Grizzly Lover

C.D. Gorri - 2020
    Can her Grizzly lover put the past behind them?”Oliver Pax is one of the most prolific composers of all time. He is the award-winning writer of such Broadway hits as The Beast of Brooklyn Heights and its upcoming conclusion Where Beauty Lives. A loner known for his grumpy and secretive nature, the reclusive Grizzly Bear Shifter is in for the shock of his life when a blast from his past washes up on his doorstep after a terrible accident.Teresa Witherspoon has been on the run for the past two years. She’s traveled across the country and back again fearing the day her father and his henchmen find her and her son. Caring for Thomas has kept her going this far, but when an accident leaves her hospitalized she has no choice but to call the one person she swore to stay away from.Will the Grizzly Bear Shifter she’d once loved help her in her time of need?

Surrender (War Brides of the Morja #2)

Miranda Bridges - 2022
    She brought me back from the brink of death, only to become my life...The woman is my only connection to what lies beyond this cell.I need her to learn what happened to:My House.My brethren.My brother.Then I find myself wanting her for other things.Things that have nothing to do with freedom.And everything to do with the female.Her tender smile warming me.Her gentle touch soothing me.Her passionate kiss igniting me.All of these threaten to ruin my plans.But does the future matter if she's not by my side?Will I be forced to leave her behind?Not if the goddess of fate is real.So I pray.

Dirty Hope (Dirt Track Dogs: The Second Lap Book 6)

P. Jameson - 2020
    But he isn’t just a grouch extraordinaire, he’s been through hell and has the invisible scars to prove it. She knows the situation is delicate but she has a reputation for stomping in like a hurricane. Somehow, she’ll have to help him heal from his past, even if they can never have a future. Hearts have to break before they can be fixed… Adam lost everything, and now he’s a man lost. There’s no coming back from what he experienced. He knows you can’t have a perfect life twice. But one spunky vixen shifter is determined to test that theory… and his very last nerve. He can’t deny that Barb makes him feel like a man again, makes him remember what life was like before it all fell apart. But risking another heartbreak is something he can’t bring himself to do. Not when he has his daughter to think about. She’s all he has left of his old life, and he’s not about to risk hurting her. Limits are tested, boundaries are drawn, hearts get cracked, but it will all come out in the wash. Nothing a little dirty, messy, hope can’t fix

Protector Wolf's Soulmate: Wolf Shifter Romance (Shifter Daddies Mates Romance Book 1)

Amelia Wilson - 2021

Her Forbidden Alpha: Book 1 of The Alpha Series

Moonlight Muse - 2021

Small Town Dragon Daddy

Lisa Daniels - 2021
    While running from one alpha male,I had not intended to fall into the arms of another.Instead of a high powered, wealthy fiancé who controlled meI find myself under the caring spell of young father.With one kiss, I know that my destiny is forever changed.Seeing his dragon shifter son in his full splendor,I can’t wait to see what Cooper looks like.Then again, his black hair, broad chest, and luscious lips –I’ve never felt such a primal pull to anyone the way I feel with him.But there’s a sadness behind his eyes when he looks at his son.Will he only ever see me as a shifter nanny?Or can I convince him that I’m worth him taking another chance on love?

Snow White: Fairest of All

Walt Disney Company - 2020

Destined: (The Blackpaw Prophecy, Book 9)

Leona Crowley - 2021

Alpha Theo (Six-Pack #2)

C.J. Primer - 2021
    * This book is very different from book one- it's a slow burn, and it's a very bumpy ride. You've been warned! THEO: I'm next in line to be the alpha of my pack, but my father doesn't think I'm ready. In his eyes, I'll never be- he wants me to grow up, straighten up, to be someone I'm just... not. At least I've got the security squad in the meantime, and I'm taking on more responsibility by working with the squad's IT unit. I assumed working with a bunch of computer geeks would be boring as hell, but the new girl on the unit has me intrigued. I'm used to getting any girl I want, yet she's rebuffed all of my advances. She's a goody-goody, thinks she's too good for me- and hell, she probably is, but that won't stop me from trying to get in her pants. Underneath every good girl persona is a bad girl just dying to get out. Challenge accepted. BROOKE: All I wanted to do when I came to work for the IT unit at the security squad was keep my head down and do my job. I was doing it pretty well, too, until Theo got assigned as the liaison between the IT unit and squad leadership. I had a crush on him as a kid, but now that he's grown he's a foul-mouthed, womanizing hothead; a total alpha-hole. Other girls may fall for this good looks and his devil-may-care attitude, but I'm smarter than that. He's hanging around the IT unit to observe and report, but he's zeroed in on me for some reason; keeps trying to get under my skin. And just when I think I can escape him, fate delivers the cruelest twist yet. ~The Six-Pack Series is a collection of werewolf shifter romance novels. These books contain mature content (steamy scenes!) and themes that may not be suitable for younger readers. If frequent use of profanity and f-words offend, then these books may not be for you.While this book ends with a HEA for the main characters and no major cliffhangers, there are some overarching storylines that may not be resolved at the conclusion of this book because they run throughout the series.

Vampish: The Hunt

G.K. DeRosa - 2022
    Now I’ll be leading an elite team, assembled by the Royal vampire queen herself.Everything is going according to plan until I meet him. He might be charming, witty, and sexy, but he’s everything I hate—a vampire.My enemy.Our connection is undeniable, but I refuse to submit.My whole life I’d been trained to hate fangers but teaming up with him might be the only way to get my revenge and save the humans from the rebel vampires after the queen’s throne.And more than that, he might be the key to bringing back something I thought I’d lost forever.*** This is an upper YA/NA crossover with schmexy, sinful vampires and is best suited for ages 17+. Be warned this is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance, and the steaminess factor does increase through the course of the series! ♥*** Vampish is set within the world of Azar, along with (in reading order) Hitched, Darkblood Academy, Royally Hitched, Darkblood Prison, and Wolfish but it's not necessary to read the other series first to enjoy this one.

The Dragon Defender's Destiny: A Wishing Moon Bay Shifter Romance (Dragon Protectors of Wishing Moon Bay Book 1)

Harmony Raines - 2021

Savage Bear's Kiss

Scarlett Ray - 2019
    Jax is dangerous and ruthless. He’s all wrong for me. But the animalistic sparks between us are undeniable. His strong arms are built to hold me tight. Especially when my jealous childhood friend tries to tear us apart. Our happiness is at risk. Our family may not survive the scandal. But Jax would do everything in his power to protect me …and our secret baby! Even if that means going to war.

Dark God’s Avatar (The Children Of The Gods #59)

I.T. Lucas - 2022

Forced to be Queen

Lola Glass - 2021
    When the power takes more effort to control than I would've ever guessed, and I'm forced to turn to my husband for help.But the fae never give anything away for free; especially knowledge.It was supposed to be simple:Marry the king, save the world.But now that we're married, and his power is becoming mine, our marriage might end up destroying the world… and I might be the one who destroys it.

Dragon's Challenge: A Monster Harem Adventure (Amorphic Magic, #3)

D.R. Rosier - 2020
    That was two months ago. His walkabout is far more complicated than he'd imagined, but he was determined to rise to the challenge.There were a few problems coming for him, not the least of which is his secrets unraveling which would stress his relationship with the crown. Daca was getting unruly, and it looked like his enemy was about to change tactics on him, since he’d managed to foil their every attempt to dishonor or kill him from afar.If that wasn’t enough, another monster comes on the scene, a match for his true form, and perhaps the most dangerous one yet. Never mind needing to face more lesser dragons and even greater threats. Join Muranth as he tries to tame these problems and secure his walkabout from further meddling for once and for all. Content Warning: Not suitable for children. This is a monster harem story with explicitly mature scenes between a man and a woman, and other mature content. You have been warned.