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The Cloak of Competence, Revised and Updated edition by Robert B. Edgerton


Ruby Chadwick

Anna King - 1995
    She spends hours playing happily with her two brothers outside their father’s pub. But Ruby’s world is turned upside down when a moment of disobedience results in a tragic accident, and she must learn to come to terms with the consequences.When the Chadwick family’s circumstances unexpectedly change they relocate to salubrious surroundings in respectable Brixton. As Ruby comes of age, she dreams of a future that allows her independence and a chance to find love, though her stern father has other ideas.Her fortunes change when she accepts a job as companion to a cantankerous old lady and crosses paths with a charming Irishman named Michael. Yet before long Ruby must once more choose whether to defy her family and make her own choices – whatever the cost…An absorbing and atmospheric London saga, Ruby Chadwick is a must-read for fans of Jean Fullerton, Lindsey Hutchinson and Rosie Goodwin.

Six Months to Live: The Dawn Rochelle Series, Book One (Lurlene McDaniel Books: 1)

Lurlene N. McDaniel - 2010
    Dawn Rochelle is about to face the toughest fight of her life—a fight she has to win. Otherwise, she has only six months to live.

Satan's Devils MC Boxset Books 1-5

Manda Mellett - 2020
    Oh, the normal elements are there, hot alpha males who certainly aren’t shy in the bedroom, but as well as the usual adversaries, the bikers end up facing some of the social issues in today’s world.Disability, sex trafficking, grooming of young girls, racism, and overcoming the grief of losing a partner form the various backgrounds that these bikers have to face in order to win the woman they want to ride with through life.Each book has been written as a standalone, but the best experience is gained by reading the books in order.Turning Wheels:Turning Wheels is the introduction to the club, seen through the eyes of Sophie, a disabled Englishwoman who comes under their protection. Scared and nervous, still coming to terms with being wheelchair bound, she is forced into the world of an American MC, meeting the men and learning to trust them.Wraith, the VP, is determined to show Sophie her disability doesn’t define her. To do so, he has to protect her from enemies both from outside the club and within, as well as help her overcome the demons in her past.Drummer’s BeatThe president of the Satan’s Devils hasn’t yet found a woman strong enough to be his partner in life, until he meets Sam broken down by the side of the road. Drummer helps a fellow biker, though when he learns she’s claiming to be the daughter of one of his members, he doesn’t believe her. It’s well known Viper can’t have kids, so she must be lying.He fights his attraction, only admitting he wants her after she’s taken by a sex trafficking ring. It’s a race against time for him to find her, and claim her.Slick RunningElla had performed a service for the club, but no one knew how much it had cost her. Slick had claimed her a few months back, only for her to inexplicably leave him. When she needs help, he refuses. You only fool Slick once.But the club owes her, and as Slick learns what made her run from him, he becomes determined to fight to get her back. The Satan’s Devils are faced with breaking up a child grooming ring in order to rescue Ella’s young sister.Targeting DartA confirmed bachelor, Dart fights his attraction to Alex, a curvy black girl. All he can offer is friendship to the woman who’s fighting for the life of her sick child.But when her violent ex catches up with her. Dart has to face up to his feelings, and take on responsibilities he hadn’t expected, both in his personal life, and his role in the club.Heart BrokenDestroyed by the death of his wife, Heart goes on a journey from which he has no intention of returning. But the voice on the phone keeps him going. The voice of a cop who, strangely, seems to understand the emotional journey he’s going through.Months pass. When he gets the chance to join his wife, to his surprise, Heart wants to live. He owes that to the cop. But cops and outlaw bikers can’t possibly have a relationship.


Victoria Scott - 2021
    I could barely put the book down until its equally heart-wrenching and heart-warming ending. A wonderful, smart and funny book - I know readers will absolutely love it' Louise Fein, bestselling author of People Like UsThe Willows have been through a lot. Louise has devoted her life to caring for her disabled youngest daughter. Pete works abroad, almost never seeing his loved ones. And their eldest, Eliza, is burdened by all the secrets she's trying to keep from her overloaded family.Meanwhile, Patience observes the world while trapped in her own body. She laughs, she cries, she has opinions and knows what she wants. But those who love her most - and make every decision about her life - will never know.Or will they? When the Willows are offered the opportunity for Patience to take part in a new gene therapy trial to cure her Rett syndrome, they face an impossible dilemma. Are the very real risks worth the chance of the reward, no matter how small?'An extraordinary novel about love and hope and family and what happens in the space between the words. I adored it' Kirsten Hesketh, author of Another Us

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes - Review Summary

J.T. Rothing - 2014
     Lou is 26 years old. She is sweet and adorable, but unskilled. When she loose her job at the Buttered Bun Café, she has no choice to apply for a try for a six-months contract as a carer to Will Traylor, a quadriplagic. But Will is not an easy person to get along with. Will Traylor is in his thirties. He lived a full adventurous life, until a speeding motorcycle crushed his spine. Paralyzed from the neck down, he is now bitter and morose, reminiscing constantly about his life before the accident. But Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of color, and neither of them knows they are going to change the other for all time... When you read Me before you by Mojo Moyes - Review Summary you will get a deeper understanding of the characters and plot found in Me Before You : A Novel by Mojo Moyes, as well as the themes and symbolism included in the novel. You also get a detailed chapter by chapter breakdown and analysis of the events as they unfold along with a glossary of the important characters and terms used in the original book. Just in case that’s not enough for you I’ve also included an analysis of each chapter, and quotes from the book that I found interesting. Wrapping it all up is a discussion of the critical reviews for Me before you as well as my overall opinion of the book. Plus much more! Whether you’re reading this for a book club, school report, or just want to catch up with your favorite characters and find out what happens before diving into the full length book, you can use this book review and study guide to get most out of your experience reading One Plus One by Mojo Moyes. WARNING - This is not the original book One Plus One by Jojo Moyes, but a detail summary and study guide designed to be used alongside the original work.

The Perfect Child / When She Returned

Lucinda Berry - 2019
    All that’s missing is a child. When Janie, an abandoned six-year-old, turns up at their hospital, Christopher forms an instant connection with her, and he convinces Hannah they should take her home as their own.But Janie is no ordinary child, and her damaged psyche proves to be more than her new parents were expecting. Janie is fiercely devoted to Christopher, but she acts out in increasingly disturbing ways, directing all her rage at Hannah. Unable to bond with Janie, Hannah is drowning under the pressure, and Christopher refuses to see Janie’s true nature.Hannah knows that Janie is manipulating Christopher and isolating him from her, despite Hannah’s attempts to bring them all together. But as Janie’s behavior threatens to tear Christopher and Hannah apart, the truth behind Janie’s past may be enough to push them all over the edge.When She Returned:One woman’s reappearance throws her family into turmoil, exposing dark secrets and the hidden, often devastating truth of family relationships.Kate Bennett vanished from a parking lot eleven years ago, leaving behind her husband and young daughter. When she shows up at a Montana gas station, clutching an infant and screaming for help, investigators believe she may have been abducted by a cult.Kate’s return flips her family’s world upside down—her husband is remarried, and her daughter barely remembers her. Kate herself doesn’t look or act like she did before.While the family tries to help Kate reintegrate into society, they discover truths they’ve been hiding from each other about their own relationships. But they aren’t the only ones with secrets. As the family unravels what happened to Kate, a series of shocking revelations shows that Kate’s return is more sinister than any of them could have imagined.

Teamwork II: A Dog Training Manual for People with Disabilities

Stewart Nordensson - 1998
    Book by Stewart Nordensson, Lydia Kelley

The Happiness of Pursuit: A Father's Courage, a Son's Love and Life's Steepest Climb

Davis Phinney - 2011
    He won two stages at the Tour de France and an Olympic medal. But after years of feeling off, he was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s. The body that had been his ally was now something else: a prison. The Happiness of Pursuit is the story of how Davis sought to overcome his Parkinson’s by reaching back to what had made him so successful on the bike and adjusting his perspective on what counted as a win. The news of his diagnosis began a dark period for this vibrant athlete, but there was also light. His son Taylor’s own bike-racing career was taking off. Determined to beat the Body Snatcher, Davis underwent a procedure called deep brain stimulation. Although not cured, his symptoms abated enough for him to see Taylor compete in the Beijing Olympics. Davis Phinney had won another stage. But the joy, he discovered, was in the pursuit. With humor and grace, Phinney weaves the narrative of his battle with Parkinson’s with tales from his cycling career and from his son’s emerging career. The Happiness of Pursuit is a remarkable story of fathers and sons and bikes, of victories large and small.

A Million Miles From Home

Mike Dellosso - 2018
     Ben and Annie Flurry have the perfect family, until an accident takes Annie's life and leaves their daughter severely injured. Now Ben struggles to come to terms with his own grief and guilt. As the past he tried to leave behind threatens all he holds dear, Ben makes the difficult decision to move back to his childhood home to seek the help of his mother — and the father he remembers as abusive and an alcoholic. His mother claims his father is a changed man, but Ben isn't so sure. Can he find the strength to be the dad and man his father never was? Or will the wounds of the past ruin Ben's chance to love again?

The Lunatic Memoirs: The Jack Downing Story

Thatcher C. Nalley - 2013
     Jack Downing has become one of the most influential business tycoons in America. Jack Downing also believes that God has chosen him to annihilate the entire existence of human beings. Convinced that God has chosen him to be “The One”, the successful Jack Downing will set out to kill off all of mankind. As he begins to carry out the plan of extinction, and with only one year left to do so, Jack begins to write on how he became God’s chosen one. On the outside the publicly respected Jack Downing in charming and charismatic, but unbeknownst to the world around him, the secret Jack is descending into violent madness. Written in a narrative form, THE LUNATIC MEMOIRS, is a novel that journeys deep into the detached reasoning of a sociopathic mind. Jack Downing illuminates how the mind’s line between that which is sane and insane can be truly very thin.

Crash: How I Became a Reluctant Caregiver

Rachel Michelberg - 2021
    But when her husband, David, survives a plane crash and is left with severe brain damage, she faces a choice: will she dedicate her life to caring for a man she no longer loves, or walk away?Their marriage had been rocky at the time of the accident, and though she wants to do the right thing, Rachel doesn’t know how she is supposed to care for two kids in addition to a now irrational, incontinent, and seizure-prone grown man. And how will she manage to see her lover? But then again, what kind of selfish monster would refuse to care for her disabled husband, no matter how unhappy her marriage had been? Rachel wants to believe that she can dedicate her life to David’s needs, but knows in her heart it is impossible.Crash tackles a pervasive dilemma in our culture: the moral conflicts individuals face when caregiving for a disabled or cognitively impaired family member.

Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy

John W. Quinn - 2010
    He kept his cerebral palsy a secret from the record- keepers and medical authorities for 20 years. He had a distinguished and highly decorated career despite the pain he endured to appear normal.He served on board destroyers, a battleship, two aircraft carriers and functioned as an administrator for a Seal unit. The outside world also impacted on him further aggravating his CP when he was challenged by alcoholism and excessive grief caused by the suicide of a brother. With help, John Quinn triumphed over both, as he did the painful cerebral palsy.

This Close to Happy: A Reckoning with Depression

Daphne Merkin - 2017
    She recounts the travails of growing up in a large, affluent family where there was a paucity of love and of basics such as food and clothing despite the presence of a chauffeur and a cook. She goes on to recount her early hospitalization for depression in poignant detail, as well as her complex relationship with her mercurial, withholding mother.Along the way Merkin also discusses her early, redemptive love of reading and gradual emergence as a writer. She eventually marries, has a child, and suffers severe postpartum depression, for which she is again hospitalized. Merkin also discusses her visits to various therapists and psychopharmocologists, which enables her to probe the causes of depression and its various treatments. The book ends in the present, where the writer has learned how to navigate her depression, if not “cure” it, after a third hospitalization in the wake of her mother’s death.

Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

Christopher J. Payne - 2009
    From the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth, over 250 institutions for the insane were built throughout the United States; by 1948, they housed more than a half million patients. The blueprint for these hospitals was set by Pennsylvania hospital superintendent Thomas Story Kirkbride: a central administration building flanked symmetrically by pavilions and surrounded by lavish grounds with pastoral vistas. Kirkbride and others believed that well-designed buildings and grounds, a peaceful environment, a regimen of fresh air, and places for work, exercise, and cultural activities would heal mental illness. But in the second half of the twentieth century, after the introduction of psychotropic drugs and policy shifts toward community-based care, patient populations declined dramatically, leaving many of these beautiful, massive buildings--and the patients who lived in them--neglected and abandoned. Architect and photographer Christopher Payne spent six years documenting the decay of state mental hospitals like these, visiting seventy institutions in thirty states. Through his lens we see splendid, palatial exteriors (some designed by such prominent architects as H. H. Richardson and Samuel Sloan) and crumbling interiors--chairs stacked against walls with peeling paint in a grand hallway; brightly colored toothbrushes still hanging on a rack; stacks of suitcases, never packed for the trip home. Accompanying Payne's striking and powerful photographs is an essay by Oliver Sacks (who described his own experience working at a state mental hospital in his book Awakenings). Sacks pays tribute to Payne's photographs and to the lives once lived in these places, "where one could be both mad and safe."

The Shaking Woman, or A History of My Nerves

Siri Hustvedt - 2009
    Despite her flapping arms and shaking legs, she continued to speak clearly and was able to finish her speech. It was as if she had suddenly become two people: a calm orator and a shuddering wreck. Then the seizures happened again and again. The Shaking Woman tracks Hustvedt’s search for a diagnosis, one that takes her inside the thought processes of several scientific disciplines, each one of which offers a distinct perspective on her paroxysms but no ready solution. In the process, she finds herself entangled in fundamental questions: What is the relationship between brain and mind? How do we remember? What is the self?During her investigations, Hustvedt joins a discussion group in which neurologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and brain scientists trade ideas to develop a new field: neuropsychoanalysis. She volunteers as a writing teacher for psychiatric in-patients at the Payne Whitney clinic in New York City and unearths precedents in medical history that illuminate the origins of and shifts in our theories about the mind-body problem. In The Shaking Woman, Hustvedt synthesizes her experience and research into a compelling mystery: Who is the shaking woman? In the end, the story she tells becomes, in the words of George Makari, author of Revolution in Mind, “a brilliant illumination for us all.”