Murder Most Vile Volume 22: 18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases (True Crime Murder Books)

Robert Keller - 2018
    The identity of her killer will shock an entire community to its core.If I Can’t Have You: If you love someone set them free, if they come back to you, they are yours forever… if they don’t, kill them.The Body in the Suitcase: A suitcase is found by the roadside. Its contents will send investigators on a desperate hunt to catch a killer before he strikes again.Murder at the Long Branch Saloon: A much-loved tavern owner disappears from his business in broad daylight, leaving the police with an apparently uncrackable case to solve.Playing with Fire: Taylor was young and eager to experiment; Ben was older and happy to teach her. It was all fun and games until someone turned up dead.The Seaside Murders: Four members of the same family are found hacked to death inside their home in a quiet beach community. But who killed them? And why?A Cain and Abel Story: Its brother against brother in this convoluted tale of money, deceit, and murder for hire. ˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃˃ Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. Book Series by Robert Keller Most of my works are about serial killers, while the “Murder Most Vile” series covers individual true crime stories. These are the main collections; American Monsters 50 American Serial Killers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Murder Most Vile Human Monsters British Monsters Australian Monsters Canadian Monsters German Monsters Cannibal Killers Plus various other standalone books, including the The Deadly Dozen, which is available as a free download on Amazon, and Serial Killers Unsolved, which you can get for free when signing up to my mailing list. Robert Keller’s True Crime eBook Categories: Serial Killers True Crime Serial Killer Biographies Murder and Mayhem True Murder Cases Serial Killer Case Files True Crime Short Stories

The Ryan Green True Crime Collection: Volume 1

Ryan Green - 2018
     Volume one contains some of Green’s most fascinating accounts of violence, abuse, deception and murder. Within this collection, you'll receive: Harold Shipman: The True Story of Britain’s Most Notorious Serial Killer The story of Britain’s most notorious serial killer, Harold Shipman, from his upbringing, his victims, his trial, and his motivations. Shipman killed no less than 218 of his patients, making him Britain’s most prolific serial killer. What possessed a respected and trusted man to abuse his power on such a grand scale? Colombian Killers: The True Stories of the Three Most Prolific Serial Killers on Earth Luis Alfredo Garavito, Pedro Alonzo Lopez, and Daniel Camargo Barbosa are among the most prolific serial killers in the world. Between them, they were convicted of 329 murders, but it’s believed that the number they committed is over 750. Fred & Rose West: Britain’s Most Infamous Killer Couples This chilling book is based on the true life events of Britain’s most infamous killer couple, Rosemary and Frederick West, and the terror they wreaked on their hometown before their apprehension in 1994. The story includes decades of child abuse, an underground torture chamber and a burial ground containing the bodies of the spent victims – including that of their missing daughter. The Kuřim Case: A Terrifying True Story of Child Abuse, Cults & Cannibalism A horrific narrative uncovered by accident exposes a mother and sister’s sadistic acts of child abuse, confinement, and even cannibalism of two young boys. But this turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. The child abuse was performed at a much larger scale. Buy all four books today and save 50%

Hell Hath No Fury 2: More Women Who Kill

Les Macdonald - 2014
    The first book in the series featured 45 stories of women who have committed the act of murder. Hell Hath No Fury 2: More Women Who Kill follows that up with 43 more stories of murder committed by the fairer sex. Part 1 contains 33 stories of women who have murdered children. Part 2 has five stories of women who have murdered either husbands, boyfriends or significant others. Part 3 consists of five more assorted stories of women who kill. Part 4 contains an overview of some possible motives and reasons for the murders.

Marcus Wesson: The Horrific True Story Behind Fresno’s Worst Mass Murderer (Real Crime By Real Killers Book 6)

Ryan Becker - 2018
     Polygamy. Incest. Vampires. Murder. There are words you might expect to read together in the plot of a gothic horror novel, but not so long ago, in the usually quiet town of Fresno, California, those words were the headlines. What do they have to do with each other? The answer to that question is one man; Marcus Wesson. Chances are you have heard of cults, such as the Manson Family, and Jonestown, but this might be your first time reading the story of a vampire cult led by Marcus Wesson. The members of this cult were members of Wesson’s own family. This is an unsettlingly, graphic account of the real-life tragedy that took place in 2004. The details are so unbelievable, they seem like a work of fiction, yet they are all true. Perhaps you haven’t heard of this vampire cult, the murders involved, or the name Marcus Wesson, but after reading this story, you are guaranteed to never forget. Grab your copy now and enter the darkest fantasy that you won’t believe is a reality.

True Crime Case Histories - Volume 6: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories

Jason Neal - 2021
    The stories in this book represent humanity at its absolute worst. Pure evil. Television crime shows and news articles often skip the messy parts of true crime stories. The details are just too much for the average viewer or reader.In my books, however, I don’t leave out the details. I go through hours of research for each story. I search through old newspaper articles, court documents, first-hand descriptions, and autopsy reports. In my books I include details not to shock, but to give the reader a deeper look into the twisted mind of the killer. In the end, it’s unlikely any of us will understand the motive of the criminals in these books, but the level of depravity will at least keep you turning pages.That being said, if you are overly squeamish with the details of true crime, this book may not be for you. If you’re okay with it… then let’s proceed.Volume 6 features: longer stories, more photos, a bonus chapter, and an online appendix with additional photos, videos, and documents.Volume 6 of True Crime Case Histories features twelve new stories from the past several decades.

Shocking Celebrity Murders: True Crime Cases of Famous People Who Were Brutally Killed

Jack Smith - 2021

Who Killed Epstein? Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton (War On Drugs Book 5)

Shaun Attwood - 2021

Escaped Killer: True Story of Serial Killer Allan Legere

R.J. Parker - 2017
    Children were not allowed outside to play without adult supervision. But then he was captured, tried, convicted, and put away for life in prison. The community could finally breathe again. They are out of danger. Until the day the convicted killer escapes prison and rains terror upon anyone and everyone in his way. The manhunt pursues, the killer kills, and earns the title of a serial killer. This is the story of Allan Legere—a monster. Inside Bonus - the story of Andrea Yates from the book, "Parents Who Killed Their Children"

Public Enemies: 5 True Crime Gangster Stories from the Roaring Twenties(Vol 1)

Guy Hadleigh - 2015
    You’ll have heard of most of these notorious criminals, but possibly not so much about one or two of them. All of them were real, ruthless hoodlums, and all had their "15 minutes of fame", leaving trails of death and mayhem behind them. Most did not live to an old age, and those that did were probably in jail. Their escapades were daring and reckless and many paid the ultimate price in the end. Volume 1 contains • Lucky Luciano –From Streetwise Kid to the Father of Organized Crime Leaving poverty ravaged Sicily for New York with his family at the age of 10; Lucky was running his own protection racket and making a name for himself whilst still in his teens. Inevitably, he moved on to become the undisputed boss of organized crime in the USA, but it was his own ‘family’s’ involvement in prostitution which landed him a jail sentence of 30 to 50 years. It didn’t end there however as he continued to run the family affairs from prison where Lady Luck visited him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. • Bugsy Siegel and “The Flamingo Hotel”Through his gambling and bootlegging operations, plus numerous ruthless contract murders, Bugsy Siegel established himself as a key member of “The Syndicate” in New York. Relocating to Las Vegas with the blessing of Lucky Luciano in 1945 to expand the organizations activities, he built the famous Flamingo Club and Casino in the desert of Las Vegas using money provided by the East Coast mobsters. The hopelessly mismanaged project went way over budget, implicating Bugsy in the ‘misappropriation’ of funds and enraging his bosses – Bugsy’s day were numbered.• Dutch Schultz – Beer Baron and Vicious Killer From the slums of New York, Dutch Schultz rose through the ranks of crime to be named “the nation’s top gangster” by the FBI. Claiming to be a good guy simply supplying people with the beer they wanted, (illegally of course), he was also responsible for killing at least two of his own men he suspected of ‘skimming’ more of the proceeds than was due to them. • Hymies Weiss - The Man Al Capone FearedEarl Wojciechowski was born on Jan 25th 1898 in Chicago, but over time became known as Hymie Weiss, eventually teaming up with Dean O'Banion the leader of the North Side Gang who he succeeded after his murder in 1924. Hymie swore to avenge his friends death and waged wore on the Torrio-Capone criminal empire, even attempting to assassinate Capone himself. Violent gun battles on the streets of Chicago were regular occurrences during this period as the gangs fought for control of the lucrative bootlegging and other rackets - things had to come to a head sooner or later. • Wilbur Underhill – The Tri-State TerrorIt took a 24 man task force to bring down Mad Dog Wilbur Underhill in the end. During 12 years of rampaging through the Southwest he was sentenced to life for a murder in Oklahoma, and received another life sentence in Kansas after escaping jail in a ten man breakout and murdering a policeman. Suspected of involvement in the famous Kansas City Massacre, Wilbur began his life of crime as a burglar, and quickly moved on to armed robbery and murder. Order your copy today..! Scroll back up for instant download

Missing: True Cases of Mysterious Disappearances

Andrew J. Clark - 2018
    disappeared without leaving a trace. This book shed lights on some of the most intriguing missing person cases.There are countless stories all over the globe of average, everyday people suddenly vanishing under the strangest and most inopportune of circumstances. These cases have baffled the experts and remained unsolved for decades. The missing person cases presented in this book have diverse backgrounds, but they are all equally mysterious. Here we will dive headfirst into some of the most unusual disappearing acts on record. Rational explanations have been put forward for some, but many lack any plausible theories whatsoever.This book relates the true yet astonishing tales of prime ministers lost at sea, esteemed physicists vanishing without a trace, great explorers lost in the wilderness. From the World War II veteran who seemed to literally disappear into thin air on a bus ride home, to the ill-fated singer-songwriter Connie Converse who right around her 50th birthday decided to pull a 'Bilbo Baggins' (Connie’s own words) on the ones she loved by slipping on her very own ring of invisibility and vanishing out of sight, this book takes us through some of the saddest, the most intriguing, and the most downright bizarre accounts of lost souls that you will ever find.

The Truth Within the Lies: Discovering Chris Watts: - Part Three - The Theories

Netta Newbound - 2020
    With those in mind, I will recap briefly the series so far…In Cold Blood: Discovering Chris Watts - Part One - The FactsWe guess it’s safe to say most people will have heard of the Watts case. Christopher (Chris) Lee Watts, the dashing, seemingly genteel, affable man who murdered his entire family in a calculated attack that shocked the entire world. Shanann Watts, his pregnant, incredibly beautiful wife whose life was snuffed out because her doting husband decided he wanted a fresh start. Bella Marie and Celeste Cathryn (CeCe) Watts, adorable sisters who worshipped their father, the very man who suffocated them both in cold blood using their comfort blankets against them. He then went on to dispose of their tiny bodies into huge tanks filled with toxic crude oil. Nico Lee Watts, Chris and Shanann’s unborn son.During this series we will look at the facts, the police investigation, the evidence, hear Chris Watts’ explanation and his reasoning. We will try to make some sense of what occurred during the early hours of August 13th 2018. We will endeavour to present to you all aspects of the case, right from the initial investigation and how it unfolded, to the first and subsequent confessions all transcribed word for word (where possible) from actual video and audio footage obtained from the FBI’s Discovery Files.A Deal With the Devil - Discovering Chris Watts - Part Two - The FactsAt the end of book one, Chris Watts had finally confessed to murdering his beautiful family and disposing of their bodies at an oil field.In part two, we focus on…•… the grim discovery and recovery of the bodies.•… the chilling details of the autopsies.•… the remaining police interviews of Nichol Kessinger.•… the Plea Deal.•… the sentencing.•… Chris Watts Prison Interview.What to expect in this book…The Truth Within the Lies: Discovering Chris Watts - Part Three – The TheoriesFor anyone new to this case, the first thing they ask is why? And unfortunately no amount of reading, or watching, or studying will answer that for you. The only person who knows the absolute truth is Chris Watts himself, and for some reason he has refused to confess all up to now. Oh yes, he’s confessed to much of it, but there are so many discrepancies, changed statements, obvious lies and omissions. The online True Crime Community is rife with scenarios and theories and some of them are eye-poppingly, jaw-droppingly valid. So we’ve given you the facts, and now we intend to put forward some of the theories to see if we can work out which truths have been weaved through the lies and vice-versa.Please note: These theories are not the opinions of the authors and in no way are they saying these events are actually true. But they are most definitely food for thought…

Unsolved Serial Killers: 10 Frightening True Crime Cases of Unidentified Serial Killers (The Ones You've Never Heard of) Volume 1

D.R. Werner - 2021

Closing Time: A True Story of Robbery and Double Murder

Anita Paddock - 2017
     In the vein of In Cold Blood, Closing Time is the stunning story of good and evil colliding in the most tragic of ways, both for the victims and their loved ones left behind to re-live their horror. Kenneth Staton was the well-respected owner of a jewelry store in Van Buren, Arkansas. Although crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and unable to walk without crutches, he had built his business through excellent watch repair work, fine quality jewelry sold at fair prices, and a dedication to his customers that surpassed all other merchants. He was the quintessential gentleman in all aspects of his life, and a beloved father. Unknown to him, two men—a seasoned criminal with a propensity for violence and a younger man, handsome, but broke and with an obsessive thirst for alcohol—plotted to rob the jewelry store at closing time on September 10, 1980. The thugs had only met each other days before, and it was the younger one's first venture into armed robbery. When Staton and his daughter Suzanne didn't show up for supper, his other two daughters became alarmed and went to the store. There they found the bodies of their father and youngest sister lying in pools of blood, gagged, hogtied, and shot twice in the head. Close to $100,000 dollars in diamonds and other jewelry had been stolen. This senseless, bloody crime rocked the town of Van Buren and set its lawmen, sworn to find the killers, on a fiercely determined hunt that led from Rogers, Arkansas to Jacksonville, Florida, and all the way to Vancouver, Canada. Seventeen years later, was justice served? Praise for Closing Time “Anita Paddock is the newest and strongest voice in true crime writing. Closing Time makes you feel as if you are there, seeing what happened, and feeling the terror and sorrow of those felled by these brutal crimes.” – Marla Cantrell, Editor of Do South Magazine and an Arkansas Art Council Fellow “Anita Paddock delivers again. Closing Time reveals an unvarnished truth that will, at times, leave her readers breathless. Those familiar with her work will quickly conclude that Closing Time is a worthy successor to her previous best seller, Blind Rage. Get ready for some late nights because you won’t be able to put this one down.” – Greg Shepard, author of Earthstains, the story of Matt and George Kimes who came of age in the Roaring Twenties with a string of sensational bank robberies.

Scotland Yard's First Cases

Joan Lock - 2011
     The favoured murder weapon was the cut-throat razor; carrying a pocket watch was dangerous; the most significant clue at a murder scene could be the whereabouts of a candlestick or hat; large households (family, servants and lodgers) complicated many a case and servants sometimes murdered their masters. Detectives had few aids and suffered many disadvantages. The bloody handprints found at two early murder scenes were of no help, there being no way of telling whether blood (or hair) was human or animal. Fingerprinting was fifty years away, DNA profiling another hundred and photography was too new to help with identification. The detectives had no transport and were expected to walk the first three miles on any enquiry before catching an omnibus or cab and trying to recoup the fares. All reports had to be handwritten with a dip pen and ink and the only means of keeping contact with colleagues and disseminating information was by post, horseback or foot. In spite of these handicaps and severe press criticism, the detectives achieved some significant successes. Joan Lock includes such classic cases as the First Railway Murder, as well as many fascinating, fresh reports, weaving in new developments like the electric telegraph against a background of authentic Victorian police procedure. Charles Dickens said that Scotland Yard detectives gave the impression of leading lives of strong mental excitement. Readers of this book will understand why … Praise for Joan Lock ‘Thorough account of important early cases dealt with by Scotland Yard.’ – Professor B. J. Rahn ‘a better picture of the development of the detectives and the CID in the 19th century Metropolitan Police than any other book I have read.' – Alan Moss ‘vivid detail’ – Historical Novel Society Joan Lock is an ex-nurse and former policewoman. Joan has also written short stories, radio plays, radio documentaries and eight crime novels. She lives in London.

Inferno: An Inquiry Into the Willingham Fire

J. Bennett Allen - 2011
    To his last moment he proclaimed his innocence of the arson that claimed the lives of his children. While much has been written of the trial, conviction and execution of Willingham, Inferno is the first exploration of the possible causes of the fire that cost three children, and eventually, Willingham himself, their lives. Instead of him saving her, Amber would save her daddy. She would save him by awakening him with her screams and pleas, by telling him of the fire, by taking his place in bed, by breathing in the smoke that would have filled his lungs instead of hers.The fire, however, would not be denied. Disguised first as justice and then as a needle, it would consume her father just as surely as it had Amber and her infant sisters.While much has been written of the trial, conviction and execution of Cameron Todd Willingham, the discussion has been limited to whether or not the fire that killed his children was caused by arson. This is the first book to investigate other possible causes of the fire that claimed initially three, and eventually four lives.