Adjacent: A Building 402 Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2018
    Arrogant. Sexy. A Certified F*ckboy. She’s the only girl he can’t seem to get off of his mind. Ambitious. Attractive. Adjacent. The proximity of them being neighbors certainly doesn’t help either of their causes. And when one side is ready to pursue their curiosity about the person next door, it quickly becomes clear that anything goes in Building 402… Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. :)

Costume Cutty

Chencia C. Higgins - 2020
    Two days packed with activities for residents and guests alike; an adults-only costume ball on Saturday night, and family friendly carnival on Sunday. RSVP to join us for opulent fun.For the first time in her life Dionne Austin has been looking forward to Halloween all summer. The annual Fall Festival in Sapphire Springs was legendary, and by a sheer stroke of luck, her event planning company was tapped to organize the costume ball. An event of this magnitude is a major step for her career, and has her on a cloud so high that no one could dampen her spirits, not even her fool of an ex who never supported her dreams. When weird, inexplicable things begin happening, Dionne is torn between her superstitions and remaining professional, and the extra attention from her ex’s neighbor isn’t helping.

Love in the Red Zone

Love Belvin - 2016
    Meet Trent Bailey, who is fighting for the right to continue his stellar professional football career after enduring striking legal woes in the recent past. Trent cannot and will not blow his second chance for anyone; after all, this is the blessing he's been praying for. After receiving confirmation that staying focused is all he needs, it's what he aims to do. No distractions. That's until he bumps into two unexpected overnight guests. Jade Matthews is doing everything she can for herself and her young son, Kyree. After journeying through her own bumps in the road, she's finally getting it together. She's doing what she has to do to make sure her family of two stays afloat. Life's setbacks won't stop Jade from providing for her little one, even though she fumbles each pass thrown at her. What starts out as a temporary favor turns into rapid passion. There's one agenda here, but getting to the same meeting point has never been more difficult. Fighting their way through trust and self-esteem issues, the two must meet in the right zone; the red zone, where you may think you're safe, but life has a way of intercepting blessings and...turning the tide.

The Changeup

Nicole Falls - 2019
    At some point, however, the novelty wore off and she stepped away from playing the sport until a chance exhibition places her at the center of attention once again. With the spotlight shining brightly upon her, Geffri finds herself with an amazing opportunity within her grasp that’s she’s eager to take. But with all great success comes the trolls—enter Noah Fence, a sports blogger who’s a little too opinionated about how excellent Geffri really is and challenges her to a competition to prove his superiority. Between Noah’s challenge and the opportunity placed before her, Geffri’s calm summer escalates into a whirlwind season of dreams fulfilled.

The Time Shared

Endiya Carter - 2020
    Sayi Mathis; left after twenty years of marriage. Two people left by the people they pledged to spend the rest of their lives with, were mistakenly checked into the same condo on vacation with their families and friends. Yuliana, nor Sayi were thinking about meeting someone on a trip that was supposed to pull them out of the bad space they were in, but one thing about love is that it sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

Stay with Me

Alexandria House - 2017
    Unwilling to risk another broken heart, she resigns herself to being a perpetually single woman. Corporate man and self-professed womanizer, Ryan Boyé, doesn’t believe in relationships or love and thinks anyone who does is a fool. But there’s just something about Angela Strickland he can’t shake… When these two cross paths, their attraction to one another is undeniable. Will they find that the love they’ve both evaded is exactly what they both need?

True Love for Christmas

D. Rose - 2019
    When her best friend, Chris, returned to town unannounced, her world was turned upside down and made better all at once. Chris was determined to shower Noel with holiday cheer by showing her the true meaning of Christmas And the true meaning of love.

A Walk in the Park

Rebekah Weatherspoon - 2022
    He’d bonded instantly with the playful Zeus and was already planning their first adventures. But one thing he definitely hadn’t daydreamed about was Zeus accidentally being promised to someone else - or that he might go home empty-handed and brokenhearted all over again.Janelle Johnson is not giving up her claim to Zeus. He already has a hold on her heart (and his own Instagram handle). After the year she’d had, she needed this dog. But when she sees the disappointment of the big, burly handsome man who’s clearly just as in love with the dog as she is, she proposes a deal to Andre - for one month they’ll co-parent the dog. How hard could it be?Both of them agree to the unusual arrangement. Sharing a dog with a complete stranger isn’t quite the walk in the (dog) park they imagined, but as they work together to give Zeus a loving future, their four-legged friend might not be the only one who’s found a happily ever after.


D.L. White - 2020
    A chance encounter brings her unexpected love and a new outlook on life. Here's to finding love where you least expect it!

Every New Year

Katrina Jackson - 2019
     When Candace met Ezra, she instantly knew he was the boy for her. In the middle of their first year at college, Candace and Ezra share a clumsy kiss that should have been the beginning of an epic love affair, but it's not. Instead, it begins a nearly two-decade journey of never quite getting the timing right for love. For almost every New Year's Eve after, Candace and Ezra stumble into one another's arms, but can’t manage to hold onto each other for more than a single night. They live with the expectant giddiness of being able to spend New Year's Eve with the person they love, always hoping that next year will be their year. Until eventually, their annual trysts ruin even the friendship that held them together. As 2019 ends, Candace and Ezra are both running away from their broken hearts. They board a plane hoping to finally move on from their relationship, only to run right into each other's arms. Every New Year is a friends-to-lovers romance that takes nearly twenty years to bloom. It's also the first in the Love At Last series, where happily ever afters might take some time to mature, but they're always worth the wait. Content Warnings: parental sickness (cancer, diabetes, hypertension)

Tampering with Temptation

B. Love - 2021
    Since the age of twelve, she’s been more like a sister to him than anything. But when he begins to get to know the new her… Ali starts to see her in more tempting ways.For Westley, her self-imposed yearlong quarantine started out rocky but eventually became enlightening. Not only has she gained weight, but she’s gained more confidence and esteem too. Her aura and appeal are more alluring than ever before—even to her best friend.Ali is down for whatever, but Westley isn’t as open to taking things to the next level. Will she tamper with temptation and see where it leads, or keep things within the safe confines of their platonic friendship?Please note: The novellas within this series can be read in any order. The characters do not know each other and the stories are not connected in any way.

Damaged Goods

Talia Hibbert - 2018
    She runs away seeking safety… and finds Samir Bianchi, her long-lost teenage sweetheart.With his kind eyes and dirty smile, Samir’s still hot as hell—and he still treats Laura like a goddess, baby bump and all. The wild boy she spent one magical summer with is every inch a man, and he’s more than ready to care for her tiny family.But Laura’s been keeping a secret Samir might never forgive. When she finally confesses, will he remain by her side? Or is this fairytale ending too good to be true?Please be aware: this book contains depictions of domestic violence that could trigger certain audiences.

A Goon for Christmas

M. Monique - 2021


Phyllis Bourne - 2018
     The man has a body that makes Alex want to make love, not war. But there is an additional quarter million-dollar inheritance at stake. She’ll have to run him out of the neighborhood to become the legendary feud’s sole survivor – if he doesn’t run her out first.

Truth or Dare

Danielle Allen - 2020
    The secret exposing truths and the harmlessly fun dares bonded our close-knit friend group in college and kept us close throughout the years. So, when Kingston Wright was dared to kiss me, I didn’t think anything of it. Harmless kisses were always a part of Truth or Dare.But there was nothing harmless about that kiss.I felt something between us that I shouldn’t have.Truth or Dare can be risky when you’re twenty.But when you’re thirty, it can be reckless.