Seven Days Sober: A Guide to Discovering What You Really Think About Your Drinking

Meredith Bell - 2012

Psalm 139

Charles Haddon Spurgeon - 2017
    Psalm 139 is one of the most notable of the sacred hymns. It sings the omniscience and omnipresence of God, inferring from these the overthrow of the powers of wickedness, since He who sees and hears the abominable deeds and words of the rebellious will surely deal with them according to His justice...It flames out with such flashes of light as to turn night into day...This holy song casts a clear light even to the uttermost parts of the sea, and warns it against the practical atheism which ignores the presence of God, and so makes shipwreck of the soul.

Diary Of A Farting Kid: The New Kid (Diary, farts, farting, funny comics, comics for kids, dorky girl, big nate Book 4)

Wimpy Kid - 2015
    His family is as normal as they can be and he is enjoying his work at the hospital. However trouble soon arises in the form of a new bully in the form of Giant George. Thankfully for Steve he also meets a new friend who farts almost as much as he does. Can he and Charlie find a way to deal with giant George? Read this new story to find out! ACT NOW! Click the orange BUY button at the top of this page! Then, you can immediately begin reading Diary Of A Farting Kid – Summer Camp Blues on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Twelve Tribes of Israel

Jessica Curiel - 2014
    See each tribe's symbol, meaning, history, and other fascinating facts at a glance. Includes incredible visual aids, such as a full-color map, family tree, Tabernacle diagram, and more.Almost every person in the Bible belonged to one of the 12 Tribes of Israel based on their ancestry From Moses who was a Levite to the Apostle Paul who was Benjaminite. Each tribe had its own history, land, and heritage. Now you can easily grasp the "backstory" of each tribe and see key information at a glance! For example, find out the significance of Jesus being called the "Lion of Judah." For each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, you will get--A quick overview of its meaning, size, family history, location, and more.A picture of the tribe's symbol (such as the lion from the Tribe of Judah)Simple summary of Jacob's blessing, Moses' blessing, and other key events related to each tribe. (Find out the major battles, controversies, and scandals that impacted each tribe. Plus, see which important Bible people came from each tribe of Israel.)This pamphlet is packed with visual aids that will help you see key information at a glance. These visuals will enrich your understanding of the 12 Tribes of Israel and add depth to any Old Testament study:Family Tree of Jacob (Israel)Tabernacle diagram showing where each of the 12 tribes encamped around the TabernacleTime Line showing key events, starting with Abraham's journey from HaranEasy-to-read, full-color map showing how the "promised land" was divided amongst each of the 12 tribes according to their inheritance. The map is color-coded so you can easily spot each tribe's location!

Advent 2021: The Everlasting Light

She Reads Truth - 2021
    But this story of light piercing through the darkness didn’t begin with the birth of a baby boy under a shining star in the city of Bethlehem. From creation to the incarnation to the coming eternal city, Scripture speaks of Jesus’s life-giving presence and light in a dark world.During this Advent season, we celebrate that the hopes and fears of all the years were answered in Jesus, the everlasting light. This five-week Advent experience features daily Scripture reading that traces this theme throughout the Bible, preparing our hearts to encounter Christmas Day in a fresh way. It is also filled with thoughtful extras designed to help you engage this season as people of light, from daily reflection prompts to recipes, crafts, classic Christmas hymns, and more. Join us for Advent 2021 as we celebrate and contemplate The Everlasting Light.

Rest and Release: A 4-Week Bible Study

Courtney Joseph - 2017
     Because we do not rest, we miss hearing God’s voice. Psalm 23 comes to mind. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” Are you experiencing the green pastures, the quiet waters, and the restoration of your soul that Psalm 23 speaks of, from resting with your Shepherd? Remember how the crowds pressed in on Jesus everywhere He went? Everywhere He turned, there was a need unmet, and though there was so much to do . . . He withdrew to rest. Luke 5:16 says, “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” If Jesus needed alone time with God, then certainly we do. Just think of the wisdom He wants to impart to you, the strength and the peace you may be missing out on. Give yourself permission not to have your to-do list all checked off in order for you to rest and get alone with God. Each weekday, I will provide for you a verse of the day, a short devotional, a reflection question and a daily scripture reading. Also, on-line at you will find 4 videos (one per week) that correspond with the scripture we are studying each week. Each week I will provide for you a practical challenge of something I do in my home that helps me rest and live blessed. I hope you will take the challenges. They do make a difference! I pray that your time spent in God’s Word will lead you to rest for your soul and release of your burdens, so you can live a life of peace and freedom in Christ no matter what you are facing. Join me on this journey, as we walk with the King. Courtney

Memoirs of a Battle Mage: Book 1: The Price of Talent

Peter Whittlesey - 2015
    But after a tragic confrontation with armed members of the local inquisition his life changes in dramatic fashion. He finds himself on the run from hostile forces and forced to find succor from a variety of unlikely sources. This is the first book of his memoirs detailing how his life was thrown into disarray, and how he grew into becoming a powerful battle trained mage and outlaw.

Saturn Run: by John Sandford & Ctein | Summary & Analysis

Book*Sense - 2015
    Depicting international intrigue and a view of the near future that is simultaneously hopeful and chilling, it is well worth reading. The near-future setting allows for easy extrapolation of current technological and commercial practice, as well as political alignments, making the context of the novel more easily accessible. John Sandford and Ctein’s novel details the accidental discovery of extra-solar space travelers in orbit around Saturn and the responses of major world governments – those of the United States and China – thereto. The two powers deploy their full spacefaring resources to meet and learn from the travelers, each hoping to secure advantage over the rest of the world thereby. The United States ultimately triumphs, although not without cost, and not without ramifications for future generations in the Sol system and beyond. The novel offers its readers an enjoyable romp through the near future of Earth. While it may at times seem to drag against minutiae or against open philosophizing, it also contains much action and intrigue, offering a vision of what may be to come. This companion includes the following: • Book Review • Story Setting Analysis • Story elements you may have missed as we decipher the novel • Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed • Thought Provoking /or Discussion Questions for both Readers & Book Clubs • Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbols… • And Much More! This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

How to Develop a 'Never Give up' Attitude

Hardik Joshi - 2017
    Success comes to those who pursue their goal with persistence, purpose and dedication. They are the ones who can convert their dreams to reality. They never give up on their dreams, no matter what the odds are. Enriched with simple techniques and stories, this book is a practical guide to developing the attitude to stay strong, confident and committed in the journey towards achieving one’s dream.

Forgotten God DVD Study Resource

NOT A BOOK - 2010
       Francis’ thought-provoking teaching makes this a valuable resource for small groups, churches, youth groups, and college campus ministries.   Features include: Seven sessions for individual or group study.Discussion questions and prompts led by Francis Chan.Behind the scenes out-takes and additional bonus components.

Running in Circles: A Memoir

Eva Yin - 2016
    Barely recovered and against medical advice, she leaves the hospital for New York City only to end up homeless and face prostitution and violence. Being a heroin addict is like running in circles. You run and you run and you end up exactly where you started. In the end, Eva finally stops running but only after crossing the span of an entire continent and coming back to the shores of California— she is back to where she started but she isn’t the same. Running in Circles is the unflinching true story of one woman’s struggle and recovery from heroin addiction.

The Wonder-Working God: Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles

Jared C. Wilson - 2014
    Multiplying the fish and the loaves. Raising Lazarus from the dead. The miracles of Jesus may be well known, but they're often misunderstood. In The Wonder-Working God, pastor Jared Wilson wants to help us see that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the miraculous events recorded in the Gospels.From the humble wonder of the incarnation to the blinding glory of the transfiguration, this book shows how Jesus's miracles reveal his divinity, authority, and ultimate mission: restoring us and this world to a right relationship with God.

How To Write Your Own Ticket With God

Kenneth E. Hagin - 1987
    Hagin provides four principles for receiving whatever you need from God.

A Mother's Song: A Story of the Orphan Train

Cleo A. Lampos - 2013
    Pregnant with their third child, Deirdre works as a washerwoman at the hotel's laundry. If Sean works at all, he drinks his paycheck at the pub. When he is killed in an accident at work, Deirdre is devastated. She gives birth to another son, but cannot work at the laundry. The oldest son lives on the street as a newsie. Rather than let Ava Rose and her baby brother starve to death with her, she signs for them to be put on an orphan train. This orphan train takes these youngsters to Nebraska to Claudine, who has suffered multiple miscarriages. Will the adoption provide the safety and opportunity that Deirdre hopes? This researched story of two mothers and the child who loves both is heart wrenching.It is a poignant tale of hope and courage against unfathomable odds for a better life free from prejudice and poverty.

Dragons Rising: Complete Series

Alisha Klapheke - 2021
    Raised by the dragons, she was born to become the magical Earth Queen, the only one who can stop the Sea Queen’s mad plan to drown everything in existence. But there’s one problem: Vahly possesses no magic whatsoever. The oceans begin to rise, limiting the dragons’ hunting grounds and fouling their water supply, endangering their very home. Vahly can’t let the dragons she calls family die under the Sea Queen’s magic, so as a last hope, she journeys to a legendary arcane library in search of answers. When she discovers an ancient scroll about a ritual conducted deep in the homeland of the elves, she gathers her dragon allies to find the king of that great, forest-dwelling race.Before she reaches that kingdom, she finds a handsome elven royal cloaked in dark magic, twisted and powerful. Arcturus. His memory has holes he can’t explain, and when they learn his king is in league with the Sea Queen, Vahly and Arcturus must band together to defeat the elven king and to gain access to the secrets of Vahly’s unique magic before the ocean swallows the dragons’ homeland.Download the complete set of the Dragons Rising series today and enjoy reading about thrilling dragons, mysterious elves, exciting gryphons, sword and sorcery, and a nice dose of humor and romance!***written in the same world as Enchanting the Elven Mage, Kingdoms of Lore Book One, but readers can begin with this series