never forgiven her mother for leaving her alone in a house full of men. Is there anyone at home she can share her deepest thoughts with? Anyone who can lend an ear to her endless relationship issues, manic obsessions and simple aspirations? Who's got the time? Kittu might live in a full house, but sometimes, she feels like she's all alone in the world. A House Full of Men is a novel about false starts and failed attempts, love and the importance of being understood.

The Children of Lir

Ann Carroll - 2012
    Aoife, their new stepmother is very kind to them. But in her heart she is jealous of the children and uses her secret magic powers to cast a spell on them, changing them from children into swans. They spend long years on lonely lakes and frozen seas, until one day the spell is broken and they are human again. Though everyone they loved is long gone, they know they are home at last.

Take One More Chance

    But after sending every man she meets to the hospital, she finds herself falling for the one she cannot stand. This is the intriguing and hilarious love story of Naina Kashyap and her arch enemy.

Gardening in the Dark

Laura Kasischke - 2004
    Her poems take us to the flip side of human consciousness, where anything can happen at any time. Tinged with surrealism, her work makes visionary leaps from the quotidian to sudden, surprising epiphanies.

Havana Jazz Club

Lola Mariné - 2012
    Lured by her new playboy husband, the beautiful, trusting woman leaves her close-knit and caring family in Cuba to follow him to Spain. Once there, he reveals his true—and violent—nature, and Billie chooses the dangers of the street over the abuses of the man she once loved. Soon she finds herself with trouble to spare and nowhere to turn, but when her voice lands her a spot at the Havana Jazz Club, she discovers a new, unconventional family in a city far from the one she left behind. And with every high note and heartbreak, Billie skirts destiny to write her own song.

The Revenge of Kaivalya

Sumana Khan - 2010
    Kencha, an unwitting witness to Its birth, is soon found dead – his body branded with a strange message written in HaLegannada, an ancient version of modern Kannada. Even as Dhruv Kaveriappa, Chief Conservator of Forests - Hassan division investigates Kencha’s death, he senses an unseen danger in the forests of Kukke, Bisle and Sakleshpura. Animals drop dead; plants wither away and just as he feared, the forest claims its first victim. Shivaranjini, on vacation in Sakleshpura, suffers a devastating tonic-clonic seizure moments after she returns from a visit to the forest. Soon, she begins to exhibit a bizarre personality disorder. Perhaps there is an outbreak of an unknown rabies-like disease? Or, as ridiculous as it seems, could it be a case of tantric witchcraft? The truth unfolds in a dizzying maelstrom of events - a truth far too terrifying to comprehend...

The Six: Kristy

Samantha March - 2018
    She has a crew of close girlfriends to keep her social calendar active, and is celebrating finally securing employment in her chosen field. While always free-spirited, Kristy is getting tired of the revolving door – or more accurately, bed – of random guys and failed dates, and comes up with a plan to get her act together when it comes to the opposite sex. That idea is quickly shot down by her bestie Breely Laver and replaced with a bet she can’t refuse – a free trip to Paris with her yoga instructor BFF if she can go six months without sex.Enter in charming, sexy, delicious Grey Grahl. Kristy tries to navigate a spicy new relationship without giving away her bet, while also dealing with an incredibly sensitive crisis at her job. Her first year as a full-time elementary school guidance counselor starts off with a devastating situation with a young student, and Kristy finds herself struggling to stay above water in both her professional and personal life. With her girlfriends as a support system, Kristy navigates troubled times at the school and agrees to come clean with Grey. This first book in a six-part girlfriend series introduces you to Kristy, Breely, Nora, Lauren, Tinsley and Scarlett, and takes readers on six individual stories about relationships, career choices, personal conflict and the bond of friendship.

Macular Hole

Catherine Wagner - 2004
    That Wagner is in love with the world and its transactions--perceptions, superficial and otherwise; childbearing, painful and otherwise; gains, financial and otherwise--allows for a poetry that is full of song yet brazenly topical.


Michelle Chalfoun - 1996
    A strikingly original first novel about a female circus roustabout and her shadowy existence behind the bright lights of the big top, Roustabout marks a debut of uncommon impact that readers will not soon forget.