Book picks similar to
Light and Shadow by Candace Camp


Silver Wing

Cassie Edwards - 1999
    But a duplicitous servant of the priest arrives in the Indian village before them, causing distrust and outright hostility between the Indians and the white man. Hardening his heart towards the white man and his god, Silver Wing imprisons all the white visitors, except the naive young girl. Can she remain loyal to her upbringing, while her heart longs for the handsome brave who holds them captive?

Rainbow's End

Rebecca Brandewyne - 1991
    But when Josselyn returns to Central City, Colorado from Boston to claim her share of the Rainbow's End gold mine, Durango offers her an irresistible challenge: Become his partner in marriage and risk her heart trying to win his. Durango's sweeping desire-as overwhelming as a storm over the Rockies-makes it impossible to refuse his offer. And as he claims her with his kisses, Josselyn senses that in him she might find a treasure more precious than all the gold at the Rainbow's End.

Mistress of Mellyn & Kirkland Revels

Victoria Holt - 1962
    "As the train carried Martha Leigh -- heroine of Mistress of Mellyn - through the wooded hills of Devon, she could not help feeling a deep sense of foreboding." "The magnificent manor house on the Yorkshire moors, the ancestral home of the Rockwell family, was called Kirkland Revels."

Scandalous Sisters Trilogy

Rose Gordon - 2013
    But when she’s forced to marry him, she’ll learn there’s a lot more to life, love and this man than she originally thought.To Win His Wayward Wife—A gentleman who’s spent the last five years pining for the love of his life will get his second chance: marriage to the beautiful, witty, but rather withdrawn Madison Banks. The only problem? She has no interest in him.

The Fifth Daughter

Elaine Coffman - 2001
    Wild and headstrong, she was fortunate to have Percy Bronwell to keep her from harm's way. Now the childhood friends have grown up, but realizing his love for Maresa is unrequited, Percy enlists in the Royal Navy.Always attracted to the wrong man, Maresa continues her flirtatious ways until increasing gossip dictates a change of scene. She travels to Italy, but old habits are hard to break and, desperate to end another engagement, she pleads for Percy's help. He saves her the only way he can --- by offering a marriage of convenience.After only one night together, Percy returns to his naval command ... and Maresa becomes the woman she was destined to be. Learning that Percy's life is in danger at the hands of the French, she risks her own life to save him --- and to give him something he has always given her: unwavering love. But is it too late?


Rosanne Bittner - 1993
    First Lieutenant Clay Youngblood didn't need a Mexian outlaw--especially a beautiful one like Nina Juarez--to stir his sympathies and sidetrack his mission. But regardless of the risks, Clay knew that he must help Nina--for her gentleness filled his heart with more love than he ever thought was possible.

The Castle of Fear

Barbara Cartland - 1974
    Later, her wit and intelligence captivated him. He would possess her -- at any cost. But Tatika did not love him and would not marry him.Desperate and alone, she fled to Scotland. There she took refuge in Castle Craig with the Dowager Duchess and her son.The Duke was young and extraordinarily handsome. Yet there was something hidden in his past, a dreadful secret people only whispered about.How could anyone love such a man, Tatika wondered. Yet there was a strange magnetic quality about the Duke. Tatika found herself drawn to him more and more . . .

A Scottish Love

Karen Ranney - 2009
    The dashing soldier would never truly share her love and the passion that left her weak and breathless -- or so she believed -- so instead she gave herself to another. Now she faces disgrace, poverty, and a life spent alone for her steadfast refusal to follow her heart.Honored with a baronetcy for his courage under fire, Gordon has everything he could ever want -- except for the one thing he most fervently desires: the headstrong beauty he foolishly let slip through his fingers. Conquering Shona's stubborn pride, however, will prove his most difficult battle -- though it is the one for which he is most willing to risk his life, his heart, and his soul.

Lovers All Untrue

Norah Lofts - 1970

These Golden Pleasures

Valerie Sherwood - 1977
    She was beautiful - and notorious. But beneath the silks and diamonds, within the supple body so many men had embraced, was the heart of a girl who yearned still for love. At fifteen she had learned her beauty was both a charm and a curse. It had sent her fleeing from Kansas, had been her downfall in Baltimore and Georgia, yet had kept her alive in the Klondike and the South Seas.Now on this fateful night in 1906, here in San Francisco's most glittering atmosphere, will she at last be able to reveal her secret longing? Will she be able to call love by name - and claim it?

A Guiding Light For The Lost Earl

Abby Ayles - 2019
    She’s yearning for a safe harbor. Destiny will come knocking on their door... Since he lost his wife, Francis Blackburn, the Earl of Ashfield, has withdrawn from the world and his two young children. There is nothing that can shake him out of his grief… or so he thought. Miss Emma Baker, newly orphaned and with her brother mysteriously absent, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. The only way to avoid destitution is to start working, and she suddenly finds herself in Blackburn Manor in a position she never expected… With the arrival of the new governess, an unexpected breath of fresh air comes to chase away the storm clouds in this family, and in Francis’ heart... and Emma finds much more than a family she’s desperate to mend - dreams of love lie in wait in the depths of sapphire blue eyes. But Emma has secrets, secrets that suddenly become too heavy for her to carry, and Francis receives a blackmail that will chill him to the bone. When an unforeseen enemy entraps them in a devious scheme, Emma and Francis will have to fight for family and love before everything turns to ashes…

If I Wait For You

Jane Goodger - 2011
    A price is on her head and someone has tried to kill her—not for revenge but to keep her quiet. Fearing for her life, Sara begs the stern and too-handsome-for-his-own-good Captain West Mitchell to allow her to go with him when he leaves port. She wants only to be safe.West Mitchell wants nothing to do with Sara, but when she nearly dies in his arms, he has no choice but to take her aboard his ship. He quickly realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. The girl he thought would be a hindrance is finding a way into his heart—a heart he’d already promised to another.When West finally realizes he cannot live without Sara, it may already be too late…AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm a bit red-faced about this, but at the back of this book I allude to Jared's story as being unwritten. I did, in fact, write his story although it was never officially tied to this one. The result is that If I Wait For You is a prequel to Gifts From The Sea. Thanks K. Miller...and it's nice to have such wonderful fans out there!! I'll be getting all my older books out on Kindle soon!

Becoming Mary: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel

Amy Street - 2014
    Pompous and prickly, she is her own worst enemy as she tries and fails to win admiration and respect. Invited to Pemberley one summer, she begins to blossom under the influence of new friends and family, and for the first time in her life experiences attention, kindness, and even the possibility of love. Can she accept these bewildering new emotions, or will her stubbornness and pride lead to her downfall? The novel takes the reader on a journey with Mary - it will make you laugh, wince in sympathy and ultimately hope. And for lovers of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, you will find yourself in the company of old friends.

Fenwick Houses

Catherine Cookson - 1960
    Three men dominated her life, until one day a stranger, came to the river bank near her home and she found herself changed beyond recall.

Invitation to the Dance

Tamara Allen - 2018
    Though Violet longs to climb the social ladder Will scorns, she seems willing to wait for him—and wait she must, for Will intends to make his way without the assistance of Violet's well-to-do connections. Whether that's a vow he can keep comes into question when he runs afoul of Charlie Kohlbeck, a capricious reporter with a keen eye for a story and the flexible ethics to dig up any secret, whether hidden in Manhattan's darkest corners or the grand marble halls of its social elite. When Will is ordered to work with him so they'll come to better appreciate each other's talents, Charlie takes him along on the hunt for an interview with the elusive Lord Belcourt. It's a meeting every reporter in town is after, but Charlie gains an audience by introducing Will as one of the wealthy California Nesmiths—a lie that sets Will on a path up the social ladder at a speed no respectable gentleman could stomach. Offered his own society column if he prolongs the charade, Will wants nothing more than to escape the bevy of eager debutantes on his trail and make peace with a very vexed Violet. But when he helps a shy heiress menaced by swindlers, he's caught in a tangled web turned dangerous and must put his faith in Charlie Kohlbeck—who may possibly prove the one road to ruin Will is defenseless to resist.