Light Lordy

Brent Tyman - 2020
    Then all of a sudden, a new life is thrust upon him in a fantasy world of monsters, adventurers and busty women. With some cheat abilities under his belt, he has to decide what he will do in this new world. Will he seek power? Wealth? Or chase after his dream of building a harem of the finest maidens?Authors note: Inspired by light novels and mangas. Contains Lewd elements.

Venus Online: Book 1 LitRPG Sci-Fi Harem

Jeremy Zenith - 2018
    Everything changes when he's given an invitation to a virtual reality multiplayer role-playing game called "Venus Online." Once inside, he discovers he can't leave the game until he's solved its mysteries. Then again, when he's flying a cool spaceship, fighting evil aliens, and loving hot women, does he really want to leave? This is a sci-fi LitRPG harem series that contains video game violence, strong language, and explicit sexual situations with multiple women (both robots and aliens). Reader discretion is advised unless you're into that sort of thing. Also, please be aware this is NOT a standalone story, but only part one of a two-part story. If you're looking for both in one novel, go here:

Star Nova Online: Book 0 - Closed Beta

Noah Barnett - 2019
    Together with hundreds of other test pilots, they hope to defend Earth from a destruction. The Roth—a lizard-like warrior race—has nearly wiped humanity from the face of the universe and are on the way to finish the job. The test pilots have just seven days to train and prepare themselves.

Forbidden Magic: The Gift (Aura Binder Book 1)

Anya Merchant - 2016
    Now, he’s the victim of an experiment gone wrong, struggling with strange new powers and the temptation surrounding them. Conjured flames, magical flight, reading minds and even influencing the emotions of others are all within his grasp, given enough practice and time. Unfortunately, there are others aware of his abilities, each with agendas of their own. Some, like his old mentor, Lucy Wilson, want to help him in well-intentioned, albeit misguided ways. Others, like the mysterious female terrorist known only as the Night Angel, want something else entirely. It’s up to Victor to decide for himself whether Undercliff City is to be a playground, or a battleground.

Stealing Spaceships: For Fun and Profit

Logan Jacobs - 2019
    A ladies’ man, a rogue, a rebel, a gambler, a drinker, and a fighter. His ship is reputed to be the fastest vessel in the galaxy, and it traversed the Strait of Jiltar in record time. He is a living legend. And I am going to rob him blind. Because that’s what I do: I steal spaceships for fun and profit.

The Cost of Being Special

Shawn Keys - 2019
    All around him, the world is getting stranger. A virus has rendered most of the male population in the world infertile. The fabric of society is stretching thin. People are scared of what might come next. Then, in a lightning strike of unexpected fortune, Kyle finds out he is one of the few. He isn't at all ready for what comes next. It no longer matters if he ever had hopes and dreams. What other people want suddenly is now far more important. Some want to claim him. Some want to hate him. Then, there are those who don't think he should ever have received that gift. They will do anything to make sure he never gets the chance to enjoy it. The fact that he is special crashes into his life and changes the way everyone looks at Kyle. But that is both a gift and a curse. There is a cost to finding out that he is special, and the cost might end up being his life. ===== Fair Warning ===== This book is the first steps taken by the characters into a dystopic future just beginning to fall apart. There will be violence, emotional turmoil, dark subject matter, and some intense, highly erotic scenes which include harem elements, light BDSM play and lots of sexy fun. For the entertainment of adults only!

Drone Ensign

Kyle Johnson - 2021
    In the Collective, energy is limitless, travel and communication are nearly instantaneous, and every person's basic needs are fully met. Citizens are free to choose the lives they wish to lead, and the omnipresent Overnet tracks their strength, power, and accomplishments. Even death has been vanquished, and Citizens are effectively immortal, reborn anew after each death.Benning Kidd is a Drone, the lowest class of humanity. She exists without memory, purpose, or more than the most basic awareness of herself and the world around her. An accident changes all that, and Benning becomes a Citizen of the Collective, the first Drone to do so in history. She is uniquely talented and unscrupulously driven, choosing a path of battle and glory that will take her from arena to arena and out among the stars themselves.Benning's existence, though, is a threat to those in power, and forces move against her from the moment she steps out of the respawn chamber. As a starship officer, she's sworn to serve her new captain, but he might not be serving her in turn. She faces threats from without and within, and the only person she can trust is her personal AI, who guides her through the Collective.Her only chance of survival is to be stronger, smarter, and more cunning than those who stand in her way. Her path is unique, and only she can forge it. She is the Drone Ensign, warrior and starship officer, and none will stop her from fulfilling her desires!

The Beginning of the End

Paul Phipps - 2015
     Home to former superheroes and super-villains... home to hundreds of thousands of metahumans who just have a few powers or advantages that 99+% of humanity doesn't have. Meta City - a prison with walls of velvet, so comfortable, so inviting, that once you are there you really never want to leave... Meta City - Home to Christopher Colvard, a young man of nine who was arrested and had an explosive collar placed around his neck by the police because he was a newly discovered metahuman who had hit a baseball a little too hard at a little league game. This is mostly his story... mostly.

The Keras Genome (Keras Demigods Book 1)

Kurtis Eckstein - 2018
    His interrogators want answers, even willing to torture for them. The only problem is he can't remember anything prior to waking up only minutes ago. Can Noah escape the military, and discover who he really is? Buy the paperback and get the Kindle edition FREE through the Kindle Matchbook program. Prologue Noah wished this moment could last forever, not that he wasn’t looking forward to the kissing after the song. But somehow this moment felt nostalgic, even though he was confident there was nothing to compare it to. He felt sad when the song did end. She had moved her hands down to his shirt and was clinging to him. He bent down to kiss her when her muscles abruptly tensed up. He was about to ask if she was alright, but then her grip on his shirt tightened. “Noah.” Her voice sounded desperate. She looked up at him with despair in her eyes. “Help me.” The Keras Genome is a full-length novel: ~ 80,000 words. Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

The Last Time Loop, Book #1: LitRPG Series

Anton Emelianov - 2019
    Any kind of death annuls everything except his present knowledge and returns him to the past. It’s a good way to test all sorts of things. That is, it would be if not for one little thing... This loop has real Lords and it’s unlikely that they will be happy to find about an uninvited guest. And that isn’t his only problem; all of his memories of last year have simply disappeared. But the world around him changed in the meantime. Earth has been seized by the Velly clan and joined their Star Empire. Max has also discovered his gift of being a psychic. However, the latter isn’t that big of a deal. Everyone can be a level 1 “battery”; for everything else, however, it’s necessary to have some talent, money, and connections, which only complicates things further. A whole new world, great opportunities, and big troubles... Welcome to the Last Time Loop!

The Fractured World 2

David Aries - 2020

Blade and Shield

Erik Weir - 2018
     When a normal day turns tragic, Victor finds himself half dead and speaking to a goddess who has been dead for centuries. She gives Victor a chance to do great things in exchange for resurrecting her from her celestial grave. Unable to say no to such unearthly beauty, the young man finds himself transported to a part of the universe filled with realms ranging from fantastical to technologically advanced to the stuff of nightmares. Victor must navigate the realms, free trapped pieces of a dead goddess and gain powers before dark forces threaten to end his crusade before it even begins. Can Victor complete his task while dealing with his own demons? Can the Champion fight alongside a succubus with an attitude problem and a thieving elf with loose morals? Will Victor understand what it means to rise above and keep his sense of humor? Will the young man's trials and complicated love life be the end of him, or just the beginning? * Realm Walker is a story of adventure, sensual liaisons and a swath of humor. It is a story for readers 18 and up. If you are offended by action, adventure, fantasy, monster girls, intimate encounters and having a good time, do not read this book. If you do like all those things listed, please enjoy the adventure. :)

Nullform 1

Dem Mikhailov - 2021
    In this world, you have nothing — even your limbs are rented, and you'll have to pay up every day. In this world, you must complete tasks assigned to you by the System or be fined and stripped of everything, including your arms and legs. In this world, you're under unrelenting supervision. But in dark corners hidden from the System's watchful eye, violence, brutality, and lawlessness abound.In this world, you're assigned a number. You're a volitional Nullform. Now it's up to you to adapt to this reality and try to survive without ending up crippled. Just don't mess up, or you'll be wishing you were dead as you dig yourself deeper into an endless pit of debt. This world will not take pity on you. You'll have to work tirelessly to earn the right to live another day…Read the first book in a new series from the author who brought you Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones.An author who helped create the cult LitRPG genre.An author who never ceases to amaze!


Niall Teasdale - 2021
    Men and women with abilities science cannot explain. Heroes and monsters. Both beloved and feared, the Titans are the new superpowers in the post-Wave world.Into this changed world are thrust Mercy Garner and her crew, trapped in time for fifty years and thought to be dead. They were the first to detect the Wave, the first to be hit by it, and the last to discover the changes the Wave brought to their world.

Too Young to Die

Michael Anderle - 2020
    Now, they try to figure out a way to help their son out of a coma. At almost $5,000 a day for ICU expenses, their insurance options are running out.Amber, Nick, and Jacob built a new immersive game system for the future. The only problem is, at $800 a day, no one can afford it.Dr. Dubois wrote a paper about how you might help a person out of a coma, but it was crushed under the might of the medical lobbyists on Capitol Hill.Now, the three groups need each other to save a life, fight the establishment, and help a young man in need.The only challenge is, Justin can die in real life if he dies in the game.Will he wake up from his coma? Will lobbyists crush the principled senator who needs to talk to his son one more time?And can Justin possibly survive inside a fantasy world built in his own mind, where pain is real?It isn’t just the future of humanity at stake, it’s Justin’s life, too.