Grayson: A Beckett Brothers Novel Book 5: The Beckett Brothers

Susan Fisher-Davis - 2020

Dreaming of Provence (Once Again, Book 1)

Jennifer Skully - 2021
    For ten years, her whole life has been about caring for him. Now, before she can move on with her life, she must fulfill her husband’s deathbed wish to scatter his ashes in Provence. And to let Ryder Wilding go with her.Ryder, her husband’s best friend. And the man she fell in love with a lifetime ago.Ryder’s first mistake was walking away from Julia. His second mistake was marrying the wrong woman—a marriage that ended in a nasty divorce. He’s spent all the years since wrestling with the guilt of loving his best friend’s wife. Now Ryder must take Julia to Provence to scatter her husband’s ashes. He thought losing his best friend was painful, but keeping his hands off Julia will be the hardest thing he’s ever done.Can love overcome grief and guilt to give them a second chance?A later in life, friends to lovers holiday romance set in the beauty of Provence…

She's My Boo

Jacob Chance - 2021
    Ginny, a descendant of the original owner, is there to keep me company.One look at her and I’m instantly smitten. Beautiful and knowledgeable, she peppers my days with historical facts and my nights with spice.By the end of the week, I’m convinced we’re destined to be together.But Ginny has secrets of her own—secrets that could end it all when we’ve only just begun.This is a sweet and steamy standalone holiday novella.

South Side Boys: A Complete Bad Boy Collection

Alexis Winter - 2021
    This time, the big bad wolf just might eat you alive.”Meet the South Side Boys. Damaged. Alpha. Protective.So filthy you just might melt...From best-selling author Alexis Winter comes a complete bad boy collection of four full-length novels. Each book will leave you satisfied with a steamy happily ever after sure to keep you reading long into the night.Books included:Bad Boy ProtectorI’m not a protector. I’m a damaged ex-con.The last thing I need is an innocent little virgin, thinking I’m her happily ever after.So I kept my distance,Until that night.Saving her felt like redemption from my past.Falling for her was where I fucked up.Now the shadows from my past have returned and I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.Even if that means I have to lose her forever.This isn’t a fairytale sweetheart and I’m no knight in shining armor.This time the big bad wolf just might eat you alive.Fake BoyfriendEx-con, hothead, broken beyond repair.I’m the guy you don’t take home to mom.She may need a fake boyfriend, but you better believe the way I'll have her screaming my name is real.We agreed it was only pretend and I made damn sure she knew…I’m nobody’s happily ever after.Brother-In-Law's BabyTwo pink lines...yup, pregnant by my hot AF brother-in-law/roommate.Baby number two couldn't have come at a worse time.Look, this isn’t my dream life.I never planned on being a single mom begging to live with my brother-in-law and it’s no secret he didn’t want this arrangement either.Fresh off a broken engagement, he isn’t exactly welcoming us with open arms.So how do I tell him the reason I ran away is because he’s about to be a daddy?Bad Boy's BabyHow to NOT have a happily ever after...#1. Get pregnant by your brand new boyfriend.#2. Don’t tell said boyfriend you’re pregnant.#3. Oh, and don’t tell him you’re the reason his brother is rotting in prison.Getting pregnant by Ben is only the start to this drama, and now I’m neck-deep, hiding secrets of my own.Someone lock me up and throw away the key, I’m about to serve a life sentence for screw up of the century.Note from the author: This series was previously published in a boxset titled Say You’re Mine. Each book in this deliciously steamy set is a full-length novel with NO cheating or cliff-hangers and LOTS of heat, drama and angst.

Witchier and Wiser : A Paranormal Woman's Fiction Novel (Midlife Witchlife Series - Book One)

M.L. Briers - 2021

The Age of Knights and Highlanders: A Series Starter Collection

Kathryn Le Veque - 2020
    Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!Some of the biggest names in Medieval Romance combined for a fabulous Medieval Romance collection ... Medieval warriors, both Scots and English, who are larger than life, giants among men, and deeply devoted to the women who love them. Knights vs. Highlanders is a limited-edition collection to remember. Included in this collection: Dragonblade by Kathryn Le VequeWord of Honor by Alexa AstonThe Guardian by Maeve GreysonHeart of Ashes by Paula QuinnA Heartless Laird by Hildie McQueenKilty Secrets by Anna MarklandUnbreakable by Violetta Rand

Time For Love Box Set

Karen Deen - 2020
    You can try to runOr you can try to hideBut when it’s your time, nothing stands in its wayLove is powerful … all consumingIn five standalone books discover the Stevenson familyFive alpha males meet five sassy womenBringing fireworks, love and HEA’sTIME FOR LOVE BOX SET includes:Love’s WallLove’s DanceLove’s HidingLove’s FunLove’s Hot

Falling Into You: The Complete Naughty Tales Series

Nicole Elliot - 2018
    Dreamy. They call me Dr. Dreamy. Loner, focused on medicine. I've lost so much already, It's better to guard my heart. Until I see her and I realize I can't stay closed off forever. Ivy is stunning. The type of woman to bring me to my knees. Tall, legs for days, and perfect curves to match. When I meet her, there's an instant connection. She is meant to be mine. But when she's involved in a car accident, I don't know if my sleeping beauty will ever wake up. I'll wait with her. Every day. Until my kiss revives her. Everyone deserves a happily-ever-after. Ivy, most of all. This isn't your mama’s Cinderella story. Cinderella doesn't know this prince is a billionaire. When we met at the ball, everyone’s eyes were on her. Including mine. She wanted me out of my tux as much as I wanted that dress hitched around her waist. I’ll admit it, that kind of one-night stand almost took me to my knees. Before I could get her name—she was gone. I can’t stop thinking about that night. Those dark curls, pouty lips and sweet sounds of surrender she made. I’d like to repeat what we did when no one was watching. She’s the perfect remedy for my broken heart. But I never expected to find her working as the florist for my best friend’s wedding. Only problem, she thinks I’m the groom. This isn't the fairy tale you remember. I'm a real beast. In the boardroom and the bedroom. Until a car accident ruined my f*cking life. I broke my leg, and my damn arm. Now I need a nurse to tend to me. Sponge baths and physical therapy until I heal. Grace is the perfect solution. She's deliciously attractive, with legs that would wrap around me perfectly. A real beauty. And the way she can't keep her eyes off my body? She wants to heal all my wounds. But I can't let her get close. See my scars. Feel my pain. I have to protect her. Because after all this is over, I'm going to make her mine. USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Elliot brings you three very different princes and their beauties, all making their own happily-ever-after.

At the Sight of Holly

Jeannette Winters - 2018
    It just meant starting over where no one knew him. He didn’t care how hard the road was, he was free to live his life, his way. Janet Holly couldn’t pass up a promotion, even one that took her to the other side of the world. This wasn’t just another job, it could be the start of a new career. Without friends or family there to distract her, nothing should prevent her from proving she was an asset to the Hendersons. Yet when their paths cross, fate seemed to have other plans for them. Vinny’s secret is revealed and Janet finds herself being torn in two. Will they deny their attraction or will they follow their hearts and give into the sparks waiting to ignite and consume them both?

Halstead Billionaire Brothers: A Contemporary Romance Series Boxset

Lauren Wood - 2020

Doctor Dreamy

Alana Jade - 2021
    He blew my mind.It was just a wedding fling, and we would never see each other again, right?Being paired with Doctor Dreamy wasn’t something I was prepared for.The night was unforgettable, in more ways than one.The connection was instant, but all good things come to an end.But those blue eyes can’t be mistaken.The new supervising doctor starting today at my hospital is none other than Doctor Dreamy. It’s my final year of residency, but the memory of his body drives me wild. I need to fight these feelings with everything I have…But he’s resisting this energy we have by pretending he doesn’t know me.So, I have a choice to make.But is he worth the risk…

London With Dad's Best Friend

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    It's been years since she last saw Edward, and she's literally left speechless when they meet.Edward finds himself just as lost for words as he realizes the beautiful blonde with the stunning blue eyes is the same gangly teenager who was at his going-away party before he left for London.He can't keep his eyes off of her, charmed not only by her beauty but also her demure demeanor and gentle wit.But Casey is only in London for a week, and then she has to leave Edward -- and they both have to face the reality of who they are to one another.After all, she's the daughter of Edward's best friend, no matter how little that changes how they feel, and there's an ocean between them.Will this newfound attraction have the chance to bloom into something more? Or will her father's disapproval and Casey's youth prove too much for the pair to overcome?London With Dad's Best Friend is an intense, passionate alpha romance with high stakes and a satisfying HEA.To lose yourself in a whirlwind love story, click the “Buy Now” button right now. Will love be able to beat the odds?

Mercy's End

Athena Storm - 2019
    But my soul craves him. He’s a beast. A killer. With the blood of thousands on his hands. He has no mercy. No repentance for what he did. But it isn’t his cruelty that astounds me. It’s the sin he awakens inside of me. I have no control around him. His will is too strong. His hold over me too deep. I know I should run. I know I should hide. Anyone else would. But instead I’ll fight next to him. I’ll defend him to my dying breath. I may not make it out alive. But at least I’ll die by his side. And even if we do make it out alive. I’ll gladly forsake the life I knew. For another damning dose of his touch. Mercy’s End explores a darker and grittier side of the Athenaverse. It can be read as a standalone, but it still shares the same universe that you’ve found in other books. This book features a dark romance of an alpha male alien warrior, and a human woman. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and HEA guaranteed.

Daddy's Girl

Miley Maine - 2021
    From the moment he walked into the casino, I thought he was the perfect Greek God.Tall, muscular and handsome.Then fitness mogul, Erik Jansen makes me an offer I can’t refuse.Be his date while he’s doing business in Vegas, and he takes care of my debt.Erik shows me a world I’ve never experienced before.Lavish parties, exclusive restaurants, and his massive penthouse suite on the strip.He makes me feel safe and protected.Like a daddy.And I can’t wait for him to be my first.My heart wants me to be ‘Daddy’s Girl.’But my mind tells me that doing so could only lead to one thing – a heartbreak.

Caught In The Game: A Sports Romance (Diamond Lake Rattlers Book 1)

Cassie Verano - 2021