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Saved For Me by Abby Knox


Until the Tequila

Brynne Asher - 2019
     It took one night. No, it took one dinner, a bevy of cocktails, and a woman who’s been skirting me for months. Then, everything changed. Because the tequila did what it does best, Mary’s words flowed faster than the magic liquid she was shooting with salt and lime. Mary had demons—ones she thought were buried. She thought wrong. She can’t hide from her past or from me. Not anymore. I’m Evan Hargrove and I’ll turn the world red before I let anything happen to her. This is a Killers Series Crossover Novella written for the Happily Ever Alpha World of NYT Bestselling Author, Aurora Rose Reynolds. Warning: This book contains naughty words and sexy bits. If you aren’t eighteen, step away from the purchase button, turn around, and walk away. We’ll pretend this never happened and I won’t tell your parents.

DiMarco's Secret Love Child: Part One

Chloe Walsh - 2015
     ***Explicit Content 18 +**** The last person Kate Summers expected to bump into at work was her estranged husband. Lucas DiMarco ripped Kate's world to shred years ago and she was damned if she was going to let him do it again. The last person Lucas DiMarco expected to see in his apartment was his cheating wife. Kate had shamed him and pushed his family apart. He knew better than to rekindle their old flame...didn't he?

His Hostage

Alexa Riley - 2019
    She’s finally escaped, but she’s run right into another mountain of trouble. She agrees to do one last job for her new boss and then she’s out. But once again she’s caught in the middle when she’s taken hostage by a hot stranger named Cooper. Cooper is robbing from the rich to give back to his community and make the town he grew up in a safer place. He and his band of brothers are stealing every dime from the local mob, but when it’s time to grab the bag, he gets more than he bargained for. Warning: If being held against your will with this hot alpha is a crime, then lock me up! These two get cozy while on the run and burn up the road. Grab it now and lock it down… We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Scarlett Metal - 2013
    She's ready to move on and have some fun, but she's been too busy to meet anyone new.Marcus has always been a player, unable to settle down with one girl. No one seems to meet his long list of requirements in a woman.Marcus and Lauren have known each other for a few years, working for the same company but at different locations. They've always flirted some back and forth, but Lauren had been with Kyle. Now that she's single and they are in the same city for meeting, they spend a few passionate days together, both assuming this is just a fling. They both eventual realize they want more than a fling, but can they make a long distance relationship work? And when Lauren's old boyfriend comes back to win her affection, can Marcus compete with their history?

Resolution: Exposure

Tracy Lorraine - 2019
     As a single father, I spend a lot of time at home — but it’s a new year, and I’ve made a resolution: Get out more. So I sign up for an evening photography class, ready to learn how to take better photos of my little girl. The first lesson has barely begun when Harper and I are assigned partners. Photographs aren’t the only thing developing between us. I didn’t expect this, but damn, she has me all spun up. She’s gorgeous, funny, and I’m not ending this night without her. I want her. Now. It’s time to turn out the lights and head to the dark room. This woman belongs with me, and I’ll make sure she knows it. But will the shutter come down on our fling when she discovers I come as a package deal? Join fifteen of your favorite romance authors as their stories get off… on the right foot this year. Champagne corks aren’t the only things popping!

Love Scammed

Rilzy Adams - 2021
    Tempest is nowhere in sight and soon Monae finds out that the trip was an elaborate scheme to get her to meet Hudson Bradley, a man Tempest had been trying to set Monae up with for months. Hudson has been played too, thinking he was heading overseas for a business trip and not a five-day Valentine’s Day getaway with a woman he’s never met before. It is the Valentine’s Day trip neither Hudson nor Monae asked for, but could it turn out to be just what they need?

Pay Up Buttercup

Olivia T. Turner - 2017
    I want his daughter.My dad is in big trouble.He owes money to the most powerful man on the East Coast, and he can't pay.When I approach Mr. Connolly and try to take over the loan, he has a different idea.He's willing to wipe off the debt if I submit to him.I have to do what he commands, when he commands it.I think this Over The Top alpha male is a little obsessed with me.Good thing I love every second of it...  You down with OTT? This is an Olivia T. Turner book, which means it features a possessive and totally obsessed Over The Top male who isn't afraid to take what he wants! If you like your book boyfriends sweet and cuddly than shut the computer off and walk away. If you like your heroes, rough, dirty and possessive to the extreme, come on in and have some fun...

Dark Needs

T.M. Frazier - 2015
    With blood literally still on his hands, the only thing on Jake's mind is making up for lost time with the woman he loves.Dark Needs is a companion novella to The Dark Light of Day.

The Baby Maker's Club

Penny Wylder - 2018
    Never meet outside the club. Never fall in love. I've always wanted to be a mother. But to have a baby you need a man... or money for a proper donor. Let's just say dating is my weak point. And money? It's in short supply. When a co-worker catches me googling cute baby photos, she whispers a name: The Baby Maker's Club. That's how I was introduced to my nameless, well-hung hero. His job was to knock me up. No dates, no drama, just me and him and the horizontal tango. But I messed up bad. I found out his name. Then I googled him. Now, I wish I could forget the truth I learned about my personal baby-maker, but I can't. I might have broken the first two rules of the club, but someone like him—a walking Adonis with a devil's smile and a dark secret—he did something way worse. He made me fall in love.

Beauty Found

Tillie Cole - 2018
    There is life before your soulmate is found.There is life even when all seems lost.Shane ‘Tank’ Rutherford is just seventeen when, escaping his father’s lethal fists, he ends up on the streets. Fighting for survival, he finds himself suddenly saved. Saved by a group that takes him under their wing.A group that everyone knows . . . the Texas Ku Klux Klan.Years later, Tank is disillusioned from the Klan and what they stand for. Recently released from prison, he is lost in a world he no longer knows. He is on his own. Until he picks up a woman hitchhiking on the side of a road. A beauty queen dressed in pink.Susan-Lee Stewart is done with the crowns. She’s done with the glitz and glamor of pageant life. And she’s done with the bruises . . . the bruises gifted by the one person who should love her unconditionally—her mother.Seconds after taking yet another pageant title, Susan-Lee makes a split decision and flees the stage. Flees the glossy life of a pageant queen, flees her violent mother . . . and jumps straight on the back of a tattooed muscled god’s motorcycle . . .And never looks back.As Susan-Lee holds tightly to Tank’s waist, neither of them know it’s a chance meeting that will change both their lives, and their hearts, forever.There are stories of how you find your other half. There are stories of how someone can save your soul when all hope is lost.Before they were Tank and Beauty, they were Shane and Susan-Lee. Two lost hearts who, together, were finally found.Contemporary dark romance. Contains scenes of violence, offensive language, mature topics and sexual situations.Beauty Found: A Novella (Hades Hangmen 6.5) is to be read AFTER Crux Untamed. Recommended for ages 18 and over.

The Boss

J.L. Perry - 2017
    she’s been my obsession since I was seventeen.She’s the object of every dirty thought I’ve ever had.I’m consumed.I lust over her … albeit from afar.She has no idea how I feel.And my secret can never come out,because there’s one major hurdle standing in our way …she’s my best friend’s little sister.When she offers to stand in as my temporary secretary, I’m torn.Will I be able to risk the temptation?Or will I succumb and lose everything that I hold dear?

For Liberty

Rene Folsom - 2014
    Her memories of him, along with a box full of letters, become her most prized possessions—that and the life growing inside her.It’s not until communication stops, and the scheduled return of her Army hero comes and goes, that Libby begins to freak out. Her worry for his welfare, along with concern over her current situation, wreaks havoc on her once-solid nerves.While she’s waiting for his return with bated breath, she clings to hope and remembers the words he once wrote: “A soldier doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him. A soldier fights because he loves what he left behind.” The infamous quote is a constant reminder of why he chooses to fight: For Liberty.Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick off your summer with this HOT new collection of stories. For Liberty is part of the Red Hot and BOOM! multi-author series (stands alone for reading enjoyment).


Kate Lynne - 2013
    I'm beautiful in every sense of the word physically. But on the inside, I'm a black pit. If you're expecting a happily ever after, a white picket fence and 2.5 kids; then this isn't the story for you.There aren't any happily ever afters in the works for me or those whose lives I poison. I hold the key to my pleasure and I'll be damned if I ever give it up again. God forsake those that stand in my way of ultimate gratification.You may regret me, but you'll never forget me. Use or Be Used, there are no other options.** Warning ** 18 years and up for adult situations, language, sexual content, and violence. * This story contains dirty words, dirty sex and an even dirtier twist. **

Good Boyfriend

C.M. Stunich - 2017
    This is book 1.5 in the trilogy. This book should be read before reading the next in the series, GREAT HUSBAND*"This bad nanny … makes a good boyfriend.”Help me Mother friggin' Mary.I don't know anything about having a real girlfriend.I'm just a body piercer from Vegas for f*ck's sake—and honestly, kind of a slutty dude.I've never had a long-term girlfriend before. Not one that I liked as much as Brooke. Never felt my heart skip a beat or my belly light up with effing butterflies.Hell, I didn't even want a girlfriend. Now, I'm eight hundred miles away from home and living with an ex-virgin/stripper (on both accounts thanks to me).A relationship? Her two adopted kids? Yeah, this is my new life.But you know what … I think I've got this. I was a bad nanny, but I'm going to be a damn good boyfriend.***GOOD BOYFRIEND is the sequel to BAD NANNY, a romantic comedy about a bad boy body piercer who meets a virgin stripper, their six inherited kids, and two hairless pets. It contains seriously steamy scenes between the two main characters, a lot of ridiculous humor, and a ton of heart.

The Seduction

Carly Phillips - 2014
    The best way to accomplish his goal? Hurt someone close to him in return. No one can get near Ferro’s on again - off again fiancée - so Zach sets his sights on the next best thing, the woman Sean considers family, the girl who grew up next door, Chloe Reynolds. The plan seems simple -- get close, find her weak spot, exploit it and walk away. Then Zach meets Chloe and he falls hard. And fast. How can he use her for revenge when he wants to keep her for himself?