Guns of Thunder

Douglas Bond - 2007
    Ian M’Kethe is forced to make a choice against enormous odds in the face of rising conflict between the Colonists and the French with their Indian allies. Ian makes an unlikely friendship with Watookoog, an Indian, and risks everything but gains something he thought he had lost forever.

Steal Away

Jennifer Armstrong - 1992
    An American Bookseller Pick of the Lists in Orchard hardcover.

Escape Into the Night

Lois Walfrid Johnson - 1995
    In 1857 12-year-old Libby joins her father aboard the Christina and proves that she can be trusted to assist in the escape of a fugitive slave.

The Journeyman

Elizabeth Yates - 1943
    Neighbors shake their heads over Jared Austin's odd ways. His father doesn't think he's good for anything much. Even his friend Jennet wonders what will become of him.But Jared isn't concerned; he has his own ideas about what is really important. One day a journeyman painter visits their quiet New Hampshire farm, and his unexpected offer sets Jared aglow with excitement. He starts off on an adventure that takes him miles from home and into experiences that bring him to manhood and deepen his faith. But before he leaves, Jared promises Jennet that someday he wwill come back for her.

The Ever-After Bird

Ann Rinaldi - 2007
    When her uncle, an ornithologist, insists she accompany him to Georgia on an expedition in search of the rare scarlet ibis, CeCe is surprised to learn there's a second reason for their journey: Along the way, Uncle Alex secretly points slaves north in the direction of the Underground Railroad.     Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous pre-Civil War South, The Ever-After Bird is the story of a young woman's education about the horrors of slavery and the realization about the kind of person she wants to become.

The Storm Before Atlanta

Karen Schwabach - 2010
    Jeremy DeGroot wants nothing more than to join a troop as a drummer boy. For Dulcie, a runaway slave, freedom means she must head directly toward the fighting in the hopes that she'll become "contraband," that is, property of the Union troops. Both Jeremy and Dulcie find a place with the 107th New York Volunteer Regiment and even start to forge a friendship. But all that is threatened when they keep crossing paths with the mysterious Charlie, a young Confederate soldier, who may look like the enemy but feels more like a friend. Young readers who like their fiction filled with exciting historical details, rich characters, and action-packed adventures will be drawn to The Storm Before Atlanta.

William Henry is a Fine Name

Cathy Gohlke - 2006
    They told him his best friend wasn't human. Robert's father assisted the Underground Railroad. His mother adamantly opposed abolition. His best friend was a black boy named William Henry. As a nation neared its boiling point, Robert found himself in his own painful conflict. The one thing he couldn't do was nothing at all. William Henry is a coming-of-age story about a 12-year-old boy--and an entire country--that comes face to face with the evils of society, even within the walls of the church. In the safety of an uplifting friendship, he discovers the hope of a brighter day.

The Mayflower Adventure

Colleen L. Reece - 1998
    God's hand is seen at work in people's lives and in the events that shaped our nation.

The Mayflower Secret

Dave Jackson - 1998
    But what about the secret she has held since the fateful night when William Bradford's young wife disappeared? Ages 8-12.

Twice a Slave

Randy Willis - 2014
    When the son of a Cherokee slave determines to find his purpose and discover his identity, he becomes a slave a second time. This fictional account of the life of Joseph Willis is rooted in early American history and filled with drama: a forbidden romance, faith molded by tragedies, and the courage to forgive. A half-English/half-Cherokee slave changes the course of Louisiana history when a fresh wind blows across his heart.

Mandie and Mollie and the Angel's Visit

Lois Gladys Leppard - 1998
    When Mollie visits Mandie for Easter, anything can happen! This fun and illustrated holiday story includes the full script of a play Mandie fans will love to perform.

Fruitlands: Louisa May Alcott Made Perfect

Gloria Whelan - 2002
    . . In 1843, with all their possessions loaded onto a single wagon, ten-year-old Louisa May Alcott and her family bravely set out into the wilderness to make a new home for themselves on a farm called Fruitlands. Louisa's father has a dream of living a perfect, simple life. It won't be easy, but the family has vowed to uphold his high ideals.In her diary—one she shares with her parents—Louisa records her efforts to become the girl her parents would like her to be. But in another, secret diary, she reveals the hardships of this new life, and pours out her real hopes and worries. Can Louisa live up to her father's expectations? Or will trying to be perfect tear the family apart?

My Brother's Keeper

Mary Pope Osborne - 2000
    And Ginny finds plenty to write about: Pennsylvania Volunteers arrive in the town square reporting a big battle in Virginia and calling for more men to join their ranks. Rumors fly that the Rebs are headed to Gettysburg, and the Battle of Gettysburg ensues. Suddenly, Ginny's quiet town is filled with the injured.Ginny's brother Jed has joined the Union army, and they find him wounded in a makeshift hospital. With Ginny's nursing, he recovers, and Ginny is is able to witness the President's Gettysburg Address.

Julie: An American Girl

Megan McDonald - 2007
    Set includes "Meet Julie"; "Julie Tells her Story"; "Happy New Year, Julie"; "Julie and the Eagles"; "Julie's Journey"; and "Changes for Julie".


Jean Fritz - 1960
    When he discovers an Underground Railroad station near his family's farm, he is forced to make his own decision about the slavery controversy. Whatever his decision may be, he knows that this is one secret that must be kept.