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Shield-Maiden: Gambit of Blood by Melanie Karsak


Thorns (The Devious Fae, #1)

Katerina Martinez - 2021
    but I kissed him anyway, and now I'm here. My fault.Oh, where's here? It's definitely not the Blind Raccoon, one of Seattle's grungiest, dirtiest, most prestigious dive bars. No, that beautiful stranger at the bar is the reason I'm plucked out of the human world, where most things make sense, and brought to a place called Arcadia - the world of the Fae.A world of monsters.He brings me to a mansion called Emerald Hall, and while it's breathtakingly pretty, I'm a prisoner here, stuffed into a cell and warned not to be seen by the other Fae. I have to try to get out of here, using every trick I learned growing up, but I can't help wanting to know more about the man who stole me from my home and brought me all the way to his.You know, after he tried to kill me.There's something about him, about this place, and about me. Secrets just waiting to be unraveled, if only I cared to pull the threads. But who has time for that when there's escaping to do?

Vow of Obsession: A Secret Baby Mafia Romance

Bella King - 2021

Sorrow Hill

C.R. May - 2013
    Under the benevolent rule of King Hrethel and his sons the King’s grandchild, Beowulf, the only child of his daughter, is carefully groomed by the family in the skills and duties of the warrior elite. As Beowulf reaches adulthood a death suddenly tears the family apart. Torn between family loyalties and the freshly sworn demands of his warrior code, Beowulf must choose between those he loves and his personal ambition as the dynasty begins to tear itself apart. Sensing weakness the Geats most feared enemy appears on their northern border and Beowulf must fight his first desperate battle to save the Kingdom…. Skilfully interwoven into the fabric of the old English poem we know as ‘Beowulf’ lies the tale of a great but ultimately doomed people, the Geats. It is a tale of decay and renewal as the old order is swept away and the new nations of Europe struggle to emerge from the ensuing chaos in an age when it was common for Kings to die in battle. Beowulf, Sorrow Hill, is the first in a series of novels which seek to unravel the threads contained within the original poem by recounting the full life story of Beowulf and his family.

Mortality Complete Box Set: Books 1 - 4

Everly Frost - 2018
    A fast-paced romance perfect for fans of action, intrigue, and strong female leads who fight against all odds. In a world where nobody can be killed, one girl will change it all. In an alternate world where everyone is invincible, Ava Holland has the power to change everything—but first she has to survive. When her brother’s death rocks the foundations of the world she lives in, Ava’s only ally is the boy she should fear the most. Michael Bradley is the strongest, fastest healer anyone’s ever seen. But Michael has secrets, too. From the glittering skyscrapers of Evereach, to the icy mountains and bio-technology of Starsgard, and the burning deserts of Seversand, Ava and Michael fight for their freedom against government conspirators, terrorists, warriors, and the ultimate battle against the man who wants to use Ava as his own weapon of death. When the secrets of mortality are revealed, it’s up to Ava to save them all. Contains: Beyond the Ever Reach - Mortality Book One Beneath the Guarding Stars - Mortality Book Two By the Icy Wild - Mortality Book Three Before the Raging Lion - Mortality Book Four

Rockin Around The Mitchell Tree: A Mitchell Family Series Novella (The Mitchell Family Series Book 13)

Jennifer Foor - 2016
    Join us this season for funny stories and lots of pie. Contains some adult content. These characters are from the Mitchell Family Series and Mitchell Healy Series.

Taken as Tribute

Luna Wren - 2020
    All they ask for in return are our natural resources … and our women.The Tributes volunteer willingly, one from each nation on Earth, to be given to the Zexian warriors as mates. My twin sister was supposed to be one of them until she backed out last second. Now I must go in her place, or risk the wrath of the Zexians, the elite race of aliens who could destroy the planet with the press of a button.I’ve been Tributed to Yalxander against my will. He swears that he will win my heart and make me his true mate, but I’m not going to give in without a fight. It’s time for these aliens to learn a thing or two about Earth girls.-Taken as Tribute is a steamy alien abduction romance. If you like sassy heroines and alphas who can’t get enough of their fated mates, you’ll love this! There’s no cheating, lots of heat, and a HEA for this irresistible alien warrior and his Tribute!Each book in The Zexian Tributes series is a stand-alone story and can be read independently, but read them all for maximum enjoyment!SERIES ORDER:Taken as Tribute (The Zexian Tributes 1)The First Tribute (The Zexian Tributes 2)The Stolen Tribute (The Zexian Tributes 3)

A Touch of Death: Marci and Grave

Annitia L. Jackson - 2020
    Doomed to live an existence alone, she commits a selfless act and sacrifices her own life to save a baby. However, her good deed isn’t enough. When she gets to the afterworld her past misdeeds come under fire. Marci is placed on trial to decide where she should spend eternity. She is to be judged by the same council, who have shunned her most of her life; Marci knows she is doomed.Grave is the King of Death and head of the council. Being the man of the afterworld has afforded him money, power, and the most beautiful bedmates in the realm, but never the love of a mate. He had held the fate of many souls in his court for centuries in the Underworld. But never had he run across someone like Marci. With her fate in his hands, Grave finds himself drawn to the unstable half-fae beauty. But will Marci be too much for even the King of Death to handle?

Country Love

Kate Swain - 2019
    Success, women, money. The name Walker Holcomb meant something. I was on top of the world. It was a damn long way to fall. My third album tanked, and I looked for answers in a whiskey bottle. I went from the top of every sexiest man list to the butt of every joke on late night. Only thing in worse shape than me is the family farm. Old place is as ramshackle and beat up as I am—another damned lost cause. Until I open my screen door one day and find her on my front porch. Luscious and fiery. Stubborn as hell. Irresistible. Nothing’s had me this fired up in a long time. She makes me crazy. I want to shout and cuss at her. I want to get my hands on that body. Part of me wants to throw her off my porch, tell her to keep walking till she crosses the property line. The rest of me wants to back her up against the rail and hike up her skirt. Even bloodshot eyes can see she’s just what I’ve been waiting for.

A Dope Boys Seduction 3

Tina J. - 2018
    Unfortunately, someone very close has known all along and failed to mention it. He confronts the person, only to find himself stuck between his woman and family. Will he be able to move on from the past, or does he show his true colors? Fazza and Ty, are finally moving past his infidelity, however; her mother is causing more problems than a little. With Fazza getting arrested, Ty is left to decide what and who is more important in her life. In the process, Shanta returns with news no one expected, causing Ty to re evaluate her and Fazza’s relationship. Riley is living her best life in Maryland with her new man. Unbeknownst to her, the secrets she swept under the rug years ago have come out. When she goes home to check on her parents, she finds out her life is in danger. She leaves the state with plans to never return but when the past shows up at her doorstep, there’s nowhere to hide. Find out in this explosive finale if anyone will get their happy ending, or if they’ll go their separate ways.

Captive: Daughter of Ninmah as Told By Khalvir

Lori Holmes - 2020
    The Ancestors Saga will continue with Book 3, Enemy Tribe, launching in early 2021. A hunter, a protector, a Raknari warrior. He is Forbidden.Raised his entire life for the sole purpose of defending his clan, Khalvir serves the chief who saved him from certain death. A death at the hands of the hated elves; a people who see him only as an abomination to be destroyed.Now a captive in his enemy’s clutches, Khalvir must find a way to escape the mysterious elf witch who holds him. An elf whose motives remain shrouded but whose very presence calls to his soul, threatening to turn every truth he has ever known into a lie…

Syx Thirty Sevyn (Situationships Book 3)

Grey Huffington - 2018
    After the rash decision to relocate and join her sister in New York City, she’s forced to adapt to the new environment while - simultaneously - adapting to newfound heartache. The two proves to be complicated, especially when the culprit is still on the loose and hunting her every waking minute. Sevyn Rouge, the heart-stopping brown beauty, freelance writer, and sister of Syx, finally finds her voice. Smitten by the likes of Ace Mallard, the blandness of her life is altered the minute he steps foot into her world. His intriguing persona keeps her up at night long after her computer is shut off and projects are completed. It isn’t until his absence that she realizes commitment may have been a bit far-fetched and it was foolish of her to even consider Ace settling. His flee from Sevyn’s web of sappy Romance novel based fantasies come to a screeching halt only when he accepts and admit that she could possibly be everything that he never knew he wanted.

The First Girl Child

Amy Harmon - 2019
    Bartered, abandoned, and rarely loved, she plagued the land with her words: From this day forward, there will be no daughters in Saylok.Raised among the Keepers at Temple Hill, Bayr is gifted with inhuman strength. But he’s also blessed with an all-too-human heart that beats with one purpose: to protect Alba, the first girl child born in nearly two decades and the salvation for a country at risk.Now the fate of Saylok lies with Alba and Bayr, whose bond grows deeper with every whisper of coming chaos. Charged with battling the enemies of their people, both within and without, Bayr is fueled further by the love of a girl who has defied the scourge of Saylok.What Bayr and Alba don’t know is that they each threaten the king, a greedy man who built his throne on lies, murder, and betrayal. There is only one way to defend their land from the corruption that has overtaken it. By breaking the curse, they could defeat the king…but they could also destroy themselves.

The Hot Cowboys Box Set

Christiian Bass - 2018
    5 Cowboy Books free on KU for a limited time Cowboy Doctor Cowboy Roommate Single Dad Cowboy Cowboy Christmas

The Power of Ten

Emily James - 2019
     Ten Dates Statistically, if you kiss a lot of frogs there's bound to be at least one that's not a complete toad, isn't there? When Joanie’s engagement becomes more stalemate than soulmate, her best friends stage an intervention sure to make even the most hardened, serial daters wince: 10 Dates in 10 Days. With nothing to lose, Joanie embarks on a hilarious rollercoaster of blind dates. But when the sexy as sin guy next door starts throwing his spanner in the works, Joanie soon realises she may have bitten off more than she can chew. 10 Dates is an enemies to lovers, standalone romantic comedy with a happy ending. It is best suited for readers over the age of eighteen due to sexual themes and mature content. Ten Dares Can 10 Dares help Melinda loosen up, conquer stress and find love? Or might they push her over the edge.... Melinda Spencer had everything but now her life has fallen apart. Her two best friends, Mikey and Joanie are worried. Melinda’s been acting even more highly strung than usual. They decide to stage an intervention. Something to help her lighten up and take her mind off things: 10 crazy dares. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine... Never one to squelch on a dare, Melinda accepts her challenge. The dares look simple enough: knock on a door and run away, tend her lady garden, flash a stranger… and if it gets Joanie and Mikey off her back about loosening up, it’ll be worth it. But with a sexy vet, a troublesome ex, and a village full of nutters hot on her trail, has Melinda finally bitten off more than she can chew? Ten Dares is a hilarious romp about a strung-out single mum trying to hold everything together when life is throwing her lemons as curve balls. Ten Lies Katie Perkins lives a simple life. She takes care of her son, works hard, and tries not to worry about the man shaped hole in her life. That is until she wins a fantastic luxury holiday. Throwing caution to the wind, Katie let’s down her hair and the holiday mood takes over. Enter Jackson Quinn, a handsome doctor who is no stranger to the good life. Katie has no experience of riches, and with only her bus fare home in her pocket she decides there’s no harm in a few white lies… Filthy rich? Check. Size ten? Check. Olympic Gymnast who can complete a Rubik’s Cube in under thirty seconds? Check. After all, it’s not like she’s ever going to see Doctor Quinn again… Follow Katie’s hilarious journey as she learns that sometimes those little white lies really can come back and bite you on the butt. This standalone romantic comedy has a happy ending and no cliff hanger. It is best suited for readers over the age of eighteen due to sexual themes and mature content.

Just A Few Lies

Sandeep Sharma - 2017
    He imagines, presumes and sometimes anticipates the reality and tries to blend with fiction. He is someone who stays in stories much more than in reality. His mind is full of giant maze but what happens when maze starts to peep out of imagination and enter the reality? Anant, a bestselling ‘Superstar’ author is feeling that words have started to betray him and that’s why he starts to search for the ‘next Anant’ and be involved in the making of the next superstar. Mystically, one day he reads Sagarika’s blog and gets amazed to know that all her blog posts are inspired from real life incidents of Anant himself. On the other hand, Anant’s problem of having hallucinations about random things is coming back in his life. Earlier those hallucinations were totally strange but now even those hallucinations make sense. What exactly is happening with Anant? Who this Sagarika really is? What lies are being spoken in the veil of finding next ‘Superstar Bestselling Author’? Answer lies behind ‘Just A Few Lies’.