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Hospital by Sydney Lewis


Well, Doc, It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time!: The Unexpected Adventures of a Trauma Surgeon

J. Paul Waymack - 2017
    Some of them, he’s the first to admit, seem unbelievable--like chasing a naked patient around the ER parking lot in the middle of the night . . . or constructing a horse sling for a 700-pound patient . . . or treating a patient who swallowed a cigarette lighter . . . or serving as a major in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during the Cold War, on orders of the president and with a KGB agent hot on his tail in the Soviet Union. In his wildest dreams, Dr. Waymack could never have imagined most of what he experienced as a doctor, but these stories are all true. He couldn’t have made them up if he tried.

Tender is the Scalpel's Edge: Stories from the Journal of an NHS Consultant Surgeon

Gautam Das - 2016
     What is it like to be the senior surgeon when a young woman is brought to casualty with a life-threatening bleed? What does the fear of cancer do to a person? Is it ever best not to tell the patient everything? Tender is the Scalpel’s Edge draws on Gautam Das’s real-life experiences working in Britain’s busy NHS hospitals, from the plunging depths of a patient dying on the operating table to the euphoria of a life saved by teamwork and skill. Described in exquisite detail and with extreme sensitivity, Gautam shares his journey from a medical student fighting his own inner demons to a senior NHS consultant surgeon. Shards of his earlier life in India add to the richness of the narrative in tales that observe life with all its contradictions, like the little village boy with bone cancer. While other anecdotes take in the lighter side of life, Tender is the Scalpel’s Edge is written to inform and engross the general reader, as well as those with a curiosity of life behind the surgeon’s mask. Written in a manner similar to other medical biographies including Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm, Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, Tender is the Scalpel’s Edge is a moving collection of true stories from a professional at the frontline of medical care.


Robert K. Massie - 1975
    Journey is Robert and Suzanne Massie's memoir of raising their hemophiliac son in the 1950's, and the significant differences they found between the American and French healthcare systems.

Country Doctors Casebook: Tales from the North Woods

Roger A. MacDonald - 2002
    For those who may have become disenchanted about the craft of medicine, here the enchantment returns."Pierre Delattre, author of Woman on the Cross, Episodes, and Tales of a Dalai Lama "This pioneer physician's account of medicine, life, and death in the north of northern Minnesota is suffused by humanitarian warmth and humor. We all are there: Native Americans and immigrants, our lives beset by accidents and illness, and above all the love and dedication making us who we are, helped by our own Galen. A great read."Robert Treuer, author of The Tree Farm: Replanting a Life "A Country Doctor's Casebook is a delight--wonderfully written with a wry sense of humor. These stories ring true: compassionate, gentle, loving portraits of people for whom Dr. MacDonald cared deeply."David Hilfiker, md, author of Healing the Wounds: A Physician Looks at His Work and Not All of Us Are Saints: A Doctor?s Journey with the Poor

Operating Room Confidential: What Really Goes On When You Go Under

Paul Whang - 2010
    Personal stories combine with staff experiences to reveal hidden truths about the operating room and illustrate the quirky, strange, and bizarre occurrences that shape a regular hospital day. Answering questions such as What do doctors talk about during surgery? If a surgical instrument falls to the floor, is the five-second rule observed? and Is real life just like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and House?, this is a must-read for the curiosity seeker and anyone who has or will be on the operating-room table.

The Making of a Surgeon

William A. Nolen - 1972
    It is William Nolen's story of his transformation from student to practitioner, from a brash medical school graduate to a surgeon possessing skill and judgment. And, as happens in the best memoirs, with his brilliant flash of self-discovery William Nolen illuminates the world outside himself.First published in 1970, The Making of a Surgeon received critical acclaim and touched a world audience. The book's universal themes propelled it to the rarefied heights of a best seller. In this reprinted edition, with a foreword by the author's daughter, his classic returns.

Medical School: Stumbling Through with Amnesia (Playing Doctor, #1)

John Lawrence - 2020
    Those manic blogs from the hospital wards during under-slept call nights (which left a few friends wondering if he had invaded the hospital pharmacy) were the genesis for this book, Playing Doctor. This is a journey through medical training as interpreted by someone who told their college career advisor that the only thing they did not want to be was a doctor-not that medical schools want you believing their training was interpretive, like a modern dance company's version of Grey's Anatomy-and started school with a traumatic brain injury. This entertaining, heartfelt demystification of medical school via the confusion that seemed to litter John's medical trail, takes readers along the studies and clinical wards that miraculously teach students how to care for patients. The follow up books cover residency.


Echo Heron - 2015
    EMERGENCY 24/7: Nurses of the Emergency Room, portrays thirty-one nurses, each with a distinctive voice and unique view of what really goes on behind the closed doors of the secret and chaotic world of the emergency room. Also included are the moment-by-moment chronicles of eleven nurses who worked in New York City and Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2001. These compelling accounts give new perspectives on the horrors and heroics of that tragic day. Ranging from inspiring to heart-rending to outrageously funny, these gripping narratives make EMERGENCY 24/7 a fascinating and provocative book—a fitting tribute to the frontline nurses.

You Called 911 for This?: Real Stories from a Small-Town ER

Kerry Hamm - 2016
     Take a break and read about more bad boys running from the cops, shake your head at the dumbest criminal she's ever seen come through the ER, and thank your lucky stars for miracles. Be sure to pack tissues as you go along for a ride through the hilarious and sad emergency room moments brought to you by the ER clerk who sees it all.

How to Do a Liver Transplant: Stories from My Surgical Life

Kellee Slater - 2013
    Kellee Slater works in one of the most demanding areas of medical operations, liver transplantation. In this inspiring, heartbreaking, and darkly humorous memoir, she opens up the fast-paced world of donor surgery. She takes readers with her as she flies across the Rocky Mountains in winter to collect transplant organs, rushes out of a department store change room to save the life of a toddler who is choking to death, and, horrifyingly, tells the wrong father in a hospital waiting room that there is no hope for his daughter. An ideal read for anyone with an interest in modern medicine, this inspirational memoir portrays both the joyous and difficult experiences of one of the most demanding jobs in the world.

Becoming a Doctor: A Journey of Initiation in Medical School

Melvin Konner - 1987
    Medical Center.

Intensive Care: A Doctor's Journey

Danielle Ofri - 2013
    Her vivid prose brings the reader into bustling hospitals, tense exam rooms, and Ofri's own life, giving an up-close look at the fast-paced, life-and-death drama of becoming a doctor. She tells of a young man uncertain of his future who comes into the clinic with a stomach complaint but for whom Dr. Ofri sees that the most useful "treatment" she can offer him is SAT tutoring. She writes of a desperate struggle to communicate with a critically ill patient who only speaks Mandarin, of a doctor whose experience in the NICU leaves her paralyzed with PTSD, and of her own struggles with the fear of making fatal errors, the dangers of overconfidence, and the impossible attempts to balance the empathy necessary for good care with the distance necessary for self-preservation. Through these stories of her patients, colleagues, and her own experiences, Intensive Care offers poignant insight into the medical world, and into the hearts and minds of doctors and their patients. These stories are drawn from the author’s previous books and one is from her forthcoming book, What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine.excerpted from Book Description

Everything that Makes Us Human: Case Notes of a Children's Brain Surgeon

Jay Jayamohan - 2020
    That’s because he’s a Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon in a busy Oxford hospital. Every day, parents put all their faith in him to make their In this gripping and sometimes heartrending book, Jayamohan – who has featured in two highly acclaimed BBC fly-on-the-wall series following the work of neurosurgeons – brings the highs and lows of the operating theatre into vivid life. Beginning with his struggles as an Asian growing up in 1970s Britain, he chronicles his early days as a medical student and spans decades of extraordinary activity, drawing on case studies from various aspects of his career: not all of which have happy endings. Jayamohan describes how he found the strength to keep going despite terrible setbacks: no matter how many times he is knocked down, he always gets up again to face the next challenge.

Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain: What Every Woman and Her Doctor Need to Know

Andrew S. Cook - 2012
    Dr. Cook explains why so many patients are misunderstood and misdiagnosed, why most endometriosis surgery is done so poorly, the principles and correct techniques for effective endometriosis surgery, and how to find the best doctors and healthcare providers. This book embraces a women's perspective and provides much-needed support for women who have suffered from the pain of endometriosis. He also explains his comprehensive and successful program for treating endometriosis.

Tell Me Exactly What Happened: Dispatches from 911

Caroline Burau - 2016
    Inside the world of emergency dispatch, tragedy, boredom, and mind-bending weirdness are constant companions.