Dragon's First Shift

Serena Meadows - 2019
    Dazzled by the fancy cars and pretty girls. Tailored suits and slick haircuts. Almost all of them they fail to see the lie. Smell the stinking truth right under their up-turned noses. I’ll soon turn twenty-five, but my life has been one big, dangerous deception. I was born into a destiny I never chose, and a war I never asked for. But the biggest secret of all is running through my veins, hidden deep within my bones. A slumbering beast, that’s only now beginning to awaken. And right when it feels like my sanity is starting to slip, she appears. Fiery, seductive, and holding an envelope that’s about to smash my life to pieces. I never wanted a love story. But the last thing I expected was a tragedy. Warning: Adults Only

Resisting His Irish Spitfire

Kasey Belle - 2018
     Dakota Stone knew his PTSD and irreparably damaged body made him unworthy and condemned him to a mateless future. Resigned to his fate, Koda abandoned his pack choosing isolation over pity. Though not content, he’d mostly adapted to his new life. Then, Ella Quinn invaded Sanctuary turning his world upside down. The Irish spitfire was everything Koda wanted, but couldn’t have. He had to get rid of her. Veterinarian Ella Quinn devoted her career to rehabilitating the injured, aggressive, and displaced. She never imagined her life’s calling would apply to the man who despised her on sight. Dakoda Stone’s wounded soul called to her. Despite his antagonistic attitude, she found herself falling for him. Ella had to decide if fighting for Koda was worth the heartache she’d suffer if she lost the battle. Wolf was fed up with Koda’s obstinance and decided it was time the beast became the master. When the opportunity arose, Wolf seized it, determined to make Ella theirs. Unfortunately, the outcome he envisioned didn’t happen. Now, they may have lost her forever unless they found a way to gain Ella’s forgiveness. Or was it too little, too late?

Venom (Vampires of Hollywood Book 2)

Madisyn Ashmore - 2017
    When Caleb Crane, a ripped and protective vampire bad boy, seduced her at his Hollywood estate, she knew he was dangerous, but she couldn't resist. Caleb fell hard for Abby, but his love came at a price. Caleb's in deep with Abby when he discovers a shocking secret. Will he fight for the woman he loves, or will their romance bite the dust?Indulge in the romantic, steamy journey of the hottest vampires in Hollywood, in the Vampires of Hollywood Series. Compulsively readable, Venom is a sexy, enthralling vampire romance novel and a must-read for paranormal fiction fans.Venom is the second book in the Vampires of Hollywood Series. This story is steamy, spicy, sexy, and hot. You've been warned...

Dragon My Heart Around

Marianne Morea - 2017
    She’s hopeful a call to Gerri Wilder and the Paranormal Dating Agency will fix the lack of romance in her quiet librarian’s life and put her between the sheets instead of just between the pages. What she didn’t expect was the fantasy hero who appeared in her living room, naked and ready to please. Talk about a book boyfriend come to life! A sex-slave cursed into the book Gerri gave her, his story is too fanciful to believe, yet somehow Camille knows he’s telling the truth. Now all she wants is him and to break the curse so they can have their own happily ever after.


Monica La Porta - 2017
    The sudden death of his adoptive father and alpha of the pack forces Ax to go back on his word. Suddenly plagued by a gnawing hunger that consumes him from within, Ax must confront his inner demons and his half-brother, Kendall; a brother Ax resents because by pack laws Kendall will inherit the alpha seat vacated by their father. Little does Ax know that his life is going to get way worse before it gets any better. But the moment he has a glimpse of Aimee, Kendall’s fiancée, Ax’s life is forever changed by the revelation that the she-wolf is his fated soulmate. Passions run high as the three of them must come to terms with their fates. Will love triumph over a family feud that has lasted for decades?

Ride For Me

VR Baucke - 2019
    Together, they are the imperfect love story.Tragedy in Gage’s past tore his world apart. Three years of living in a constant state of desolation has left Gage a shell of the man he used to be. He’s content to be numb, never wanting to feel - to hurt - ever again. After moving to a new city in a last-ditch effort to turn his battered life around, Gage finds himself out of his depth when he meets his cousin’s group of friends. One in particular stirs forgotten feelings that Gage is desperate to keep suppressed. Lil.Their connection is unexpected, unstoppable, and surpasses everything Lil’s ever felt before. However, she’s learned the hard way that men aren’t always what they seem, and Gage is no exception to the rule. He burns hot one minute then runs ice cold the next.Lightning doesn’t strike twice, or so Gage believed. Not when it came to loving hard then losing his entire world in a missed heartbeat. Once torn and resentful for what Lil makes him feel, Gage is now determined to stop pain-laced history repeating. But will he be too late?

Her Wounded Dragon

Sky Purington - 2017
    Especially for someone like Vivienne with her complicated past and closely guarded secrets. Yet when she has a chance to get near enemy because of a sexy dragon shifter haunting her dreams, she doesn’t think twice. Even if it means seeking out the Paranormal Dating Agency, and tagging along incognito to scope him out as her best friend goes on a date with him. Kage knows within minutes of meeting Vivienne that she isn’t who she pretends to be. As the right hand man of the enemy, it’s his job to figure out if she’s a threat. More so, if she’s a risk to his hidden agenda and well laid plans. Soon enough, he realizes the only danger she poses is to his hardened heart. After all, there’s no defense against the scorching desire dragons feel when they find their long lost mate.

Bears of Pinerock County Collection Two

Zoe Chant - 2018
    and all night! A reclusive mountain man finds a beautiful amnesia victim in his cabin … A rancher helps a curvy city girl discover buried treasure … And it all wraps up in a heartwarming Christmas tale in which the Pinerock clan celebrate their bonds and get a chance to bring happiness to a new couple! This boxed set collects Mountain Guardian Bear, Hired Bear, and A Pinerock Bear Christmas. Watch the boys of Pinerock County's hard-living, hard-loving Circle B bear shifter clan and their curvy mates fight for their happy endings in this convenient boxed set from Zoe Chant! Inside you'll find steamy heat, thrilling action, and a guaranteed HEA for every couple.

Bounty Hunter: Ryder

Kim Fox - 2018
    Capture a wild polar bear shifter and get a cool two million dollars that they desperately need to save the family ranch. But when a rival bounty hunter comes crashing into his life, he realizes the job is going to be anything but easy.Tempest is about to catch her first target as a bounty hunter, that is until a frustrating man named Ryder tries to steal him from her. During their argument, Ryder handcuffs his wrist to hers, and the bad guy gets away. Unfortunately for them both, Tempest doesn't have the key...The two enemies are handcuffed together for days and Ryder and Tempest are both about to find out that living with one another is going to be harder than capturing the baddest of bad guys.

The Wakefields - Winter Valley Wolves Volume 3: True Mate Love

V. Vaughn - 2016
    Landing a teaching job alongside her lifelong secret crush makes it even more attractive. While the popular girls didn’t date guys like Ergan Wakefield in high school, there’s nothing stopping Kayla from giving it a shot now. Except her past. Ergan Wakefield knows Kayla Hayward is his true mate, and he thought he’d lost her forever when she left for Boston. When she lands back in Winter Valley, he jumps on the opportunity to realize their destiny. But fate has other ideas, and Ergan must find a way to fight the evil that threatens to ruin his chance at happiness. Ekton ~Mia Maybee arrives at Winter Valley University with one goal in mind - to discover the Silver Lake Wolves’ secret and secure her future as a renowned scientist. But she uncovers much more than that, and the truth teaches her lessons she didn’t know she had to learn. Ekton Wakefield isn’t surprised to find his true mate is a girl who loves science as much as he does. Unfortunately, her passion threatens his existence, and he’ll need to show her that his animal side is worthy of love. Esher ~Andi Thompson’s days are numbered. Her cancer is back with a vengeance, and her only hope for survival pumps through the veins of her ex-boyfriend, Esher Wakefield. Back in college the werewolf saved her with a vial of his blood. But Andi took her good fortune too far, and her actions nearly revealed the Silver Lake wolves for what they really are. Esher Wakefield is a successful pediatrician and respected member of his wolf pack. The only thing missing in his life is his true mate, Andi. Unfortunately curing her years ago jeopardized his very existence and forced them apart. When Andi comes to him as her last hope at survival, he knows he must save her. But cancer isn’t the only thing that threatens to take away the love of his life.

A Hot Piece of Sass: Sassy Ever After

Melanie James - 2016
    He isn’t your ordinary wolf-shifter. He’s more. Believing he’s been cursed by the gods, he’s all but given up on finding his one true mate. When he catches the sweet strawberry scent of his Fated Female, worlds collide and ancient legends are revealed. Tanner discovers that his curse may be the only way to save his mate when a rogue wolf tries to destroy the lovers’ destiny.

PAWS & Surrender

Josie Walker - 2016
    But even a powerful leader with his own territory has to go home when his mommy calls. On his way back to Grayslake he runs into curvy little Michelle Delacourt. When his bear starts roaring MINE he knows there’s no turning back. Too bad the woman refuses to make it easy on him! When his sister gives a shout out to all the single shifters in the area he learns that now he’ll have to compete for his mate in the first ever Shifter Bachelorette. Can’t a poor bear catch a break? After witnessing a violent crime starring some wicked looking tiger shifters, 100% human Michelle is forced to leave everything behind her and hop a bus to the middle of nowhere, AKA Grayslake, Georgia. So what if her life before wasn’t all that great, at least it was hers! Bad luck prevails when she encounters the bossy, insufferable, domineering, and far too gorgeous for his own good... Parker. From the moment they meet the man can’t seem to keep his hands off her or stop telling her what to do with her life. Even as her traitorous body is screaming “Yes” she pushes him away. But will she be able to hold out and keep her single Facebook status? Or will he take the one thing she’s never given anyone before… her heart? All she knows for sure is that the man is unBEARable! Welcome to the exciting world of Celia Kyle's Grayslake. Please try not to wake up the bear shifters… it makes them grumpy. ***I’m giving away a free copy of one of my romance novels to everyone who signs up to receive my newsletter updates. Trust me when I say it’s HOT HOT HOT! Here’s the link so you can go get your copy today! http://josiewalkerbooks.com/index.php... ***This Kindle Worlds story was inspired by Celia Kyle’s Grayslake More Than Mated Series and is a novella.

Tears of the Dragon: Aries (Zodiac Shifters, #8)

Cara Wylde - 2017
    She wants to prove the myths are real. After all, one of these ancient myths saved her life as a child. A dark prophecy warns against prying. Undeterred, Aileen assembles a team of investigators and sets on a journey in pursuit of the truth. Cursed to guard an ancient treasure… Isolated in the mountains, bound to an old, powerful object, Drakon has lost all sense of time and space. He was waiting for something, but he can’t remember what. Or, was it someone? If only he could sleep for an hour, if only he could close his eyes and dream, maybe it would all come back to him: his true name, his mission, his humanity, the memory of her… Unaware of the danger, Aileen steps into the dragon’s cave.Lured by her beauty, Drakon can’t decide if he wants to turn her into dinner, or sweep her off her feet.He wants to eat her (in more ways than one), she wants to save him. But there are vile men on Aileen’s trail, and all they want is to kill the dragon, steal the Golden Fleece, and get rid of the expert in Greek Mythology.Tears of the Dragon is a full, standalone novella, with a happily-ever-after, and NO cliffhangers. Intended for readers 18+

Bear Mountain Boxed Set Bundle

Ruby Shae - 2016
    The curvy, plus-sized waitress is his mate, yet he still hasn’t figured out how to tell her about his bear. When Kate is put in danger, all bets are off, and nothing can stop the grizzly from claiming and protecting his mate. BROTHER BEAR (Book 2) Ana Smith has been on the run for nearly two months when she stops in Bear Mountain looking for work and meets sexy, muscle bound Seth. Too bad gorgeous, tall, perfect guys don’t go for curvy women like her. Seth knows Ana is hiding something, but he won’t push her for answers no matter how long it takes. He’s chosen her and he’s not letting go. When Ana’s past rolls into town, she finds out nothing will stop a grizzly determined to protect his mate. DOUBLE BEAR (Book 3) Samantha Hastings has lived in Bear Mountain her entire life and doesn’t want to leave, but she longs for a man to call her own and accept her, curves included. When she falls for both Cade and Collin, she vows to stay away from the gorgeous twins. After years of searching for the perfect woman to share for eternity, the two men have other ideas for their curvy mate. Sam’s about to find out that loving two men might seem wrong, but her mates will never let her go. IDLE BEAR (Book 4) Sara Henley has resigned herself to a life alone. Though she wants nothing more than a husband and a family, she knows she won’t find him in Bear Mountain, and she’s not willing to leave the small town. Aaron Williams hasn’t shifted into his bear form in almost a hundred years, and considers his shifter side a curse, but he can’t resist the pull to Bear Mountain. When he meets Sara, Aaron is forced to reconsider his past choices, but he still can’t reconcile with his bear—until Sara is put in danger. Now all he has to do is convince his mate to give him another chance. LOST BEAR (Book 5) Dave Yeager is the deputy in Bear Mountain, and the only human in town who knows about the shifting abilities of the sheriff and his friends. After watching yet another couple mate, he’s reminded of his loneliness. Emma has been living in her bear form for the past ten years, but she can’t ignore the call to Bear Mountain. Sparks fly when she meets Dave, but she’s unwilling to be cheated on again, and creates a plan to satisfy them both. It’s perfect until she realizes an alpha always gets what he wants. (Each book is also sold separately!)


Gracen Miller - 2017
     Nala Drakki is a dark fairy shifter with a sinister past. After witnessing her mother’s murder, she barely escaped to earth with her life. As the displaced queen of Icyerian, she’s committed to avoiding a repeat of family history. Wanting no part of ruling her people, she’s content with her ordinary life as a glassmaker. With a malevolent past haunting her present, she’s dubious of the matchmaker her alpha hires to aid the Phoenix pack. Sometimes they hide in plain sight. Kairo “Ghost” Snarl is alpha of the Grim Riders MC. Starring as the fabled monster in bedtime stories he has no regrets killing shifters who merit a death sentence. That is, no regrets until he’s put on Nala’s scent. Discovering his mate is supposed to be his next target doesn’t just surprise him, but it also means meting out justice isn’t always balanced. Bedlam is the monster of all evils… A corpse left on his mate’s front door and a rebellious teenager might ruin his chances of acquiring the one thing he never thought he could have… a mate. With danger lurking from the most unlikely direction, they must learn to trust one another or lose a once in a lifetime chance at happiness. …and its influence can rarely be denied.