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Don't Look Back by M.J. Fredrick


Make Me Shine

Elodie Colt - 2020
    After all, as a divorced man at the age of thirty-two, "blind sex" sounded like a nice distraction.Her code name is Devon. She’s my faceless fantasy. A diamond in a world full of rhinestones. I don't know what she looks like.I don’t know where she lives.I don't know her name.I will never know these things.And if I'm not careful, I might fall for a woman who's just a ghost in the dark. ELLANew name. New identity. Old demons.After escaping two years in hell, this fancy dating program was supposed to be my therapy.His code name is Ross. He makes me feel alive again. Every night we share at Silent Sins, our bond grows stronger.And he’s hell-bent on meeting me in person, throwing our anonymity away, and taking me on a real date.I want to do it.But my demons? They never sleep.

Love, Lies and a Double Shot of Deception

Lois Winston - 2007
    As a matter of fact, you could say the poor little rich girl is the ultimate poster child for Money Can’t Buy Happiness — even if she is no longer a child.Billionaire real estate stud Logan Crawford is as famous for his less-than-platinum reputation as he is his business empire. In thirty-eight years he’s never fallen in love, and that’s just fine with him — until he meets Emma.But Emma’s not buying into Logan’s seductive ways. Well, maybe just a little, but she’s definitely going into the affair with her eyes wide open. She’s no fool. At least not any more. Her deceased husband saw to that. Besides, she knows Logan will catch the first jet out of Philadelphia once he learns her secrets.Except things don’t go exactly as Emma has predicted, and when Philadelphia’s most beloved citizen become the city’s most notorious criminal, she needs to do a lot more than clear her name if she wants to save her budding romance with the billionaire hunk someone is willing to kill for.


Stella Barcelona - 2014
    Barcelona’s debut book brings an excellent author to the fore; the intrigue blends beautifully with the romance.” -Heather Graham, New York Times Bestselling AuthorTaylor Marlowe Bartholomew carries three of the most notable names in New Orleans society. She hoped to forge her own path in the world as an Assistant District Attorney, but that dream is dying as obligations pull her into the family shipbuilding business. In Taylor’s final days in the DA’s office, she receives a murder assignment that could unravel her perception of reality.Brandon Morrissey is haunted by demons that force him to keep his life simple and detached. He pours all of his energy into his thriving legal practice, until, overnight, he becomes the single father of an infant. For the sake of his son’s future, Brandon searches for a killer and faces the truth about his family’s unfortunate past.Someone is willing to kill to use the past for their own ends. Thrust together, Brandon and Taylor have different views of their families’ intersecting histories. As they confront a sea of uncertainty, one thing is sure…no one is safe until they discover where the truth lies.Their destinies have been set in motion by their ancestors.Ghosts of the past shadow every step they take.Together they have to find the truth…before it’s too late.“Stella Barcelona’s stunning debut, Deceived, has it all. Mystery—check. Action—check. Romance —check. A heart-pounding must read, Barcelona writes for those of us who want intelligent protagonists and an intriguing mystery.” - Cherry Adair, New York Times Bestselling Author

The Third Wife

Jasmine Cresswell - 2002
    She felt on desperation to escape the nightmare of her Colorado home - an isolated rural community that condoned her forced polygamous marriage to become one man's third wife.Fifteen years later, Anna is working as a federal probation officer in Denver. A fighter for the underdog, even she cannot escape the cynicism of her profession. She doesn't expect much from her newest parolee, just the usual sob story about being innocent and misunderstood. But Joe Mackenzie is different.A white-collar criminal convicted of embezzlement, Joe is tough, quiet, determined...and innocent. Now he's looking for justice. And he's about to pull Anna into his world, one that will lead her back to the past she'd left behind - one that will reach out to ensnare them both in it's dangerous secrets and deadly schemes, where the passion between them is threatened by the grim reach of murder.


Jolie Vines - 2021
    She might just need saving.LochieFor too long, I've been alone. Just me and my daughter. Keeping her safe is everything, so taking a job in the remote Scottish Highlands suits us fine.I shouldn't need anything more.Yet I'm beyond distracted by a lass.Smart, beautiful, and living right next door, Cait McRae makes it clear she's not interested. Every sly glance tells another story.It's all I can do not to throw her over my shoulder and take her home.Cait might claim she only wants to explore the physical, but I know she's wrong.She's mine.If the people pursuing us both don't destroy what we've found.CaitI always knew I was different. No one ever caught my eye.Until a huge, scowling man moves in next door. He's the new head of the mountain rescue service, and a single dad to a sweet little girl.Turns out, I'm a late bloomer, as all I can think about is Lochie.But someone else wants me.A series of strange events point to one conclusion. I have a stalker, and the danger I'm in is only just starting.--The Wild Mountain Scots series follows on from the Wild Scots series with more of your favourite McRaes. Meet the brooding, tough, protective men of the mountain rescue and the beautiful women who tame their hearts.

Mind Lies

Harlow Stone - 2016
    Not even my best friend knows who he is. A DAMAGED WOMAN…I know in my heart Locklin is real. My memories of us began with love, songs and passion. But soon after change to blood, sorrow and fear. MAYBE I’M CRAZY…Running to Locklin, hiding from the Russian's, and bleeding from a stab wound. DESPERATE…Whether or not my mind lies, nothing will stop me from finding him.ONE HEARTBREAKING YOUTUBE VIDEO….Sometimes, memories of the past are best left exactly where they came from.….THE PASTA full length contemporary romance with a healthy dose of suspense.

Always a Suspect

Susan Vaughan - 2019
    Tormented by threatening phone calls and desperate to prove her innocence, Claire hires a P.I. But her attraction to the rugged investigator poses an even greater threat. She can't risk losing someone she cares about... not again. Never again.Two tragic losses cause federal agent Michael Quinn to submit his resignation, but he's forced into one last gig--spend Christmas investigating the widow's connection to her last husband's drug smuggling. Uncovering this lovely, mysterious woman's darkest secrets should be just an assignment, but her gentle soul and passion break down his walls and make him long to believe in her innocence.The frozen Maine landscape, deadly attacks, and shocking revelations test Claire and Michael at every turn--but it's the blazing desire between them that threatens their very lives. >Romantic Suspense>Contemporary Romance>Thriller>Suspense

Sleight of Hand

Kate Kelly - 2011
    Not anymore. Suddenly suspected of stealing half a million dollars of original paintings, Chance can't afford to have the FBI delve too closely into his covert past. When one agent in particular endeavors to put him behind bars, Chance coerces the real thief's daughter, Sarah O'Sullivan, into helping him flush her wily father out of hiding. Both want him found. Sarah, to warn her father of Chance's intent to turn him over to the FBI. Chance, to hopefully catch the thief red-handed. To succeed in capturing the thief Chance must keep Sarah close to him. But his plan quickly deteriorates when the stakes for his freedom soar. How can he ruthlessly use the woman with whom he's falling in love?Sarah O'Sullivan is also looking for her father, but for different reasons. With her best friend getting married, Sarah realizes she's alone in the world and needs her family. That would be her father, who has been absent most of her boarding-school life. When Chance arrives in New York to inform her he's going after her father, Sarah follows him to Canada, hoping to warn him before Chance or the FBI find him. But living in close proximity with Chance, Sarah soon starts falling in love with him. She struggles with her divided loyalties as the FBI and the local police close in for an arrest. Someone has to be arrested for the theft. Chance or her father?


Ryan Michele - 2020
    Killian Graham.He was the kind of guy I couldn't forget. From a high school crush that never went anywhere to now the full-grown alpha male that made my spine tingle, Killian Graham was the total package.Frustrating, infuriating, and hot as they come, Killian Graham invaded my world and things haven't stopped spinning since.My best friend got herself in some trouble. Being the strong woman I was, I came to her rescue. That's when Killian stepped in to save us both. From there, things got intense both in and out of the bedroom.Killian Graham the mystery man who rocked my world on every level.Killian Graham the man who decided he wanted me and would stop at nothing to have me safe and in his bed.The one man I wanted more than my next breath. The very same man I wasn't sure I could hold onto because everything about him was a secret. Or so I thought.He laid his world at my feet. Now, it was up to me to decide if I could accept where things were headed for us and everyone around us.

Abducting Casey (Romantic Suspense)

Cheryl Yeko - 2013
     Undercover Cop: As an undercover cop, Matt Sash has had made plenty of tough calls in the field before, but this may be his toughest yet. Only days away from stopping a terrorist attack in Chicago, he’s thrust into the role of protector to the beautiful woman being used as a pawn in the deadly game. With Time Running Out: A desperate race ensues to stop an act of terror and save the woman he loves.

Ruby Falls

Nicole James - 2013
    But not as shocked as when she tells him she doesn’t remember anything, not even her own name. After getting her medical attention, he finds out that she’ll be sent to a women’s shelter until police can determine her identity. Instead, Steve offers her room and board in exchange for some cooking and cleaning, while she waits for her memory to return. The search for her identity takes longer than either expected, moving from weeks to months, and an attraction builds between them.As she searches for her identity, she may uncover more than she bargained for. The sleepy southern town of Ruby Falls holds dark secrets of its own. Will love be enough to save her, when she uncovers the truth about what really happened to her…that night in the woods?***This book also includes an excerpt from:CRASHThe Outlaw SeriesAn Evil Dead MC StoryComing 2014

Angels & Assassins

K. Alex Walker - 2015
    While phoning for help to get him into the hospital for treatment, Gage makes one last declaration that sends a chill straight to her bones: "Just let me die, love." Determined to save his life, Tayler helps Gage get through what he'd intended to be his last night alive. To return the favor, Gage offers to head a home remodel project for a house bequeathed to her by one of her patient's late great-grandfather. However, when he encounters something in the woods, something that acts very much like a predator with its sights set on Tayler, he realizes that what he now owes her is worth much more than a renovation.

You Are Here

S.M. Lumetta - 2016
    Her family is dead and her home is gone, but she can’t remember a thing. She soon discovers, however, she can glimpse the future, and everything she sees seems to revolve around a mysterious man she's never met. Greyson Ellicott hasn’t been a part of normal society in a decade. As a contract killer, he's learned to deaden himself so he doesn’t have to think or feel for anything or anyone. His carefully buried memory cracks open and reminds him of what he left behind. When Lucie and Greyson meet head-on, destinies collide. Grey doesn't want to care about—let alone fall in love with—the crazy girl who has visions of him, but she's in the crosshairs of a murderer and he may be the only one who can save her.

Dangerous Games: Come Lie with Me / Fatal Justice

Linda Howard - 2013
    Therapist Dione Kelly is his final hope—if he can bring himself to trust the woman whose past is shrouded in mystery. Dione wants only to help Blake recover, but as his strength returns, so does his desire to unearth her secrets. When they give in to the passion that flares between them, Dione just might find that her patient is the only one who can heal her private pain. Fatal Justice Standing over the body of a Supreme Court nominee, Lieutenant Sam Holland is hip-deep in another high-profile murder case. On the plus side, her relationship with Senator Nick Cappuano is heating up—but it's also attracting a lot of unwanted media attention. The pressure is on for Sam to find the killer, but when long-buried secrets threaten to derail her relationship with Nick, Sam realizes that while justice can be blind, mixing romance with politics has the potential to be fatal….

Protecting Lyndley

Amanda Bennett - 2014
    My once amazing dream of a life had all been taken away from me one tragic night. A night that I wouldn’t soon forget. I knew my job was a dangerous one, but it never crossed my mind that one day it could all just disappear right before my eyes. Now I was trapped in a never-ending nightmare and living a life that was no longer my own. At least I wasn’t completely alone, but Ky Wakely was the kind of man that made you wish you were. Sure he was easy on the eyes, but everything else about that man drove me utterly insane. I suppose every dream comes with a price, but when it’s your life, was it a price I was willing to pay?