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Exception to the Rules by Stephanie Morris


His Love

M.O. Kenyan - 2013
    Every time he looks at her, all he can see is the reason his wife is dead. But when the beautiful Rayne falls into his life as his daughter’s nanny he is forced out of his ice cold exterior. He finds himself falling hard for his newest employee, but Rayne doesn't want anything to do with him. It doesn’t matter how handsome or ruggedly perfect his exterior is—how he treats his daughter tears at Rayne’s very soul.Antonio has to learn how to love his daughter again, while trying to convince the woman he loves to stay with him and not bolt at the first opportunity...

Three Wishes

Seressia Glass - 2002
    Years of trying destroyed her marriage and left Maya unwilling to give her heart to another man. Taylor Whitfield has a wish: to have a mother. The seven-year-old never knew her mother and longs for someone to love her and her father. Nic Whitfield also has a wish: to make his daughter happy. He knows that she desperately longs for a mother, but he doesn't want to put his heart on the line again. A chance encounter turns neighbours into friends, and friends into lovers. When love makes wishes on the verge of becoming true, will the trial of prejudice and past secrets create a family? Or will it destroy their hopes of happiness?


Eve Vaughn - 2009
    Before she can enter into the joy of the occasion, though, she must first make amends for leaving everything she knew and loved behind—which means facing her childhood sweetheart. Seeing the hot, sexy rancher after all this time makes her realize she still loves him. But a painful secret from her past stands between them, one she’s determined to keep. Cade Devlin loved Jocelyn until their bitter breakup put his heart on permanent hiatus. He thought he was over her—until she turns up at the ranch, forcing him to admit that her abrupt departure all those years ago still stings. It’s disturbing how easily she once again consumes his thoughts…and how he still can’t keep his hands to himself when she’s around. Their attraction is stronger than ever. Yet Jocelyn’s secret is a silent reminder that she can never let him back into her heart—unless she wants to break his all over again.

On a Dare

Nadia Aidan - 2008
    Not after her best friend, Dylan Jacobs practically seduces her on her disastrous wedding night and certainly not after she finds herself forced into spending the next two weeks as his lover. It was supposed to be so simple a harmless dare. But nothing is ever simple when two long time friends discover what they've known all along that they've always been more than just friends. Now Lena and Dylan must decide if it is worth it to risk their friendship for the chance at something more."

At Last

Lisa G. Riley - 2003

I Don't Disappoint: AMBW Romance

Love Journey - 2017
    Daniel Kim is a sexy Korean Hip Hop celebrity at the peak of his fame. He is determined to succeed and has just signed a lucrative contract with a U.S. music label. He’s used to sacrificing his happiness for fame and fortune… until he meets Diamond. Daniel Kim has a ‘love jones’ for Diamond and he’s feening for her in every way. Physically, mentally… he’s all in. And he promises not to disappoint. Diamond is a personal photographer assigned to accompany Daniel while he is on a promotional tour. Her job is to photograph, post, and promote the handsome entertainer… not to sleep with him. She’s determined to protect her professional reputation even if it means walking away from the best ** she’s ever had. This book is an Asian Men Black Women (AMBW) Interracial Romance Novella. For Mature audiences only. Download and start reading today. PLEASE NOTE: **Thank you for bringing the editing issues to my attention. They have been corrected. I apologize for any inconvenience. Contemporary, African American Woman, Asian Man, Multicultural, BBW, International, HEA, Kindle Short Reads, Kindle Unlimited, BWWM, KPOP, Korean, Hip hop, Music.

A Little White Lie

Aliyah Burke - 2007
    While she has a good life, it is far from perfect. She was not skinny, had just turned thirty, even lost her fiancé to her own sister. Nope, life was far from perfect.Sitting on the bus, Jake Hutton just about fell over. A woman passed that made his mouth go dry while his hands begin to sweat. She was a delicious package dipped in cocoa, covered by clothing that made him itch to get beneath it.Luck was on his side as he found his way into his mysterious woman's coffee shop. He overheard her describing her upcoming weekend to a co-worker. The second she asked her friend for a handsome man, to borrow for the weekend, Jake knew what he had to do.Deciding to take a risk on a little white lie, he showed up that very evening to stake his claim on Tahnee. She agrees to go along with the charade this handsome Caucasian offers. What neither of them knows is that during this lie they are each falling in love with one another.Is it possible to find happily ever after when it is based on a lie? Even when it is just A Little White Lie…

Mr. Fix-It

Crystal Hubbard - 2008

Courting Savannah

Tressie Lockwood - 2010
    Tyler ripped her heart out and almost destroyed her life. She can't forgive him for what he did no matter how much he turns on the charm.Tyler won't let Savannah forget all the good times they had together, and he recreates their passion inside and outside of the bedroom. When both their agendas take an unexpected turn, will Tyler lose Savannah forever, or will love prevail?

Twist of Fate

Beverly Clark - 2003
    Holding on to one dream, having her husbands' child, she conceives through alternative methods. Nicolas has struggled through many lost dreams. Last, being his wife and unborn child. Hadley Fertility Clinic surprised them both! A simple mix up could mean two parents who never met and are from opposite sides of all tracks, will be tied together forever. Now, both will fight their hardest to possess the one thing they have both wanted, that could never be divided.

Marrying Her Asian Billionaire

Mary Peart - 2015
    How far would you go to live your dream?Kimone has always wanted to run a stand out toy shop, one where kids could come and play while their parents are out shopping.While she's managed to achieve that dream, financially she's struggling, and it's only a matter of time before her business goes under.So when a handsome and mysterious Japanese-American billionaire proposes an offer to her, marry him and he'll save her business, it's kind of hard to refuse.But what starts as a marriage of convenience for both isn't all it seems.When one of the two starts to gain real feelings for the other, how will things play out?

Promise to Keep

Priscilla Poole Rainwater - 2012
    But it will require both of them working with one another in order to help his wife…he just wonders if they can get along with one another long enough to keep a life-changing promise.Aisha has almost everything a woman could want, she is a wealthy, world famous photographer with a wonderful friendship with her best friend Jenny, but the only person she has to provide and care for is herself. She travels all over the world living the jet-set lifestyle most women only dream of. But all of that could change after she receives a desperate email from Jenny, asking her for a promise that could change her entire life.

Yuki's Luck

Ja'Nese Dixon - 2018
    Yuki Smith doubts her mother’s judgment on men, life, and definitely on naming her “lucky.”Dylan Jameson is her twin’s best friend and all the things she’s not. Filthy rich, focused, and drop-dead gorgeous. And beneath it all he is a really great guy. Then he messed it all up by asking for what she could not give, commitment.Dylan heads to Ireland, somehow he took her luck with him. Now Yuki must board a plane to god-knows-where, to encounter god-knows-what, hoping for a chance to tell Dylan the truth. Because he’s captured her heart and something tells Yuki she’ll need luck to get him back. Friends become lovers in Yuki’s Luck with strong family ties, alpha men, and professional women in beautiful Dublin Ireland.  This BWWM romance will have you happily reading non-stop until the last word. Scroll up and order your copy today! Read all the Smith Pact Duo Romances 1. Yuki's Luck2. Asher’s Sonnet3. Smith Surprise

A Kiss of Color 1

Cristina Grenier - 2015
    At Antioch University, she finally gets a chance to shine, and follow in the footsteps of her late father. However, when resident celebrity Xavier Thompson discovers her darkest secret, she will have to deal with him more intimately than she ever imagined. He will teach her how little her past matters, and how much one man’s love can mean when the entire world seem against you. Xavier has long been a playboy, using his family name to coast through school. In his undergraduate years, however, he finds himself moving away from the restrictions his parents impose on him to start his own IT business. Just when he thought things couldn’t get more difficult, Helena Graves is thrown into the mix. The devastating beauty instantly captures his attention – and may very well serve to be his salvation, even as he becomes hers. This BWWM Interracial Romance has drama, passion and romance around every turn. Get your copy today by clicking “Buy Now!”... CAUTION: Includes hot interracial sex scenes! 18 or older.

Rogue In Love: Thea and Lex

Inger Iversen - 2017
     Lex knows exactly where the good people of Blackwater think he belongs. In prison, right alongside his no-good, murdering father. It’s one reason he’s spent the last two years living rough in the woods outside of town. The other? Thea—granddaughter of the man who rescued him from an irreparably broken home. The exact moment Lex noticed Thea had grown into a woman, he was packed off to the military. Lex gets it. He knows better than anyone he tends to destroy everything he touches. Now, ten years later, a mysterious summons brings Lex back to civilization, though the thought of watching Thea marry someone else ignites a savage instinct he dares not unleash. At first, Thea doesn’t recognize the grizzled, mountain of muscle who breaks into her grandfather’s house in the dead of night. Until his rusty, familiar voice emerges from all that unkempt hair. Lex, the boy who broke her heart when he walked out of her life. For a while, she had everything she thought she wanted: a successful medical career, a doctor fiancé, a comfortable future. With a single, hopeless diagnosis, she dropped everything—including the fiancé—to come home. And into the arms of the boy who has matured into a man who makes her body tremble with desire, even as her brain warns her to guard her heart. Forever is waiting just on the other side of the emotional walls towering between them. Walls that love could leap…if it’s strong enough to shed the weight of their pasts. This book includes the first chapter of Open Wounds and a sample of Incarcerated: Letters to Inmate 92510 The Love Against the Odds books are written as standalone, bwwm/interracial romances. However, your enjoyment may be enhanced if you follow this order: - Incarcerated: Letters from Inmate 92510 Katie & Logan 1 - Inevitable: Love and War Teal & Trent 1 - Indelible: Beneath His Ink Teal & Trent 2 - Rogue in Love: Lex and Thea | standalone novella - Open Wounds: Abel and Hope | standalone novella - Indebted: Til' Death Do Us Part Teal & Trent 3 - Weathered Soul: Eric and Ivory | standalone novella