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Death in Little Venice by John Bailey


A New Beginning: A Prelude (The Phoenix Club: A New Generation)

C.J. Bishop - 2021

Prior Sins

D.J. Gross - 2011
    Understanding the dark impulses that drive men to maim and kill comes easily to him. When he temporarily swaps teaching positions with a University of Michigan colleague, Hadrian assumes he’ll be on a sabbatical from crime. Then a series of disturbing assaults occur on campus and the Ann Arbor police ask him to consult on the case. Pursuing a link between the perpetrator and ancient mythology leads Hadrian to Sarah Roth. His reaction to her challenges his long held assumption that emotional intimacy is beyond him. She believes she’s a monster University of Michigan Classics Professor Sarah Roth dreams of blood and death. Her mother warned her to never share her dreams or she’d be locked away. Sarah pours her passion into teaching as a relationship is out of reach. When Hadrian approaches her for information, she is shocked by her attraction to him. Hadrian is dangerous to her but the demons inside her like to live dangerously. As Sarah struggles to keep her distance from Hadrian, her dreams become more vivid and violent. The real monster is hunting her Someone on campus is secretly obsessed with Sarah. He is recreating the Labors of Hercules, violent feats of power and strength, to prove worthy of her love. Once he’s completed his quest, Sarah will be his forever. Praise for the Novels of DJ Gross:“I was super glued to my Kindle for two days...The balance between the suspense-filled action and romance is spot on." The Romance Reviews on Stolen Justice "Seriously top-notch." Romance Junkies on Stolen Justice "DJ Gross made it so you just had absolutely no idea what would happen next!" Shameless Romance Reviews on Stolen Justice"For anyone who enjoys Romantic Suspense - this is a must read." The Book Pimp Blogs on Stolen Justice

The Return: The Island (a Cowboy Gangster follow-up novella) (The Cowboy Gangster / The Base crossover series)

CJ Bishop - 2022

The Pen Pal

Rayven Skyy - 2012
    He later joins the prison's Pen Pal program with the hopes of finding someone who could help him escape the mental anguish he felt from daily prison life as well as the secrets from his past which led to his incarceration.

Free Kindle Books Secrets

Robert Wilson - 2012
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Jeremy's Loss

Jeff Menapace - 2011
    Just when it seems that his grief may turn into madness, a disfigured man appears and reveals to Jeremy that his mother's death was no accident: She was murdered for unearthing a deadly conspiracy.Now, if Jeremy wants to stay alive, he must trust this mysterious stranger at all costs and find a way to eliminate the impending threat--before it eliminates him.Short Fiction. approx. 26 pages

A Fearless Bride For A Wounded Rancher

Ember Pierce - 2020
    For years, she felt as though she was just an object. She wants to be loved for who she is, not what she looks like. When her father tried to force her to marry the local banker, she decided to form her own destiny and answer a mail-order bride ad.Scott is now a ghost of his former self. He used to be the beloved town sheriff for years. During a horrific accident, he lost his fiance and one side of his face got disfigured. Having to live with his own failure, he turned in his badge and set off to live as a recluse.When Scott meets Mae, he'll try to push her away. He fears to get close to anyone because he couldn’t save the love of his life last time she needed him. But, as Mae's life is threatened by an outlaw gang, he will have to tame his inner demons and rise above fear.Mae was determined to break free from her old life. Will she be able to break through Scott's defenses and help him redeem himself? Or will his past ruin her dreams forever?If you like fast-paced clean romance and action-packed stories, you won't be able to put down this addictive Novel by Ember Pierce."A Fearless Bride For A Wounded Rancher" is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance Novel of approximately 500 pages.

His Hood Love Is Forever

Sherri Marie - 2018
    She had been with her husband, Jason, for years and worshipped the ground he walked on. Jamaica learns that the perfect husband she thought she once had isn't who she thinks he is. Love, lies, and secrets began to surface, causing Jamaica to make some life choices. When Jamaica thought she couldn't love again after finding out her husband's secrets, a King swept her off her feet, showing her that real love still exists, even if it's hood love. That's when everything took a turn for the worse. Trust is broken, hearts are shattered, and bullets fly. Find out what happens in this hood love story.

The Orphan Daughter of Lupin lane: A Historical Victorian Romance

Dolly Price - 2019
    No one on Lupin Lane recognises her, and the ever-present dangers of Whitechapel leave the fatherless child helpless. What can the elderly couple do but take this bedraggled and hungry orphan into their heart and home? Other than her name, Isabella’s past and how she ended up on Mr. and Mrs. Colls doorstep remains a mystery. As Isabella flowers into a young woman, the secrets of the past float to the surface, as do family feuds and savage enemies of the innocent girl. Phillip Mitchell, Mr. Coll’s young apprentice, discovers just how close Isabella is to a fearful demise, and determines to protect the woman he secretly loves, but he may be too late. Will Isabella survive the plot against her life, and will she finally discover her true identity and uncover who the mysterious shadows from her past really are? Will Phillip draw the courage to display his true feelings to Isabella, and can this once-lost orphan trust her precious heart to the love of another? If you enjoy books by Dilly Court and other Victorian Romance writers, you will love this debut novella by Dolly Price. Dolly Price writes wholesome historical romance. Buy The Orphan Daughter of Lupin Lane today to dive into this moving tale of a vulnerable orphan and her thrilling journey to the secure arms of love.

Beautiful 2: He Found Love In a BBW

Tyanna - 2017
    Finding the unexpected man of her dreams in LaMir has her praying that the dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare. As soon as her future seems brighter, the dark clouds of her past threaten to close in. LaMir has received news that left him on the brink of destruction. While dealing with the betrayal of those around him, he pushes away Blu and her love. Will he lose the sunshine she provided as he falls further into the darkness? Tia has yet to learn even one of the many lessons she is being taught. With Karma fast approaching and threatening to take all she has left, will Tia survive? Kalib has been a fool in love for too long. His unhealthy feelings for Tia finally reveal themselves as one-sided. Will he take a stand and move on, or still be a player in all of Tia’s dangerous games? Ivory and Liam both knew their fairy tale romance was too good to be true. So when perfection turns to chaos will their relationship hold strong or break apart in the storm Get ready for all the twists and turns, and see how these couples hold onto this Beautiful thing called love.

A Jersey Love Saga: No Faces, No Cases(A Keyshia and Cashmere spinoff)

Karma Monae - 2016
    Deciding to leave the streets alone and be a business man for once in his life, he heads to Vegas after agreeing to do one last lick for his man Cashmere and Ru. But situations arise and things don't go as planned when he gets jammed up and his life almost taken. That's when he meets Ya'Lani. The beautiful distraction. Although she saves his life, Jux is a firm believer in not leaving any witnesses behind. But the two soon realize they have more in common than just a shootout in the club. What happens when Jux finds out Lani and her man, were part of the reason he went to prison 8 years ago? Does he become so infatuated in her that he goes against his morals? The heart wants who it wants, but as the old saying goes, "No faces, No Cases"

The Water Gypsy

Kay Seeley - 2014
    With the Captain Tilly glimpses life away from the poverty and hardships of the waterways but his favour stirs up jealousy and hatred among the hotel staff, especially Freddie, the stable boy who harbours desires of his own. Freddie's pursuit leads Tilly into far greater danger than she could ever have imagined. Tilly battles prejudice, persecution and the hypocrisy of Victorian Society as she tries to leave her past behind and find true happiness. This is a story of love and loss, steadfastness, passion, injustice and ultimate redemption.

Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan

Sarah Amber Patterson - 2019
    30 Days Weight Loss Plan★ super delicious, easy to prepare! This book is suitable for people of any body weight or body shape! ★ You want to learn some important things about equipment and usage ?★ You want to lose weight immediately? ★ You want to eat healthy and save time in the kitchen with easy, set-and-forget recipes?★ You want to make your keto evening with friends perfect?★ You need a big variety of recipes for different occasions?★ You want to know how you can serve your family and friends healthy and delicious recipes every weekend? The popularity of the ketogenic diet has reached unexpected levels over the past few years even though its principles go against the widespread misconception that fats are responsible for the obesity epidemics that has spread across the glove. So, what makes so many people embrace not only a low-carb diet, but a high fat one? And what is the secret of a successful keto diet? This book is all about explaining the keto diet and how you can secure its benefits for long-term health and weight loss. We are focussing on following areas:★ Breakfast ★ Lunch★ Dinner ★ Snacks & Desserts ★★★ 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge ★★★ ★ & More Here you found the right book! You will find countless recipes all about Keto Diet in this book. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert; this book offers something for everyone and every level of expertise. Everything is clearly explained, easy to follow, yet offers some new insight and tricks and twists. It will give you some new ideas and make your culinary life more interesting. Discover the possibilities that are open to you with Keto … take advantage now! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn something new and existing to add to your repertoire in the kitchen. Open this book and enjoy!

A Real N*gga's Paradise

T'Ann Marie - 2020
    With three beautiful children and lucrative businesses, they have everything in life that they need. Life is good for their little family; up until tragedy strikes, leaving Vanessa on life support and Dro possibly losing the love of his life.With things not looking so well for Vanessa, Dro is forced to make the decision of either pulling the plug or admitting her into a nursing facility. Not willing to do either, he sets his queen up in a room of their home and hires a private physician.Paradise has been in the medical field for over fifteen years. Taking care of people and helping the disabled is all she's ever wanted to do. But after losing a patient she had been caring for, for over a decade, her emotions makes her hang up her coat. But what happens when a person that means the world to her calls for a favor and her heart of gold forces her to put it back on?In this heartfelt standalone, you'll witness two words collide from tragedy. As the old saying goes, a shoulder to cry on, will eventually become a dick to ride on. Will that be true in Dro and Paradise's case? Find out and see, in A Real Nigga's Paradise!

The Haunting of Forsaken Manor (Ghost Hunters Book 1)

Cat Knight - 2020