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The Winding Stair by A.E.W. Mason


A Corner of Destiny

Grace Livingston Hill - 2015
    But his feelings soon turn to guilt when he realizes his carelessness caused more harm to Rosalie than a few broken bones. With a newly awakened conscience, Pemberton vows to do everything in his power to get Rosalie back on her feet. He’ll intercede with her employer, find her a place to live, and help her make friends. But as he gets to know Rosalie and discovers her close walk with God, Pemberton begins to wonder if Rosalie might do him more good than he could ever hope to do for her. This early novel by beloved Christian fiction author Grace Livingston Hill was first published as a serial story in a 1904 Christian magazine.

A Girl From Zanzibar

Roger King - 2002
    “A headstrong heroine zigzags from Zanzibar to America in Roger King’s daring new novel.”—Elaina Richardson, O magazine“There is no safe haven, this brilliant, prescient novel suggests.”—Suzanne Ruta, The New York TimesWinner of the Bay Area Book Reviewers Association Award for Best Novel 2002.


Branislav Nušić - 1982
    Pavle leaves town to think things over. Weeks later, a deformed corpse is found washed up on the banks of the Danube and is identifed to be that of Pavle. The case is judged a suicide. Three years later, Pavle, now "the deceased," unexpectedly returns. He discovers that his heirs have not only plundered his estate, but also refuse to recognize him as being "legally" alive, and they unite to keep him "dead" to maintain the status quo. This is the first English translation of a masterful and darkly comic play that will enter its rightful place as a world classic. The fluid and natural translation lends itself to theatrical production. Comically absurd, filled with existential angst, it was ahead of its time in 1937. At once vaudevillian and modernist, it is distinguished by clever plotting and stinging dialogue. The play stands as a lasting and caustic satire of human greed, strangely consonant with todays society.

The Avenger

E. Phillips Oppenheim - 1907
    He questions her and finds she thought she was in the apartment of his neighbor, Morris Barnes, who lives above him. While he is on the telephone, she quietly slips out of his flat and heads to Barnes’ abode. A few hours later, she is once again at his door – this time looking scared and faint. She asks Wrayson to escort her downstairs as the hallway is unlit. As they emerge, a hansom sits at the doorway with Morris Barnes in it. But, they discover that Barnes has been strangled. Wrayson soon learns that the young lady is the estranged older daughter of a club acquaintance, retired Colonel Fitzmaurice. He also discovers that he has fallen in love with her. The big question however, has he fallen for a murderess? How can he discover the truth? In typical Oppenheim style, this “whodunit” weaves a tangled web and one must wait until the end to discover the surprising truth. (Summary by Tom Weiss)

On The Field Of Glory

Henryk Sienkiewicz - 1906
    A memorable cast of characters, ready for battle, duelling, or love in this last completed historical novel of the Nobel Prize winner.

Captain Pamphile

Alexandre Dumas - 1839
    In the fashionable social circles of 1831, the vogue is to collect one’s own menagerie, and there is soon a demand for exotic animals from the four corners of the world. Musing on how a monkey, a bear, and a turtle came to inhabit the same Parisian drawing room, Dumas introduces Captain Pamphile, a decidedly unorthodox Provençal sea caption with a flair for “liberating” unusual species from their native shores. The narrative soon gives way to the story of Pamphile’s own life—from his early hunting expeditions to his daring naval hijackings and his aberrant involvement in the local slave trade. French novelist and playwright Alexandre Dumas who is best remembered for The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Almonds and Raisins

Maisie Mosco - 1979
    A born survivor stranded in a land of strangers by the vicious tides of persecution.David, the eldest son. Growing to manhood in a new world and torn between the clear-cut lines of duty and his own driving ambition.Through the Great War and the Depression, through the first fears of darker years to come, the Sandbergs reach out for the bitter and the sweet of life, the almonds and the raisins.

Beulah Land

Lonnie Coleman - 1973
    BEULAH LAND....where the old South as it really was is brought to intense life, in all its outward splendor and secret shame.

Out of the Storm

Marcia MacDonald - 1929
    Adrift on an angry ocean, lovely young Gail must struggle to save her life…and the life of a man she doesn't know.

The War Romance of the Salvation Army

Evangeline Booth - 1919
    In the back of the truck, a group of young women draw closer together, trying to encourage each other. Several flinch at the sounds of bombs exploding and machine-gun fire all around them. They all grab frantically at the sides of the truck as it tosses them about. Yet, despite their fear and apprehension, the women are determined not to turn back. They will reach the wounded American soldiers--for the soldiers' lives are in their hands!Step into the world of the dedicated Salvation Army women . . . women who went to the front lines of WWI . . . women who calmed fears, bathed wounds, and uttered the prayers that led thousands of men to salvation . . . women whose courage knew no bounds--even if it meant death.

Lucretia Borgia According to Original Documents and Correspondence of Her Day

Ferdinand Gregorovius - 1874
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Fair Margaret

H. Rider Haggard - 1907
    More than love hangs in the balance!


Henry James - 1879

The Food Taster

Peter Elbling - 2002
    Now Ugo must stay alive--a difficult prospect considering the prince's myriad of enemies and their poisons--to protect Miranda from her suitors and desires, and somehow hold the unruly court together. A bestseller in ten countries, in this novel of gastronomical delight and brilliant wit Peter Elbling remarkably captures the sights, sounds, and tastes of 16th century ltaly with the story of a peasant rising to extraordinary and death-defying acts of grace.

The Sea Lady

H.G. Wells - 1902
    G. Wells, a founder of modern science fiction and one of the genre's greatest writers. In comparison, little attention has been given by critics to his works of fantasy, which in the opinion of many, are just as artistic and worthy of study. This work takes a critical look at Wells' little known fantasy The Sea Lady: A Tissue of Moonshine, which is "a parable of dark foreboding that unveils the nothingness of utopian dreams" and foreshadows Franz Kafka's dark fables of the totalitarian age. A lengthy introduction by the editor provides a comprehensive overview of the text and the story of The Sea Lady, and serves to explain the ideas of civil death and every citizen's acting as a public servant, and the concept of totalitarian metaphysics, which deals with a revolt against the limits of the human condition. This work provides a complete, extensively annotated text of the 1902 London first edition of The Sea Lady. Prepared by the world's leading Wellsian scholar, the volume also provides germane appendices and a bibliography."--BOOK JACKET.