Mimi's Ghost Stories; ミミの怪談; Mimi no Kaidan

Junji Ito - 2002
    A series of stories that follows Mimi, a girl who can't seem to escape the supernatural occurrences that continue around her.Mysterious figures, strange neighbors, and deadly visitors lurk within the pages of this horror collection by the legendary Junji Ito. Come dive into this terrifying ride, if you dare.The stories themselves weren't originally written by Ito Junji. Rather, they were originally popular urban legends ("Kaidan"), which were collected by Ito Junji and edited by him.1. The Woman Next Door2. Sound of Grass3. Graveman4. The Seashore5. Just the Two of Us6. The Scarlet Circle

Jack Frost, Vol. 1

JinHo Ko - 2009
    Caught in the crossfire, Noh-A may have to rely on the unlikely (and possibly unreliable) aid of the most sinister student at Amityville...the deadly Jack Frost!

Distant sky #1

Inwan Youn - 2014
    No cars, no electricity and no stars in the sky… Not only Gangnam, but the entire city seems deserted.


A.Rasen - 2020
    But once this experience starts there is no turning back, and they find themselves tested beyond what they imagined, facing their most desperate fears in order to survive.

The Girl in the Bay

J.M. DeMatteis - 2019
    17-Year-Old Kathy Sartori is attacked and thrown into Sheepshead Bay. Brooklyn, 2019. She crawls ashore.Kathy discovers an eerie doppelganger has been living out her life. Soon Kathy will confront not only this strange double but the madman who "murdered" her five decades earlier. Will Kathy find the key to her missing years or become a ghost of herself destined to live out her life on the edge of the world she desperately wants to be part of? From Brooklyn natives J.M. DeMatteis (Eisner Award winning author of Spiderman and Justice League) and Karen Berger (The mind behind Vertigo Comics) with rising star artist Corin Howell (Transformers, Ghostbusters) comes a dark paranormal story full of crime, mystery, and time-jumping. This comics series collected for the first time is sure to leave readers guessing until the very end. Join the mystery and find out who is The Girl In The Bay?"With haunting artistry and a narrative which keeps the reader guessing, this book is worth becoming emotionally invested if not to learn what is truly behind Kathy's new path in life but to also learn what happened to her troubled past." - The Fandom Post"Murder, time travel, doppelgangers, it's all here folks!" -- Rogues Portal"The mystery is genuinely enthralling, the character is relatable, and the pacing is spot on. Mystery fans will find a lot to chew on in this debut that shouldn't be missed." -- Sequential Planet


Housui Yamazaki - 2004
    They are actually encounters with the dead - their way of sending us a message. But you may not want to open such strange mail from beyond - not unless you can see the ghostly attachment, like Akiba can.

Death Note Special One-Shot (2020)

Tsugumi Ohba - 2020
    Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the mega popular Japanese manga series Death Note debuted in 2003 and came to an end in 2006, but the Shinigami known as Ryuk has returned here at the start of 2020 with a brand new 87-page one-shot!The special one-shot story, written by Ohba and illustrated by Obata, takes place after the events of the original series, and it’s been published in English, in full, over on Viz.com.Ryuk sets his sights on top high school student Minoru Tanaka in the new tale, who decides to sell the deadly notebook on social media after it’s bestowed upon him.It’s ultimately purchased after a fierce bidding war between nations for 10 trillion dollars, but you’ll have to read the story for yourself to find out whose hands it ends up in…


Ryoung - 2020
    Oh, and she has a serial-killing stalker following her every move.

Hell Girl, Volume 1

Miyuki Eto - 2006
    . . .When you thirst for revenge, there’s a surefire way to get it: Simply go to the strange website that appears only at midnight, and enter the name of your enemy. The Hell Girl will appear to drag your tormentor to eternal damnation. But you will have to pay a price . . . your soul!

The Mannequin: A Horror Short Story

Darcy Coates - 2014
    It's dark, has no mobile reception, and is cluttered with storage boxes. But it's cheap, and there's no lease – which is perfect for a student who's been kicked out by his ex-girlfriend. Well, nearly perfect. There's a mannequin hidden behind some old boxes that gives him the creeps. Sometimes it throws its dust cloth off. Sometimes he feels it watching him when his back is turned. And sometimes it moves while he's asleep... The Mannequin is a chilling half-hour story, perfect for a quick read late at night.

Sweet Home Volume 1

Youngchan Hwang
    Now he must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to try and save the world before it's too late.

American Ghost Jack Season 1

Ji-Hye Han
    But Go-eun is not about to let the park owner demolish their haunted house and her memories of her childhood and her mother. She resolves to go to the United States to surpass trials and get a million dollar cash prize awarded to those who can survive a stay in Ghost Jack's House.

Save Me

Big Hit Entertainment - 2019
    Best friends. Their fates intertwined through the good times together, but also the tough times, as they have gone their separate ways and suffered greatly as a result. When all is almost lost for these boys, one is given a special chance to go back in time and help his friends fix the mistakes that led them down this path. He’ll do anything to save them, but can he? Or is he too late?

20th Century Ghost: A Story from the Collection 20th Century Ghosts

Joe Hill - 2002
    The spirit of a young girl talks to various moviegoers at the Rosebud Theatre. She has been posthumously frequenting the cinema after she died during a screening of The Wizard of Oz. The story also focuses on Alec Sheldon, the theatre owner, and how he comes to terms with his nearing mortality and how the Rosebud will fare after his retirement.

Devil Number 4

Jangjing - 2018
    But this devil has problems of his own. He’s a cog in Satan’s corporate ladder, who’s quickly losing credibility because that same desperate girl isn’t ready to part with her soul willingly. Now, she’s working at his coffee shop while he tries to convince her that she can have it all. And the cost? Merely her mortal soul…