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The Detective by Roderick Thorp


Black Water Transit

Carsten Stroud - 2001
    So is Earl V. Pike. So is a smart, beautiful NYC detective named Casey Spandau. For Jack, it began when Earl asked for a little favor--one former soldier to another. With Jack’s son in serious trouble with the law and his shipping company, Black Water Transit, about to hit the big time, Jack saw a chance to be a good father, a good citizen, and a good CEO--by ratting out Earl V. Pike to the feds. It was a monumental mistake.Now Pike is mad. Bodies are piling up. And all the backstabbers are coming out of the woodwork in Jack’s rattled world. Jack’s only hope: detective Casey Spandau, who began her week hunting for a sex criminal and ended up with Earl V. Pike--a man using guile, skill, and one astounding long-range weapon to kill everyone who gets in his way. For Casey and Jack Vermillion, making Earl V. Pike angry has turned into a cross-country nightmare. But taking him down will be even worse.

The Triggerman's Dance

T. Jefferson Parker - 1996
    From the author of "Laguna Heat" and "Summer of Fear" comes an intense, masterful novel of murder and revenge on California's Gold Coast--a page-turning thriller with a deep emotional undercurrent about love, loss, and the need to make things right.

The Third Rule

Andrew Barrett - 2013
    Now, he’s running from justice, and running for his life. Eddie Collins was a brilliant CSI who became an instant hero for tackling an armed robber. He almost died that night. And many times since then he wished he had.Four years later, riots erupt as a new government unleashes a cruel and fallible death penalty known as The Rules. Meanwhile, a hit and run driver kills Eddie’s son. Eddie blames himself and his hero status dissolves into a drunken wreckage.Though devastated, he is determined to find his son’s killer, and in a display of his former brilliance, discovers the driver’s identity. But he also uncovers so much more.His only mistake is not keeping the evidence and his fury to himself.Broadcast as a murderer and sentenced to a Rule Three death, Eddie must confront his past, chased by a government killer and by a detective who loves slaughtering criminals.Can Eddie avenge his son, expose the government, and still save himself? If you like fast-paced and gripping crime thrillers with a strong forensic element, you'll love Andrew Barrett's The Third Rule. It will appeal to fans of authors like Kathy Reichs, Robert Bryndza and Angela Marsons.

The Fifth Avenue Series Boxed Set

Christopher Smith - 2011
    Smith is a cultural genius." For the first time, the first four books in the international Top 100 best-selling FIFTH AVENUE series are now available in one sharply discounted boxed set! Over 1,000 pages! DESCRIPTIONS: FIFTH AVENUE: Look beneath all the power and all the wealth that represents New York City's Fifth Avenue, and you'll find greed, blood, revenge. In the international best-selling thriller "Fifth Avenue," each intermingles within a revered society that is unprepared for what's in store for it when one man finally strikes in an effort to destroy another man for murdering his wife thirty-one years ago. Louis Ryan is that man. George Redman, his wife, two daughters and their close friends are his targets. Both men are self-made billionaires who came from nothing to stake their claim to Fifth Avenue. But when Louis Ryan hires an international assassin to literally rip the Redman family apart, a series of events that can't be stopped catapults them all through a fast-paced, hard-edged thriller in which nobody is safe. Secrets are revealed. Sex lives are exposed. The Mafia get involved. And George's two daughters, Celina and Leana Redman, come to the forefront. More than anyone, it's they who are caught in the throes of their father's past as Louis Ryan's blind desire to kill them all takes surprising turns in his all-out effort to see them dead. RUNNING OF THE BULLS: In the second book in the international best-selling “Fifth Avenue Series,” a former Wall Street titan who robbed the world of billions is now out of prison. Good for him, but not for those who put him there. Now, they are dying grisly deaths by the hands of two hired assassins. Investigating is private investigator Marty Spellman, who soon learns that all isn't what it seems as the twists pile up along with sheer number of the dead. Spellman's life is put on the line. His family is threatened. No one is who they appear to be. Who can he trust as the bulls of Wall Street start to run as the two assassins--Vincent Spocatti and Carmen Gragera--fully ignite their killing spree? FROM MANHATTAN WITH LOVE: An outcast billionaire’s daughter is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. An international assassin questions her sanity when she falls in love with the very assassin she’s charged to assassinate. What happens when each collide? Chaos. Murder. Love. Revenge. And redemption. In this taut, 35,000-word novella, both women come together for the first time in an explosive story that threatens each of their lives, particularly when one woman breaks her own rules and dares to fall in love. In “From Manhattan with Love,” she soon learns what she always feared. When it comes to real danger, there’s nothing more dangerous than love itself. FROM MANHATTAN WITH REVENGE Carmen Gragera is a gifted international assassin. So was her lover, Alex Williams, before he was savagely murdered by a powerful syndicate who considered each end-of-cycle. Carmen escaped their wrath, but with Alex dead, her own wrath only grew. Now, through unusual means, she's seeking her revenge against the syndicate for Alex's death. Assisting her is an eccentric, Park Avenue-based seasonings heiress and a 103-year-old former psychiatrist whose contacts run deep.

The Agatha Christie Hour

Agatha Christie - 1982
    - The fourth man- The case of the discontented soldier- The red signal- The girl in the train- Magnolia blossom- Jane in search of a job- In a glass darkly- The case of the middle-aged wife- The mystery of the blue jar- The manhood of Edward Robinson

Past Praying For

Aline Templeton - 1997
     It’s only when her brother, Robert, a forensic psychologist, comes to visit that she is made aware of the uneasy undercurrents and tensions which pervade this seemingly peaceful village society. But even he doesn’t suspect that someone is concealing a childhood trauma so severe that it has fractured their personality. But then a strange series of events persuades both Margaret and Robert that a killer is among them. It starts with small attacks. Strange objects appear in villagers’ homes, belongings are damaged and rooms ransacked. But then there are hate-filled poison pen letters follow, and an arson attack that results in a death. Victims themselves, Margaret and Robert are drawn to the heart of the mystery. Combining their very different approaches they must try and single out the damaged individual whose tragic past has led them to commit such evil acts. But will they be able to identify the perpetrator before more lives are lost? Or are they 'Past Praying For'? 'Past Praying For' is a chilling, psychological mystery story by one of the masters of the genre. ‘Very good indeed’ Highbury & Islington Express ‘Aline Templeton conveys a sense of drama and suspense which is easy to read and difficult to put down’ Yorkshire Gazette & Herald ‘Templeton’s a considerable writer both intelligent and intuitive’ Literary Review Aline Templeton lives in Edinburgh with her husband, in a house with a balcony built by an astronomer to observe the stars over the beautiful city skyline. She has worked in education and broadcasting and has written numerous articles and stories for newspapers and magazines. Her books include ‘Shades of Death’ and ‘Night and Silence’. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

A Likeness In Stone

Julia Wallis Martin - 1997
    For former homicide detective Bill Driver, it means the reopening of a case that, in his mind, was never really closed. And Driver thinks he knows who did it. But three of Helena's friends-- her cold former lover Ian Gilmore, her jealous best friend Joan Poole, and talented but institutionalized artist Richard Wachmann-- conspire to keep a decades-old, deadly secret from seeing the light of day...all the while, a killer continues to strike again and again.

Storm Damage

Ed Kovacs - 2011
    James, a bare-knuckled ex-cop and mixed-martial artist, is stuck with the case of finding a missing person whose disappearance may have ties to Washington.When a Category 5 hurricane devastates New Orleans, the fresh murder of a politically-connected bar owner gets swept under—literally—until in the gritty aftermath of the city’s recovery a bare-knuckled ex-cop and mixed-martial artist attacks the case like a hungry dog chasing a meat truck.  With no forensic evidence, a destroyed crime scene, and no corpse, Cliff St. James uncovers possible CIA involvement and learns that his duplicitous client, as well as each of his other suspects, are guilty of—at the very least—multiple felonies.  It’s New Orleans, after all.  With a contract on his head as Fat Tuesday dawns, Cliff calls in every chit and breaks every rule to solve the murder and end a new wave of murders.

Under Cover of Daylight

James W. Hall - 1987
    Hall’s haunting debut novel first introduced the rugged character Thorn and the breathtaking South Florida landscape where he lives. Thorn’s past includes a savage act of revenge on the drunken hit-and-run killer of his parents. Now, fifteen years later, Thorn still cannot escape that moment, or the darkness he took into his soul that night. Not even his best friend, Sugarman, knows the truth. Not even Sarah Ryan knows the depths of her lover’s pain. Then suddenly, the nightmare begins again as Thorn’s foster mother is found slaughtered. Thorn can almost taste the rage as he stalks her killer and waits. "An exciting, well-crafted first novel that smoothly places complex, believable characters into an action-filled plot."—Washington Post "It starts good and stays good, right to the end."—Chicago Tribune

Kiss of Salt

Smita Bhattacharya - 2019
    With armchair travel and intriguing characters. Think Nordic noir meets Nancy Drew. ♥ *Heliconia Lane was a spot of heaven until you discover the secrets that lay behind its closed doors.* It was crazy really, for Darya to think she could have some peace and quiet at Heliconia Lane. Yes, it was located in a beautiful corner of South Goa—by the beach, no less—but after her Aunt Farideh disappeared twenty years ago—from this very place—nothing has been the same again. And now her uncle was dead under bizarre circumstances as were two of the neighbours on his street. What was happening? Was there a murderer on the loose? Why were people dying? Was it connected to her aunt’s disappearance in some way? And most importantly, was Darya going to be next? A cozy, Agatha Christie-style whodunnit, Kiss of Salt introduces Darya Nandkarni, an amateur, and accidental detective, who is clever, spirited, resourceful, yet troubled and vulnerable. Her adventures will make you laugh, cry, gape, and marvel, and you won't be able to put down the book until you've solved the mystery along with her in the beautiful side-streets of Goa. ** If you liked Kiss of Salt, check out the next in the series: THE SECRET ANGELS **

GLASS DOLLS an addictive crime thriller with a fiendish twist

D.E. White - 2020
    Detective Dove Milson is called out to the chilling crime scene by the Devon coast. The murder is a replica of the work of serial killer Peter Hayworth, known as the Glass Doll murderer. He would be the prime suspect . . . but he’s already dead.FOUR YEARS AGO DETECTIVE DOVE MILSON’S NIECE WAS KILLED BY THE GLASS DOLL MURDERERNow Dove leads the case. It’s her first job as part of the Major Crimes Team. She is recovering from a breakdown a few months earlier.Then another Glass Doll is found in an isolated cove.A TWISTED COPYCAT KILLER?Dove finds her family is at the heart of this new case. The latest Glass Doll victims both worked at her sister Gaia’s strip club. The club’s manager found the second Glass Doll. He claims to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Dove doesn’t believe in coincidences.THEN DOVE’S SURVIVING NIECE DISAPPEARSWill she become the next Glass Doll? Time is running out for her niece. Dove must race to catch a killer before it’s too late. Then a new lead tears a hole in the case.Discover a brand new thriller with a jaw-dropping twist you won’t see coming.Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter, K.L. Slater, Robert Bryndza, Helen Fields and Angela Marsons.

North of Montana

April Smith - 1994
    After Ana Grey pulls off “the most amazing arrest of the year,” the squad supervisor—who doesn't like irreverent, tough-minded young women—gives her a reprimand instead of the promotion she deserves. As a test, she is assigned a high-profile case involving a beloved Hollywood movie star and an illegal supply of prescription drugs. It doesn't take Ana and her partner, Mike Donnato, long to realize "this is not a case” but “a political situation waiting to explode”—and they're holding the bomb. As the boundary between her private and professional lives begins to blur, Ana's own world collides with her investigation, and she is forced to confront the searing truth about the nature of power and identity, and the mystery of her past.

A Circumstance of Blood

Jeannette Batz Cooperman - 2015
     With fifty students, the majority fee paying, he looks forward to being able to offer places to another fifty students whose parents are unable to pay. Working on his staff is University friend Jimmy Cadigan, also a priest, and Father Francis Charron, an elderly priest, who had taught Colin at seminary school. Charron’s brilliant, but he assisted at an exorcism as a young priest and has never recovered from the experience. One of the academy’s students, 17-year-old Philip Grant, dresses like Oscar Wilde and hasn’t troubled to define his sexual orientation. Irreverent and rebellious, he’s researching the private lives of the faculty for a video mashup. He asks to borrow the Matteo Ricci map, a sixteenth century map which has been donated to the school. Philip’s enough of a handful, but then Auxiliary Bishop Matthew Ehrlich arrives at the school to tell Colin that he has a new pupil for him. The son of a local lawyer and psychologist, Graham Dennison has been accused of trying to kill his mother. Colin tries to refuse; Ehrlich, conscious of the fundraising prospects, insists. Miserable, Colin contacts his university friend Sarah Markham, a journalist who has just returned from Haiti. Sarah moves in and starts to develop a profile of the young man. She’s not convinced he’s violent at all. And then one of the boys is found dead from a possible drugs overdose. With her old friend panicking and other faculty members behaving strangely, Sarah starts to call in favours to get to bottom of the murder. Was she wrong about Graham? Can she unravel the mystery swiftly enough to save Colin’s school? Jeannette Cooperman spent a decade as an award-winning investigative reporter, then went on to teach, write, and work as editor-in-chief of St. Louis Magazine. She loathed being in charge and cheerfully sank to staff writer, her current full-time gig. On the side, she has written several non-fiction books. This is her first fiction book for Endeavour. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks. Follow us on Twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Endeavour Press believes that the future is now.

Night Blind

Michael W. Sherer - 1988
    In the space of a few months, he lost his only child, his public affairs job, and his marriage. Now, a year later, he delivers newspapers and washes dishes in a restaurant, able to face the world only at night. Blake figures he’s fallen about as low as he can go.But an elderly customer on Blake’s paper route is brutally slashed to death in her home, and Blake is charged with murder. In a desperate attempt to prove his innocence, Blake gets caught up in a maelstrom of murder and deceit involving a pre-Civil War secret naval intelligence mission, hundreds of millions of dollars in buried gold and a potential bio-weapon that could cause a worldwide pandemic.When the only man who can help him is assassinated, Blake finds himself on the run from the cops, a murderer and a shadowy rogue French military intelligence agent. His only hope of staying out of jail is his ex-wife’s law firm. His only hopes of staying alive are his wits and the sudden appearance of a beautiful and mysterious naval intelligence officer. But Blake’s not sure he can trust even them.Night Blind is a breathless thrill ride on and under the streets of Seattle as one man’s quest for the truth turns to a fight for survival—his own and possibly the world’s.


James Hadley Chase - 1969
    But the traitor, Mallory, proved more than a match for them, and two corpses later, the remaining three called in outside help. They chose Martin Corridon, an ex-commando, who accepted the job and planned a neat double-cross of his own once he had the money. But it didn't quite work out that way: Corridon found himself trailing Mallory from the dens of Soho to the wilds of a remote Scottish island...