Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results

Norman Vincent Peale - 1986
    He offers a straight-talking, step-by-step, scientifically sound system for turning self-doubt into self-esteem, obstacles into opportunities, and thought into action. You will learn— Ten rules for setting and achieving goals— Four creative factors that lead to successful outcomes— A four-part daily prescription for peace of mind— Ten "of course you can" principles— A three-point formula for getting rid of depression— Six positive thoughts to eliminate destructive habits— A three-part blueprint for spiritual and physical health— The single most important step toward becoming a positive personLet Norman Vincent Peale show you how to meet bigger challenges, realize your fondest dreams, and achieve success in every aspect of your life!

How Champions Think: In Sports and in Life

Bob Rotella - 2015
    Now, for the first time, he’s distilled his decades of in-depth research and practical experience into a potential-unlocking guide for everyone. This exciting book is not a collection of Rotella’s theories; it consists of performance principles that have proven themselves in countless competitive situations, in arenas from which only the strongest minds emerge triumphant. It’s a book full of insights that you can learn and use the next morning—in the office, the classroom, or wherever your quest takes you—told not in abstractions, but through case studies and stories drawn from Rotella’s years teaching sports psychology, counseling athletes, and consulting for Fortune 500 companies. It explores how to keep the mind from holding you back, whatever your physical gifts or other talents. It’s about how to make a commitment, how to persevere, how to deal with failure—and how to train your mind to create a self-image that promotes confidence and accomplishment. Any successful life starts with how you see yourself. And with these pearls of wisdom from the nation’s preeminent sports psychologist, you can learn to achieve the success of your dreams.

The Power Of Attitude

John C. Maxwell - 1995
    Discover the secrets for cultivating a positive mindset. <br><br>NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author, John C. Maxwell, provides you with the power you need to think bigger and bolder thoughts, live with healthier and more positive attitudes, influence the lives of others for the better, and lead with excellence. He mixes the insights of great thinkers with the timeless truth of scripture, and then adds his own astute observations to deliver a maximum dose of motivation.

Personality Puzzle: Understanding the People You Work with

Florence Littauer - 1992
    The Littauers describe the characteristics that each of the four personality types--Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic--bring into the workplace, and they reveal how the strengths and weaknesses of each can be structured into a productive, congenial workplace.

Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Achieve More

Jason W. Womack - 2011
    Workers need to clarify their habits, build mindset-based strategies, and be proactive. Womack's signature "workplace performance" techniques offer specific strategies to consistently and incrementally improve performance.Readers will:Understand the fundamentals of workflow and the principles of human performance Arm themselves with the tools and the processes to get more of their work done, on time, with fewer resources, and with less stress Making your best better won't happen overnight, but learning how to effectively manage just a few critical success factors lead to an effective workday and an overall successful professional career.

Attitude is Everything: 10 Life-Changing Steps to Turning Attitude Into Action

Keith Harrell - 1999
    Clients such as IBM, Coca Cola, and AT&T know it -- that's why Keith is one of the most in-demand speakers on the circuit. Now, in Attitude is Everything, he shares the secrets that got him where he is today and provides you with a program for developing a healthier, happier attitude. This is an enlightening, inspiring, and practical guide for gaining control of your career and your life by ridding yourself of negative attitudinal baggage, building positive attitudes, and then turning them into actions to help you achieve your dreams.

Making the Case: How to Negotiate Like a Prosecutor in Work and Life

Kimberly Guilfoyle - 2015
    Her father knew that he couldn’t possibly anticipate all the needs of his children alone so he set out to teach Kimberly how to advocate for herself and for her younger brother. He instructed her on how to ask for what she needed and how to build a strong case to get it. Those valuable childhood lessons helped Kimberly become the quick-thinking spitfire she is today. In Making the Case she weaves stories and anecdotes from her life and career with specific strategies that can help anyone set clear goals, communicate more effectively, and come out on top in any situation. Having been a prosecuting attorney, former First Lady of San Francisco and one of TV’s most sought-after legal analysts and opinion-shapers, Kimberly Guilfoyle is the quintessential expert at making the case. Now advocating for her readers, she shares tips on how to make the case for yourself in all realms of your life—personal and professional. Among the topics she advises on are:• Getting hired• Nailing a promotion• Navigating a mid-life career change• Managing personal finances• Advocating for your health• Minimizing family drama Told in her appealing and persuasive voice, combining personal experience and time-tested counsel, Making the Case is an invaluable guide to helping you get the most from your life at home and at work.

Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything

John Izzo - 2011
    A guide to solving problems presents seven principles that enable individuals to be their own agents of change.

Introducing Psychology of Success: A Practical Guide

Alison Price - 2011
    What is it about entrepreneurs or medal-winning athletes that makes them successful? What secrets about their brains could the rest of us benefit from knowing to improve our own careers? This accessible guide explores how successful people think, and how the organizations they work in foster a culture of success.

Leading an Inspired Life

Jim Rohn - 1996
    Ideas that have helped successful people accomplish their goals, achieve certain wealth and experiences greater joy and stisfaction in their lives.

How to Develop Your Personal Mission Statement

Stephen R. Covey - 2009
    This Personal Mission Statement kit will help you to: Lead and govern your life according to your deepest priorities Meet life's day-to-day challenges by focusing on your long-term vision Avoid diversions and distractions that don't contribute to your life's mission, vision, and goals Become the powerful creative force of your life and influence for good the lives of others

Being the Starfish: 7 Steps to Sharing So People Want to Buy

Neal Anderson - 2014
    But the greatest payoff is this: You will be changed. You will discover that the path to financial freedom lies not in selling but in sharing, and that living your dream begins when you start helping other people live theirs. You will trade the mindset of a SELLfish(TM) for the lifestyle of a STARfish(TM)-and for you and many, many others, that transformation will have an impact beyond anything you can imagine. The road to success is mapped out for you clearly in these pages. It's no secret-not anymore. You're about to discover - The vital link between action and purpose - How to "control the controllables" - How you can remove the pressure so that people love buying from you - The all-important Share Cycle(TM) and how to master its 10 indispensable steps - Proven, no-pressure ways to defuse customer challenges - And much more

How to be Successful in Present Day World (Winner Series, #1)

Pradeep Chaswal - 2013
    It is written after an in depth research to enlighten and help masses to achieve success in the present day world. Original ideas of Professor Pradeep Chaswal and Dr. Deepak Chaswal along with the references of modern and ancient scholars make this book unique.In the present day world when almost every individual is involved in a blind rat race and wants to be on the top by employing fair or foul means, this book strongly advocates ethical means and the ways which lead to the path of success. It presents the steps by following which you avoid both the simple and grave errors that are hindrances in the path of success. The book presents modern as well as ancient techniques and methods of self improvement and innovation in simplified and systematic way. Many references and instances have been taken from the real and present day world.Thousands of our students have got benefited through the ideas and methods contained in this book. Their successful careers are testimony to the UNIQUE VALUE AND MERIT OF THIS BOOK.If you think that YOU DESERVE TO BE A WINNER then this book is a must read for you.

Seeds of Greatness: The Ten Best-Kept Secrets of Total Success

Denis Waitley - 1973
    The real keys, the seeds, necessary to develop a truly meaningful life.

Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient

Valorie Burton - 2012
    They make decisions differently. They set goals differently and bounce back from failure differently. Valorie is dedicated to help women create new thought processes that empower them to succeed in their relationships, finances, work, health, and spiritual life. With new, godly habits, women will discover how to:focus on solutions, not problemschoose courage over fearnurture intentional relationshipstake consistent action in the direction of their dreamsbuild the muscle of self-controlIn this powerful and practical guide, Valorie provides a woman with insight into who she really is and gives her the tools, knowledge, and understanding to succeed.