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The Table Between Us by Erin Wade


Powerless – the year the lights went out

Suzanne Goldring - 2016
    There is no mains water, no petrol and no news. Towns and cities are chaotic and dangerous. Who will survive the months ahead without electricity? But out in the country, Sandra is determined to keep going. Can she keep her family healthy through the long, wet winter? And can they all adapt to life without power?

Ten Seconds to Free Fall (Ten Second series, #3

L.A. Clayton - 2020
    . . and every second counts.Kate and her CIA team are on a mission to stop the AGI’s plan to overthrow the government and achieve a New World Order. But the AGI is always one step ahead of them, clearing the way to win their shadowy war. Kate is tangled in a dangerous web that pulls her deeper into a labyrinth of lies and betrayal no matter what move she makes. The clock is counting down to zero and she’s in the fight of her life - and the freedom of the world is at stake.Jake’s assignment is to test the loyalties of a high-ranking AGI operative who may prove to be a huge advantage if they can sway him. But the operation goes sideways when an unexpected source from Jake’s past turns up, and in this cat-and-mouse game old ghosts can become new enemies. Jake must decide who he can trust to help him ensure that AGI’s New World Order won’t become reality. Making his stand, he'll stop at nothing to end AGI. But everything can change in the blink of an eye . . .

The Connect Stole My Heart: CJ & Princess's Story

Heiress - 2016
    Yes she missed her family and friends but she was holding onto to some secrets. Secrets that could ruin her relationship with her love ones. When she returns home, one of those secrets invites himself back into her heart. As if he never left. Now she has to balance her chosen career path, her family and her lover. CamRon Junior, or as everyone calls him C.J is the exact replica of his father Killa Cam. He has the undeniable good looks, the flashy cars and clothes. He even chose to follow his father footsteps and is the Connect of Detroit. But just like his father in his young days, he’s the player type who never was looking to settle down with anyone. That was until his long time best friend came home from college. They rekindled feelings that he thought he put behind them. Feelings that are forbidden since she is the little sister of his best friend, D.J. That’s one more secret added to his box of untold truths. Take a ride with C.J and Princess as they embark on that four letter word called love. When truths are revealed, will they fight to stay together or will they give up hope? Will family ties be ruined because of their union or will it bring them closer together? Find out in this forbidden love story that will have you clinching to your chair for answers.

Onyx and Starr

Lady Lissa - 2016
    When he meets Starr, a cute and sassy little eight year old, he had no idea how much his life would change. With so much in common, the two quickly become friends. As a matter of fact, they become best friends. For the next few years, they continue to shoot hoops, help each other with their homework and just have good times. So what happens when they start to reach puberty? When Onyx gets promoted to the sixth grade and switches schools, while Starr gets promoted to fifth grade and remains in the same school, the two wonder if their friendship will remain the same. The two continue to bond and nothing changes, that is until Starr begins attending the same school. Onyx is now an eighth grader and star of their basketball team. Starr is also on the girls’ team and they are both excellent players. Mandy, a cheerleader at their middle school, begins to take special interest in Onyx during this time and the two become a couple. Their relationship blossoms and continues until they reach high school, even though Mandy has insecurities concerning Onyx’s relationship with Starr. After voicing her opinion about their relationship for a couple of years, Onyx finally has enough and breaks up with her. But Mandy is not going to give up on him and their relationship that easily. She begins to spiral out of control and make Starr’s life miserable. Onyx discovers he has feelings for Starr that are more than just friendly. He wants to take it to another level, but Starr is afraid of risking their friendship for something new. Mandy has a feeling that Onyx is in love with Starr, but she is not going to stand by and watch her man be happy with a homewrecker. Even though she and Mandy have engaged in several confrontations, some resulting in fist fights, Mandy still won’t stop torturing the one person she is sure broke up her happy relationship with Onyx. How far will Mandy go to end Starr and Onyx’s friendship? Will Starr finally follow her heart and accept the love that Onyx is offering her? Or will their friendship be ruined forever?

Married to the Community D

Mz. Biggs - 2017
    In the back of her mind, she always felt that he was seeing other women behind her back, but that was something she could never prove. A turn of events on a day that was supposed to be used for her to relax her mind and free herself of all negative thoughts about her relationship, caused Patience to leave behind the weak version of herself that believed everything her husband said to her and fight back. Besides, a little payback never hurt anybody, right? Nova wanted to have his cake and eat it too. Nova loved Patience, but not as much as he loved women and sex. Being faithful was the furthest thing from his mind when he found it so easy for him to cheat. But, what happens when he's no longer able to hide his secrets? Through online chat, Axelle was able to connect with Patience. Patience was everything that he ever wanted in a woman and so much more, but he knew there was no way Patience would accept him if she knew his real background. Axelle wants to move forward with his life with a future that involves Patience. Will he be able to continue hiding his past from Patience? As three worlds collide, the secrets of the dark start to come to the light. Deception is revealed, revenge is sought, and new love is created. Will Patience be able to finally walk away or will she remain married to the man she now viewed as being the Community D?!?! Find out in this first installment of... Married to The Community D.

A Kingpin's Dynasty 3

Tina J. - 2018
    It’s like she can’t catch a break no matter what. However, the time arrives, where she comes face to face with the exact person who betrayed her; Ruthie. Unfortunately, the hatred is evident, and she refuses to let Dynasty live a happy life if she can’t. Menace is fed up with the women in his past, trying to destroy what he’s building with Dynasty and makes them all regret it. In the process, there’s one person helping Quana and Block bring him down but will he succeed or does Menace figure it out in enough time to stop it? Taylor has had enough of Donnell terrorizing her and revises a plan to make sure he can no longer bother her or anyone else. The problem is, he disappears only to resurface where she least expects. Trying not to let fear overtake her, she plays it cool, but what he does is unthinkable, and time is running out to save her. Valley finds out who Jen slept with and left her at the church. Devastated and heartbroken, Jen comes to grips with him never coming back and decides to move on with her life. The guy from her past will only allow it if he’s the one she moves on with. In the finale of A Kingpin’s Dynasty, find out who will survive and who doesn’t.

A New Year's Wedding: The Holidays with Ronny and Shan

Tynessa - 2016
    They’re back, and with a wedding of a lifetime. Everyone is trying to live up to the Unbreakable title, but when lines are crossed, true love becomes questionable. Being engaged for over a year, Trinity has yet to become Mrs. McDay. Until she feels Ray’Shun is ready, she refuses to even think about a wedding. A simple mistake causes Man to spend a few hours in jail, and to tell Destiny something that could possibly end their relationship forever. Destiny has never been one to confide in others, but when her back is against the wall, Shaniqua is the only person she could turn to who truly understands her situation. Shaniyah might live in Atlanta with Kush, but she’s having problems of her own. While visiting her family for the holidays, she drops a bomb that will leave everyone speechless. In this standalone novel, lies are told, lines are crossed, loyalties are in question, but most of all, there will be A New Year’s Wedding.

The Forbidden Quest of Mysore

Puneeth JH - 2018
    To protect it from falling into the wrong hands, the great King Krishna Devaraya hid it in Mysore. Ever since then, the chase behind it has never stopped. Back in 2017, there lived a self-claimed archaeologist, Amar. He loved an intellectual girl, Pooja. Like every other Indian love story, they too had hurdles. Pooja was elder, and her father was rich. Their families were of a different caste and spoke different languages. Yet they never stopped loving each other. Embrace into the city of palaces as Amar and Pooja go in search of an impossible mission. Can the couple overcome the trials to decode the hidden secrets of the King Raja Wodeyar III? Can they fight the prejudices of the Indian society to get married?

In Love With The King Of Chicago 2

A.J. Dix - 2017
    When it feels like the universe is working against her, can Karter keep her head above water? Or, will her constant stress and worrying cost her and Dez the one thing they both so desire, a child? Dez’s first priority is always to protect his family, even when he’s not in the best position to do so. But, with a detective on his back with an ax to grind, can Dez stay a free man? Or, will he have to get his hands dirty one last time to show why he was the king to begin with? “You’ll never make it anywhere in life without a degree.” The words her father said to her still rang strong in Melodee’s ears, even eight years later. Setting out to prove her parents wrong, Melodee focuses on doing what she has to do to secure her future. But, will she allow Dame to step in help, or will her ‘I can do it myself’ attitude run him away? In this final installment, this crew is struggling to keep the family together. But, one thing about the Wright brothers, they always have some tricks up their sleeves, and for the women they love, they’ll paint the town red. Find out why Karter and Melodee are still in love with the King of Chicago.

Feelin' Some Type of Way

K.C. Mills - 2016
    She lives her life by her own rules and that includes her relationships. As far as she is concerned, men are only good for one thing, sex on demand. That attitude leads to a series of one night stands which she uses to mask and escape feelings. She’s been there, done that, and it didn’t end well. That was until she crosses paths with King Lion. He forces his way into her life and changes everything. Dometrius, known as King Lion to boxing fans, is all about his career. He’s worked hard to make it and is enjoying every second of his successful life, which means living with little or no regret. Although he has plenty of women at his disposal, he’s thrown off and pulled in immediately the second he lays eyes on Lourdes. After one night in Vegas with her, she leaves him with a wrong number and a lot of questions. As fate would have it, Dom and Lourdes both live in Miami, and his fame as a high-profile boxer affords him the resources to track her down. After a little resistance, Dom finally gets Lourdes to agree to an official date, but life seems to weave its way into their worlds, reintroducing the past that they both have to be held accountable for. Life isn’t kind when your heart wants more than life is willing to give. Will Dom and Lourdes have a fighting chance, or will they be left Feeling Some Type of Way?

The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel by Laura Dave notebook Hardcover with 8.5 x 11 in 100 pages

Judy Amanda - 2021

Blood Ties: A BRAND NEW gritty gangland thriller from Heather Atkinson for 2021 (Gallowburn Series Book 3)

Heather Atkinson - 2021

Lil Mama Fell in Love with a Hitta

Saja Jay - 2017
    Blood couldn't make these women more of a family. When they are taken in by the infamous Big Red, she provides them with the skills needed in order to survive the streets. But only Gia can see Big Red for who she really is. Will the other two continue to be blinded by Big Red's thirst for money, or will they soon see what Gia's been saying from the beginning? Bilal, Zohran, and Waseem are three powerful brothers who filled their father's big shoes, making them the kings of the streets. But real men know when it's time to bow out gracefully and hang their guns up. The only problem is that Bilal doesn't have the same vision that his brothers have. Could they convince him that the best way to survive the streets is to get in and get out, or will the streets teach Bilal a lesson he'll never forget? Find out what happens when three brothers cross paths with three beautiful sisters. Will they collide head on, or will these lil mamas fall in love with some hittas?

My Atlanta Kingpin

Tashay Nashay - 2016
    She introduces sweet little Kyra into the exotic, which puts her marriage at risk. In the meantime Kyra runs into Atlanta’s kingpin, Meek and is faced with options that may ruin her family. Will she give into temptation or will she choose to stay with her unloving husband? The drama unravels as secrets and unexpected feelings start to develop. When your heart hurts, there’s no telling what you would do, even if that means ending a life or two.

A Story Between The Lines

Santhosh Sivaraj - 2019
    Nila, an innocent girl with a beautiful heart, loved the world with all she had. Love sparkled in the mountains, when Adi's adrenaline lost to Nila’s serenity.Life struck them hard when Adi woke up to a rude shock. His Nila had disappeared and his memories were lost in an accident that Adi cannot recollect. With memories betraying him, he trusts his love to lead him to Nila.Running against time, he felt truth closing in from all directions. The more answers he got, the further his destination became. Adi dared the distance, which was a war-torn land, engraved with scars.Can Adi’s journey lead to his destination? Or was the journey a destination by itself?