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Noble Norfleet by Reynolds Price


The Stone Necklace

Carla Damron - 2016
    The Stone Necklace braids together the stories of a grieving widow, a struggling nurse, a young mother, and a troubled homeless man, reminding us of the empowering and surprising ways our lives touch one another and how, together, we can recover from even the greatest of losses. Carla Damron weaves the stories of four people in Columbia, South Carolina, whose seemingly disparate existences intersect through tragedies realized and tragedies averted. Lena Hastings survived breast cancer and marital infidelity but now faces an uncertain future and crises with her teenaged daughter Becca without the support of the one person she has always counted on. Intensive care nurse Sandy Albright, newly released from drug rehab, confronts temptations from her past and false accusations threatening her career, leaving her to wonder if a drug-free life is really living. Tonya Ladson, a mother whose child is injured in the wreck, must decide if her domineering husband is right and a lawsuit will solve their financial problems. Joe Booker, a homeless man who sleeps in a graveyard, loses his gentle benefactor and must either succumb to the real and imagined evils of his world or find the heretofore-untapped courage to care for himself and for others as a stranger once cared for him. Weighted down by their respective pasts, the characters must make life-altering choices that reverberate into the fates of the others, ultimately bringing them together in unexpected but healing acts of compassion, forgiveness, and redemption.The Stone Necklace includes a foreword from novelist Patti Callahan Henry.

Home Fires Burning

Robert Inman - 1987
    The time: December 1944. Although the fields of battle are far away, World War II has shaken the very bedrock of this close-knit community. Jake Tibbetts, editor of the local newspaper and the town's self-proclaimed conscience--who has been entrusted with the care of his young grandson while the boy's father serves on the front lines--is struggling to come to terms with the way "everything" seems to be changing, and the entire town finds itself uncomfortably straddling the threshold of a new era.

The Sky and the Forest

C.S. Forester - 1948
    He controlled life and death in his village. Then he turned outward and conquered his neighbors. He felt very fierce. But this was not to last. Europe was on the march in Africa, and destiny in the form of King Leopold's agents trod on Loa. They sacked his kingdom with an avarice unimaginable to the natives. Soon nothing was the same...nor would it ever be again. "A dazzling exhibition of the author's storytelling virtuosity." (The New York Times)

The Saints of Lost Things

C.H. Lawler - 2014
    Now, as a powerful September hurricane bears down on the Louisiana coast, those worlds will come face to face.The choices they make will send them on an odyssey north and into the fall of 1965, as the brutal and envious sheriff Percy Parris pursues them. Along the way they meet an unusual and eclectic series of people who help them become more than what they were.As fall turns to winter, their lives will change forever in the wake of a storm named Betsy.The Saints of Lost Things is a story of love, hope, and perseverance, and envy and bitterness. And the remarkable power of kindness.

The House on Coliseum Street

Shirley Ann Grau - 1961
    To Joan, her fate seems sealed and strangely inconsequential. Then a brief affair with Michael Kern, a man she knows to be a cad but is drawn to anyway, unfurls for her a surreal sequence of events -- pregnancy, an abortion, and eventually withdrawal into a numbed existence. Only a growing obsession with Michael and a yearning to fill her cavernous loneliness spur Joan to any premeditated action. An intricate psychological novel that plumbs the pain and rage born of identity and volition suppressed, The House on Coliseum Street is an arresting, somber story that transcends period and place even as it so immediately evokes New Orleans in the late 1950s.

Jarrett's Jade

Frank Yerby - 1959
    James Jarrett looked like what he was - a Highland aristocrat - the Laird of Clan Jarrett. Part devil, part angel, he came to Georgia to take the wife who would help him found a New World Clan Jarrett, a great southern dynasty. He knew what he wanted and he fought for it with a skill and daring and courage that was almost madness.Many women loved James Jarrett. There was Maebelle, a pretty Scottish girl of seventee whose love led her to disgrace. There was Sue Merrick, an English aristocrat, who thought James a monster, who hated and loathed him - and who was powerless for her love for him. And in Savannah, there was Mary Knox, fragile and fair, whose sweet face was like a cry in the bitter blackness of James' heart and whose brutish brothers swore eternal revenge on James. And there was Simone Duclos, whom James bought at a slave auction, who had the trimmed down fineness of a thoroughbred and suffered despair and social ostracism to be near him.Two sons bore James Jarrett's proud name, but it was the youngest, Jarl, whose life was influenced by the dark secrets hidden behind the silent facades of James Jarrett's Georgian mansion. It was Jarl who, as 1776 and the War for Independence drew near, at last learned to hate his own father. Once again, in Jarrett's Jad, Frank Yerby brings to life the color and atmosphere of the American South in the glorious days of its beginning. This is a story charged with blood and fire, with white hot passions and animosities, with strife and warfare and the clash of army against army, family against family, and father against son.

The River Is Home

Patrick D. Smith - 2012
    It is the story of Skeeter, a young boy growing up in a family poor in material goods but rich in the appreciation of their natural surroundings. The river they live on is the source of life—and death.

Ormerod's Landing

Leslie Thomas - 1979
    It happened at midnight on September 21st, 1940, the landing being made at the small fishing town of Granville, in Normandy. The landing party consisted of a detective-sergeant of the Metropolitan Police (V Division), a young French woman schoolteacher and an ugly mongrel dog named Formidable. They were considerately brought ashore by the Germans themselves. George Ormerod was the detective sergeant in question, not the most imaginative of policemen, but, true to his name, most resolute in his investigations. (An ormer is a notably tenacious shell-fish of the English Channel.) While the war is being lost all around him, Ormerod remains obsessed with the mundane murder of a young woman in Wandsworth, even pursuing his investigations amongst the returning and bewildered troops. How the investigation blazed a savage trail through rural Normandy and led to Nazi-occupied Paris, and how Marie- Thérèse Velin and her often ruthless Resistance allies become involved with George Ormerod are questions Leslie Thomas answers as his tale unfolds. In Ormerod's Landing, an exciting and ironic tale of Britain and France in the early years of the war, he once again creates a tender, farcical world in which his unique humour and irony flourish.

The Valley of Light

Terry Kay - 2003
    A quiet, simple war veteran, Noah has a mystical gift for fishing, yet remains haunted by Dachau terrors. Eleanor Cunningham is a widow whose husband supposedly killed himself at home after WW2. After a miracle, Noah comes home at last.


Nanci Kincaid - 1998
    Mac is in love with football. And football, as every red-blooded Southern man and woman knows, is the most jealous mistress of all....In Nanci Kincaid's stunning new novel, the rise and fall of a big-time college football coach is chronicled by the women in his life: his pretty, easily underestimated wife, his hot-tempered daughter, his God-fearing mother, and an unforgettable cast of players' girlfriends and other men's wives. And while Mac's fortunes are tied to the sport he loves, his women are busy making choices and plans of their own. Until the game on the field, with all its heroic feats, tragic twists, and roaring crowds, is overshadowed by the game played behind closed doors: where a good man risks losing a good woman to the call of her own heart.

Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses

Harold Bloom - 2003
    This comprehensive study guide also features "The Story Behind the Story" which details the conditions under which All the Pretty Horses was written. This title also includes a short biography on Cormac McCarthy and a descriptive list of characters.

The Widow and the Tree

Sonny Brewer - 2009
    Some say the fabled giant tree was once a knee-high seedling brushed by the black boot of Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez. No other tree along the entire coastal crescent from New Orleans to Apalachicola can rival its majesty or its power to draw people to it. In silence and with dignity, the Ghosthead has served as sentinel to the widow's family land for countless generations. It was a childhood friend and a spirit guide in troubled times. Her father is buried in its shade. So why would the widow walk into a biker bar and hire a man to fire his chainsaw and inflict fatal gashes around its trunk, ending in a few minutes what took five centuries to create? The Widow and the Tree is a tale of dark deeds committed with mercy in mind, provoking the reader to ask: Would I have done the same thing? This book is based on a true story.

Last Day in the Dynamite Factory

Annah Faulkner - 2015
    If nobody asks, you never have to tell.'Christopher Bright is a well-respected conservation architect, good neighbour and friend. He has a devoted wife, two talented children and an old Rover. He plays tennis on Saturdays and enjoys a beer with his business partner after work.Life is orderly, yet an unresolved question has haunted him for as long as he can remember: Who was his birth father?Devotion to his adoptive parents has always prevented Chris from enquiring too deeply, but when his mother dies, information emerges that becomes the catalyst for changes he has never imagined.As light is cast on his father, attention turns to his birth mother, but when he goes in search of the person behind the photo, he encounters a conspiracy of silence. His quest for information, however, reveals not only the truth about his mother's life but exposes the fault lines in his own, and Chris finds the price of knowledge increasingly heavy. Nevertheless, the truth must be told ...Or must it?

Híbýli vindanna

Böðvar Guðmundsson - 1995
    Guðmundsson brings together past and present in this tragic story of the historic journey to Nýja Ísland, the world's largest Icelandic community outside of Iceland.

The Cockney Sparrow

Dilly Court - 2007
    The compelling new saga set in turn-of-the-century London by the author of Mermaids Singing, about a young girl gifted with a beautiful soprano voice who is forced to work as a pickpocket in order to support her crippled brother.